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  2. St Johnstone (away)

    I thought the same
  3. Hey!✌️ Download a new cool game Kick The Buddy! It's hilarious!!!

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  5. @RogueCoder250 @evolvingpeasant @bbcquestiontime Should someone perhaps tell the BBC that Scotland is not a region of Greater England, YET!

  6. @RogueCoder250 @evolvingpeasant @bbcquestiontime Should someone perhaps tell the BBC that Scotland is not a region of Greater England, YET!

  7. Interesting contextual comments from @CarolineLucas on Trump’s coming visit and the Brexit delusion that the UK wil… https://t.co/VSP8Q4eFZf

  8. RT @FutbolDylannn: Who deserves the Ballon d’Or? RT Salah

  9. St Johnstone (away)

    When motm was announced last week at Firhill I was very surprised but after watching the full game again on Alba and highlights, Spittal was more involved in the game than I thought. I would start with the same team as last week and hope any subs that are required have as good an impact as last weeks had.
  10. RT @kanyewest: the concept of loving people has a stigma

  11. St Johnstone (away)

    A repeat of our 3.1. win in January will do fine.... mon the Jags
  12. Stats Watch 2017-18

    Not like Wiki to be wrong.
  13. Stats Watch 2017-18

    He plays for Rob Roy now.
  14. #TweetLikeAnIrishJagsFan https://t.co/OaVbtXNE7k

  15. St Johnstone (away)

    I register the 3rd vote for that starting team. I never understand how St Johnstone win any games. They're a dog of a team and easily the worst I've seen this year (and I've seen them 3 times). Playing them 5 times a season is just depressing. So lets get it right intae them.
  16. @B0bHardy @TennentsLager Yeah and the share holders just want you in some ******* pyramid scheme

  17. RT @prodnose: This cheers me up. Kate Bush chatting to Ian Dury. https://t.co/rgH2pfX20x

  18. @FortniteWars @mathewstewart27 @natcoyle_

  19. @FortniteWars @mathewstewart27 @natcoyle_

  20. @FortniteWars @mathewstewart27 @natcoyle_

  21. RT @StephenTweeted: It’s shut. https://t.co/MA3alSGcLo

  22. St Johnstone (away)

    As per team. I agree. Only change is Sammon in for Spittal and go for it.
  23. @PeterGrantMP I can tell you I and many of my friends Voted to leave the UK which include exiting the Customs Unio… https://t.co/Mdd4oNv4PT

  24. RT @ThePoliticalStu: If there was a general election tomorrow, which party would you vote for? After voting, please Retweet and Share. #RET…

  25. Stats Watch 2017-18

    Thank you for that. Good to know that he is still playing football.
  26. @_denvs It appears so according to the 'free press' lol

  27. Or is this art? https://t.co/eGR7F6mNt8

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