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    A reading from the First Book of Lambiticus, Chapter 4, Verses 9.15-9.21 In which book doth the unnamed scribe of Possilonia relate of many wondrous endeavours: of the wandering of the Jaggites from the arid howling deserts of Pertyck to the crossing of the sacred waters of the Nolly and to the consecrating of the Ark of the Nolly in the Temple of the Shed in the year Anno Lambiticus one thousand nine-hundred and nine; to the parables and miracles of the great prophet Johannes Lambiticus; to the majestic deeds of the Jaggites in sacred raiment of vermilion and primrose; and to the joyful happenings and sorrowful torments of the twelve tribes, and of the miraculous assumption of the prophet Lambiticus into Heaven; and the waiting of the Jaggites for the New Messiah of the Second Coming. 9.15 And so it cameth to pass, after the third reign of the prophet Lambiticus had ended, on the ninth day after the Passover, the prophet Lambiticus, Messiah of the Jaggites, didst cry out at the sixth hour ‘Eloi, Eloi Lama Sabachthani’, which means in Aramaic, ‘Ma heid’s buzzled’, and yielded up his spirit to the Lord. Then there was darkness over the whole earth until the ninth hour. Excepting the Plains of Ehrdriy, which dwelleth in eternal darkness. 9.16 And after the sixth hour, there was unto the twelve tribes of the chosen people, the Jaggites weeping and keening and great cries of sadness; from the gutters of Possilonia; from the villa-dwellers of the Hill of Jordan; from wallie closes of Land of the Hynds; from the sacred Nolly by the Fair Hill and the Rough Hill and all beyond the lofty towers of the Roontohl; from the Valley of Spam, and the Loch of Baal, even unto the Nauld of Cumber, and even yet unto the bleak wilderness of the Uttermost of the Hebrides; from the Elders of the Shed, and from the Pharisees of the Basin, and form the Nomadic tribes of the Jaggites who wander the earth in the Pool of Blackness and amongst the Gens Norvegicus, there arose a wailing. All these didst lieth down and didst weep for the Messiah Lambiticus who had thrice led them from the wilderness to the land of EssPeeEhl, the land of milk, honey, locusts and parachute payments. 9.17 ‘By the waters of the Nolly bank, yea we sat down; We hanged our scarves and bunnets on willow branches, We wept until our eyes were like unto the fishpools of Heshbon when we remembered Lambiticus; Our enemies required of us mirth, our tormentors required of us a song; How can we sing the Lord’s song, Johnnnes-Lambitcus-Vermilion-and-Primrose-Army, now the Messiah is gone from amongst us?’ 9.18 Whereupon the other tribes of the EssPeeEhl, the foes of the Jaggites by name: the Hunnites and the Timmites, the Jamboites and Wellites, the Killieites, and the Donites, whom like the latter day Saints of the town of St. John’s, lieth with the beasts of the field; and the wandering uncircumcised Gyppoi, the minions who are called the Queens of the Sodomites, and the Eherdriyonions, fugitives and vagabonds in the Plains of Ehrdriy – which in Hebrew means ‘stinking pit of ordure, midden of the in-bred’, which doth be a habitation of devils, and the hold of every foul spirit, and den of every unclean beast and cage of every hateful bird of carrion and corpses; all these infidels, all save the sons of Hamilcar Academicus, didst mock the Jaggites, saying ‘Where is thy Messiah Now? Ye be doomed to perdition and relegation!’ 9.19 But thus had spake the prophet Lambiticus in prophecy some years past, in a tongue that was neither Hebrew nor Hittite, nor Philistine nor Aramaic, nor even north side urban patios: ‘And letteth this be as but a parable and a warning to the infidels. And woe be unto he who calumniates against mine own people, the Jaggites, for vengeance is mine; thrice woe and a slew of three times three plagues upon the wicked and evil who rejoiceth and maketh mirth in the bondage and sorrow of the Lord’s chosen people. ‘First up are thae big-heided soap-dodging beggar bastarts fae parkheid, for unto the over-proud Pharisaic Timmites shall be visited a plague of lice and boils, and expensive foreign diddies; Unto the knuckle-dragging Hunnites who waveth the Butcher’s Apron, I shall sendeth a plague of creditors and speculators, and seven years wandering in the abomination of desolation that is called the wilderness of the Park of Murray; Unto the lamb-defiling Donites, I shall send a plague of flesh eating sheep ticks to gnaw their manhoods and gonads (which in Hebrew means ‘baws’) as the locust devours the ear of grain; Unto the Jamboites, known in Aramaic as the Purple Hunnites, I shall send a plague of sandstorms which will blindeth the fcukwitted buffoon Leeveen and a pestilence that will causeth his bowels to fester with rottenness and his belly to burst; Unto the Hibees, I shall cause the street price of crack, in the gutters of Leith and in the slums of the Ton of Pil, to multiplieth by thrice times thrice; Unto the Killieites, I shall send a plague of tractor disorders for forty days and forty nights, whereupon their harvests shall wither on the vine, and bitter famine shall stalk their fields; Unto the Wellites, even I – the prophet Lambiticus – know whereof no punishment which could worsen the vile condition of this lowest form of life in all heaven and earth; And unto the Ehrdriyonians, for in the day of Airdriemaggedon they shall suffer the eternal weeping and gnashing of teeth of the wicked and sinful, the depraved and degenerate; from this foul mire will arise a stench like unto the scrotum of a camel thirteen days in the desert, or like unto the pisspot of the junkie Hibee; the thrice in-bred Ehrdriyonians shalt be consumed in the everlasting fires which are prepared for Satan and his seed; there doth be nae windaes to lick in the smouldering depths of Satan’s fire.’ Vox Lambiticus, vox Dei. 9.20 And it cameth to pass that on the seventeenth day after the Passover the mortal remains of the Messiah were borne aloft from the Temple of the Field of Bruce in the holy city of the Burn of Whit, wrapped in an ephod of vermilion and primrose with the sacred symbol of the Jaggites, the ‘Criocus Benedcitus’ or ‘Blessed Thistle’, and laid unto rest in the holy sepulchre of the Road of the Manse. For the cities of Lotheean of the West on the plain of the pit bings – the House of Fauld, the Kemmet of Paul, the Long Ridge and the valley of the Burning Stones – had been turned into barren howling wasted wildernesses by the genocidal sorceress Thatcher and the swivel-eyed lower-than-verminous Tebbit thirty years past, thus fulfilling the prophecy: ‘There shalt cometh an evil witch of Grantham Town, Yea, the Power and the Glory; She shalt screw thee up and shalt nail thee down; Beneath the Waves of Tory.’ 9.21 The Jaggites had begun to prepareth for great feasting and revelry with fatted calves and oxen to be roasted, bitter herbs and honey and figs and dates; hyssop and arrack in crystal vessels; a thousand white doves were released from the doocots of the Burn of Whit; and the musick of pipes and shawms and trumpets and harps as unto the air of life; and bone fires on hearth stones and dances in long circles until the dawn of the morning after the Prophet’s entombment. Thus did the Messiah Lambiticus, who thrice redeemed the Jaggites from all their iniquities, go unto his eternal reward, his tombstone inscribed thus: ‘Hic Jacet Johannes Lambiticus, Messiani Mirabilis Jaggitus: Atque Sic Transit Gloria Lambiticus.’ And when the feasting was over, then beginneth in sorrow and in woe, as unto the Israelites, the waiting of the Jaggites for the New Messiah of the Second Coming.
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    To be fair I think it's a reasonable question regarding the persistently negative attitude towards the team and the management that is on regular display from many posters here. I have no doubt that everyone is a Thistle fan and wants the team to win, and I'd guess that many people use the forum to express their frustrations, and that's where it comes from. But I do think that there is a danger that constant negative posting feeds through the forum, to the wider support in general, and therefore adversely affects the club and the players. I think we saw today what a positive attitude from the stands can do for the performance on the pitch. Great to hear on the videos, the Jags fans singing and getting behind the team even before we scored our equaliser. That's the attitude that will get us out of this position, not constant sniping about how pathetic we are. So to those more negative posters; you may think I'm talking nonsense, but maybe just consider. If there is even the slightest chance that a positive attitude from the fans could help bring success over the next few games, wouldn't you rather be part of that?
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    What a guy. Glad it was a goal that really mattered and not a consolation goal. Another Jags legend
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    Can understand these sentiments and feel a bit low myself. A play-off win v Dundee United would make me feel much better though. Having said that, I'm pretty sure I've never followed Thistle because of our league position and results. I'm sure you'll be the same in that regard. What is it that's making folk turn against the team at a time when they need us most? Performances are one thing, but Thistle are just Thistle to me and my support will never be based upon results. I understand your disappointment in performances but things are much improved on all other fronts. Having watched us in times of defeat against Cowdenbeath, times with an aged team, no youth set-up, lower leagues, poor facilities, no money etc., I feel these times are not so bad. I would never dream we'd have many teams of different abilities, ages and sex, or that we'd have spent 5 years in the top league, planning our very own training facility. I can only think that the current Thistle regeneration exercise has been so successful that our expectations have gone sky high. When the hurt of defeat subsides, we are still Thistle. Let's get behind our team and make them stay up.
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    In the context of the importance of the game, the 4-0 loss to Ross County was possibly the worst defeat in the entire time I have supported Partick Thistle...the loss to Ayr United in the Play-Off game is the only one I can think of which comes close. The management and players have let us down very badly. I sensed we were in real trouble when Ian McCall who is the only Jags-Minded Pundit and a friend of Archie commented recently that for the first time he was worried about Thistle. Had he heard that the spirit at the club was not good? It's a shame but Archie has lost his way this season - what previously came over as quiet determination now sounds passive and uninspiring. We picked up additional money for finishing sixth last season - not a fluke, we were clearly the sixth best side in the League. We also collected a reasonable transfer fee for Liam Lindsay. There were warning signs towards the end of last season but these funds have not been applied to good effect. Bannigan, Fraser & Dumbuya are talented footballers but with known injury problems. Storey has pace but little footballing ability - Sammon has been ok but neither of them fit the quick passing and movement style of play which has made Thistle worth watching over the last seasons. I don't particularly rate many of our players - McGinn and Woods are journeymen, Devine lacks composure, Keown was decent last season but less impressive this year, Edwards is not very good, Barton poor in midfield and his confidence looks shattered. I would liked to have seen more of McCarthy and I haven't ever seen Penrice play. I want to see players with skill and creativity but whether through injuries or non-selection Erskine, Doolan, Lawless and Spittal have not contributed enough - the fact that Lawless's commitment as an emergency left back is noteworthy speaks for itself. Osman has been a declining force for some time but his defensive cover was missed when he wasn't playing. However, the defining moment of the season was late in the game against Dundee - Osman who clearly prides himself on his physique, lay down "injured" leaving the space for their crucial equaliser. It's been a disjointed season - players out injured ( why is Bannigan's fitness a secret?) and Old Firm games, International Weekends and weather postponements has made attending Firhill an irregular occurrence. The most galling thing is that in most games although we haven't played well, I didn't leave Firhill thinking that Aberdeen, Hearts, Hibs and Dundee were better than us - Hamilton, Ross County and St Johnstone were worse. The standard in the Championship seems to be poor this season, and if we finished eleventh, I would expect us to win. Posters who are accusing the players of lacking fight seem to have themselves already accepted we are relegated, with the Training Complex abandoned and the club confined to years in the lower Leagues. I haven't given up yet - we have taken 12 points out of 15 from the post-split fixtures - but the general negativity does not bode well. The worst thing about the season has been the gleeful "I told you so" enthusiasm of some posters after every bad result, simply parroting "Archie must go"" without any insight into the problems or sensible suggestions for a replacement - Steve Clark, Jack Ross, Peter Houston, John Hughes?? Sacking a manager is no guarantee of improvement - Owen Coyle was not a success at County or John Hughes at Raith. The most fervent and repetitive critic has not as far as I can tell been at a single game this season. They are all going to feel stupid when we finish the season with six successive victories
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    Kris Doolan's achievements for the Jags would have been outstanding at any point in the club's history. However, being the first to achieve a century of league goals for the club in an era when there is far more opportunity and temptation for players to move clubs is particularly noteworthy. His early induction into the club Hall of Fame would be appropriate. Not only do his achievements thoroughly merit it, the manner in which he conducts himself and represents the club off the park is exemplary.
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    Thanks to Donald Wilson who took this photo and put it on Facebook and once again thanks to everyone who contributed and helped to get the plaque done.Robert would be very proud that this has been done in his memory.
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    We've changed managers 24 times now and the result is always the same (back to Einstein's description of insanity). The Jags place in Scottish football is mid table mediocrity at best with a regular flirt with relegation and promotion to ease the tedium. Why would we expect to be any different to Dundee United, Hearts or Hibs? We have a stable club that isn't on the brink of oblivion anymore with a long serving Firhill legends managing the team in an extremely professional manner. They are never an embarrassment in the media and handle themselves with dignity and a manner befitting an official of Partick Thistle Football club. We should try to conduct ourselves with the same level of professionalism and dignity that we expect of them and give them the respect that they deserve. I'm not saying that the managers job is a job for life and I understand the world of 'results driven businesses' but I don't believe that baying for the blood of one of our own will change our league position overnight or our place in Scottish football for that matter. It seems that one thing that do learn from history is that we don't learn from history. (Archie, get yer shit together man and give the team a rocket up the arse for Saturday -please!)
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    A team our size, the same size or bigger than County, St Johnston, Accies or not far off Motherwell Accies been in top fight for 4 years County for 6 years St Johnston for 9 years, but have spent longer in top flight in last 30 years than out it Motherwell for decades Caley we’re in top flight for 12 out last 14 seasons 4 of those teams have also made cup finals & wins and played in Europe in recent times, and not one of them is a bigger club, 2 are more established in top flight but no way a bigger club This too wee, too cuddly, defeatist attitude is what holds the club back.
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    Our team is crap. It has been crap since they crept into the top six last season. The current team's stats show shat their performances are down there with some of the worst runs in the club's entire history. The team is slow, unexciting, non-creative, turgid, and collapses with alarming regularity. There is no sign of any of that changing, and it looks to many people that the downward spiral is not going to stop. That is why there is a lack of interest/enthusiasm from many normally interested/enthusiastic people.
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    Was telling my boys all about the great man today. Parkhead '92, Hampden '95, the rout of Rangers, Metz. On strict instruction not to tell their mother, we watched "The F-Word". They loved it all. Had a lump in my throat reading the tributes before the match. By the time John's daughter had spoken, so bravely, I was a goner. Thank you, gaffer, for the many great memories. So proud to have been a Jags fan then. Prouder still today.
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    This is an excellent decision with regards to the great man. I am not the only person wondering , when will the club also do something in lasting tribute to Partick Thistle’s greatest ever servant - Davie McParland.
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    Good turn out of Jags fans along today to pay there respects RIP John...
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    Regardless of anyone’s opinion of our season to date or indeed our stats to date, which are unequivocally awful: the semi-final break affords us the opportunity of 5 eminently gets until I have toowinnable games. Of course that is a totally different thing from saying that we will win all five of them or even any of them. It behoves all Jags’ supporters to know get right behind the team to try and make sure that we pull off our great escape. It’d be worth bearing in mind that failure to retain our top flight status would be an unmitigated disaster for Patrick Thistle, both on and off the pitch and as such is one that I don’t really want to contemplate until I have to. So over the next few weeks I’ll try and devote all my energies to cheering on my team.
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    If anyone can be labelled a Partick Thistle legend it is John Lambie. A huge shadow has been cast on our great club with his passing. We all remember his common touch. No airs and graces. He spoke our language, a language we all understood and loved, albeit extremely colourful at times, lol. Rest in peace John, I'm sure your new chairman up there will be getting it both barrels.
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    Everyone will have their opinions but... The fluke of getting into the Top 6 papered over the cracks that appeared in the last 5 games. 1 point from 15, 3 goals scored and 16 conceded should have been ample evidence that we were unlikely (ever?) to compete at that level. Teams around us have managed to take points off the top teams but our results against Celtic, Rangers, Aberdeen etc remain desperately poor. The squad wasn't sufficiently strengthened relative to other teams. Signings have either proved disappointing to say the least or haven't maintained their earlier form. The opening fixtures were tough and while they even themselves out over the season, 1 point out of 15 is bound to have had a psychological effect. Long-term injuries played their part. The players out had made over 700 appearances between them but it was wildly optimistic to expect them all to come back and hit the ground running after being out for months rather than get new faces in at the turn of the year. The club has been more than generous to long-term injured players. All very laudable but there comes a point when hard-hearted business considerations need to be an option. Lack of success in developing young players - or willingness to consider them for selection. No adequate cover for an excellent goalkeeper but who is injury-prone. The team is completely devoid of a natural leader on the park. Someone who will bawl and shout when things get tough. I can't be the only one who believed that the squad was the best in some time but it's a pity football isn't played on paper.
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    It was a horrible result for us, but we still have it within our gift to avoid relegation. Whatever your views on managerial changes that may or may not be required, some of the vitriol directed towards Archie on this thread is appalling. He has served this club well over the years and got us into the top flight. How anyone can call him a ‘shitebag’ is beyond me.
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    Yes it was just a year ago today,we were playing Ross County at Firhill looking to cement our place in the top 6. We went 1-0 down, but up stepped our number 9 to first score his 100th competitive goal for Thistle and then goal 101 to give us a 2-1 victory. Kris Doolan has been on 99 league goals for a number of weeks now. How fitting would it be if he scored league goal 100 on Tuesday and it was a winning goal as well?
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    Got thinking tonight that I used to have a handmade t-shirt with a caracature of John Lambie on it (think the image might have came from a newspaper..). After a bit of digging in the loft I found it... Think it must be fron around 1992 'ish but could be a year or two out - I found a few old strip too... funny how when you look at an old strip you immediately think of a player wearing it, not always the best player either...
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    Form has us down Pundits have us down A lot of us on here (based on last 33 games) have us down But when have Thistle went with form? Add to that the Lambie effect galvanizing the fans, the club reducing reducing admission prices and putting free buses on. The fans are coming together for one last push, the club is doing what it can to get a noisy crowd in, we just need the players to step up to the mark, give us 5 games to be proud of.
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    Thanks to Phil,Jackson and Flynn aka Bowen Boys who placed flowers under Roberts memorial plaque before last weeks game against Kilmarnock.
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    Or perhaps the passing of John L will be a reminder to Archie to be his own man and do his own thing.
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    Hard to add to what has already been said. The man was a hero, a legend, and the absolute embodiment of everything that is fantastic and ridiculous about Thistle and Scottish football. I felt incredibly sad today at the passing of this great man, and desperately sad for his family. At times like this you also, though, realise how much of your own life and memories are wrapped up in this daft football club we all spent daft amounts of money on and devote daft amounts of time to. Thistle have given me some of the happiest moments of my life (something anyone who isn’t a Thistle fan will of course find absurd) and John Lambie is responsible for so many of those. To bring so much joy to so many people, and to forever be remembered for the happiness you’ve brought to people’s lives and the memories you’ve helped create. What a man and what a legacy.
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    So sad. Amazing guy who was in charge both times when I was mascot. First time he let me & my Dad sit in the dugout for the game. Second time, my Dad politely refused given the language on display the first time! So many brilliant stories & quotes - I'm sure the club will do something to honour him. The word 'legend' is used a lot, but he really is & will be missed. RIP
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    "The Jags place in Scottish football is mid table mediocrity at best " What a deplorable attitude Algarve Jag. Just the sort of mindset managers need when trying to attract youngsters to the Club - sign here please for a mediocre career at a mediocre club with no ambition, with an acceptance by management, directors and fans that we will never really seriously challenge the big clubs no matter how hard you train and develop your skills. Take a medium term approach - build the training ground, develop our scouting network, nurture the Academy and its youngsters, and have a management that makes the best use of them.
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    We are not down yet. Archie will be manager until the end of the season. He will not be sacked and he will not walk. Football’s a funny old game and if we stay up he will be hailed a hero. Any sport at the highest level is tough and cruel and Archie has not learned fast enough Players like Scully and Nisbett with respect are not premier league players but he keeps giving them chances. Players like Frazer, Bannigan and possibly Dumbuya do not look as if they are going to recover too well from repeated injury but he keeps giving them contracts. Azeez, Pogba, German, Nisbett, Amoo, Mukendi……………. he really needs to look at how he sources his strikers. These guys have been given almost 200 games as our goal threat but between them given a return of roughly a dozen goals. Generally speaking we never offer an attacking threat. We have one of the most gifted goal scorers in the league in Kris Doolan but he’s been left on the bench instead of trying to find a suitable partner ( I actually think Storey has all the attributes to be a good striker but somebody has to take him aside and coach him. Instead he is close to joining the above list). I expect we will lose on Saturday but Archie should watch and learn. Stevie Clark took a shite team and turned them into a team that may yet qualify for Europe. Alan Archibald’s problem is he doesn’t address obvious problems and is running out of time - trouble is you just know he’s going to put out the same players and play the same way……..falling deeper and deeper until the roof falls in. Off form players walk straight back into the team week after week while players like McCarthy and Penrice are left growing frustrated so if Archie’s problem is his loyalty the players need to take a long look at themselves and start repaying it. Saturday would be a good time to start.
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    The guys on Jagzone are doing their best under very trying circumstances - amazed they never swear given what they have to watch... I think they're generally pretty honest & fair - remember they are fans like the rest of us. The commentary on there is nowhere near the top of my list of concerns.
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    It’s an absolute disgrace that the Old Firm fixture is always guaranteed to be two home games each. Also, if I’m not mistaken, they actually published the date and time of the final post-split Old Firm game several weeks before the split had even been decided. Not only does it completely undermine the rest of the teams in the competition, but it also brings the sporting integrity (remember that phrase?) of the league into question. Those in charge would have no problem sending Aberdeen, Hibs, Hearts or Killie to Celtic Park or Ibrox for a third time, but they wouldn’t dare send either cheek away to the other for a third time. Scottish football is rotten to the core. I don’t think we realise just how good we had it when the newco were in the lower leagues. I went off on a bit of a tangent there, but aye, I fully expect us to be shafted over our fixtures in some way or another.
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    I'd rather be ahead at the end
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    The John Lambie Stand looked real pretty today. Great work jagfox.
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    Thought we played well, bossed both halves but lost a soft goal 1st half. So many of that team looked up for it today, fought, chased, argued decisions and even played some nice football. Good to see Archie tell the ref to F Off when he was spoken to over the wrong throw in decision. Play like that next 4 games and we will avoid a play off place. Final note the tributes to Lambie both vocal and visual were fantastic, well done to all
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    Never mind what formation or team line up, what are we going to do to lift the team? An attendance of less than 3,000 and we still expect Premiership status ! Not so long ago we filled the stadium for the Morton game and yet when the odds and stakes are the same we will have less than a third of that. Not the board, not the team, not Archie but our doing. I can look myself in the mirror I've been there throughout 7,000 of you can't that's for you to answer how many will do do for tomorrow? Over to you then.
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    Either way - or any way - lets get the game won Jags!!
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    Jimmy - Brilliant - Simply Brilliant -and a fitting tribute to the Messiah Himself Jim Alexander
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    Did anybody get the chance to here Radio Scotland it had in interview with John and Chico, the stories were so funny here is the Link https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0640m3z
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    Maybe don’t try to be an absolute smartarse after you’ve made a cheap, tactless point that you’ve been rightly pulled up by several people over.
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    John's been very ill for some time and a few weeks ago was told he only had a few months to go, but unfortunately he had an infection and passed away at 6 this morning. Only last week his best mate, whom I know was telling me he was still blinding and effing in his last days. R.I.P John
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    one for whom the word 'Legend' really does apply RIP
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    You're no' here to enjoy yersel' Jaggernaut, you're here tae support the Thistle..!!!
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    Kinda off topic. I am not a fan in the slightest of Osman these days, but @ing him on twitter to give him stick is just absolute cuntish stuff. Old Firm behaviour.
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    Sammon wasn't having a great game but to take him off and bring Doolan on changed nothing.We were 1-0 down Sammon should have been kept on with Doolan.
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    We simply haven't been able to recover from a combination of a bad set of fixtures and an unprecedented level of injuries in the defence/defensive midfield at the beginning of the season. Last season was good but we only won 10 games. So far, this season we have won 6. Margins are tight and the division, overall, is much improved from last year. You can blame Archie for the failure to recover after the winter break but there is really no way of knowing whether anyone else would have made a difference - and spouting cliches about "losing the dressing room" and suchlike does not make a convincing argument. For all we know, it was only having Archie at the helm that even kept us in touch up til now! Furthermore, to suggest, as the OP does, that this is one of our worst ever seasons is going way too far. Even in the days of the old 1st Division, when we went 70 years without relegation, we finished 11th or below regularly - 27 times out of 70, in fact. Whether you like it or not, this is historically our level and the current set up means we will get relegated every few years. It is OK to be ambitious for a better run at the top - we all are - but equally we shouldn't be throwing our toys out of the pram when we have been, over the last few years, at or near the top end of our historical position in the game.
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    This Saturday is the first home game since the plaque was put up.Hope everybody going into the north stand gets to see it.
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    Despite what people may think of his management credentials, Archie has always been a class act with regard to his behaviour. The fact that the worst anyone can say about him is that he folds his arms and looks at his watch, says it all.
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    Honestly javeajag, you are are one-man bandwagon with a wheel loose. You start a thread, expect the club to act, get all annoyed when they don’t. Were you waiting by your gold-plated phone all day? Who actually are you to expect them to treat you with some kind of reverence?
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    Have to disagree that a loss wouldn't be catastrophic. It would be a catastrophe as it would send us bottom and I just can't see this lot having the bottle to get off bottom. It's a must win game.
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    Saw this image on Facebook, could make a great flag? Thoughts?
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    Yesterday was the first anniversary of Roberts death this is the wreath and flowers we took up to his grave.