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    ffs I'm sick of coming on to this forum and seeing the usual moaners after we've lost a game , even more so when we've lost to one of the two arse cheeks. Do these guys even go to the game? The team put in a good, hard working performance last night and outperformed Rangers for parts of the match. Luck went against them on the night with Ryan's goal being questionably called offside and Conner's shot coming back off the post. Rangers played poorly last night by their standards so it was frustrating that we couldn't beat them on the night. Their first goal was a superb piece of football and the second a good individual effort. To blame any of our guys for the loss of either goal is utter nonsense. This is football, not a friggin' Playstation game. Just because you lose a goal and perhaps, with hindsight, you think somebody could have maybe got back quicker or put in a tackle earlier, doesn't mean they shat it or bottled it or bent over for anybody! Either start respecting the players efforts and supporting the Jags or just sod off elsewhere.
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    I'd rather we released Banzo than be reduced to that. Hoping to see an end to zero hours contracts in this country not propagating them.
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    Well that brings back some memories of my mum and dad. Besides being that Bournemouth fan asking about Cargills progress, I was also born in the Southern General and lived the first couple of my years at Striven Gardens. My dad was a Thistle fan, my brother and sister went to Hillhead high school, I can remember going to the Burnbank bowling club aged about three and winning sixpences out of the fruity, my mum talking about Buchanan Street. Like I said memories, thanks for posting it.
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    I saw no evidence whatsoever of no one believing we could win (at least until 2-0). I thought till then we were the better side, and fully believed we could win. We had what looks to be a good goal chalked off incorrectly at 0-0, and a somewhat freak bounce off the post at 1-0. Sometimes luck plays a part. I’m not sure what you were watching to be honest.
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    The fans on here seem to be understanding the importance of this game let’s hope players and manager do as well. Man for man thistle are a better team, I’m struggling to think of a current Hamilton player who would get a start in the Thistle side so the only thing that’s going to lose it is poor game management. Hamilton will be well aware of the importance of this game and are at home on their dodgy surface so have an advantage. They are always a streetwise side and this will be a tough game for us - selection needs to realise this. Much as we would like a free flowing attacking thistle side we need to keep this tight. Taking our chances in front of goal will be the deciding factor. A scrambled Doolan goal in the last five minutes will do me. I would not ask Elliot to return in such a crucial game and I’m afraid Muzzy would have to be left out for his lack of confidence last week. McGinn back for me and possibly even Devine back in as he is a bit more aggressive than Keown and knows when to ‘take one for the team’. Personally I’d play both in a three at the back set up. I like Barton more than most on here but I would worry about his style in this sort of game. I think we may need both Osman and Woods as long as they play to their strengths and Edwards energy will be important. Not a game for Spittal he’s starting to get to me standing off players and not getting a tackle in, we don’t seem to get enough set pieces in dangerous areas to justify his inclusion. I wouldn’t be worried about playing McCarthy, he’s proved that he contributes energy whether attacking or defending. I wonder if ‘upside down heid’ will look to continue his altercation with Storey, hope so as he might lose focus. Funny if Storey clattered him in the first couple of minutes. It’s the biggest cliché in football but it’s one game at a time for me. Not much point thinking of the run in if we lose the next two. Hamilton bring very little to the league lets help them out of it.
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    There is also the World Cup. The Third Place match and the Final of the World Cup will, of course, be overshadowed by the first round of Betfred Cup games. There will be a World Cup Pop Up competition to add some interest. WAT will be in (virtual) Russia. As usual with these things there will be no entry fee and no prize* *Well, actually, there may be a prize. I am in the process of contacting all 32 participating countries associations to see if they will send me a small gift. Whatever I get will be given to the winner of the WAT World Cup. I received an email today from the Portuguese Federation saying that they have sent me autographs and some old tickets(?). Interesting.
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    The preverbial game of two halves. We had free reign in the first half and could have been further ahead at half time if Muzy put in some more crosses, instead of passing on responsibility. Our forward players all had a great first half. Edwards and Storey especially. The second half as our midfield tired, at the same time, our defence became a cluster****, hell bent on putting the tired players in front of them into more trouble. Muzy and Booth continually gave the ball away, booth repeatedly playing balls inside to no one. At one point Muzy had the right wing to himself, motions to run into space and as Woods pings the ball out wide he looks up to see Muzy has thought, na fck it, I'll just hang back. The resulting ball flying out of play. Whilst we stretched them wide open playing the ball across the back in the first half, we did none of that in the second, instead playing straight up and down the wings. This meant Dundee could easily crowd us out and counter. Can anyone remember one instance of Osman dropping between the centre halfs to provide an option for a pass, in the second half? This week I had the joy of seeing Osman pitchside posing in his baseball cap outside the tunnel for another Instagram advert for his company. That's the point when I thought enough is enough, mixing business with pleasure, or at least taking his side job to his main workplace kind of pissed me off. His 2nd half display didn't help matters as he fannied about letting balls bounce instead of getting them tae fck. Not following runners and basically just hanging about. I know the same old faces are grasping the opportunity to get back on the Archie Out bandwagon. But, he must be pulling his hair out like the rest of us. I can't imagine the amount of times he must have thought, what the fck are you's doing! Whilst I'm getting it out my system, Cerny's dallying and downright pish kicks are beginning to piss me off.
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    Partick Thistle Football and Entertainment Ltd Marketing Division would like to remind our valued customers that due to the forthcoming visit of Rangers 2028 FC certain unavoidable changes will be implemented. As is normal when we play either of our city rivals season ticket patrons will be required to move from the Kris Doolan Stand and will be housed in the Gregor Townsend Stand. Please also note the Stevie Lawless Crèche will be unavailable as it will once again be required as a detention centre. Police Scotland has advised us of our duty of care commitment regarding our visiting clientele. As is the norm for these fixtures for health and safety reasons the electrically heated seats will be switched off. Also no furry cushions will be provided on this occasion. Patrons are reminded that bringing your own cushions is prohibited. A hot water bottle is allowed but subject to inspection and confiscation should the receptacle contain alcohol of any kind (including any of our fine range of Thistle Vintage Ports). *All patrons are advised of the Sectarian and Racist Act (Scotland 2020). It is an offence punishable by fine or custodial sentence to sing or chant anything of a sectarian or racist nature unless a few hundred or so join in.
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    I just don't see any teams in the league I think we should be beating and think any disadvantage, no matter how slight, is damaging to us. I'm genuinely still happy at the end of the season if we avoid relegation by any means and think we're still building the foundations of a better Thistle. This season has been difficult with lots of injuries, some poor performances and players that have yet to and may never recover from lengthy spells of rehabilitation. I'm old enough to have seen worse times than this, as many of you are and am more than a bit proud to be as good as teams like Motherwell, St. Johnstone, Dundee and to be bitterly disappointed not to beat The Rangers, Hibs, Hearts and even Celtic a wee bit. Despite the heartache of last minute defeats, this is a great time to be a Jag but then again, I guess it always has been and always will be Now I've started a new job, I'll definitely be up for a game after the split. I'm normally good for at least a draw, so we better hang on in there til then.
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    All the debate about team selection, formation and playing players in/out of their best position has been irrelevant when more fundamental issues have determined results. An evident lack of fitness, the players' lack of confidence, a failure to make timely and effective substitutions, and a lack of on-field leadership need to be addressed before another ball is kicked. This is the time when Alan Archibald and his team really need to earn their corn.
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    The original poster is 100% correct: the time for talking is over. All season long it's been "we played well in the first half" or "we didn't start well enough" or "we just lost concentration at the end" or "we need to put games away".... Just get the f****** job done, Jags! But the job that needs to be done isn't just against Accies; it's against other teams too, and that includes teams that are clearly stronger than us. Continue folding as we usually do, then we deserve to go down.
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    Apologies if posted elsewhere, but - following our farcical fixture list in December, an opportunity exists for that rarest of commodities in Scottish Football – common sense – to be given an airing. We are out of the Cup, as are Ross County, so why not shift the Wednesday 28/02 nightmare trip to Saturday 03 March when neither team has a fixture? The advantages: · A bigger crowd for the home side · A bigger travelling support for The Jags at this vital fixture · No need for people to take time off work the day before, nor to struggle in the following day after a return to Glasgow in the early hours · An opportunity to put the customer first The disadvantages: · The SPFL fear of setting a precedent by putting fans first? Hard to think of a reason why this can't/shouldn't be done, but I'm sure someone in officialdom will come up with a reason/excuse!
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    Not knowing if it was the defensive midfielders or centre halfs who should be picking up the runners from Celtics midfield cost us in the first 15. Once we sorted that, we looked more solid. I'm not sure why Barton came back in for Osman. I can only assume he wasn't 100%. However, moving forward McCarthy has got to be ahead of Barton in midfield. At the back, I thought McGinn yet again was solid. I really like him being in the team, a huge improvement on Dumbuya's efforts against Sinclair from the other week. I thought Cargill was poor. His first touch for their first goal was really heavy and put us in more trouble than Bartons initial pass. Devine whilst not the best, doesn't hide, takes responsibility and does his best to lead. Booth looked good on the left. In Midfield Barton looked like he couldn't care less, in the first 15. But once the team sorted out who was doing what, he looked a lot more composed. He put in some great tackles, nicking the ball off the toes of the Celtic midfield. Woods oozes class. Composed, comfortable with both feet and really tough. His corners were for once, stinking however. In front of them I thought Edwards continued where he left off against Brown. The two of them seem to have a right battle with each other, but never dirty. Erskine slowly recapturing his fitness and form. Was involved in both goals, his through ball for Sammon being exquisite. And could have had a third assist for Edwards at the end. Spittal, however brought very little in an attacking sense. He looked slow on the ball and didn't cause Celtic any problems. Should have been replaced by Storey. Doolan took his goal superbly. What a beautiful touch he has! Off the bench Osman improved the midfield, not in a defensive way but whilst in possession. He keeps the ball moving quickly, always available for a simple pass and move. Yet another game in impressed with McCarthy. The boy has no fear and is easily our third choice defensive midfielder. Sammon is Sammon. Feed the fish and he will score. Gave the midfield abuse for not getting up the park to support him. 2 minutes later he scores. If we can get him signed permanently, Archie may finally have that Stephen Craig replacement, he's craved for 5 years. After such a poor start I feared four or five without reply, but credit to the management and players, the heads didn't go down. We got organised and got back into it and could have taken it back to Firhill, in the dying seconds after incredible pace and fight from Erskine to win the ball and get a great ball into the box. Yet again Thistle don't get a penalty against Celtic. You won't see a clearer barge than the one on Devine. Special mention to Nicham for spitting at McCarthy. And for the BBC's embarrassingly one sided coverage.
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    100% spot on. Shame that some Jags like to write us off and 'remind' us of how shite we are the very second we concede a goal. The Jags, despite not fielding the optimum XI from the start, were, for the majority of the game, magnificent. I couldn't be more proud of my team after today. Erskine worked his baws off to make something happen in the last 10 minutes or so. And it nearly came about. We Are Thistle. Now and forever.
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    Why are so many giving Danny Devine a bad rap for what was Baily Cargill's error for the first goal?
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    I know many will disagree but I reckon jags come out of that with a lot of credit. Positive about the rest of the season.
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    I think Compper is the guy who hands out the free tickets.
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    What is this thing some people have about turning Firhill into a housing development? Stop watching 'Homes Under the Hammer', 'Location, Location, Location' or whatever other property development-obsessed pish it is that's got a hold of you - or, at least take your little fantasy elsewhere. For goodness sake, Firhill is a FOOTBALL GROUND. Decimate the ground, decimate the Club.
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    Let's play to all our natural strengths and go for the win, Thistle. We won't look back on this season thinking: "Glad we sat in against rival bottom half teams and snatched a wee draw here and there, and it kept us up". Accies, like us, are where they are because they've lost more than they've won. They'll be going flat out for the 3 points, and so must we, imo. From this point onwards, it's wins against the likes of Hamilton that'll determine whether we're in the big league or not next term. We've got the quality to do them, and whereas a draw wouldn't be apocalyptic, we need to shrug off any notions of negativity. It's great performances and a pronounced battling spirit in the final third of our previous SP seasons that've been responsible for our continued survival. Intae them the morra, Thistle.
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    Totally agree AJ. I feel the hurt from 350 miles away and my missus is always asking me how come Thistle always seem to get cheating b****** refs, lol. NDP is a tough place to go and Hamilton will feel a bit unlucky so far this season. Let's come away with a great win and we'll all be happy. Out with a few mates on Saturday who also live here in Corby. A St. Mirren fan, Aberdeen, Celtic and Motherwell among them. It's not easy losing even when you live this far away. All the best
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    I agree with most of the things you say CJ.I said at the beginning of the season as long as we finished no lower than 10th it would be success.I also am old enough to realise we are going through better times for us,although it doesn't feel like that at times coming away from Firhill after games like Saturday's.I do though think we should expect to get the best of Hamilton and be able to do as good as the other teams of the bottom 6,as this is what has kept us in the league so far.Of course I agree with you,it has always been and always be great to be a Jag
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    I look at that and genuinely don't see our run-in being significantly worse. I think that Dundee's is the most difficult, ours and Hamilton's on a par and county's maybe slightly easier. I suspect it will be tight going into the split. However, at least we likely won't have any meaningless games
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    just watched osman interview on jagzone they changed their shape in the second half and we didn't adapt to that says it all we let teams come onto us time after time we all see it but nothing changes thought our midfield of osman and woods were very poor second half as for muzzy the amount of space he was getting but nothing coming from it then going walkabout leaving their wing player unmarked thought erskine bust a gut trying to cover for him
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    Things suddenly look desperate again? Got wha we deserved for a totally gutless and rudderless second half? After an excellent first half when predictably we didn't convert our superiority into goals. Essentially, everything that we done right in the first half we did wrong in the second! You cold moan about Archie's tactical approach, but I expect professional football players not to defend like schoolboys and I don't see how you can blame Archie for the players continual inability to defend properly. To be quite honest that level of defending must make Simon Murray wish that he played Thistle every week. I'll wait to calm down a bit before I post anything else.
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    Not sure that I agree. For me Barton is fine when the game is all in front of him. But in midfield he never looks like he knows which way to turn.
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    Jumped ship with a total lack of class. Iirc went on a jaunt to South Africa as Scotland representative. Didn't fly back to Scotland but went straight to Birmingham. SFA are now paying him big bucks. Perhaps he'll pass it on to the taxman to pay off his EBT. The very EBT that his new employers turned a blind eye to.
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    Danny's certainly a man for the big occassion
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    Good news James Penrice signs 2 year deal great that the youngster with potential has signed on for 2 years
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    I was in glee at Dundee when Gerree was a foulee but scored a beltee belter.
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    Did'nt go to Parkhead because :- Dont want to give them my money. We get treated like shit and are given a shite view. The game was live on the telly. Sorry if that makes me less of a supporter than those that were there.
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    And now we've had an hour of you complaining about someone being called pathetic. Give it a rest. I object to someone writing off a match after two minutes by calling the team a 'pathetic mob'. Great support.
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    For most of my life as a Thistle fan every time a match against either of the two erse cheeks came up I used to get quite excited. In the 70s especially we could beat them at times, and that also happened in the 90s. But in the past couple of decades the absolute and total failure to beat either of them even once, time and time again and in dozens of "attempts," has finally knocked any inkling of hope or even interest in these games. Yes, it still hurts to see the inevitable defeat reported, but I shrug it off, don't even watch the highlights anymore. It's even worse because other teams beat them, at least occasionally.... but we don't, never do. I certainly wouldn't consider giving either of them any of my cash, and I probably won't even try to find a live stream for tomorrow's match. Probably my lowest-ever level of interest in a Scottish Cup tie involving Thistle. We can only win tomorrow by some miraculous combination of extremely unlikely events involving the planets, our players, their players, and of course the officials. Will it happen? 'Monra Jags!
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    It's laughable that this game is all ticket - lucky if there will be 30k at it - gates should be open for walk up cash at turnstiles and the away support should be treated with much more respect - maybe those going should do some form of mass protest and take over a section behind the goals - no way 10 polis and 20 part-time jobsworth stewards would stop the R&Y army on the march I'll be giving this shit8heap a miss this time - going up to Fife for a long weekend hope, as ever, we pump them good and proper
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    I have came away from recent Celtic and Rangers games disappointed at the result and our stay at home fans but pleased with effort, tactics and positive performances.
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    This is just absolute shite and is seriously calling into question the professionalism and integrity of our manager, staff and players. We were playing one of the best teams in the league, who retain the ball well and make you do a lot of running to compete with them - it's inevitable in games like these we will do more chasing and are therefore likely to tire quicker. We don't have the luxury of a squad the size of Rangers so can't bring the same level of reinforcements either to cover injuries or from the bench. We had two central midfielders both of whom are still making their way back from injury and who played well on Saturday (I'd like to have seen Archie trust McCarthy to cover but that's a side issue). There is absolutely zero evidence that we have a fitness problem compared to other teams at our level, indeed we've seen games out well against Ross County, St Johnstone and Hamilton recently (scoring fine counter attacking goals in two of those games). We even managed a last minute equaliser against Rangers earlier in the season, and should have had one against Celtic. There are clearly issues with our results against the Old Firm that predate this squad of players and managers but to lay the blame for this on our fitness levels is just utter nonsense.
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    It's gone all P & B... I guess it was necessary but not sure I like it.
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    I can’t see anything at all but it was clearly a goal
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    Late to the discussion but, never ever would i support a move away from firhill. Clubs need identity, firhill and maryhill are a huge part of our identity and is, compared to other grounds has soul. I don't want to get too sentimental but firhill stadium is a huge part of my life experience. My grandfather lived opposite the ground (now terraced houses) and my dad was a huge supporter along with my uncle so i just followed along. Now my son and daughter go and every time i walk into the ground i have to concentrate to keep myself together. I dare say it's not the best reason for staying at firhill but it's mine, i just get great comfort from being there. So stop all this talk of progress!!!
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    Not till we find out what night we play our friendly in Dumbarton.
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    It says a lot about this team that once Dundee equalised, you knew what was coming. I’m pretty numb to it now it happens so often. First half yesterday we played well, it’s the best possession football I’ve seen from us in a while. We just lacked that final cutting edge (as ever) mostly down to Dumbuya doing nothing with the freedom of Firhill he was given. Storey slightly guilty as well, needs to lift his head more but had a good battle with Kerr. Taking him off was the wrong move, it allowed Kerr to start getting forward which in turn freed up other Dundee players. Woods was excellent on the whole but spent the last 10mins of the first half limping, amazed he was kept on for the whole game. Osman in my opinion was culpable for both goals. The first especially, I couldn’t believe he didn’t get that ball away, Sammon rightly hammered him for it. On field and off field game management is costing us big time at the minute. As others have said, it’s the same old mistakes we’re making that are killing us. 2 huge games coming up. I’d like to see Stevie Lawless back in the starting lineup, his tenacity and will to win is certainly missing from a lot of his team mates at the minute. Not sure how Sammon got Motm, goal aside I thought that was one of the big mans poorer performances over the last month or so.
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    re teams fitness dundee had a midweek game against killie
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    I think this might have been when Woods hit a raking crossfield pass to an unmarked Thistle player in yards of space - unfortunately it was Kris Doolan who was on the touchline waiting to come on as substitute. I don't have any issue with or interest in Osman's clothing sideline but for someone with such a muscular physique , I'm more concerned about the time he took to get up from a knock which left a gap in the lead up to their goal. There is some legitimate criticism to be made of Archie's management, particularly fitness/stamina and the repeated loss of late points and goals. However, I don't have much time for Posters who seem to take a gleeful delight in calling for the manager's head without any further insight...but maybe that's because they don't actually seem to go to any games.
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    Sima/Dumbuya needs to be trying to beat his man. Every time he cut back on the wing! The only reason he put the cross in for the goal is because the pass from erskine invited him to run on to it. Its alright running to the edge of the box but for **** sake stop turning back and looking for a back pass. Get tae the line and cross it!!!
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    Doolan for Storey when Osman / Woods were gubbed genuinely left me flabbergasted. Get a fitness coach in!
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    Lots to be pleased about with a return to form of Erskine and some good play at times. Both strikers took their goals really well. McGinn looked assured and Spittal had a good game. First goal was ridiculous by Barton. Could easily have turned away and passed right or up field but chose to turn into trouble and pass back to a non footballing centre back. Made Devine look really bad doing that. Most teams and players know who not to pass to when it's tight and Barton put Devine right in the sh1t. Was also jogging about at the other goals and hoping someone else would do his job. Full praise to the team in general after an horrific start. Most teams would have completely folded. I feel we need to stay up and put this season behind us. Write it off as one of those things and move on to better things next year. Up the Jags!
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    Suspect our inferior stamina cost us in the first 10 minutes. Sort it out Archibald!
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    7 times we’ve dropped points in the league from winning positions. However 5 of them were in the first 7 games during the undoubtedly dreadful start we had. So only twice in the last 18 games then (one of them against Celtic). The reason we are where we are is that poor start. Our form since then has been average/mid-table. Good enough to catch the pack and, should we maintain that form, good enough for safety.
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    Changed on desktop too, looks like an unannounced redesign?
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    For me, an important part of the match day experience is the ground location. This is why the Firhill experience for me is so much better than, say, St J, Falkirk, Motherwell, Clyde, Livi etc. who have grounds some distance away from decent boozers/ eateries etc.. There are loads of good places to eat and drink around Firhill. As such, I hope we stay where we are (eventually with something in place of the bing ideally)