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  1. Cargill and Sammon Sponsorship Competition

    Baily Cargill (home) - WEEK 2 Aberdeen 2 - 0 Hearts Hamilton 1 - 1 Ross County Hibernian 2 - 1 Kilmarnock Motherwell 1 - 0 Dundee St Johnstone 0 - 1 Partick Thistle Celtic 5 - 1 Rangers
  2. Jags Flags Stolen From North Stand

    Following my loft discovery of some of my old strips, was thinking that this could have the potential of flag for the back of the John Lambie Stand - anyone got any contacts / suggestions for someone that could make this happen...? This could be made into something that people could add too, multiple fans with multiple strips could make a pretty impressive flag...
  3. John Lambie

    Good turn out of Jags fans along today to pay there respects RIP John...
  4. John Lambie

    Got thinking tonight that I used to have a handmade t-shirt with a caracature of John Lambie on it (think the image might have came from a newspaper..). After a bit of digging in the loft I found it... Think it must be fron around 1992 'ish but could be a year or two out - I found a few old strip too... funny how when you look at an old strip you immediately think of a player wearing it, not always the best player either...
  5. Cargill and Sammon Sponsorship Competition

    Good work elevenone, Week 1 predictions below... Hibernian 1 -3 Celtic Dundee 1-1 St Johnstone Kilmarnock 1-2 Aberdeen Partick Thistle 2-0 Hamilton Ross County 0-0 Motherwell Rangers 1-0 Hearts
  6. Firhill: The Future?

    would be cheaper to turn the enclosure of the Colin Weir Stand into a safe standing area. over 12's in the safe standing area, with any others (families) that want to be in close proximity to the "singing section" can sit behind in the seated area. Give the North Stand back to the away fans and when the OF come to town, still give them the JHS and the regular JHS fans have the choice of the CW or the NS. If we aren't able to sell enough tickets to justify having two stands give the OF the NS too... £ £ £ (preparing for severe condemnation of this...) Would be interesting to know how many home fans were at the last to games against the OF... Does anyone know this..?
  7. Dundee 17/2/18

    we are in the fortunate position that we don't have to rush Christie back, lets give him a few games in the U20's to make sure he is fully recovered.
  8. Sellick Away

    going by the silence from the club regarding ticket sales for Saturday, it would suggest that we aren't going to sell out our initial allocation... Less than 1000 travelling across the city for a Glasgow derby - when we took approx. 1200 to Dumfries... I know some will be happy to sit on the sofa, some will be accepting defeat already and think whats the point, but my reason is the location within the stadium - RESTRICTED VIEW in an empty stadium...
  9. New Arrivals

    we wouldn't be able to afford the wages he would demand and I don't think he is the type of player to give 100% if he feels he is getting rewarded for it...
  10. Player Sponsorship 2017/18

    Not a bad team to be fair... Archie in goals though... Archibald Turnbull Barton Cargill Dumbuya McGinn Woods Spittal Storey Erskine Sammon
  11. Sellick Away

    Celtic already sold tickets for behind the goal so the black hole it is... Only positive is looking on their website they have already have large sections of the stadium marked as 'sold out' so maybe a bigger crowd that we think... £££££
  12. Player Sponsorship 2017/18

    I'm up for that...
  13. Welcome Baily

    Liked a tweet I sent him earlier, since removed...
  14. Sellick Away

    no idea if this will work or not... following the cup draw, I sent a tweet to the club and the supporters liason officer and requested that we ask Celtic for the same allocation that Morton were given by Celtic a couple of years ago for a cup tie. Presumably they don't have season ticket commitments for that area for cup games which would allow them the option to give us that area. Going by BBC Sport figures they only had 25,000 so I wouldn't imagine they would expect to sell out against us in the next round. If in the restricted view black hole corner I would only expect us to take approx. 1000 - 1200 fans, if we were given this section of the stadium I believe more fans would willing to go along circa 2000 - 2500... Fingers crossed...
  15. Hearts 23/9/17

    Any update on the person that was getting first aid..? Hope he / she was ok...