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  1. Martin Woods Sponsorship Competition

    Looking good for those that predicted lower numbers
  2. What a guy. Glad it was a goal that really mattered and not a consolation goal. Another Jags legend
  3. Hamilton

    Thanks. I’m working abroad just now so will miss the last home games. Glad Dool’s 100the league goal mattered. Beat one really is a clown of a ref, no idea why he still gets to keep refereeing at all
  4. Hamilton

  5. Hamilton

    What happened at the end? I was listening on Jagzone then I lost connection. They were convinced it should have been a red card for Jenkins. Great result that that gives us some hope, but a long way to go
  6. John Lambie

    Nice to see. I’m sure many will add tomorrow
  7. Hamilton

    Absolutely gutted to miss this and the other home games due to working abroad. Especially with the significance of tomorrow’s game. I’ll hopefully get a decent connection for Jagzone tomorrow night in Kazakhstan. Hoping for a victory and I’ve a feeling we can get one. Thoughts will be with JL’s family on such a sad but hopefully happy occasion. ‘Mon the Jags
  8. Stats Watch 2017-18

    We could have played Killie or Clyde 4 times away in the early 80’s in the days of multiple SC replays and 2 league away matches. Remember we also had an abandoned SC replay against Clyde as well. I suppose it’s also possible we’ve played a team in 2 away league games and then away in 2 (or even 3) cup comps since then, but I’m TJR will have an answer also worth pointing out we played away at Perth in last season’s SC so we would have played them 4 times in a 12 month perdiod.
  9. John Lambie

    East end boy I believe. Grew up in Bridgetown area and a mate of Tommy Burns. As far as I know he lives in the Tollcross area
  10. Post Split Fixtures

    We’ve had to go there on midweek nights in the winter, and also just a few weeks ago, so I don’t agree it’s unfair
  11. Scottish Cup 2017 Pop Up

  12. Motherwell

    Having watched Thistle for close to 50 years I'd take relegation if it meant a Scottish Cup Final, cos at this rate I'm unlikely to see it happen in my lifetime. Also, at this moment in time i'd be happy with the play-offs this season. Motherwell have been in the top league for what? 30 seasons or more? (yes we know they should have been relegated during that time) so 1 play off (in which they humped the rangers) is hardly a disaster. Remember they also won the Scottish Cup and finished 2nd in the league in that time as well. Like I said, why can they do (and others as well) what we can't?
  13. Motherwell

    I’d watch any style of football to see us in a Scottish Cup final I’m so jealous of Motherwell. I know they’ve been ‘fortunate’ avoiding a few relegations but I remember when they went down in the 80’s they bounced straight back up. They don’t have a much bigger core home support than us, but they can beat the OF, get to cup finals and even win some, compete occasionally near the top of the table, even get in to Europe on occasion and more importantly sustain top flight football. They even sign some players and move them on at a decent profit. How can they do this? Yes I know about administration in the past, but that was a while back now.
  14. Good luck to both, we really need a Killie win but i’ve a bad feeling Accies will get at least a point
  15. Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    I was wondering with the gaps in the crowd. Our keeper looks like a wee boy