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  1. Stats Watch 2017-18

    Thanks TJR - astonishing detail as always. Alex O'Hara getting 53 in 8 seasons jumped out at me, because I saw most of them!! Fervently hope that Kris can be with us long enough to achieve number 2 on that list, which is doable on the remainder of his contract assuming it is honoured. Squiddy and Kris for half a dozen more before the end of this season anyone?
  2. Stats Watch 2017-18

    I think Marko got stuck on 49 - maybe TJR could confirm or otherwise?
  3. Stats Watch 2017-18

    Kris Doolan's achievements for the Jags would have been outstanding at any point in the club's history. However, being the first to achieve a century of league goals for the club in an era when there is far more opportunity and temptation for players to move clubs is particularly noteworthy. His early induction into the club Hall of Fame would be appropriate. Not only do his achievements thoroughly merit it, the manner in which he conducts himself and represents the club off the park is exemplary.
  4. Kris Doolan’s 100th League Goal

    9 goals this season to date. 5 league, 1 Scottish cup and 3 League cup. He can still have a major say on where we play next season. Dools for 10 league goals anyone? I'm up for it.
  5. Erskine on twitter re POTY nomination

    POTY for me has been Stevie Lawless. Worked his ass off in the alien position of LWB in November/December during what has been our best run of results to date - hopefully to be bettered this month of course. He was targeted every weekend during that period by the opposition (understandably). While he was awkward in a couple of them, he was never once pasted. So he's every right to be proud of himself for that.
  6. Hamilton

    I don't agree that Conor should have started, but I will agree that I misread the intention of the substitution. I honestly thought we would go long ball after that, especially considering that Stevie - whose link play is normally a feature of our better performances - was taken off to make way for him. As you say though, there were a number of occasions where Conor's feet and touch were brought into the game for ultimate benefit. Very very happy to have been proven wrong on that one.
  7. Hamilton

    Jeezuz - tonight has been the most bizarre celebration of a Jags victory and a Doolan landmark goal ever.
  8. Hamilton

    Would you?
  9. Hamilton

    .....or Laura Kuenssberg?
  10. Hamilton

    Moderation please. I've differed with a few fellow posters in the past but tonight is the first time there's been abuse for daring to have an opinion on the game.
  11. Hamilton

    All I did was watch my team play a game of football this afternoon, and gave my opinion on it before, during and after the game. What's your problem with that?
  12. Hamilton

    Thanks for your reminder of common sense dc. Enjoying the sense of victory, as you are.
  13. Hamilton

    Eh? Stay off the drink and can the personal attacks please.
  14. Hamilton

    Called it the way I saw it as always Metz. I'm delighted for every Jags fan tonight. Clearly you aren't though.
  15. Hamilton

    This from the BBC site: And the comeback was complete when a shot from Ryan Edward went through a forest of legs to deceive Tomas Cerny.