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  1. Hamilton

    Guys the refereeing team is miked up these days so they are constantly talking, unlike in the past when the linesman had to flag to get the refs attention. What is wrong though that they won’t make a decision until they are in agreement so you see the linesman wait until the ref has awarded the throw before they will put their flag up which just makes them look stupid.
  2. Ryan Edwards scores v Hamilton Academical 21.04.2018

    Erskine was behind every Accies player, you can’t interfere in that position unless you try to block their movement somehow. The other week Storey was in front of the keeper which gave the referee a decision to make. They are 2 very different scenarios.
  3. Motherwell

    I saw the Motherwell goals last night. Every one was a big kick up the park and picked off the scraps, great when it comes off but brutal football to watch. Livi proved years ago that a tall and powerful teams do well in Scotland, but I don’t know if I could watch that style of play every week. I’m sure though that there won’t be a single unhappy Motherwell fan anywhere to be found right now.
  4. Jack Hendry - an international ex-Jag

    Very true LIB.
  5. Jack Hendry - an international ex-Jag

    Fascinating stats throughout this thread TMJ. Quite startling just how few players exist that have been at the Jags and went onto represent Scotland later in their career. When you consider the flow of young players to bigger and better things from clubs like Killie, Motherwell, Dundee, Accies etc it really shows how far off we’ve fallen from our highly productive squads of the early 70s
  6. So Jack Hendry, of Celtic (as I think that influenced the call up), made his international debut for Scotland tonight. It set me thinking as to who was the last ex-Jag who wasn’t here on loan to get a call up for Scotland?
  7. Eugenics - the Road to Scottish Footballing Glory

    Years ago this would have resulted in a 50/50 chance of wasted resources but with the growth of the ladies game it now means that baby boy or girl we could have a world class footballer on our hands. Now we just need a volunteer to manually take a sample from Ronaldo........
  8. Hearts at Tynecastle

    Terry Christie? As Thistle manager? No worse a call than those shouting for Jim Duffy or Danny Lennon.
  9. Hearts at Tynecastle

    Lambie employed players that spent days in the bookies and pubs, one even going as far as gambling away his house and requiring a transfer to obtain a signing on fee, so I’m not sure why you think he’d treat Osman any differently than Archibald. Not sure either the relevance of making him hang around Glasgow when injured, as long as he kept up his rehab programme wherever he was sleeping.
  10. Thistle vs Aberdeen - Game On

    It’s funny to see the posters that have reacted to Blackpool Jags post, it’s almost as if they think he was aiming it at them.......
  11. A punch in the R S McColls ......

    I never seen it, don’t routinely watch games not involving Thistle, do have no idea what you’re talking about. But from what you say the ref seen what happened and gave a yellow card so there is nothing the compliance officer can do. Trial by tv only kicks in when the referee misses it and an incident goes unpunished.
  12. Thistle vs Aberdeen - Game On

    Ah well no point going on Saturday now.
  13. Last Jag Standing 2018 (James Penrice)

    Ach let's stick with it... Jags WIN
  14. Dundee 17/2/18

    To be fair to the team irrespective of what Dundee are doing our ball retention so far today is excellent
  15. Last Jag Standing 2018 (James Penrice)

    Win v Dundee (fingers crossed)