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  1. St Johnstone (away)

    As per team. I agree. Only change is Sammon in for Spittal and go for it.
  2. Hamilton

    Phew! So relieved tonight.
  3. Hamilton

    Biggest 45 mins for a few seasons. Lose this and it will probably be curtains.
  4. Hamilton

    Injury or gone altogether?
  5. Hamilton

    Cerny , Elliott, Known, Cargill, Booth. Woods, McCarthy, Erskine,Spittal,Lawless. Doolan
  6. Hamilton

    Just about the team I was looking for. I would have had Sammon for Spittal, but let's get into this mob.
  7. Hamilton

    Jags to win 2-0.
  8. The John Lambie Stand

    Only proper that the club do this. Well done.
  9. The John Lambie Stand

    We can put the two scumbag clubs in with them . Theircshit would hide the pigeons ' mess.
  10. Hamilton

    Not a bad side. I would have Woods ,if fit, in front of the back four with Storey on the bench
  11. John Lambie

    Safe journey to all who are going to John's funeral.
  12. A Reading from the First Book of Lambiticus

    Absolutely wonderful.
  13. John Lambie

    Jesus, have I? I'm getting really old.
  14. John Lambie

    For once I am in agreement with you. The Lambie passing has refocused all our minds.
  15. Post Split Fixtures

    A decent offer from the club of reduced ticket prices and free buses for away games.