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  1. Team rebuilding

    "Always look on the bright side of life"
  2. David Beattie stands down

    Thanks to David and Greig for all their efforts over the past years. Being a Board member of any football club must be an extremely difficult task.
  3. Team rebuilding

    Well that's one in this week, hopefully at least one more to be announced as per Cammy Bells prediction. I am happy so far as we seem to be signing players for priority positions. Either that or Archie is "building from the back".
  4. Team rebuilding

    Bell sounded quite upbeat about next season, I hope that the indication of players coming in was based on something positive.
  5. Team rebuilding

    Cammy Bell on Radio Scotland this afternoon said that Archie hoped to have a couple of players in next week. Bell also said that he had other offers but came to us to enable him to play around 40 games a season. Implications were that he had turned down Premier League clubs to secure the chance of regular games.
  6. Freddie Frans

    S*n reporting Frans deal with United all but concluded (subject to international clearance). I would have liked to have had him back at Firhill, however, I remember frequent appearances on the subs bench for him. We need someone who will feature regularly this season. Freddie has mystically become a far better player in our heads since his departure, probably due to the quality incumbents that filled the position in the later seasons.
  7. Paws 2017-18

    A big thanks to all involved.
  8. Season Tickets 2018/19

    Renewed mine a few days back, could not access via Firefox but was OK with Internet Explorer. Previously had no issues accessing through Firefox.
  9. Livingston 2nd leg

    We deserved nothing over the two legs, we could not compete against one of the least talented teams that I have seen over the past years. We have no cutting edge, a weak midfield and defenders that cannot defend. Big changes are required and big decisions have to be made. The sad thing was that we were given an opportunity to survive via the play offs and we failed to grasp it. The performances over the last couple of games summed up our entire season.
  10. Play off details

    Bought mine on line last night (season ticket JHS). Phoned today to book one for a non ST holder (JLS) and asked if we could both use the JLS. He anticipated that the game was unlikely to sell out but, if it looked close the Club may ask season ticket holders to use their own seats. The numbers that show up may very much depend on the result of the game on Thursday.
  11. Play off details

    Lets not get too excited about Sunday. According to the BBC there is still a long way to go. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/scores-fixtures/2018-05-20
  12. Play off details

    Link OK, but cannot purchase tickets.
  13. Play off details

    Anyone been able to access this?
  14. If you could pick one Thistle player...........

    Beastie McAdam. Up front first half to get us a couple of goals, central defender second half to secure the clean sheet,
  15. dun (d-day) away

    OK, but did you have to mention a cup final at Livinston?