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  1. Team rebuilding

    It's probable Players will make up the loss with extra win bonus's
  2. Graeme McGarrys article in Evening Times

    Great article. With our crowd size, we are really a top 4 championship side trying to be a premiership club. so unless crowds improve when we go up again, then we will have to resort to playing like St Johnstone and Hamilton or accept relegation when it comes along.
  3. New Management

    If you want winning football then any new manager should be between Tommy Wright of St Johnstone and Canning of Hamilton!
  4. John Lambie

    John's been very ill for some time and a few weeks ago was told he only had a few months to go, but unfortunately he had an infection and passed away at 6 this morning. Only last week his best mate, whom I know was telling me he was still blinding and effing in his last days. R.I.P John
  5. New Arrivals

    On STV sports news wearing Thistle strip. Archie also on, saying comfortable on the ball, can play in a back3 or 4 also can play as a left back. Feed the wig!
  6. Jordan Turnbull Recalled From Loan

    If I remember right, when he came to thistle we were offering to sign him on, but changed our minds and offered him a loan deal, with a signing on deal at the end of his loan if suitable to both party's.
  7. Jordan Turnbull Recalled From Loan

    It could have been Thistle that moved Turnbull on. If Archie realised he wasn't going to stay at the end of the season, he may have made a move to find a replacement.
  8. Ryan Jack

    Ryan Jack's Red card against Kilmarnock has been downgraded to a yellow, and now will be able to play for Rangers against the Jags on Saturday. This player who has already had 2 reds in his short career with Rangers, took a kick and then made a notion to head butt Kirk Broadfoot . His centre back has a swipe at a Motherwell player and gets a 2 match ban!
  9. Next Scotland Manager

    Sorry. Yes I did mean the 2nd division, but John White went from Alloa to Falkirk
  10. John Lambie

    Very latest news is that although still poorly, his condition has improved slightly so much so that he his coming out of hospital for the weekend. He will return on Monday to start a new treatment which we all hope will work.
  11. Next Scotland Manager

    It's odds on that we will have the same discussion in four years time. For that to alter, the league set up must change, but the old firm will not allow that to happen. Europe must come first for them. We also need to find some way of getting more Scottish youngsters playing in our leagues, Thistle included. I know this will never happen, but what I would like to see is 1/ A sixteen team league with no relegation for three years. To get this passed, we need someone with better brains than me, so that the 12 teams at the moment would not lose out in gate money 2/The SFA to give grants to cover the wages of any player under 21, who plays for clubs in the 1st and 2nd division, with some provision that they play at least 3 and they are Scottish. Me being one of the older generation can remember many top players coming out of the old 1st division and some going onto represent there country. John White and Eddie Mc Creadie just to name two.
  12. Scotland V Slovakia

    Well done Scotland. Last minute goal but it could have been 6. We are not the best but the team gave us everything
  13. Scotland V Slovakia

    Re transport: Free bus service to and from City Centre to game
  14. John Lambie

    Unfortunately at this moment in time, John's treatment is not working and he has been admitted to hospital. He has a battle on his hands, but as we all know he is a great fighter. We wish him well.
  15. Killie Match - 14/10/17

    Here's the Quiz - If Archie is Sacked, Name any Manager who you think would improve the position and who would be available on Archie's salary. Please remember whrn making your decision Thistle's injury situation. 2- Please supply the names of third choice right backs and left backs of any team in the bottom eight that would not weaken the team. 3- Name the team that is joint top of the league that lost 3-0 at fir park in the last fortnight.