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  1. IN or Out

    I would move all in the maybe column to the out.................
  2. Livingston 2nd leg

    That team should have been booed of the park today in no uncertain terms yet loads stood and applauded why. We just got relegated what was there to clap about . A spineless gutless performance yet again. A total clear out required from the top down. I will wait to see what happens at the board meeting before thinking about renewing my season ticket...............
  3. douglas clark

    Its goodnight from me guys dont have nightmares
  4. Danny Devine

    Well said....
  5. douglas clark

    That was a total embarrassment tonight. Spineless Gutless performance .Apart from the goal not another effort to trouble Alexander I could have played in goal for the second half..As for our fans standing clapping at the end sorry guys there was nothing to clap about tonight. As for Sunday who knows I dont hold out much hope.................
  6. Jags Disabled Supporters Club

    Could not have gone to a more worthy choice ..I just wish Archie had as much belief in him ...
  7. dun (d-day) away

    Archie has been asking for the fans to get behind the team since the split. I think that we have more than done our bit and what have we got in return 5 points out of a possible 12.not a very good return for all our efforts... I dont think it will make any difference to the score on Saturday if we have 100 fans or 1000 .
  8. You never know the minute right enough

    Enjoy the game..You did not say if that was the first prize..............or the 5th runner up...
  9. St Johnstone (away)

    A repeat of our 3.1. win in January will do fine.... mon the Jags
  10. The John Lambie Stand

    Great tribute..can we affectionaly call it the J.L.S. stand...
  11. New Home Kit?

    Substitute black for the blue and that would work fantastic..
  12. John Lambie

    Can't make John's funeral today due to begin on holiday in Tenerife but proudly wearing my Jags strip in the sunshine of Las American's...R. I.P. John..
  13. John Lambie

    On my way to Tenerife from where I brought him back the many large cigar's he was always photographed with..R.I.P. John The Great Lambini..
  14. Kilmarnock 7/4/18

    Just looked at the Falkirk attendance today day 5784. Happy days to look forward to next season...
  15. Ross County 3/4/18

    I second that..