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  1. Cargill and Sammon Sponsorship Competition

    Cargill week 2 1-2 1-0 2-1 2-1 0-1 3-1
  2. On the basis that at least 50% probably get nowhere near the goal, we still sit in the stands and urge a player near the edge of the box to shoot, instead of committing yet another ineffective cross-field pass. Today Skippy just blasted one and look what happened! More shooting, please, Jags..............
  3. John Lambie

    Just for those that haven't managed along to Firhill in recent days, here is the fans' tribute to John on the front door of the main stand. I guess it will need to be removed for tomorrow's game...
  4. Cargill and Sammon Sponsorship Competition

    Cargill - Hibernian v Celtic 1-2 Dundee v St Johnstone 1-1 Kilmarnock v Aberdeen 2-1 Partick Thistle v Hamilton 2-1 Ross County v Motherwell 0-3 Rangers v Hearts 1-2
  5. John Lambie

    Like the gentleman above, Lady Skwerr and are abroad and can't get to Whitburn today. However we just listened to the Lambie/ Charnley BBC podcast which brought back such great memories of a marvellous character. He will be sorely missed by us all.
  6. John Lambie

    Others may have more info, but I remember the cartoons being done for the back cover of the programme around then. They were done by Malky McCormack, a newspaper cartoonist and avid Killie fan as I recall. Used to like them a lot and look forward to them..
  7. Scottish Cup 2017 Pop Up

    F'n h*ns let me down....... Congratulations to Jaggy and huge thanks to BB for giving us deprived Thistle fans an interest in the cup beyond the early rounds!
  8. Thistle trivia due to boredom

    Aye, I've got a couple of those shirts in a drawer somewhere. I've also has this set for the best part of 17 years - the title-winning celebratory mouse mat and coaster set. The mouse mat has only recently been retired. A happy picture of JL and Trigger McLean.
  9. John Lambie souvenirs

    The second division title winning celebratory mouse mat and coaster set. The mouse mat has only recently been retired after nearly 17 years of good service. Maybe it deserves a testimonial.......
  10. John Lambie

    That's awful news. Very sad to hear of John's passing and a great loss to the Thistle community.. Sincere condolences to his family.
  11. Thistle trivia due to boredom

    The Red and yellow onesie was always a bad idea and should be binned on the grounds of taste alone. :-) Now a Dingwall veterans tee shirt would be a sure fire winner with me and would go nicely with my "Stranraer Survivors" shirt from the second worst humiliation (3-0 on a wet Wednesday down there from the nineties (?)). Dingwall has now eclipsed that night as my worst ever Jags away day..... The team owe me Big Time for Tuesday night..
  12. Thistle trivia due to boredom

    I was wearing my John Lambie, "my Heid's Buzzled" tee shirt at the Aberdeen game. Should I wear it again this Saturday?
  13. New Management

    Couldn't agree more with everything you've said above. (out of "likes" for today). Particularly the bit about the rocket......
  14. Goodbye

    Echo all the above and would add my thanks for the years of service to the Jaggie community.
  15. Hearts at Tynecastle

    Irrc, the Hibs concession price is £12. Much more reasonable for behind the goal, so that's the game we're choosing to go to.