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  1. Players in out and maybes....

    If we go down, I’d keep Woods but not if we stay up. He’s done ok but needs too much time on the ball and slows play down too much for me. He’d be good against inferior opponents but not in the top flight. Keep Lawless regardless, at the very least he’s a decent option off the bench for a bottom half top flight team, which is what we are. Have also heard the McGinn to St Mirren rumour, which is fine as we really should be looking for better, and Christie Elliott is better as back up. I’d expect Booth to stay, although I think we could do better, he’s alright. Not bothered about the rest of them, although I’ll be absolute incandescent if Danny Devine is given a new deal. Worst defender in the league, by a country mile.
  2. dun (d-day) away

    Get a grip.
  3. New Management

    He’ll definitely be here next season, even though he shouldn’t be regardless of if we stay up. Our board haven’t got the guts to sack him. They’ll make some statement about how they won’t wait forever for improvement, and then proceed to do exactly that.
  4. New Management

    Whoever said John Hughes can get in the sea, and take John with them. An atrocious manager, a moron and a complete ******** to boot. No thanks.
  5. Away Attendance At Rugby Park

    Rugby park holds roughly 8000 more than Firhill does at capacity. And they routinely give them 3 sides of the stadium I’m sure.
  6. New Arrivals

    Paul Paton’s an *********, and he’s also dreadful at football. No, thanks.
  7. St Johnstone 27/1/18

    Bolton and Wycombe are both Wanderers as well, so down to nine I think Edit: are Forest Green not Forest Green Rovers as well?
  8. St Johnstone 27/1/18

    Think Newport are league 2, and there’s notts county as well. MK Dons Queen’s Park Rangers And that’s me out
  9. Sellick Away

    I’m not sure, I think a lot of clubs do that when their releasing tickets i batches so that if they don’t need to open the whole stadium and thus pay for the extra costs... Hopefully you’re right though
  10. Firhill: The Future?

    Exactly this. In an absolutely ideal world, I’d like to see us redevelop Firhill as location really is everything with new stadiums and I’d hate to see us playing in some soulless Lego stadium on the outskirts of Glasgow. Look what’s happened to Clyde...
  11. Colts

    What? Is this a wind up?
  12. Colts

    Let’s take another example, Kelty Hearts have just moved from Junior football into the east of Scotland League with the explicit intent of moving up the pyramid. How galling must it be for them, who’ve put years of hard work into getting licensed and had to commit to the pyramid starting at tier 6, to see youth teams stuck straight into league 2. This proposal is an insult to every lower league club, you’d be as well saying that competing on merit doesn’t matter.
  13. Colts

    Would you be happy watching your team in a league consisting of youth teams? The whole thing is an absolute disgrace. The club should be publicly calling this out as the nonsense it is. It will benefit nobody, except maybe the Old Firm clubs, and should be shot down immediately. Youth sides/reserve sides should play in leagues with other reserves/youth sides. It’s that simple.
  14. Colts

    Has anyone heard anything from the club in regards to their thoughts on this shambles? I emailed them but have had nothing back yet.
  15. Sellick Away

    When does this game take place, in relation to their games against Zenit by the way?