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  1. Club Statement Archie

    If anything is needed at the club in the coming season it is a leader on the field. A Scott Brown figure ( that is quite difficult to say). There must be one out there. He doesn't need to be the best player we have but he needs to want to run through brick walls for Partick Thistle. So THAT is Archie's first job. And if we could get three of them...... there would be no holding us in my opinion!
  2. New Management

    A lot of sense being talked on here but maybe more heat than light. What about specifics? I thought the year we came up that our game far too often petered out in the last third. It was always to the wings and worked sometimes when we had O'Donnell and Taylor Sinclair and we had an Erskine , very creative, through the middle. Despite changes in players in the years in the top flight we still seem to want to play to the wings and, on the rare occasion we make it to within ten yards of the goal line, too often, the ball is woeful and usually just to a diminutive forward or, recently, out of play! i'm certain there is a general football statistic that a tiny percentage of goals are scored from crosses. But that has continued to be our modus operandi, for six seasons, whether we had players to suit it or not. The other thing that NEVER changes is our feeble use of free kicks and corners. I watch other teams, arguably far less talented teams, and they do creative things with corners and free kicks. Livi did it and Hamilton have done it. Every time the Jags cross it. When was the last time you saw a short ball or a ball disguised to a player running from the side or ANYTHING creative (like an inswinger right on top of the goalie or that one where the whole attack runs forward when the kick is taken )that wouldn't be gobbled up by a half competent defence? And this season we have taken to being just as bad defending free kicks and corners. How Liam Lindsay saved us last year ( and I can go away back to Jim Duffy's bald heid and before that the golden locks of Jackie Campbell, neither of whom was a giant). And don't get me started on throw ins! i have asked time and again why we don't do better with these things. We are a full time team but we continue to look clueless in these areas where a bit of thought might just improve us. Repeatedly we hear that teams are good with set pieces. Why are we not? i am fed up watching same old, same old. I doubt Archie will change any of this now.
  3. Motherwell On Saturday

    Motherwell are just the most miserable team to play against. They are on the edge of cheating with every challenge and Walsh let them off with most of them. The number of them who played as much with their hands and arms as with the feet. Just tough, tough football. Having said all that I thought we did well and our manpower of a few weeks ago would have been overwhelmed. Osman was great, Edwards covered every inch and Mussy tried his heart out. Cargill is one of the best defenders I've ever seen play for us; a quality player. And Storey looks so much fitter though he was completely done in the last fifteen minutes. Dools was quiet but did what Dools does. Woods was smashing as well. There are quite a number of teams in this division today's performance would have dealt with. Let's hope we finally get a proper result against that lot on Tuesday night.
  4. Sport Sound On Bbc

    Yes Eljaggo , It was Cowan and Cosgrove I went on to talk about. Sorry if I made it obscure! And Tommy Wright reckons St Johnstone doesn't get any publicity. Wish we got Thistle talk like Cosgrove provides for them. And the programme gets even worse when one of them is off because we then get another Motherwell supporter in Jane Lewis. Or we have to suffer wee Chic and his St Mirren agenda. And in other progs we have Preston , the Hearts man. And Willie Miller sees things through the red haze of his Aberdeen bias. And we are paying through the nose in the licence fee for the pleasure of indulging these people. They even get paid for it. To balance it I really admire Derek Ferguson because he has the ability to look objectively at the game and not see things through Rangers supporting eyes. Even Barry, his brother, does well keeping out his subjectivity when he gets on the BBC. How do you complain about it and be heard though?
  5. Sport Sound On Bbc

    We got a mention tonight. Tom English said "I think Motherwell will shade it!" THAT WAS IT. We are really highly considered. If you came upon Scottish football from another world and you relied on the national broadcaster for information you would never find out about us. But you would about other "wee teams" like Motherwell and St Johnstone who get their four hour injection of supporter input every Saturday. Are you not getting fed up with that and it's getting worse after twenty years of that pair? Now they don't even bother to try to be fair handed and unbiased. The programme's frame of reference is totally the 'Well and the Saintees.... I feel ignored and hope you do too! National broadcaster my a--e!!!
  6. Team V Qos

    Thought the pitch was just awful. Okay, the same for both teams but it took away our wee advantage. If the ball was bouncing it did so about ten feet in the air. Pleased with how we did and Booth had a stormer considering how long he has been out. The bounce of the ball seemed to confuse Squiddy and he didn't have a great game. Sammon was great and he looks as if his confidence is growing by the game. We might just get as much out of him as Killie did before he went down south . That would be great. My beef is STILL the way everything comes down the wings and inevitably there is an aimless ball to one person in the box (if it gets past the first defender at all) And couldn't we still do with a Stephen Dobbie? A great player yet.
  7. Weather

    Weather just awful in the south west with some people saying the snow is a foot deep. What are the chances for Saturday being on looking at the current forecast? Looking very wintry right through to the weekend!
  8. St Johnstone 28/10/17

    Still can't get over the total miserableness of the NDP experience on Tuesday; chilly wind, driving rain and a pitch on which the ball skited or bounced over players' heads. Must have been murder to play on.
  9. Line Up V Dungdee

    The only other hologram keeper I remember playing against us was yon fellow who was between the sticks for Albion Rovers at Fir Park when we scored eleven!
  10. Line Up V Dungdee

    Miles was lucky to score as he hit it straight at Bain and it went through him.
  11. Happy 46Th Anniversary

    At five to four today I thought - "I remember EXACTLY" what I was doing and where I was 46 years ago! Standing behind the goal at Hampden where the four first half goals went in and hoping like mad that we wouldn't lose 5-4!! Had a date that same night with a girl I met at a party the night before. She wore red hot pants on the 22nd and I was late for my date on the 23rd though she did wait.
  12. Killie Match - 14/10/17

    Agree with a lot of what Angry Gaz said in the last post. What is patently obvious is that our(virtually) third choice full backs cannot play the traditional game we have played; neither is strong or quick enough to get up and down like the regulars out injured. It is also obvious how weak we are in midfield without a fit Bannigan or Osman, or, dare I say, Welsh. We need somebody who can just win the ball and give it to a more creative player. Barton, with the current people around him, just cannot cut a midfield role. Whatever he thinks about his best position on evidence it is somewhere at the back moving forward. But please don't ask him to win balls, make passes and run back to cover. He has not got all of these skills. Usually he passes the ball out of defence very well because he has a little more time. We desperately need a fit Banzo and I have no doubt, having seen him quite a lot in first team action as well as in the Development team, young McCarthy. Surely, Archie, this youngster is ready. Other teams seem to be trusting youth, notably Motherwell, why not us? I thought that Erskine was as bad on Saturday as I have seen him and it made me think that he wasn't fit and might not have been on had Lawless not gone down ill. And he was hampered further by Killie marking him very closely - he had been identified as our danger man! All of this is basic stuff and I am convinced we would improve dramatically if we played through the middle and utilised our manpower differently.
  13. Injury Update

    Chance/luck is a very strange thing and quite a number of times in the last couple of years I've said to pals (when referring to a chance occurrence) that "if you put THAT in a story, not a person would believe you". I've had one this week! As I type, I am in Crete on a week's holiday. When my girlfriend and I were in a queue at Glasgow airport I had to leave her to go to the loo. When I came back she was looking after a fellow passenger's luggage - he was finding out if he could go straight to "air side" as he had no hold luggage. He came back, we exchanged pleasantries and he went his way on board amongst the other 350 passengers. In Crete there was a man waiting for us with a board on it with my name on it, let's call it S McCall. I went and stood beside him. We thought we were in the right place. BUT NO!!! The same guy who we had met in Glasgow came up. He was S McCall as well! What were the chances of my girlfriend being abandoned by an S McCall and then approached by another S McCall thirty seconds later? If THAT sort of chance thing can happen surely a few poor results for the Jags can happen or, as at the moment, one full back after another falls with injury. It is indeed a strange world we inhabit.
  14. Hearts 23/9/17

    The guy I sit beside hates Elliot and tells me he has seen stats that show he was involved in 27 events last season (and a huge number ahead of anybody else in the league making errors) which led to an opposition goal. AND he says that this stat shows six such events this season already. Does ANYBODY know what he's talking about?
  15. Hearts 23/9/17

    Still gutted at this recurring pattern when we sit back. Several times everybody was within 25 yards of our goal line and if it came to a defender he lumped it up the park to? Nobody!! And back it came with nobody willing to make a tackle and they crossed it over for us to desperately defend. Watched Archie's interview and can hardly believe it. We maybe looked comfortable to him. We certainly didn't look comfortable to most of the people round me. Why, having been so defensive, were we able to suddenly become an attacking force in the last ten minutes again? Was it change in manpower? Surely Archie could see that attacking them was our best bet. Look what Motherwell did to Aberdeen on Thursday, never gave them a minute. We went all lily livered and sat back. There was no, dare I say once again, Scott Brown type figure to spur us on. And I think people are being unfair on Ryan Scully. When did we EVER see Tam Cerny come for a ball? Not in my time watching so why is Scully taking flak?