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  1. Livingston 2nd leg

    That was a masterclass. Watch and learn Tomas. Alexander had as much possession as the rest of the Livi team put together. And I don't blame him for that - I blame the ref.
  2. Club Statement

    Ayr United have a good manager too - don't forget them!
  3. Livingston 2nd leg

    Hard to believe Tony's is the same width as Firhill. That's a hell of an optical illusion if it is. We might also expect the Firhill pitch to be in a better state for passing the ball - not iron-hard and bumpy in the middle, and sodden down the wings.
  4. Stats Watch 2017-18

    If County win, we need to win too. If not, County are down regardless and we're in the playoffs. So it's not as bad as you say.
  5. Thistle vs Aberdeen - Game On

    It's coming up on BBC Alba (sorry if you all knew).
  6. St Johnstone 27/1/18

  7. Baily Cargill

    Baily joined us at the end of the winter break, this coinciding with the return of several key players after long-term injury. The team has played well since the break, which is partly down to Baily, but mostly to the fact that we can now pick a team with nobody having to play out of position. He's looked solid and hasn't let anyone down. Set up one of the goals on Saturday. So - pretty good really.
  8. Where Will We Finish?

    Bit early to say, but: no better than 8th. No worse than, er...
  9. Tonight's Results

    Not too bad. Hamilton, Dundee & County lose. The other one doesn't matter so much. No ground lost.
  10. Shanghai Shenhua Fc

    2-1 full time. A late consolation trundler from Demba Ba. Danny had him in his pocket until then.
  11. Niall Keown Scores V Hamilton Academical 23.12.2017

    Nice wee shove on the defender there!
  12. How The League Is Looking.

    Killie won't be far from the relly zone. Results under Clarke have been good though - apart from the Hibs game.
  13. How The League Is Looking.

    Have to agree.
  14. St Johnstone At Mcdiarmid Park

    So - anyone fancy our chances? We just won 3-0 there but it may not be so easy this time!
  15. Thistle Players And Place Names

    Eccleston is in Lancs too. Near Chorley.