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  1. John Lambie

    A real character of the Scottish game. A great manager and a sad loss for the Thistle community. Very sad.
  2. Scarf Swap.

    Hi, I have a spare Jon Rubin Jags scarf still in its packaging ( my daughter took one when offered to her at the game but she is not interested in it), as I was a bit late at the Dundee U. game I missed out on the football give away. So does anyone, who might have a spare Barry McGee football want to do a swap? If so let me know and we could exchange at the Boxing day game, before or after the match, or really any home game, or the St.Mirren cup or whatever. .
  3. How We Stayed Up: The Movie

    Well done that man! Just found this, what a great start to the last Saturday of the season, lets hope there are a few more goals to add after today. A very professional video.
  4. Worst Football Movie Ever Ever

    Theres Only One Jimmy Grimble and Mike Basset England Manager were both really good. The comedy route is probably the best way to go with footie films. M.B.E.M. proving, as if we did not know, that the English are not able to have a laugh at their own expense when it come to football, lots of empty cinemas south of the border! (a few up here as well , if memory serves).
  5. Trialist Centre Half

    Thought Gabriel was solid and very composed, some meaty challenges right enough but i think he was playing by friendly rules and was smart enough to know that Willie Collum had left his cards at home for the day. Never easy playing as a trialist but he always seemed to have plenty of time when in possession bit like Shaggy in his day!
  6. Firhill Wrecked

  7. 'evening' Times - 8-Page Pull-Out?

    Evening Times tonight had a very nice glossy poster of Jags receiving the trophy, however only seemed to be newsagents around Maryhill that had the posters!
  8. Jags Song

    Cheers for that!
  9. Jags Song

    Can anyone provide a link to a topic that was discussed on the forum a wee while ago, linking the jags song Forever And Ever with a French Christmas Carol.Same topic also talked about Coming Down The Road originally being a UVF song. Cheers.
  10. Function Rooms Glasgow

    Thanks for the suggestions guys, i will phone these venues this weekend, i would not have thought of any of these places, more power to the forum!
  11. Function Rooms Glasgow

    Hi, looking to hire a function room in Glasgow city centre for a 21st party, around 150 capacity, pub or club, a Satarday would be preferable. Does anyone have experience of such a thing, any suggestions? Cheers.
  12. Terracing Songs You Never Hear Anymore.

    From 70's (obviously), cannot remember it all, F**k Jock Stein and the green machine, F**k the gers and the aberdeen, na na na na na na na We are the PARTICK THISTLE. something like that, can some one fill in the blanks please.
  13. Glasgow Warriors Voucher On The Season Ticket

    does anyone know where to swap the voucher for a ticket? the warriors office at scotstoun or maybe greaves?
  14. Blyth Spartans

    hi, does anyone have a spare blyth spartans programme from this season? i am offering a swap deal of the stephen craigan testimonial programme(now completely sold out at the MFC shop) + the blyth spartans v PTFC programme from 2008.please let me know if anyone is interested, swap could be done at firhill on a match day or city centre anytime during the week.
  15. Challenge Cup Game

    Any of the pubs showing the game tomorrow allow kids in? Would like to let my 16 year old boy see the match.