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  1. Ian Maxwell replaced by....

    As I said to IM at hospitality recently the most important thing he needs to is to make sure his severance arrangements are watertight when he goes there !
  2. Ian Maxwell replaced by....

    Officially announced and we are looking for a replacement
  3. Hamilton

    Now on a positive note...... i said before today that two key things were important : the attitude of the players and the midfield area......you could tell the players were up for the game which bodes well for the next 4 games .....erskine was a shining example of this ...l secondly Archie made a big call in not playing osman which was right at the moment woods would be a starter for me and made good subs which helped our momentum keown continues to be a concern if you watch the reply some of his passing was very poor and cerny being back should not be underestimated!
  4. Hamilton

    I don’t know if any fan comment affects the team either way but I don’t think comments on a fans forum should always be positive .....now that is Stalinist ! Particularly when you might be agreeing with the manager himself but the suggestion that fans can’t criticize the team only praise is bizarre i also think some people think that some fans spent their time critising the team during the game because they post critical comments here .... I don’t for example but I don’t criticize people who do that’s their right fans are entitled to their views and opinions and should not be forced to blindly support the club no matter what especially in a disappointing season
  5. Hamilton

    Now when I sit in the JHS I hear lots of comments about the players, the manager and the team many supportive and many critical ....it’s called watching football ! There is a slight Stalinist element here that any critical comment is a betrayal of the club - despite the fact that the manager himself this season has made many critical comments on the teams performance.... the fact is we have had a very disappointing season and may yet be relegated - hopefully after today we can survive - that’s a fact not a negative comment the only way to get better is to critically evaluate you performance as the great lambini did constantly
  6. Hamilton

    Don’t call me mate .....we what I’ve done taken one word from your post and made something irrelevant out if it ....ive learned that from you
  7. Hamilton

    Well you know you often don’t see the obvious and we are here to help ... dolt
  8. Hamilton

    Win out two home games and we might just do it
  9. Hamilton

    That comment was written at half time when we were losing
  10. Hamilton

    What a relief .... supporting us is not good for your health ! great result but still with lots we can improve on .... the Ross county game could be a decider
  11. Hamilton

    The key is to get the midfield right for this game ... we have to control the game and start well .... if we are not in the front foot and competitive we will be in trouble ... I suspect we will play one up front but who knows
  12. Post Split Fixtures

    What fan hopes his team gets relegated ....idiot ....never drink and post is a good guide i think most reasonable fans would say we have a chance - because in points terms we do - but that will require a performance level little seen this season and as we start from bottom if the league it can’t be good some of us have been arguing for change precisely because we know the disaster that is relegation
  13. Post Split Fixtures

    The first home match v Hamilton is crucial..... if we can win that we have a chance
  14. Post Split Fixtures

    Of course any outcome is possible ......but I don’t think so you do
  15. Post Split Fixtures

    ok it always depends on where you start from .....but from this year of the bottom six we have played the other bottom 5 as follows..... st Johnstone won, Motherwell drew, Dundee lost, Hamilton lost , Ross county lost And our current form is the worst ...so repeat that and we go down