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  1. Brechin City v Champions League

    If there is even the possibility that Brechin are susceptible to bribes as you suggest, then the play-off's a bogey.
  2. Hamilton

    Think Fannie Craddock. Think doughnuts. Think Bill Tennant.
  3. Hamilton

    I don't know what instructions referees/asst. refs are given or what is agreed between them (which may vary by referee). But surely three sets of eyes are better than one and referees should be big enough to accept advice, and asst. refs be given every encouragement to offer it.
  4. Hamilton

    As a big step towards improving refereeing decisions, assistant referees need to take on more responsibility. Compared to their rugby counterparts, they shirk bringing offences to the attention of the referee, and don't act nearly enough as a second and third pair of eyes. If they did take more resonsibility, referees would consult them much more and the game would be better for it. I can't decide whether VARs are good or bad, (use available technology v. life's imperfect) but don't believe that the delays they cause should be a factor in the decision to use them - cricket review delays are actually enjoyed by spectators.
  5. Brechin City v Champions League

    I think Brechin will throw caution to the wind, remember their glory days and play 2-3-5, and score a barrowload of goals. Meanwhile in Rome, having scored an away goal in the draw at Liverpool, Roma will pack their defence and go through on away goals after a 0-0 draw. So fewer goals will be scored in Roma v Liverpool.
  6. Hamilton

    Having watched it on BBC Alba, the two things that struck me most was that first of all it was a really good game of football to watch with plenty of passes finding their target and not too much thud and blunder, and second the attitude of the Thistle players was completely different to that seen this season so far. If we can repeat that performance and keep that attitude, we should be fine. Erskine was immense.
  7. The John Lambie Stand

    County cricket grounds name gates after players when they run out of stands to name. Perhaps if that happens at Firhill, an arch over the road leading up the hill to the JHS could be called the Davie McParland gate. However I still hold hopes about a DMcP south stand.
  8. Brechin City v Champions League

    Maybe en masse they've taken to strong drink. Who can blame them.
  9. Erskine on twitter re POTY nomination

    Maybe the award should have gone to the player who has the highest ratio of time spent on the bench to time spent on the park. i.e least culpable.
  10. Brechin City v Champions League

    Suicide pact? Don't jump! Its only relegation, in your case to next year's Scottish Junior Cup prediction comp. You can have the air freshener and the cards - we'd miss Erskine.
  11. Hamilton

    Agree with this and bring on Storey to keep up the pace when (probably) Erskine tires. We are too slow in thought and deed, and we need a line up that speeds things up.
  12. Brechin City v Champions League

    Livi v Brechin will produce more goals.
  13. A Reading from the First Book of Lambiticus

    Absolutely brilliant. Best post for years.
  14. Scottish Cup 2017 Pop Up

    Well done Jaggy, and many thanks for organising it BB.
  15. Brechin City v Champions League

    It's his only chance of success. Rules agreed as stated above, but winner cannot take all - he cannot get the bottle opener and the air freshener despite the obvious link between the use of the bottle opener and the later need for an air freshener.