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  1. Playing Squad Update

    That's a very insightful comment. There's been a horrible tension watching Thistle this season and it can't have been nice playing as it sure as hell wasn't nice watching. Our entry into the top six last year seemed to bring an attitude of entitlement in our support which is never good anywhere. It used to be that the Thistle support were quite funny and capable of helping the team by making light of the situation. This season the away support provided the humour. For example Livi's "Just a sh*te jack sparrow" chant was very funny but also helped release some pressure from their team. Only chant I can remember from the thistle support was a half-hearted attempt at "we're only here for the Wimpy" at County which at 4-0 down quickly lost its appeal. Its not just the playing staff who need an attitude adjustment to make watching football at Firhill a more enjoyable experience
  2. Playing Squad Update

    What do you think his best position is? Personally I don't think he has one but he is useful to us because he will player anywhere he's asked and usually give a 6/10 performance. To me he's the ideal guy to have on the bench to cover for injuries but not a starter.
  3. Playing Squad Update

    Only problem with Cerny is his injuries. I hope Sneddon is decent as at some point next season he'll probably need to play half a dozen games. I'm not sure we can expect Archie to recruit a squad of young players and turn them into league winners in year one. I can see a need for guys like Paton who bring a bit of experience and 'nastiness' back to a midfield which has been soft at best. He might also bring on McCarthy who might find he gets less time on the ball in the championship compared to the premier.
  4. Playing Squad Update

    Anyone know what Callum Wilson is like? I would assume he is getting a contract as he is potentially going to be part of the first team squad? Scully leaving is a bit of a surprise. Given Cerny usually misses 4 or 5 games due to injury it puts some onus on Sneddon I assume Barton, Storey and Keown didn't trigger their release clause as per edwards. So does that mean they are trying to do the decent thing by the club and hopefully allowing us to recoup a transfer fee?
  5. IN or Out

    100% agree with this. Still no idea what his best position is. He's not creative enough to be a no 10 or attacking midfielder and not defensively strong enough to be a central midfielder.
  6. New Management

    The statement today doesn't give Archie much leeway. The part that said " We have also agreed that we must return to playing football like Partick Thistle – we can’t be anyone else" implies that he needs have us playing passing football, scoring goals and not continuing the signing policy of jobbing players to do a job for 1 season. I think this is a bit of swipe at some of our team from last year but also at the Ross County and Hamilton's who pay high wages with the sole aim of winning never mind the entertainment value. So it would appear that Archie has to play attractive football, recruit younger homegrown players who'll stay with the club longer and win the league in one year. I think Hearts under Robbie Neilson did that but apart from them I'm struggling to think of anyone else. First test will be player recruitment and I really hope Archie succeeds
  7. Club Statement Archie

    " While we take hard lessons from this season on a number of fronts, our focus is now on getting back to the Premiership by this time next year. Learning from other clubs before us, it is clear that slashing budgets is a false economy. For the Club to succeed in the Championship and remain prepared for that return to top flight football, we need to have a competitive budget that will fully match our aspirations " That part reads bit like we're betting the house on a return within one year. I would have like to have heard that we have the budget to sustain a promotion challenging team until we actually gain promotion.
  8. New Management

    The statement says rebuilding the squad has started so putting 2 and 2 together and going for 5 - Is Kenny Miller likely to be our first signing as player/coach?
  9. New Management

    Because that's what we've done every time we've been relegated?
  10. Graeme McGarrys article in Evening Times

    The article reads like a summary of points made on this forum nothing new. He's correct about prize money full breakdown is here https://stv.tv/sport/football/1411762-spfl-announce-record-prize-money-for-2017-18-season/
  11. New Management

    Very good point. This forum was becoming a bit of a waste of time as most discussions were ending up in nit-picking and arguing over trivial matters. If there is one positive out of relegation it seems to be that the fans on this forum are united on finding the best way forward and open to possibilities others put forward. I clearly believe that Archie needs to go but if the board choose to go with him I will be back at Firhill for the opening game hoping we beat whoever we have in front of us and that Archie is successful.
  12. New Management

    Ferguson did at Manchester United pretty much what he did at Aberdeen in that he took about 3 years to change the team into what he wanted to be (i'm told he did the same at St Mirren but I was too young to remember that). The thing that made Ferguson a true managerial great is that he had an ability to constantly rebuild teams and could spot talent in players no matter their age. Some managers are good at bringing through youth and some at making more experienced players give that extra bit more but he could do it across generations. The big surprise was that Manchester United board were clued up enough to realise he could do it if and that they gave him the time to do it he would. Ferguson already had the skills he just took it to a bigger stage. Actually finding a manager that changed their style after 5 years and gained success is rare. There is probably such a person out there but I can't think of one
  13. New Management

    My memory must be failing me. I thought he was out of contract at the end of the 2002/3 season and left for better wages and longer contract? Was that not the summer we lost Alex Burns and Scott Paterson partly because our approach was only to sign players on 1 year deals as well as Lambie retiring to be replaced by Collins?
  14. New Management

    Yes but they were appointed at a time when we were in a poor state due to letting the manager that relegated us having a season or two at trying to get us back up My reasoning is that if we had binned Cormack and brought in an experienced manager the club would have not deteriorated to a level that we had to hire Rooney. Johnstone was another slide down the way and it wasn't until Jim Oliver, Bobby Watson et al appeared and put some money into attracting Lambie that we actually got back on the right path. Same applies with Murdo. If we had managed to return to the premier league in one season would there have been a save the jags season? If there's no save the jags there's no Bryce. We were fortunate that after Bryce, Lambie happened to need a job as we had no money to attract a decent replacement. Ditto with Whyte and Britton. If we bin them immediately after relegation its unlikely that we ever suffer Dick Campbell. After Campbell we again we got lucky that McCall was available having been let go by Queen of the South as we didn't have the finances to change it. I think everyone would agree that McCall started the turn around that lead to our last promotion To my mind when you get relegated you have a chance that you must take to start again immediately. The financial situation only gets worse the longer you leave it and the hope that the guy who's in post will learn from his mistakes is based on history false hope.
  15. New Management

    It wasn't my intention to depress anyone. It was more a hope to avoid another period of prolonged depression! Murdo McLeod was bad but Benny Rooney, Derek Johnstone, Tommy Bryce, and Dick Campbell were way worse. In my mind they were a symptom of not dealing with things after a relegation and show you were it can take you to. My son first started watching thistle during the 2013 promotion season so he's been spared having to see the Alan Carson's, Bryan Purdie's and Willie Calllaghan's of the world. I hope he never has to endure that as I can't afford the counseling sessions he would need.