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  1. New Admin

    Thanks and good luck...
  2. Ptfc Charitable Trust

  3. Memorabilia Thread

    I don't have them anymore (gutted) but just last week I was reminiscing about a pair of Thistle sweatbands I used to wear with pride!
  4. Doolan 100

    I just bought one online through the shop link on the website.
  5. Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Colin McAdam and Marr?
  6. Pre Season Fixtures?

    Says the Guy from Bishopbriggs LOL!!! http://www.discovernorthernireland.com
  7. Rangers Fc- A Nation Mourns?

    What would be funny is if their appeal failed because no one would risk being on a panel that agreed with the original verdict.
  8. New Sponsor

    Or possibly City Barbers.
  9. New Sponsor

    Zara clothes shop Buchanan st is my guess! (courtesy of google!!)
  10. Team For Tonight

    From official site!!! 36 mins: Kris Doolan nods the ball down to Kieran Burns about 30 yards from goal. Burms shits his shot first time and it isn't too far wide of goal.
  11. Who Would Believe It!

    Clyde are 454th !!!?