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  1. David Beattie stands down

    Two new directors are to be sought ... though I'd think they'd already put out feelers before they made the retirement announcements. Isn't it the case that new directors are expected to contribute something financially when they join? Or isn't that the case now. Could be a wee bit extra cash coming in if I'm right. Though obviously equally important they can also contribute good ideas.
  2. Freddie Frans

    Penrice has always played left back for us (except I think one game where he played left in a back three). He played at left back for Livvy but also a good number of games in midfield. It makes sense when you consider some of his attributes: he is fast, can run well with the ball and deliver a great cross. That can easily make him a decent prospect in a left midfield position. For me, considering how good he's looked the few times he's played for the big team I think he should be a shoe-in for the Championship. After all he played some months for Livvy and did well with them. The fact that he's played a wee bit in other positions is all to the good as I should imagine we won't have as big a squad this season as in the premiership. Not to play him (assuming fit and on form) would be a disgrace and undermine our youth policy. Agree with others who say the 3 guys on the transfer list may be holding us back a bit.
  3. Breathtaking Hypocrisy

    Your comments re PMG are fair enough (though a fair percentage of what he says usually comes to pass) and could be no more than rumours. However (putting PMG aside - which I didn't take as gospel, only possible explanation) the whole thing doesn't stack up. Rangers may have a bigger (but not massively bigger) budget than most other SPL teams but they are miles behind Celtic. Also as we all know they are in debt, badly run and with plenty of in-fighting behind the scenes. Not to mention King is in charge, a convicted felon and general chancer. I doubt Gerrard will have as good a budget as Caixinha though I suppose it could be argued that it'd be hard to be a worse manager. He will be going into a situation where there is a lot going on behind the scenes to disrupt things and he won't be getting the money he expected to spend on players. He might be lucky and get to a cup final, even win one which would keep the Orcs happy for a season but it's hard to see how he could enhance his reputation. Ranger were "closer" this season in the sense of a points gap but still third (even after unsettling Aberdeen with their go at their manager) and the smaller gap was more to do with Celtic complacency than the other teams getting stronger - next season they won't be (possibly thanks to Gerrard being appointed) and they will strengthen. Now, I know there are things you can't foretell and it may be Gerrard is a natural manager and will show that but even then he'll struggle to win anything. I honestly wonder if Gerrard's Glasgow advisors were Rangers supporters keen to do something to help their club sell season tickets. It's all rumours and supposition (and even more so in the media up here) and we can't say anything for sure except Celtic will almost certainly win the league and at least one of the cups.
  4. Welcome Thomas O ‘Ware

    Think a lot of contracts were to the end of May so official moves couldn't begin until after that.
  5. Breathtaking Hypocrisy

    Probably not but even if he has, ego is a powerful (and often blinding) force in some people. He no doubt thinks he's been a great player so is bound to be a great manager and that the SPL is a kid-on league which he can easily conquer. The bold PMcG hints that he is miffed at not being offered more substantial promotion in the coaching hierarchy at Liverpool (offered "corporate ambassador") and is very keen to prove himself as a coach and manager. When you want something very much that is also a reason to blind yourselves to the fact you may be being offered a pig in a poke.
  6. Breathtaking Hypocrisy

    It's all deflection to distract the unwashed hordes (copyright last guy he had a go at) from the fact that Gerrard's promised £20 million a year is not going to appear. Greene did the same thing in the past, playing the bigot card to get the hvns onside. (If it was a guy with a supposed connection to Hamilton or Clyde you wouldn't have heard a word - it has to be the team they hate and can be wound up about (Aberdeen might have done as second best).
  7. Team rebuilding

    One that point a slight worry for me is the board's statement about spending to go up in one season. Admittedly it isn't a clear statement but it could imply putting all our eggs in one basket financially as well as in other ways. I hope this isn't the case. Clubs that get relegated from SPL get about £1 million plus a parachute payment of about half that. I'd hope we could build a team that could have a good go at promotion without blowing most of the money in one season. I agree re youngsters and was disappointed to see Lamont and McLaughlin let go. Since our development team is likely to be pretty young it doesn't look like we'll have many youngsters likely to be ready this coming season. I hope McCarthy and Penrice get regular game time and aren't pushed out by incoming players.
  8. The Cost of Relegation

    As was said above, we get less money but the teams we play against have less also and with the exception of Ross County none of the other teams have the money we earned this season (C. £1m I think) so we have a slight advantage. Not that we should blow all that extra cash at once - keep some back in case we don't get immediate promotion. At all costs only spend what we have, avoid debt. Upsides to this. Our youth policy is financed for another 2-3 years from money donated by the Weirs. So we can blood more youngsters - and this is easier to do in the lower league. Dundee Utd - unless their fan base has collapsed recently are probably the biggest club. After that Falkirk, Morton (?), Dunfermline and Inverness are about the same size as we are, though apart from Alloa the rest have a reasonable support. Potentially there's nothing much between most of the clubs and impetus and drive are as important as the quality of the players you can afford. That makes it tough but also competitive with no team a lot bigger than us as in the SPL. We are financially sound and there is no sign of panic at the club. In the previous times when we went down and down there were problems with the board and the finances. We are financially secure with no debt. This takes a lot of p[pressure off. This makes it more likely we will challenge rather than struggle (though of course a decent managerial appointment is required) but of course promotion is not guaranteed. The play off system works in our favour in that if you're not looking the best bet for promotion (but playing OK) you're still in with a bit of a chance and this is good for team and fan morale and can keep an interest up till the end of the season. In the top league the play-offs are something you want to avoid - there's great pressure on the teams trying to avoid it there whereas in the lower league the play-offs are something you want to aim for as a second prize. It can create enthusiasm. Run out of things to add, add your own.
  9. Graeme McGarrys article in Evening Times

    The sensible thing to do with that money (plus the parachute payment which I think is another £500K) is to spread it over 2-3 years. If we blow it all in one season and fail to get promotion then you have to rebuild after one season because you can't sustain the team you bought - unless you get into debt which we must avoid at all costs. Spreading it out means you can build a team that will last 2-3 years (which is as much as you can hope for under any circumstances unless you're a rich club). We should also try to blood more youngsters. Penrice and McCarthy ought to be standouts in the lower division (Penrice already has been with Livvy) and since we'll be one of the stronger teams there it should be easier for us to play some of the other young players even if it's not full games or against the weaker teams. Had to search to confirm this but it seems in 2016 the Weirs gave Thistle £500K (on top of a previous £750K) to sustain the youth development (see: https://www.scotsman.com/news/partick-youth-academy-boosted-by-500k-donation-from-weirs-1-4141614 according to this for 5 years from date of article) so with the wee bit extra we must have got from selling Lindsay that aspect of the team should be secure for another three years. Obviously you need some experience in any team (so if we could keep Doolan and Erskine and maybe someone like Woods - or a properly fit Bannigan - that would be ideal but wherever possible we should look to bring in players who are still relatively young and ambitious and can be improved. Incidentally does anyone know what happened to Sean Welsh? He seems to have hardly played since he left us. Injury problems again??
  10. Eleven Players Out of Contract

    Considering the parachute payment we probably could (and it also depends on contracts, whether or no the wages drop a wee bit on relegation) but probably not all - but then guys out of contract probably won't won't to re-sign for a relegated side so that's a number of guys gone right away. We should try to keep (assuming relegation) a core of our best still contracted players (Booth, Elliot, Erskine, Doolan, Spittal, spring to mind), make much more use of youngsters like Penrice, McCarthy, McLaughlin (and blood more youngsters). This shows up where we are likely to lose key players - centre back and defensive midfield with likes of Osman, Woods, Bannigan, Devine and Cargill likely to move on and apart from McCarthy no youngsters looking ready to take on one of these positions. In fact we're likely to need to replace most of the players mentioned even if we don't get relegated. One thing we shouldn't do is throw all our eggs in one basket and spend all our parachute money plus ST money on trying to keep a 'premiership' team - it's a tough league to get out of and promotion not guaranteed even with 'premiership' players (as Hibs, DU and the Rangers proved. Better to go with a small core of 'premier' players, some good 'championship' players and youngsters, blooding new youngsters over the season. That way, even if we fail to go up in one, we will have good young players - with good experience - for the following seasons.
  11. Scotland v Costa Rica

    Agree re Hendry tho' think he really has potential and that's a case where him moving to one of OF results in a justified cap for once. Not saying Hendry is ready just yet but I remember when he and Lindsay played together, everyone thought Hendry would become the better player. He's obviously coming on now but perhaps his early move from us wasn't the best idea and he should have hung around.
  12. Scotland v Costa Rica

    I really like big Liam but be honest, he's not really international class and is playing at the moment for a team that is on a real downer. That must affect his form. McKenna is playing for the 2nd best team in Scotland and is playing well for them. Saw him against us at Firhil and he looked absolutely solid. Looked mostly the same v Costa Rica, though still bedding in at that level. Reckon he's got more potential than Lindsay as also does Hendry who was also called into the squad. We've always known Lindsay was commanding in the air and a good tackler but he lacks pace and that will keep him from ever becoming a top class defender. That's not to say he might not get the odd cap: after all injuries and so on happen regularly and although there are better players than Lindsay there aren't all that many of them at the moment. That's Scotland problem at the moment (and for the last few years) - we have a plethora of good midfield players (one or two very good) but have lacked reliable centre backs and a reliable goal scorer. If McKenna and Hendry break through and prove themselves the former is partly solved but apart from Griffith (who only developed into a true international striker in the last year) we have no one really good enough. I think we really should be pushing at this and looking at far more young forwards to see if there are any who could possibly make the grade, maybe seeing if extra coaching or something could be given to try to develop them more.
  13. The Rangers 6/2/18

    Much as I hate to give them any credit, they do have one or two dangerous attacking players, however they are not so hot defensively. What that means is simply you are right. We have to be defensively solid ourselves, as we can be, but we also have to try to get the ball in and around their penalty area right from the start and keep doing that. Need Booth back and the rest of our defenders on their "A" game but we also need to go out with an attacking mentality as they are very beatable - as plenty of other teams have shown, it's about time we showed it too for once.
  14. Motherwell On Saturday

    Phew! We didn't blow it. RC's unexpected massacre of Dundee meant we couldn't afford to lose that game. A win would have been better but at least we move up the table and surely Dundee must be a target for us now. I should have added, it's a bit less disappointing we didn't win when you consider the last minute lost players. Hopefully most back and available for the next game. Maybe even see Elliot added to the squad soon.
  15. Motherwell On Saturday

    We really could do with all 3 points seeing how RC are gubbing Dundee. Was worried we couldn't get a second. Guess with Sammon out and Erskine not 100% we didn't have many options to change things. Let's try not to lose this, eh?