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  1. Shirt Sponsor Announced

    Training top from last season I think?
  2. Team rebuilding

    Wouldn't have been to happy to see him sign on at Firhill, but it is all relative, depends who we sign?
  3. Gerry Britton

    He also has a working knowledge of the club, a strong background in law, a range of contacts within the football world and if his memory is decent how difficult it is to get Thistle back into the top league at the first time of asking. Good Luck Gerry
  4. John Lambie

    I echo the thoughts of other posters a sad day for all Thistle people, his family and friends. Great times following his Thistle teams, never a dull moment. The upcoming Thistle v Hamilton game would surely be a good choice so both clubs could pay there respects.
  5. New Doolan 100

    As this is a Kris Doolan thread, a small mention for the outstanding piece of control and nutmeg in the middle of the second half. If anybody has footage of it, delicious ������
  6. New Players...

    Is he any relation to Ian Spittal the 1980's full back?
  7. Christophe Berra

    On topic I noticed that Stefan Scougall and Marc McNulty were released by Sheffield United wouldn't be surprised to see them end up somewhere in the Scotland as well.
  8. Scotland's Game

    Everything that is wrong with Scottish football in one program. No acceptance of blame from the same media hacks. Fans still treated badly, standards falling year on year. Luckily we support a club swimming against the tide. I look forward to Roger Mitchells admission that he crucified clubs like ours to ride on the likes of Murray's coat tails. Or Chic Young admitted his culpability in the promotion of the Gretna farce.
  9. Paul Pogba

    Passed his twin Floretin on the way to the ground wearing a Pogbance hat, decent player for Saint Ettiene.
  10. Future Of The Forum!

    Given that we have such poor coverage within the press, it's always good to have somewhere Thistle to go.
  11. Locke Resigns

    Desperate stuff from Killie, new manger will have to get a team from Locke's player's, a cost a few quid.
  12. Seaborne Today

    Best Thistle player on the park today never lost a header or a tackle all day. Put his body between the player and the goal constantly. Played like a man and didn't shirk his responsibility.
  13. Tag

    I like the highlights, previews and interviews also given the rubbish coverage of Thistle in the media it's nice to have a dedicated biased view.
  14. Motherwell On Saturday

    Brilliant text to read, looking forward to a chance to send a message out to clubs like Motherwell who kept us down for years years.
  15. Since it was mentioned being locked in the ball boy's room in Sandy Clark's reign (midweek game) as he ripped the players apart for another poor performance, after about 30 minutes the ball boys left on mass, past the players, I remember that one of the boys said to a raging Sandy' you're not as scary as my mum and she's waiting outside', to much laughter from the players. He didn't last long after that.