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  1. Storey and McGinn Sponsorship Competition

    Mr Storey 1-0 0-2 3-0 4-1 1-1 1-1
  2. The Battle of New Douglas Park

    He might well be. He certainly won't be starting at NDP ahead of McGinn and Muzzy. Even if those two weren't available I can't imagine many managers risking him at this stage of his recovery on that surface. Btw Elliott looked pretty good the other night, putting in a decent hour, also on an artificial surface. He was clearly playing to instruction but showed a wee bit turn of pace and aggression when called on. Wouldn't imagine he's too far away from making a return to the first team squad.
  3. 2018/2019 key dates

    Not till we find out what night we play our friendly in Dumbarton.
  4. The Battle of New Douglas Park

    Hell of a surface to need to get a result on. Normally say a draw would be a better result for us than them, as I suppose it is, but we really need the 3pts. Line up: Don't have a clue. Prediction: This won't be a game for the purists.
  5. Dundee 17/2/18

    A kinda tired reaction, perhaps?
  6. Our best 11

    Cerny and 10 others. Not trying to be flippant but I honestly don't have a clue what our strongest/optimum team would be. Not that certain what our regular formation should be either tho' I don't believe we'd be at our best playing three at the back in the majority of fixtures. Depending the opposition it works sometimes but other times it's just been used as a kind of damage limitation. It seems I'm in the minority as I believe our strongest XI would have Barton playing in midfield but that's totally dependent on Abdul being 100% fit and playing on top of his game. As that's not exactly happening just now that's just another reason I can't name our best side.
  7. Dundee 17/2/18

    Haven't heard the Abdul interview but I didn't see much of a change of shape. They did press higher, go for more first balls instead of just picking up the second balls and generally push forward more. I'm maybe being a tad pedantic as they certainly played with a different attitude. Re Woods & Osman it's hard to say if it was fitness/tiredness, just poorer play or a combination of both but I agree about their 2nd half performances (more so as the game wore on). Very noticeable as I though both were on top of their games in the first half.
  8. Dundee 17/2/18

    I don't necessarily agree but I've gotta admit to not being able to put up a strong argument to disprove this.
  9. Dundee 17/2/18

    Almost nothing there to disagree with. Every time we lose late goals the defence get slated (usually correctly and yesterday was no exception) but on these occasions we nearly always overlook inadequacies at the other end of the pitch. Only scoring one goal at home against one of the poorer sides in the league equates roughly to scoring no goals at home against most of the stronger sides. That of course is nowhere good enough. So the only difference I see to above post, and I'm splitting hairs, is that the first half wasn't "excellent" as we should really have gone in at half time more than a single goal up. Regarding a post elsewhere I'm not so sure that bringing a more defensive player on instead of Doolan would've helped. We already were defending too deep as it was and balls up to Kris, with his first touch, should've helped. That I assume was part of the reason he didn't start. I mind a midweek draw up at Pittodrie when we went to two up (Dools & Aziz) to protect the point and avoid going too deep. Defending too deep is nearly always a collective thing and no one player more guilty than the next. Yesterday tho' it did look like Abdul kinda slowed up maybe in the last 15 mins or so. If Archie has to be criticised then I feel it should centre around starting Storey. That's not so much as to say the lad doesn't warrant a start but more about the impact he could've made coming on as a sub, particularly if Dundee were chasing the game. Spittal (or Doolan for that matter) doesn't bring any energy into the side. It was more or less like for like energy wise replacing Erskine with Blair a move hardly designed to catch Dundee defenders off guard. Starting Spittal or Lawless if fully fit and holding back Storey might have been preferable.
  10. Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Re the Wee Goalie pic. Could the ground be East End Pk? Looks like summer so could the game have been a friendly? That could explain the mystery goalie, who could've been a trialist. Stretching it a bit far (in fact far too far) but maybe the wee fella is an outfield player and it's his testimonial and he just wanted to put in an appearance? Nurse!!!!
  11. Alex McLeish. .. Scotland manager.

    Jumped ship with a total lack of class. Iirc went on a jaunt to South Africa as Scotland representative. Didn't fly back to Scotland but went straight to Birmingham. SFA are now paying him big bucks. Perhaps he'll pass it on to the taxman to pay off his EBT. The very EBT that his new employers turned a blind eye to.
  12. Dundee 17/2/18

    Barton's fine in midfield when Abdul starts. When Osman is not there Adam's tendency of getting caught on the ball is both increased and more risky. Same can be said for Edwards. Turn it the other way round and when Abdul plays he needs creativity in midfield. Barton certainly provides that.
  13. Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Dunno, George Smith, Billy Cunningham, Neil Duffy & Joe Hogan.
  14. Firhill: The Future?

    I think the Celtic game was televised and the sevco game wasn't. If so would the 300 drop off (roughly one in four fans) reflect the power/draw of television?
  15. First-minute goals

    We were one of only three teams who never beat Gretna in yon 06/07 season. Much as they were an affront to Scottish football playing them 8 times in two seasons and never getting a win was poor. Of the three draws tho', each in their own way was satisfying.