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  1. Hamilton

    Aye but who are the referee supervisors?
  2. Hamilton

    Aren't a relatively high proportion of Scottish refs lawyers?
  3. Stats Watch 2017-18

    Got a strong feeling to add to that two of the games were rearranged fixtures after late call offs (one at Firhill, one in Falkirk). I turned up for both postponements so I must have traveled to see Jags play Falkirk NINE times that season.
  4. Kris Doolan’s 100th League Goal

    They both attended John Lambie's funeral.
  5. Hamilton

    Their penalty claim was no more a stonewaller than ours at NDP (when Imrie showed just how versatile a player he is with an impromptu appearance as a goalie). btw Wondering what Mr Beaton's full time job is. Fitness instructor? Lion Tamer?
  6. Kris Doolan’s 100th League Goal

    An absolute gem of a man and a true professional. I'd like to think Dools will be around the Club long after he hangs up his boots. With the training centre due to open and with his previous involvement with kids down in Ayrshire I wouldn't be in any way surprised if there's already a most suitable role set out for him.
  7. Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Half right, methinks. Donnie McKinnon up against Sir Alex Fergie.
  8. Hamilton

    John Beaton is a remarkable referee.
  9. Ian Maxwell replaced by....

    Well it's come as no surprise that Maxie is offski so the Board will (should?) be able to get the wheels in motion right away. Tho' just what appealed to him about the £300K plus a year job is anyone's guess. I'd imagine even if we did have someone in mind it's likely their period of notice might be protracted. If we're recruiting from inside football the close season is a particularly important time for this kinda job. Far from ideal but I think getting someone in place for the start of the season is realistic tho' I can imagine it dragging on a bit.
  10. Hamilton

    Sammon coming on helped change the game. That doesn't mean because a substitute is effective the manager was wrong in his team selection. in fact it would probably be more than a bit risky playing that narrow from the start.
  11. Hamilton

    Today we won a game of football deservedly. For the glass half empty crew a 2-1 win at home to Accies is the absolute minimum a club aspiring to stay in the division requires. For the glass half full brigade we showed a lot of fight, probably got the team selection correct with successful substitutions both in selection and timing. One thing for near certain I doubt we did enough today to turn the pessimists into optimists but at least at the same time the optimists will not have their positivity dented. That's about it.
  12. John Lambie

    The Club, players and fans couldn't have done more today effort-wise to honour John Lambie. Everyone involved should hold their head high tonight.
  13. Hamilton

    Congrats, everyone. 27 or so posts in and no one has said "this is the first of five cup finals" Oops!
  14. Stats Watch 2017-18

    Slightly different but regarding Livinghell and around the same time, we played them 8 times over a 12 month period. Given that includes a close season of roughly three months, we were playing them effectively once every five weeks during the football season. If we somehow manage to go up a place and are in the play offs I hope we're matched against Livingston. Then if the worst was to happen we can at least console ourselves knowing we won't have to visit Almondvale (or whatever it's called this week) twice next season.
  15. The John Lambie Stand

    Congrats to the Club for this and for moving fast with the name change. I feel it's so apt being the Stand that was literally built because of the success brought about by John Lambie. ps I too hope the Club will honour Davie McP in similar fashion. Maybe the new training facility tho obviously naming it after the Weirs is both appropriate and a strong possibility. Anyway that's for another day.