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  1. Sellick Away

    It's laughable that this game is all ticket - lucky if there will be 30k at it - gates should be open for walk up cash at turnstiles and the away support should be treated with much more respect - maybe those going should do some form of mass protest and take over a section behind the goals - no way 10 polis and 20 part-time jobsworth stewards would stop the R&Y army on the march I'll be giving this shit8heap a miss this time - going up to Fife for a long weekend hope, as ever, we pump them good and proper
  2. The Rangers 6/2/18

    Dispatches from a h*n mind #1 h*n mate said he was in line tonight and Edwards goal was a beezer and onside - but then went on to say - f*k him as he should've been red carded for a tackle on Jack earlier in the season Every time we get pumped by those unfiltered sewage sevco kh*unts I go back and watch games like Damon Gray scoring at ibollox to cheer me up
  3. World Cup Build-Up...

    Regan was a chief exec on the cheap - think he came in from the sparsely supported and low paid world of cricket iirc - he was a management automaton and a blazer nothing more - there are plenty more blazers doddering about at headquarters so they'll be on the lookout for another cheapo generic manager who'll lick their baws and not upset the twa cheeks status quo
  4. World Cup Build-Up...

    Back in the day managing your country was the pinnacle of any managing career - nowadays £750k is chicken feed and unlikely to tempt top candidates as they'd get more than that per month in top leagues - might as well give it to the Archie's (that goal against Holland in '78 argentina) boy as he's had the 17's and 21's can't really do any worse than Levein
  5. Slf Tickets

    Looking for 2 tickets to see the Fingers in March - anybody gets a sniff give me a PM please.
  6. St Johnstone 27/1/18

    yassssss! don't want either the h*ns or county to win tomorrow - draw please.
  7. Colemanballs Live

    Premier League The Best League in the World if you believe the bullsh*t ... arsenal, stoke - out leicester, bournemouth, west ham, swansea, chelsea - lucky to get a replay
  8. Dundee 16/12/2017

    Jackie Campbell - now there was a player! If I remember correctly his testimonial had Hercules the bear roaming the Firhill turf
  9. Vs. Killie

    it's only an unbeaten run if you don't count all the matches they've been pumped in during that well spun 'unbeaten' run
  10. Vs. Killie

    9 points from 12 before Xmas day - and I would love it if we burst their bubble at Lardhead
  11. Vs. Killie

    bad day at the office - didn't go this afternoon after my own team got pumped 4-1 this morning down at the firhill complex so technically no right to get involved here ... however I have to wonder at the bloodlust in some of these posts - there's some really vicious and personal stuff from particular posters directed at Archie which is quite appalling to read. We are, whether you like it or not, a bottom six team in premiership or top six in championship and a team that rarely flatters in any cup competition - given that we are effectively mid-range on that scale is no real cause for major concern on my part - Archie got us up and should be given the opportunity to get us out of this too. We have a similar record in last 5 games to other teams Hearts/Hamilton & County - no difference tonight to what it was this morning - 4 points behind and a game in hand.
  12. Tynecastle Statement

    Couldn't see any comments on the club's statement on the day of the Hearts game. Personally it was ill-judged, poorly timed (on the afternoon of the match), ambiguous, undermined the manager's previous press statement and not representative of anyone I spoke to. Thoughts? Sunday 19th November, 2017 at 1:05pm While Partick Thistle Football Club is pleased that today’s Ladbrokes Premiership match against Hearts will go ahead, we remain deeply unhappy that the decision was left so late in the day. It is unacceptable that there was uncertainty about whether a top flight game would go ahead less than 18 hour before kick-off.# It is not right to treat players, staff and, most importantly, the supporters of both clubs in this way. It is a situation that never should have been allowed to develop – and it must not happen to any club in future. On Monday, we will be asking the SPFL for an extensive review into the circumstances that allowed this situation to arise. Specifically, we will be asking why it was allowed to continue to such a late stage, damaging Scottish football at a time when we are all working hard to attract new fans. As a club, we would like to apologise to our own fans for the late notice on the decision and any inconvenience it may have caused.
  13. Hopefully the lads will look forward to spoiling their party - cracking pitch for November. 3-0 Jags
  14. Sorry Denis did not mean to be dismissive Virgo's is not a Scotland v Estonia debacle and it also has nothing to do with the amateur game. I still play amateur and won 3-1 down at nethercraig this morning ..at the age of 49 I'm still going against the advice of club doc Alan Robertson who rotated my knee ten years ago and told me I was finished! Last time I looked John street afc were not building a15 million quid stand at Glasgow green and no teams have turned up for a game ... if it's called off my car will still run along the m8 and the choo chops will still run regularly for the rescheduled tie .. no harm done. What I absolutely will not do is jump on BBC England's knicker wetting coverage and feign Mick outrage ... the jam tarts have been allowed to take this to the wire by the spfl so you can't blame them in my humble opinion
  15. Shambles yes, but they probably deserved every chance to get their gaff ready for tomorrow - if they call it off at 8pm tonight then there's absolutely no question of a 3 point penalty don't be daft.