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  1. Centenary Fund - April's Results

  2. PTFC Trust Survey

  3. John Lambie

    Did anybody get the chance to here Radio Scotland it had in interview with John and Chico, the stories were so funny here is the Link https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p0640m3z
  4. Lambie has passed away

    He was 77 can not believe it
  5. Ross County 3/4/18

    Seen it myself Auld jag, every one of those players can leave Except for Doolan, they are all serial loosers.
  6. Eleven Players Out of Contract

    Maybe right there, for instance before we came in for Woods he was struggling to get a club, not sure what standard he was looking for at the time though, but if your Woods where do you go next ? take your chance and try and get a better pay else where or take the reduced terms at Firhill ?
  7. Eleven Players Out of Contract

    Depends on what league we are in ? Could we afford to keep anybody if we go down ?
  8. Goodbye

    Thanks for all your hard work, and thanks for the new admin for keeping the forum going.
  9. PTFC Trust Meeting

    If contact with TTL can permit, we should do a retro top Umbro top and Tracksuit of the 70s / 80s, that would raise money
  10. Safe Standing at Firhill

  11. The Rangers 6/2/18

    I would love to know when it was unacceptable not to beat the oldfirm surely it was a bonus if we did beat them.
  12. New Arrivals

    Is it a sign we are bringing someone in ?
  13. Firhill: The Future?

    I know it is asking too much but if the Weirs bought out Propco and built on the Bing a stand that would be perfect
  14. Sellick Home 23/1

    If you have seen Michael Moore documentary "Sicko" Jaggybunnet know what you mean