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  1. Club board meeting

    Archie stands or falls on his own managerial credentials. No one else's. The jury is out on whether or not he is good or bad. IMHO he has a season to prove himself, but I kind of doubt he will be allowed that sort of space. Which is a bit sad, but understandable. The question is, who would we get next? Who's available and who is going to turn us around? Answers on a postcard or, preferably here.
  2. Players in out and maybes....

    I am also quite fond of our daft Aussie. I think we ought to be fighting to retain Mr runabout, otherwise Mr always fit, Ryan Edwards? Am I wrong?
  3. Players in out and maybes....

    Fearchar, I kind of agree with you, though Erskine may have a year or two in himself. I agree that Penrice and McCarthy have to be seen as amongst the future of this club. It is absolutely essential that we promote folk from the 'Development League' to playing first team football. Otherwise, what is the point of it? On the subject of Doolan, AFAIK Doolan is on a long term contract and I, for one, see him as a future manager. He also scores goals. Thoughts?
  4. Club Statement

    It would have been a better club statement if it wasn't all platitudes. There are serious issues like we can't score for toffee, nor hold onto leads, nor have the ability to either dominate or adapt to opposition tactics. Addressing some of them in public right now would have been a positive. There are going to be a lot of changes over the summer. Some of them will genuinely upset me, I think we will see a lot of departures, and the future, for me at least, is unclear. Does anyone else think that the minor positive of this is that we might, just might, start to play youth? Y'know younger guys? We are scared of playing young guys. I wish I was more gutted about this relegation, but there was something alltogether weary about the way we approached this entire season. I went to both of the games against Livingston and we couldn't counter their tactics. After they scored I was deflated and thought we would struggle. There was something inevitable about our failure. It has been a masochistic thing being a Jags supporter this season.
  5. Livingston 2nd leg

    Lenziejag, Err.. No. This is a must win game. I doubt we can play as poorly again as we did at the Tony Macaroni. I hope I am right and you are wrong.
  6. douglas clark

    I think, always have, that Sammon is a better player when the ball is played into his feet. His heading ability isn't out of the top drawer. But he is able to hold and pass a ball played to him at ground level in a fairly decent way. It is apparently a sine qua non around here that players are deliberately pathetic. I was there and I thought a lot of our players got caught up in Livingstons' game plan without being able to develop anything other than a Neanderthal reaction. This team, too often, too frequently reverts to hoof ball when the chips are down. If we know one thing, and I have watched much of this disastrous season, the minute you think your best option is hitting long balls into the sky with no immediate target, you have lost the plot. If, and it is a big if, we are to stay up, we have to play the game on the ground and find a modicum of space. Sunday may well be decided on who scores first. I'll be there shouting for our team and wishing and hoping. Perhaps someone else could start a thread entitled: "Sundays, wtf?"
  7. douglas clark

    twinny, Thanks for the advice. As it stands the comments have been funny and amusing. So I'll live with this humbling experience! Perhaps someone else can ask: "What do we know about Livi? Should we be worried?"
  8. douglas clark

    Thanks, Quite frankly I didn't know you all cared! What will amuse y'all more is I have no idea how to correct the mistake! I hope we win over the two legs and I'll be there for both of them. Could I encourage you all to come along too on the basis of outing me? There are better reasons for going, but, if that is what it takes....
  9. douglas clark

    Anyone got an opinion how difficult Livingston might be as opponents? Apparently they are a very physical team and work their socks off.
  10. If you could pick one Thistle player...........

    Jimmy Bone?
  11. dun (d-day) away

    What an incredible result! Chris will always be my hero. Doolan, Doolan, Doolan, Doolan! We will have to build something on the gnome field, a 'get out of jail stand' subtexted that Chris Doolan is magic? Your moderator is a bit drunk. And so to bed. Have fun you little rebels.
  12. dun (d-day) away

    It seems to me that this is still in our own hands. Stick Penrice on the park somewhere up front, just to take corners and free kicks. If he is still capable of doing it, his ability would outshine every other Thistle player on the pitch. Hopefully, if we were losing, or otherwise had to get a point, playing balls into the feet of Salmon might be a tactic we could use, rather than kicking the ball into the sky. Quite why we did that after going 0ne - nil down in the last game is a complete mystery to me. It was never going to work and it was, essentially, a surrender. We can play football, we desperately need to play football.
  13. Ross County 4/5/18

    Auld Jag, Thanks for posting this, it is about time we were talking about it! In my opinion, this is amongst the most important games in the history of PTFC. It is so important to us to retain our Premier League status, both from a financial and a directional idea. Are we a genuine Premier League team or not? I think we are, but this, this is very, very scary. A win would take us away from the automatic relegation spot, a draw would be unhelpful and a loss might, just might, mean that we were relegated. I hope fans turn up in their thousands, for supporting the club right now is critical. Looking at our games and Hamiltons games, they are there to be run down, if we are good enough! I have high hopes for Friday, and I will be there shouting and bawling!
  14. St Johnstone (away)

    Harry, I do so hope we can get two wins and a draw! I'll be there on Friday for sure.
  15. Hamilton

    First rejection of one of their posts. I.e. deleted. I am not at all convinced that either person is using this forum for anything other than personal and mutual dispute at the expense of the site itself. Let us be clear, if you don't want moderation then I, for one, will walk away. This site, in the interim, will become toxic and, in all probability die. No web site can allow itself to be taken over by petty minded stuff. Your choice, dear reader. Moderation or not?