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  1. Hamilton

    I wonder who JL would have wanted to win?
  2. Goodbye

    Many thanks to you both, your efforts are very much admired and appreciated
  3. St Johnstone 27/1/18

    Has Azeez done that last year, we'd have been 6 goals better off.
  4. Sellick Home 23/1

    Barton was already on the pitch when Griffiths scored.
  5. Trivial

    We also played Leyton Orient in the Anglo Scottish but I assume they're oot the cup?
  6. New Arrivals

    No he wouldn't, can't even get a game for Plymouth Argyle and by all accounts has the old Big Time Charlie attitude. Not for me thanks.
  7. New Arrivals

    That's clever if he did, 'cos he also scored for AFC Wimbledon. He's into double figures already for this season
  8. Celtic

    Couldn't possibly be a Gers could he ? Or just call me cynical.
  9. Happy Birthday Archie

    To all the naysayers on this site and those who want Archie out: Just imagine that in your own line of work/business, you took up a new position about 5 years ago. Year on year you improve your performance and that of those around you and everyone in the company benefits. Then this year ( mainly due to circumstances outwith your control) your performance doesn't match previous years. Would you expect to be sacked? Happy Birthday Archie. Gie's a win tonight.
  10. Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Gus Ceasar for the opposition?
  11. The Kris Doolan South Stand

    Ah the blessed Molly, what a wonderful, genuine and happy lady she was. Only on a pitance but she was also a diehard Jag. Shabbily 'let go' by the club. I hope the mists of time won't envelope her, a Jags' legend if ever there was one.
  12. Tynecastle: Final Safety Checks At 0800

    Levein on radio Scotland saying our goal was offside and it was handball.
  13. Mcghee

    On that note, I speak to an Argyle season ticket holder regularly and when I asked him what he thought of ATS an attacking fullback he answered, " dunno I've never seen him cross the halfway line". That's Adams for you.
  14. Mcghee

    Shows you the state of our National game when McGhee's new post is at Barnet, who are 23rd in league two. Not even a Championship club interested in him.
  15. Lindsay

    No definitely not, would be down south