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  1. My point was, that with the standard of refereeing, luck often has a lot to do with these decisions.
  2. Just like the goal we had chalked off a few weeks ago?
  3. Ptfc Website - Shop

    Were they not really old style scarves. Probably belonged to John.
  4. Who Are The Jags Players In This Photo?

    Or Jim Fat the defender?
  5. John Lambie

    Condolences to his family. Thistle great RIP
  6. Scunnered

    Is it not also the case that the Weirs are funding the new training facility which will be owned by them and rented, exclusively, by Thistle? If relegation is going to threaten our ability to afford this then maybe that's the reason for the silence over the progression towards identifiying a site.
  7. New Management

    OK, but as expecting any given place is also ridiculous I don't see how any one can respond with a meaningful justification.
  8. Post Split Fixtures

    The extra week is to try to predict which weekend Celtic are going to win the league as they don't want that to happen at Ibrox!
  9. New Management

    Asking someone which league position they hope we finish in is one thing but expecting a justification for that is just ridiculous.
  10. Hearts at Tynecastle

    Sounds as though Archie needs to get Osman off.
  11. Scottish Cup 2017 Pop Up

    I'm going to go with Aberdeen.
  12. Game Off

    Didn't really work out for the cup fixtures as there was less than 9000 at Pittodrie and under 118,500 at Celtic Park.
  13. Agm And Annual Accounts

    'Spose so. Just seems to have gone all quiet on the whole thing.
  14. Agm And Annual Accounts

    Have they even decided on the location? Seems premature to be designing the interior before getting the site.
  15. The Battle of New Douglas Park

    Another week. another game thrown away.