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  1. Ptfc Website - Shop

    Says out of stock, unfortunately. As mentioned by Twinny on another thread the online Jagzone version also isn't loading.
  2. John Lambie

    Very sad to hear. RIP.
  3. Travel to Firhill

    Alternatively, exit on to Argyle or Union St. head to St. Enoch‘s square and take the subway to St. George‘s Cross. 10 minute walk up Maryhill Rd.
  4. Jags Flags Stolen From North Stand

    Some effort JF!
  5. 'Peak Thistle'

    Celtic 1-2 Geordie Shaw, game at Parkhead. 1995 Inter-Toto, was able to make it to both the away games. Damon Gray cup game at Ibrox, which was 10 years ago yesterday.
  6. Hearts at Tynecastle

    The Alba stream is on Bet365 for those with an account. (Might only be available if outwith the UK).
  7. Last Jag Standing 2018 (James Penrice)

    Also win.
  8. Safe Standing at Firhill

  9. Player Sponsorship 2017/18

    I‘ll bite, and take a plaice!
  10. Trivial

    Scot Symon
  11. 1-3 0-2 2-0 1-1 0-1 1-1
  12. Player Sponsorship 2017/18

    Me as well.
  13. Player Sponsorship 2017/18

    I'll take one.
  14. Paws 2017-18

    Paws and clean sheet fiver for me please.