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  1. New Management

    I have great reservations about who should come in. The best appointments and only good appointments(apart from Archie himself)have been Lambie,McCall and MacNamara. Lambie speaks for himself but I think the board identified that they wanted the other 2 while the there was an incumbent still in place. OK, so QOS had parted company with McCall but that was rather suspicious as everyone at Firhill wanted him. If they have identified someone like Goodwin then Archie goes now. I dont think Archie should be sacked until someone is identified. It would of course be a very sad to day to replace him with Goodwin who we regarded as a bit of a thug but perhaps he is now what is required to re-ignite the team.
  2. Reasons to be cheerful (part 3)

    Well done Duke. youve cheered up the whole Jaggy nation. bring on the new season. I hope we have 11 players by then.
  3. Livingston 2nd leg

    Lawless I think is out of contract. I assume he will get a reasonable move and good luck to him. Ive been a huge fan and never doubted his effort but it’s time for pastures new.
  4. Livingston 2nd leg

    I agree that the only 3 definites to keep are Erskine, Doolan and Cerny. Possibly Booth and Elliot too. But there is no point keeping any more because they’re failures. We need a full reconstruction and I don’t think Archie is to be entrusted with this task. McColl started the process 7 years ago. Get him back now. The players and managers dished up a pathetic season which we had to endure till the middle of May. Thank God it’s over. Next season can’t be as bad. Start the new regime tomorrow.
  5. douglas clark

    I thought Lawless continued his good form following the Dundee game. He was the most cultured player on the pitch but received zero support. Couldnt believe it when he was subbed.
  6. douglas clark

    Sammon was so bad that I was pleased to see Storey coming on! This man needs a rocket from management. He played like most of the Dundee team on Saturday. He was sitting on the beach lookin at the peaches. And he was applauded off the pitch!! get Sammon tae.... I was at the game so didn’t hear us being savaged by BBC or Sutton. I did hear an accurate synopsis by Duffy who appears far more tactically aware than our Management. We deserved anything the broadcasters said because we lost to a junior team. That game was an indictment of the quality of Scottish football.
  7. Stephen O'Donnell

    SOD was a fabulous player for us but perhaps suspect in defence. This season against us I thought he had bulked up and added a ruthless streak, possibly introduced by Clarke. Delighted for him as he was such an exciting player. He and ATS were great that season. How we miss him! But that’s football.
  8. dun (d-day) away

    Lawless and Barton displayed magnificent skills that have been absent all season. These 2 should be Jags legends but they have produced very little this year. Why? I thought Christie, the CB’s and McGinn were never troubled but wee Stevie MOTM by miles. We won despite Archie’s team selection which was ridiculous. Let’s face it, Dundee we’re rank and on holiday. Storey is hopeless and Spittal not much better. We have far better players than Livi. Let’s get them on the pitch in the right positions and in the right framework.
  9. Thistle v Motherwell

    Entertainment. That’s what we should be getting. It would help if we won on the odd occasion but if we kept losing 2-3 or 3-4 I could just about take it. 0-1 all the time makes me want to chuck it and 3 out of our 5 regulars have had enough. Only 2 Of is for Dundee and it’s gonna be crap. Till we get new management!
  10. Thistle v Motherwell

    I thought McGinn was our best player tonight - and he's just signed for St Mirren! I could not believe the double substitution. Storey is a lower league player at best. Doolan could wellhave scored the one he muffed. He seemed pleased to get it within 2 yards of the far post. He was never going to score. Sammon was again useless and should have buried his early chance and possibly another when he fell over. He's an impact player. Robinson shrewdly changed tactics at ht as we were in the ascendancy and they blew us away after the break. Archie had no idea how to counteract this. The no 5 had a huge green pasture to patrol with not a Jags defender in sight, for the whole of the 2nd half. And then I heard Archie say that we have played well in the last 4 games. Perhaps in wee spells in these games but not for 90 or even 45 minutes! Delivery was again shocking all night and microcosmed by Spittal and Cargill's pathetic efforts at the end. Even the daftest posters on here can see that Christie should be nowhere near LB. Use him properly at RB especially as we have a perfectly competent LB in Penrice on the bench. We should make the play off because Ross are so poor and we can win it but we need an overhaul in the summer.
  11. Partick Thistle vs Motherwell u20s

    Stevie has contributed very little this season apart from 100% effort. I don’t think he would provide much to our attack. He’s always been a favourite but hasn’t produced this season. Not sure about Spittal though. He looked good on Friday but has not performed since September. I was pleased with starting team but, as someone said, we resorted to the punt very early which was not very effective. I’d probably start with Spittal for Sammon. Barton showed what a good player he could be on Friday. He made a huge impact. But his lack of application, concentration, passion counts against his reintroduction.
  12. Jim Duffy

    I’ve always liked Duffy. He kept Morton performing above their weight. We could do worse if Archie is sacked if we get relegated
  13. The Development Squad

    Brilliant news. I hope he comes through unscathed. And I hope he has a future with us, if not then with someone else.
  14. St Johnstone (away)

    I register the 3rd vote for that starting team. I never understand how St Johnstone win any games. They're a dog of a team and easily the worst I've seen this year (and I've seen them 3 times). Playing them 5 times a season is just depressing. So lets get it right intae them.
  15. Hamilton

    Ive never trusted linesmen since April 1979 (Bobby Houston). Better off without them! And certainly no more powers. Rugby linesmen hide as well. It’s usually the tv ref that interferes which interrupts play constantly and takes far too long to decide. As for VAR......