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  1. Reasons to be cheerful (part 3)

    Chance to relegate Livi in the playoffs?
  2. New Management

    Sorry, if that’s them trying their best then they’re simply not good footballers...
  3. Livingston 2nd leg

    No fight, deserved to lose. Livi will not bring anything to the top league, but other than a decent away support neither have we this season. Fans deserved better today - and we got the same old predictable performance. Make no mistake, this is not a good Livi team, but they were better than us over two games. Pathetic.
  4. Livingston 2nd leg

    As someone said, if we can't beat Livi over two games, we don't deserve our place in the top division. Simple as that. Lots of the players need a serious kick in the erse & if they can't motivate themselves for this game they should look for a different profession, let alone a different club. They have the ability, but now they need to show they have the mentality for it. The fans will turn up & no doubt give great backing, but the time for excuses is over - we're due a performance, so hopefully it arrives tomorrow.
  5. Is the game live on tv on thurs

    A wee trouser suit could work too...
  6. Is the game live on tv on thurs

    For those that can’t make it to Livingston we’ll be showing the game on the big screen at The Brass Monkey in Finnieston. Also got food available from the famous El Perro Negro - hopefully we can get a good victory! Red & yellow dress encouraged!
  7. dun (d-day) away

    We should be starting fast & going at Dundee. A game for level heads - a lot on the line & can't afford a daft red card or penalty. For that (and a few more) reason(s) I say Osman should be nowhere near the starting XI, or even on the bench. Too many times the liability & too many times posted missing. Definitely got the firepower to win, just hope the mentality is there. Whatever happens, it's not going to be a fun 90 minutes. Oh, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I have a vague recollection of winning at Dens to stay up / get promoted many years ago - can anyone confirm?
  8. Ross County 4/5/18

    In aboot them like a dug eating beetroot! MASSIVE game, but we're better than them & need to believe that. Do that and we will win. Sit off, let them have the ball & we will lose. And TV will barely talk about the game beforehand as another team have appointed a manager.
  9. Hamilton

    We could be 4-0 up at HT & I still wouldn't be confident...
  10. Hamilton

    SH!!TTING it for this one - got the butterflies already. We're LONG overdue a performance though & Accies are certainly beatable. As always, 1st goal going to be key, but I think there will be a few goals in this one. 4-2 Jags. How we will score 4 I have no idea, but that's my hunch. Will take a 1-0 though with a 94th min winner. Although my heart might not.
  11. John Lambie

    So sad. Amazing guy who was in charge both times when I was mascot. First time he let me & my Dad sit in the dugout for the game. Second time, my Dad politely refused given the language on display the first time! So many brilliant stories & quotes - I'm sure the club will do something to honour him. The word 'legend' is used a lot, but he really is & will be missed. RIP
  12. Kilmarnock 7/4/18

    I felt about 4 when I got home. Dribbling away, talking incoherently...
  13. Kilmarnock 7/4/18

    5 YEARS?!?!? God, I'm getting old. Great day - apart from the result. Seem to remember dancing with a shaved lesbian (or at least, lesbian owned) dog in The Brass Monkey afterwards... Haha! In my red cords, thought I'd make an effort. Then I got a taxi home without telling anyone & my wife appeared at the pub to pick me up - probably passed her on the Expressway... Dear me.
  14. Why has it went so wrong?

    There are sadly guys there that should be nowhere near a 'top flight' football team. Osman being the absolute stand out here - sure he's a lovely chap, but sorry, he's not contributed on the pitch all season & I don't know what 'leadership' qualities he has as, for me, he's hidden in the games he's played and looked a liability - either for a mistake or a stupid foul / card (often both). Defence not as bad as we may think (at full strength), but the lack of a spine to the team has cost us massively, regardless of personnel changes. And we've no leader at all to drag us through the bad times (Scott Brown is a total f*d, but I'd have him on my team every week - that's the type of player we need).
  15. Ross County 3/4/18

    Amazing how a few games changes perspective / ambition. Now I'd be happy to just see a goal between now & the end of the season. Dreadful stuff - at least it will bring change of some sort. Not calling for Archie to be sacked, yet, the players have let him down massively. No fight - these guys are professionals. Really sad to watch.