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  1. Players in out and maybes....

    A couple of livi fans on pie and bovril seem to think they will be trying to get Penrice permanently -I hope not
  2. IN or Out

    What a shame Dumbaya did not do that last summer or even the summer before and the club could have saved some considerable wages on a guy who has barely kicked a ball in 2 and a half years
  3. IN or Out

    I'm generally surprised that you would have dumbaya and Bannigan as maybes who have done nothing in the last 2 years as maybes yet want spittal released who is our second top scorer in his first season and one of our youngest players - very very strange opinion
  4. Frustrated

    Me too and some angry birds pish as well
  5. Players in out and maybes....

    I would keep Spittal ahead of Storey as he seems capable of scoring more goals plus he is one of the younger ones in the squad and hopefully therefore there is scope for considerable improvement
  6. douglas clark

    Wow an armchair fan too miserable to even pay for jagzone and bother going to the biggest game of the season having a go at a fan who does - you really are a sad individual and an embarrassment
  7. douglas clark

    Thistlenottoobright you really are pathetic and no thanks I’m happy staying- why don’t you go back to your greeting about commentators or better still get a life
  8. douglas clark

    no worse than yours - now why dont you jog on - at least I made the effort to go last night you were too miserable to even pay for Jagzone
  9. Players in out and maybes....

    To be fair he seems to have done okay with Morton in the Championship and at long last seems to have put his injuries behind him so can see why we would consider him if we go down
  10. Danny Devine

    Cargil not once was able to play a pass to a fellow jags player- he’s an absolute disgrace as well
  11. douglas clark

    How about get a life then sitting about greeting because of the commentators- absolutely pathetic If the commentators bothered you that much why not fork out for jagzone or better still get your backside along to the game you pathetic joke
  12. douglas clark

    How about worrying about how shockingly bad and gutless we are
  13. douglas clark

    Cargil has not managed to pass to a jags player yet - shocking
  14. Stephen O'Donnell

    Last season? Im pretty sure this has just been his first season at Killie?
  15. McCarthy could be leaving

    If I was a Livi fan I’d be worried about Hopkin being linked with Carlisle United