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  1. Reasons to be cheerful (part 3)

    The Thistle Bar, Alloa. Obviously attracted to this place by name when we were playing Clyde there. Nice pub, and I seem to remember that the owner's kids were both Jags fans.
  2. Players in out and maybes....

    Another option would be Penrice in midfield, as that's where he was played (very well apparently) at Livi, and find a new LB (or keep Booth if he's prepared to stay).
  3. New Management

    Late goals: This was largely improved last season (and to a lesser extent the season before). Last season in particular, we were seeing out games quite comfortably, at least until the split Defending crosses and set pieces: Again, this had been sorted out last season to the extent that I no longer was worried when we conceded a corner. And the season before, our defence was actually better (we conceded fewer goals). creative signings: Erskine was signed by Archibald (that he played for us previously does not actually change that). Archibald also signed Higgy. In truth, many of the problems were being addressed up to the end of last season, hence the clear progression till then. Things only went tits up this season.
  4. New Management

    If we do replace Archie, I would rather take a punt at an upcoming manager than someone like McCall. McCall’s last season at this level ended in a dismal relegation, remember. I’m not sure of the relevance of Goodwin’s playing ability, mind. And much of what you said about Goodwin also applies to Archie as a player.
  5. Decisions to be made

    Ian McCall knows this league so well that his last season at this level ended in a dismal relegation with a team filled with our cast offs
  6. Livingston 2nd leg

    For years? We finished 6th last season.
  7. Livingston 2nd leg

    No, but I think the team he built over the first 4 years was much better than the team he inherited, which would have got nowhere near 6th. It’s only this season that it went wrong. And the direct answer to your question is about the same. I think the team Archie inherited would have finished about 11th this season.
  8. New Management

    Ian McCall, ironically, provides an example of how a club (Ayr) can benefit from retaining a manager after a poor season and relegation. Livingston are another (Hopkins had only been in charge for 6 months prior to Livi's relegation to be fair- but they were in 9th and only 3 points off 8th, so it was still, ultimately, a failure).
  9. Reasons to be cheerful (part 3)

    Chance to relegate Rangers/Sevco in the playoffs, when the whole Gerrard thing spectacularly fails!
  10. Reasons to be cheerful (part 3)

    I realise things are still likely to be raw for many of you. However, I’m fortunate to be a largely happy, optimistic soul who does not stay down for long. So, while I’ve in absolutely no way wanted it (the whole thing’s been nerve-wracking to be honest), we are relegated and I’m determined to make the best of it. So, in my best “glass half-full” mode, here’s my reasons to be cheerful. Feel free to add any others: 1) We’re largely financially stable and debt free. 2) We have an academy which should hopefully start producing. 3) More interesting away days (Ayr/QotS/Alloa/highlands). 4) No (league) games against the Old Firm. 5) I can go back to wanting the Old Firm to lose every league game. 6) No visits to Hamilton. 7) Starting the season with a genuine chance of winning our division (however misplaced such optimism might actually turn out to be). 8) No more Barton/Devine (hopefully). 9) Play-offs mean that there’s something to play for even if another team is running away with the title (the problem with so many of our previous seasons at this level is that it quickly became obvious we weren’t going up or down). 10) The football might become more entertaining.
  11. New Management

    Could I check- are you talking about final point totals? If so, then it is not a like-for-like comparison, as it is much harder to pick up points post-split in the top 6 than the bottom. If, however, you are comparing point totals at the split, then fair enough.
  12. douglas clark

    That is bollocks. In the two or three seasons prior to this one we were defensively sound. This revisionism is doing my head in. It’s simple- up till the end of last season, the management team’s record was good and worthy of praise. This season their record is bad and worthy of scorn
  13. douglas clark

    It’s slightly surreal that after all that’s happened this season, we still have every chance of staying up. Obviously not if we play like that- but only the one goal in it and all to play for. Last minute deflected equaliser off someone ‘s arse again maybe?
  14. douglas clark

    Sometimes I think Devine and Barton are unfairly singled out for criticism. Today was not one of those days
  15. If you could pick one Thistle player...........

    A peak period Sean Welsh would have been very useful to link up defence and forward players more effectively. Scott Paterson for defensive ability and bringing the ball out effectively from defence. Obviously Alan Hansen was similar and much better (world class), but I’ve imposed a limitation of players this century simply because I started watching Thistle in 2000