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  1. Game Off

    The game was called off Friday was it not?
  2. Paul Paton

    Have to say fast losing confidence in our midfield... Edwards and Erskine cant defend Osman and Woods look unfit Bannigan and Fraser are taking up two wages and providing nothing in return. Spittal looks burnt out and could do with a rest. Lawless isn’t getting enough game time McCarthy isn’t getting enough game time Barton is better at sweeper Mind you the defence isn’t exactly covering themselves in glory at the moment. Cargill - looks good but prone to errors, too slow at times Devine & Keown - Both have been awful all season Booth - im not sure offers anything more than Penrice... id maybe give young James a chance. Dumbuya - unfit, should be playing 60mins max then replaced by McGinn or vice versa truthfully, I think Paul would be an ideal signing, purely for his attitude and his dig. He can also pass a ball 5 yards much unlike the current team
  3. Last Jag Standing 2018 (James Penrice)

    Draw (although hope im wrong - want a win!)
  4. Our best 11

    Now we are in the position to choose, who is our best 11? personally I think we are strongest with Barton at sweeper. GK: Cerny RB: Elliot DCR: Devine SW: Barton DCL: Cargil LB: Booth RCM: Spittal CM:Osman LCM: Woods AM: Edwards ST: Sammon Harsh on Doolan but Sammon is on a run. Toss up between Keown and Devine. Dumbuya and McGinn unfortunately not as good as Elliot Edwards just gets nod ahead of Lawless. Based on previous performances behind Striker
  5. Last Jag Standing 2018 (James Penrice)

    In & Win
  6. New Arrivals

    Talking about trimming the squad whats the overall opinion on both Bannigan and Fraser if they both play less than 5 games between now and end of season? Personally as good as Bannigan has been for us; we simply cant afford to carry any injured players. We have been caught out this season by doing exactly that, and id rather we have a fit squad player than a 5/10 game a year Bannigan. As for Fraser, he has talent but the same applies as above. Time to go. You could possibly even put Dumbuya in the same bracket...
  7. St Johnstone 27/1/18

    I think Edwards splits opinions. Honestly I don’t doubt the guys work rate but his ability to tackle, pass, or even shoot have to come into question. Dont get me wrong his pressing is great; but he’s going to be found out if he continually fails to put a foot in. His passing has been shocking all season no matter what position hes in. He’s had about 3/4 good shots all season - not good enough as could argue McGinn has had this from Right Back. But for me Ryan is a squad player, he’s an impact sub. He works like this because the last thing guys want to play against when they are tired is someone with Edwards pace and work rate.
  8. The Team That Didn't Play

    Should be in place of Edwards who got a goal and assist id imagine
  9. Firhill: The Future?

    Maybe just me, but the club doesn't actually own Firhill, propco does. I'm not saying they would take the money and run with the sale of Firhill but its been done before. Its no longer down to the club but down to prop co.
  10. New Arrivals

    Have to say if the article is correct and we only have a 10% sell on clause thats poor. We were led to believe the fee was low because of an substantial sell on clause. He was far better than some of the players been banded about fot millions in our league. Undersold.
  11. Sellick Home 23/1

    Have to say, lads were unlucky tonight. If we took our chances particularly the Edwards chance at 1-1 it would have been a different game. Hard when your up against 12 men. We stopped tackling Celtic cos any time we tackled they got a foul. Edwards ran past the lad when he had the ball at second goal. Plenty of positives tonight Nice to have a squad to rotate.
  12. Welcome Baily

    https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/baily-cargill-joins-on-loan-until-the-end-of-the-season/ hes back!
  13. Welcome Baily

    https://www.afcb.co.uk/news/club-news/cargill-recalled-from-fleetwood Seems the important part has been done!
  14. I Was Wrong...

    I was wrong... And I have to say I am loving every minute of it. I said after Killie home game that Archie should go as he ran out of ideas, but my god,he sure has showed me and a lot of other people. Archie deserves the credit and the recognition for the turnaround in form, hopefully he can sort out our away form now as one league win in 2017 isn't good enough. I will say it, I now believe, and I genuinely think he can keep us up. I was wrong. And I am more than happy to admit that. Also have to say, credit where credit is due to the players too.
  15. New Arrivals

    Hearts do, think they have 8 or 9 out but they aren't afraid of bleeding through youth.