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Auld Jag

St Johnstone 27/1/18

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I think Edwards splits opinions.


Honestly I don’t doubt the guys work rate but his ability to tackle, pass, or even shoot have to come into question. Dont get me wrong his pressing is great; but he’s going to be found out if he continually fails to put a foot in.


His passing has been shocking all season no matter what position hes in.


He’s had about 3/4 good shots all season - not good enough as could argue McGinn has had this from Right Back.


But for me Ryan is a squad player, he’s an impact sub. He works like this because the last thing guys want to play against when they are tired is someone with Edwards pace and work rate.



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I object to the above post. What is a post about football doing in a thread that has been successfully hijacked?

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With the 5 to start us off, I think we have 13


Palace, Villa, Alexandria, North End, Argyle, Stanley, Wednesday, Hotspur, Orient, Forest, Dons, Rangers and Vale


2 belated thoughts:


1) England has one team called Rangers. Scotland has one team too many called Rangers.

2) Why are so many football teams named after groups of people who roam far and wide in a random fashion-Wanderers, Rovers, Rangers etc?

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