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Rid Skwerr

Virgin Media

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My  Virgin V+ TV box broke down last week, which prompted me to get in touch with VM.

They sent me out a "Tivo" box which worked fine but was no real technology improvement on the 9 year old V+ box.

Whist buggering around on Virgin's site I noticed that there was an offer of a free upgrade to their latest "V6" box available to existing customers (depending on your tv bundle).

I called them today, simply about the box upgrade, and came away with -

The new V6 box

Broadband speed up from 70 to 200 Mb

The latest cable modem/router

And a price REDUCTION of £27.

with no haggling, just a wee attempt to get me to switch my mobile phone to Virgin.

Happy bunny!

Any other VM customers on here ?   might be worth a try for the upgrade available through the main web site (click here ) - V6 upgrade page

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I've gone right off Virgin, but continue as a customer. They messed me about with my mobile to the point that I called to cancel contract. At that point they offered me unlimited calls and texts and a decent data allowance for £4 a month. Shows what they can manage and still take profit.

They've been calling me ever since to try to 'review' my package, but I just politely tell them I'm happy with the package I have.

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