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What do you want from a moderator and getting the owner to engage.

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douglas clark

I am finding it next to impossible to moderate this site. Our owner, who was having a meal in NYC wanted a moderator to delete someone from the forum. It was, and is, an entirely legitimate request - the user was placing the forum at risk of court action.  Which is never a good look for a site which, afaik, hasn't a dime to it's name.

Hours later, having been told to delete a user, and having spent these hours in attempting to do so,   I discussed this with another moderator. After extensive research, neither of us can do this. That right is reserved to the site owner, apparently, allegedly, etc, etc. Why is that?

I have written to the site owner and asked for clarification.

So far, no reply.

If you want this site to have a modicum of rules, then our owner needs to tell, not just moderators, but you guys and gals, what is acceptible and what isn't.

I am frankly fed up.

I do have a life outside this forum. The utter lack of communication on this issue by the owner is not good.

If you want reasonable moderation then fine. If you want this to be the Wild West, then just accept that the site owner doesn't like his NY meal interrupted, and hasn't a clue that he knows about  how the site works.

Frankly, if I were enjoying a meal in NYC I'd prefer not to be interrupted by this sort of shit. But pre-planning could have avoided that entirely.

I'd resign, but I'd like your views on how this site is administered and whether you are happy about it?


Then, probably, I'll resign.