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  2. Best move for player and club. He's better than Div 1 and frees up wage. I was surprised he moved to us in first place. A promotion winning hero who got into Scotland squad.
  3. Another baffling Caldwell signing that a blind man and his dug could see was a mistake. Good riddance.
  4. Not fussed about him leaving. I know I’m getting carried away but watched the recent Jagscast with Thomas Cerny, sure he is out of contract at Aberdeen, would he consider a return to Firhill?
  5. One clean sheet all season was pretty poor. He must have something else lined up or its a very strange decision to leave a club and get no income for an unlimited amount of time. it was reported that none of McCalls signings had relegation clauses, Fox was a Caldwell signing so he may have had a relegation clause. Just guessing but think he would have been a higher earner anyway
  6. We could bring in some Ents to manage the trees. Would be Entertaining and Enterprising. Also very good at dealing with Orcs.
  7. That is good news, overall Scott just did not play well in the last season, probably better for both parties that he is away.
  8. With Fox invoking his relegation release clause, can it be assumed that the club is operating on the principle that we will be a League 1 club next season?
  9. Doesn't seem to have harmed your handsome appearance, AJ.
  10. Today
  11. Happy to see Fox gone. Part of the problem, not the solution. Shouldn't have been brought back to the club in the first place. Best of luck for the rest of his career, but we can do better.
  12. Can't say I'm surprised. Or disappointed.
  13. Scott Fox leaves with immediate effect after invoking his release clause, would imagine thats a decent wage off the books.
  14. Not a comment on fan ownership or other models just a genuine appreciation that so many people in times of difficulty have raised nearly £40,000 https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-the-jags
  15. A first prize of £534 today, congratulations to the winners: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/virtual-50-50-draw-results-6th-june/
  16. If their colts teams are made up of the players they’ve lent us over the years then we have nothing to fear cos they’re mince.
  17. I still wonder, if back at the start of this, if they'd said we're stopping the season, relegating no one, promoting the top club, and this is necessary for us to release prize money... could that have passed?
  18. It’s amazing how quickly nature has re-taken Cathkin Park.
  19. Not to undercut the great work being done by BowenBoys but I did notice these on the Greaves website: https://www.greavessports.com/sports-c119/football-c621/football-kits-c5143/partick-thistle-c5169/oneills-partick-thistle-face-mask-p54968#attribute[4]=17
  20. The only way the ugly sisters will ever play down south will be at the behest of some TV company. That's of course very unlikely to happen in the near future but further down the road if it meant boosting audiences then it could well happen. Similarly if a TV company wanted the OF colt teams in our leagues then it wouldn't be surprising to see that come about. It's much the same as no fans, no clubs and no players want to play on a Saturday night but play they now do. I don't want to see colt teams in our leagues, particularly not when it's those two vile clubs involved, but as always in Scottish Football it's the tail that wags the dog. An apt expression given how Doncaster & Co are so ready to give a paw and roll over to please their two masters.
  21. A few folk asking about face masks @BowenBoys Not sure if they would be viable or practicable for the supplier?
  22. There's already a wood over the terraces at Cathkin Park & let's not forget the hedge at Brechin glebe park
  23. I would be against it regardless of anything. I think we already have too many old firm teams in the league
  24. Relegation to the Highland League would be even funnier....just think of those midweek winter coach journeys to Wick!
  25. I don’t think their colts will be that good or the clubs have enough resources to make them that good. Relegation to the Lowland League would be mildly amusing
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