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  2. 2168 - I'll be there! This year my wife and I decided to spend our Christmas weekend away in Glasgow (instead of Edinburgh)! I fancy a home win and thinking of 3-1 or a nervy 3-2. 3 points in the bag either way.
  3. As we enter the final few weeks of 2019 can I just ask that you do your online shopping through easyfundraising as that will raise funds for our club: https://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/ Let's work together on this. Thanks for your support!
  4. A continuous comedy of errors from QoS for about 30 seconds straight at the second.
  5. Couple of Bertie stories which I was told : seemingly there was an offer from Leeds United for Bobby Houston in the region of 100k which Bertie turned down , so Bobby goes into the managers office and asks why the offer was turned down to be promptly told by Bertie he was doing him a favour as he shat himself in front of 5000 fans At Firhill and he had no chance in front of 25,000 at Elland Road. The other one was at half time at Love Street when we were getting beaten and I think it was John Marr who stuck the heid on one of his teammates going up the tunnel . John Marr didn’t get fined as Bertie thought he was showing “ character “
  6. You need to remember javeajag is posting from springburn it ain't so posh there
  7. The accusation of negative play was perpetuated by one of the old firm after Alan Rough’s incredible performance which I think had us briefly at the top of the league. Then we beat Aberdeen at Pittodrie with Roughie again magnificent and they jumped on the bandwagon. It was all bull. From memory we played with the great Somner and Craig as dual strikers along with Denis, Badger and Parky(not all at once). Hardly defensively minded. Then he returned to save us with ‘The Magnificent 7’. A truly diabolical team that he saved from relegation to 3rd tier getting 4 wins out of 7 games. Then he was replaced by our worst, laziest, stupidest, fattest, most ignorant balloon of a manager in Derek Johnstone and disappeared forever. Auld was a fine Jags manager. Regrettably Bertie appears to have forgotten about his time at Firhill which was superb, as he never mentions us.
  8. 100% thats Parkhouse - thats Posh !!!!
  9. Thistle had an evening match one midweek under Bertie and the next day the famous Herald scribe Ian Archer said that before the game Bertie had intimated that he would be setting up the team in the old fashioned 2 3 5 formation . The article went on that after twenty minutes of woeful Jags play " it was obvious Thistle were at their more usual formation of sixes and sevens" !! The famous Craig Levein one of 4 6 0 might have been more usual for the wee man when he managed us. Is there not some fantastic footage of Bertie in the world club final against South American cloggers going up when there was a break in play and having a good kick from behind at somebody? He certainly knew the score whether it was playing or managing.
  10. We did have a Lennon in the team once but he was no Star (nor the Best)...
  11. Are we not allowed to tackle. Their goal, the only time any Thistle player even tries to tackle is when their player shoots. Our two goals were gifts from their keeper. Good reaction from Cardle. 3Very good points. Lets hope we can get at least 4 points from our last 3 games of this year.
  12. Another weekend another massive game for the Jags. Great result yesterday and our away form is actually pretty good overall. However, Firhill has seen little up until our last couple of games. Beating Morton and the disappointing 1-1 with Alloa suggests there maybe signs of an upturn. It'll be a tough challenge and we'll probably need to score 2+ goals to keep all 3 points in Glasgow. We had a great result up there at the start of McCall's tenure and he has a much better understanding of the squad now. Some players coming back into the squad so we certainly have the numbers hopefully they can put in a decent performance. I'll stick my neck out and go for a 2-1 Home win. Cole and Miller with the goals in front of 2,167 hardy souls.
  13. With the next 2 games being at home I realise that there might be some people who won't be able to make it to one or either given the time of year. If that is the case and you want to be included in the draw just PM me so we can get that sorted. Thanks for your support!
  14. Great Thistle manager. One story I heard was that Bertie used to wear his European cup winners medal around his neck and would pull it out when he was having a managers rant saying ‘ have you got wan of these Have you got wan of these’ One time while absolutely tearing into Tony Higgins he used that phrase to which Higgins replied as long as your my manager I’ll never get wan of them. Great reply
  15. I started going in the 1965/66 season, so I got to see Davie McParland playing many times. I also saw most games where he managed us, and yes, that includes The game. I am not able to cite another individual during my time of being a Jag who encapsulates the Thistle 'thing' or spirit or whatever that indescribable, intangible element or ingredient is more than Mr McParland did/does. I can't say any more than that about him. He is more than anything or anybody else the reason why I am a Partick Thistle supporter.
  16. I tried it and couldn't find "glean" anywhere, in any genre of bowling!
  17. There is clearly a generic irony deficiency.
  18. A simple internet search of bowling terminology.
  19. Hawthorn Bowling Club is middle class?
  20. Remember trips with my dad to do Berties garden when he stayed in Hillend Road ....and also asking him during what must have been my first games aged 7/8 in the late 70s why the fans were singing about Old Moscow
  21. Time to ditch the bowling club patter.
  22. That's a good picture! ETA: Good to see applause from Ringo at the front!
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