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  2. You have read my mind. I was going to post the same thing. There is a clear gap to fill and he brings skill, pace and energy, and could also bypass the acclimatisation period which often means that it takes time for a new or loan mid-season signing to be settled in and up to speed with team-mates, style of football and surroundings, From QPR's point of view, there is a reasonable likelihood that he would get a fair amount of game time in a context which he had enjoyed before. This must be an important consideration as no doubt loans can be "hit" or "miss" and often loan players never establish themselves in their temporary teams.
  3. Adding MacKinnon assuming he's fit enough to play most of the games should bring strength in the middle of the defence and organisation in general. It perhaps means that our fullbacks could get further forward which in turn might cover for Williamson's frailties and allow McCall to take a chance on a younger fullback as cover. In general McCall's transfer dealings have a definite strategy. We're very much going for younger Scottish players that allow for a team to be developed and perhaps for future transfer value to be obtained. Assuming Miller and Harkins leave only Fox and MacKinnon will be over 30 with pretty much all the remaining players still to hit their peak. MacKinnon looks like the midfield leader we need to get the best out of the younger ones. Such a difference to have a manager that knows what he's doing.
  4. One advantage of being in the top row of the Main Stand is that the way the roof slopes, you cannot see most of the fans in the Jackie Husband Stand. In my view, if you cannot see them, they are not there, and thus my enjoyment of the game was not negatively affected.
  5. Dont overly disagree and the same applies to nearly all ex players. Would make an exception for Stevie Odonnell when we get back to the Premier....
  6. Must have been a lucrative evening all in : 9300 crowd, hospitality and TV cash.
  7. Backward step. Enthusiastic player but if we have ambitions of getting back into the premier , we should be looking for players with a bit more ability.
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  9. Don’t know why you quoted me but my point was about the club saying one thing and doing another.
  10. Don't forget we play their colts on Tuesday night.
  11. If not O’Conner at RB then the other side of the ‘arse cheeks’ had Nathan Patterson make his debut at RB in cup on Friday to rave reviews so might be worth a consideration especially if the Mayo deal from them is no longer happening.
  12. Quite simply if we can’t allocate that stand to them because of safety concerns then there’s no defense when criticised for allowing them to buy tickets for the home end. I’m sure most Jags fans would accept giving them the JHS and Main Stand but we’ve been told that is a no go and we’ve been moved from the JLS as a result.
  13. Good point. I was tho' going to add the addition of MacKinnon should be a steadying factor. One of the problems we've faced is that Saunders, O'Ware and even McGinty can have good games but playing as a unit, whether a defensive pairing or part of the back four, they're too often faulty. Hopefully Darian's presence will help in the organisational side of things and that will include the fullbacks.
  14. Not from me. I hoped to see a good performance from Thistle and no trouble in the ground or outside. Thankfully that is what it was for me.
  15. Admittedly only seeing the highlights, Penrice, although doing well to get back, makes a poor decision with his 'intervention'. The second goal is typical of us where we stand back and don't close down the shot. We have conceded a fair few goals from deflections, there's nothing the keeper can do when the ball changes direction 5 yards after the ball has been struck. If your going to allow the shot don't stick out a half hearted leg at it. Again its poor decision making and totally avoidable goals. You start to wonder how many goals we have to lose before we learn from it. I'm sure there are positives to be taken from the game and im looking forward to seeing us do the business next weekend up in Arbroath.
  16. There seems to be a fair bit of "let's hope for the worse here, so we can be proved to be right" and disappointment that the celtic fans haven't wrecked Firhill!
  17. I was in the centre of the Colin Weir stand, just behind the Jagzone commentary team. During the game i heard a few shouts looked around but didn't see anything of note. Going up to Firhill and leaving Firhill, there was a lot of police, but i did not see any trouble.
  18. Anyone who thinks we should punt Penrice has got rocks in his or her head. From watching the game tonight he seemed to be one of the few Thistle players who wanted the ball at their feet or had the skill to do something meaningful with it when it arrived. Yes, we lost and no, we’re not in the next round but there was a lot to be proud of in tonight’s performance. And McCall’s after-match comments always leave me feeling as if we have the right man in charge. Onwards and upwards.
  19. My mate and I went to the bog as soon as we got in just after the turnstiles opened. Unavoidably we made a new friend with (name withheld). Talkative young lad, Celtic top and clearly drink had been taken (not by us). A Thistle fan asked the steward why he'd been allowed into the stand (possibly on two different counts) and appears to have been told that someone else was "making up the rules" as they went along. Not criticising any of the stewards or turnstile operators (on the minimum wage or unpaid volunteers no doubt) but if the club posts on social media that Celtic fans will not be allowed in the CW stand, then they should mean it and find a way to prevent it. The fact that most of the Celtic fans were in one block, separated by police and stewards, suggests the whole thing was pre-arranged.
  20. Update https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/partick-thistle-fc-working-group-programme-notes-18th-january-2020-v-celtic/
  21. I thought McCall has said that there had been an enquiry about Mayo but it was finished due to a Rangers defender getting injured (in effect "hold the mayo").
  22. I'd prefer to try O'Conner than Christie but if we're looking at Mayo in central defence that would mean 2 defenders that have no first team experience (assuming a back 4 and Saunders is backup) Wardrop at Dundee United has a decent amount of championship experience with Dumbarton, is surplus to requirements at Dundee United and originally from this area.
  23. Christie would improve the side considerably. We are clearly weak in this position and don't have anybody that can fill in effectively. I think everyone would prefer a young quick right-back in but if that is not possible then Elliott is a good option.
  24. As we were trying to extend his loan and he has not featured since going back to QPR, I wonder if we might try and get Kakay back?
  25. During the 60's and 70's I would agree that being a fan in the wrong end of the stadium was something that was acceptable, you paid your money and you policed yourself. Nowadays my feeling [and to emphasise, this is only my opinion] with many of the RFC and CFC fans, the amount of drugs and alcohol they consume prior to watching the match is such that the possible beating up of a punter who just happened to be wearing the 'wrong' colours has become, in their befuddled brains, an acceptable part of the 'match day experience'.
  26. Also the stewarding even in the CW Stand was bossed by Celtic Stewards. A few fans from both sides ejected but I don't think anybody suffered any harm...
  27. I doubt I'm alone in agreeing with you but still believing he'd have been a better option than what we've had this season. His attitude being the polar opposite of one or two of our more skilled newbies. Quite like the idea of the O'Conner lad on loan. Apart from buying time till we can source a proper right back I thought he looked strong and mature enough to fit in.
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