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  2. The surprise is he’s shooting with his right foot. I think it’s Gary Peebles in the distance? Is it Raith away?
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  4. It’s not an old photo but was shared by Craig Walker today on other social media channels, shared here just in case anyone missed it. Magnificent photo I’m sure you’ll agree.
  5. A little birdie tells me it’s £420k p.a. Now
  6. You’re right that that doesn’t control for “fault-free” explanations like demographics/population density. Its also correct to say that Scotland doesn’t compare well with other parts of Europe. That said, the higher rates of cases (not sure about deaths) in England seem to be in Northern cities, rather than, say, the South East of England where population is densest. That’s why the lockdown restrictions in those areas are more acute.
  7. I hope no Thistle fans need to be told who that is!!!
  8. These Islands is a ‘unionist ‘ group with an anti snp agenda and are clearly not objective I understand you want to show their is no difference for political reasons but in reality there is
  9. I appreciate and thank you for the clarification's.
  10. Not sure which is wrong - this article with its detailed analysis and graphs, or your usual half-read knee jerk assertion.... https://www.these-islands.co.uk/publications/i355/covid_19_why_scotland_vs_england_comparisons_are_misleading.aspx You will recall my original point (which you claim is wrong) is that if you compare Scotland to areas of England thought to have similar population density there is not much difference
  11. Happy to be wrong .....so let’s have your evidence ?
  12. And comparing Scotland as a population against similar sized nations it doesn’t size up very well. UK and Scotland’s stats (on paper) are atrocious against other countries but to be fair not all measure the same. Norway or Denmark vs Scotland, and Scotland is left behind in testing, (800k, 1.2M vrs 390k), and Norway and Denmark fair way better than Scotland on cases and deaths (216, 617 Vs 2491/4208), plus easing restrictions more smoothly and coherent. I don’t think the blame for UK or Scotland’s figures can solely lie at the feet of Westminster or Holyrood, there seems to be growing a culture back home of “**** that, I can do what I want” when it came to social distancing and acting sensibly, and that’s on both sides of the border. Using the excuse the “England is worse” @javajag would be the same as McColl stating “We may have been relegated but have you seen Stranraer”
  13. And your ‘understanding’ would be wrong .... the rolling daily death figure of seven days in England is 56.....in Scotland its 0/1....adjusting for population Scotland should be c 8/9 which is a long way from 56 ......population density can’t make that up.....England has the worst excess death figure in Europe
  14. This all seems correct. But of course takes no account of either demographics, not population density. I understand that if you factor population density into the equation the death rate in Scotland is very similar to The most comparable areas of England.
  15. The discrepancy here (as I understand it) is that the 28 day rule applies only to the *daily* death count being reported in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, but that the overall figures, which use weekly data, still count all new registered deaths where it is mentioned on the death certificate. The report you link to says: “Of the total number of deaths registered in week 31 (27 July to 2 August), there were 7 where COVID-19 was mentioned on the death certificate, a decrease of 1 from the previous week (20 to 26 July), but the weekly total has remained similar over the latest three weeks.” It then also shows a graph where total registered deaths increased from 4,174 (as at 5 July) to 4,208 (as at 2 August), so an increase of 34 deaths. If England were seeing the same sort of levels of death, their figure for that four week period would be about 420 deaths. As javeajag alludes to, it’s about five times that. The figure of 9 for Scotland was a bit misleading but its undoubtedly the case England is doing a lot worse on death than Scotland at the moment.
  16. Time for the SFA and SPFL to show some leadership. Imo they have to call a meeting with all clubs urgently and remind them of their responsibilities of playing with the current covid restrictions. They are putting the 20/21 season in danger of being postponed if they break any of the current restrictions again. If the season was postponed that would mean that for the majority of clubs in Scotland season 20/21 might never be played and that would surely put a number of clubs future in doubt.
  17. You’ve included some of the annotations and footnotes in there. Its a lot simpler than that. Regulation 6 of the Scottish Regulations is the one to do with limits on inter-household gatherings. If you are indoors, the limit is to three households meeting at the same time. The guidance also urges those households to socially distance, but that’s not actually law. If you are outdoors, the limit is to five households. Same principle on social distancing as before. There are then exceptions that allow gatherings from more than three/five households, such as for work, childcare and education settings. A gathering is (in layman terms) when people meet up with one another to socialise for whatever purpose. You’re not in the same gathering just because you’re in the same pub but if you’re hanging out as a group, or engaging in some sort of organised group activity, that’s different. You don’t need to be a lawyer to work this out though: all of these rules are also set out in the Scottish Government’s guidance on its website: https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-phase-3-staying-safe-and-protecting-others/pages/gatherings-and-occasions/ Sometimes the guidance has been more restrictive than the law during the pandemic, strongly advising against things that aren’t technically illegal, but the two seem to line up quite nicely at the moment (on gatherings, at least).
  18. I think I need to correct my comment a out "massaging figures" to "categorizing them differently". My comment about payouts is down to NHS saying those who die who have no "death in service" as under 2 years service would get additional payout to family. Now there is a debate over who gets what, where was covid caught, was it direct to covid etc.
  19. and that’s also just bollocks.... https://www.abi.org.uk/products-and-issues/topics-and-issues/coronavirus-hub/life-insurance/
  20. Ok I get you are not disputing Devi Sridhar is more qualified than you on the pandemic but you dismiss her advice because she praises the Scot govt approach ......same with Steve Reicher as he has done the same ? Now be careful he’s on SAGE As these actual experts show since the Scot govt set up it’s own advisory group and took a separate approach to England - as have Wales and NI - metrics in relation to England have improved in every category ....I understand your political views get in the way if that but it’s just factually correct both Sridhar and Reicher both criticise the U.K. govt for having no clear strategic goal and they are absolutely correct
  21. Just remember that 68.3% of statistics are a load of rubbish
  22. What’s that got to do with nhs employees in Scotland ? Nothing whats it got to death with occupational health schemes ? Nothing
  23. Their role is to give a medical or pandemic point of view not to politicize it. As soon as something goes wrong the first response is “but England” she has started that too since jumping on board with SNP
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