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  2. The clue is in the names. In the days before pre-season friendlies the only game (open to the public) was the Big team v the Wee team trial match. When you look at some of those in the Wee team (Andy Kerr, Willie Crawford, George Smith, Alec Stott, Jimmy Walker) it makes me wish I was Marty McFly and could go "Back to the Future"!
  3. Yesterday
  4. We're not long rid of apish manager.
  5. And you are ranting about someone ranting about someone else having nothing to rant about. Wheras this post is rant free (before you think about a response).
  6. Gibbons were responsible for the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.
  7. I wonder if an infinite number of monkeys could be successful as Thistle manager
  8. Yet another Saturday night not feeling down as the Jags don't loose. even better waking up on Sunday morning not having had nightmares about yesterday's game.. And my 2nd team Tenerife win...Happy times..
  9. In the same way that you can give an infinite number of monkeys an infinite number of typewriters you will get the works of Shakespeare
  10. You are ranting about having nothing to rant about.
  11. I just hope that if we do go down that we have release clauses in the contracts with all of these new signings and re signings or at least a reduction in salary.
  12. Seemingly it wasnt McGinty but McGuffie. You surprised?
  13. Thinking the same. It's actually been a pretty good day for us!
  14. This is very unsettling. It’s Saturday night and I’ve nothing to rant about.
  15. Having no debt does not make a company solid or stable. If (I still live in hope) we go down, our revenue drops dramatically even if our fanbase stays level. Admission price is lower League money is lower Sponsorship is lower Traveling supports are lower We still need to fund Firhill, a full-time team, a full office, a youth academy, a women’s team. One or more of them will take a significant hit. Falkirk have managed to stay full time by utilizing the ground 7 days a week and axing the academy. Raith due to their chairman funding it. Us? Our Stadium is used once a fortnight, we have no rich chairman, and we have an academy we need to start paying for next year. We spent significantly in January which I’d imagine would have eaten in to our cash reserves as I don’t see where any other funding could come from. We will only remain solid and stable if we can generate more than we can spend and with another relegation looming that looks tricky
  16. Heard McGinty missed a fantastic chance to win it 5-4. Are we surprised?
  17. Did he concede all 4 by himself? And he's more likely to be playing Championship football than our mob.
  18. True, but 4 goals conceded v. Alloa sums him up
  19. Please pin the above on the dressing room wall, Mr McCall.
  20. March is make or break for us with home games against QoS, Alloa and Morton. Queens look the most vulnerable out of those three but Morton having blown a 4.2 home lead today against Alloa are in the mix too. Despite being part time Alloa have a great resilience about them and you can see them surviving. Therefore our next game against QoS is possibly the most important for us, especially as it may set the tone for the rest of March. Of course in addition to taking a minimum of 7 points from those games we need to pick up points in our away games, and if our home tie against Dunfermline is rescheduled for March then something from that game too. No hiding place, no room for passengers, no bottlers, no excuses. Sleeves rolled up, total commitment, energy, belief,... oh and defend set pieces.
  21. I would say we are in a 4 team mini league with Alloa, Morton & QoS. The 2 games against QoS will be vital and we need to give everything to get 6 points from them.
  22. fair play to alloa - some comeback
  23. Happy with other results but suspect our poor goal difference may trip us up at the end .
  24. Hell fire - Alloa just refuse to pack it in.
  25. 4-4 Morton now, reasonable day all told! Just need to start winning our own games now.
  26. Indeed. Looking more like a mini 3 team battle for relegation/play offs.
  27. Scores are going our way, I'd say.
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