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  2. This is all hot air. I’m led to believe that under membership rules a club cannot sue the authority when a majority vote goes through, the same goes with UEFA and FIFA rules where a member club or association cannot take its ruling body to court with the exception of the sport arbitration court
  3. Saw this on the BBC Scottish Football page: "And the Ibrox club say they have received "numerous reports" from Scottish sides "relating to attempts to coerce and bully them" into backing the SPFL's own proposal" Can't say it comes as a surprise
  4. I really don't think we're anything like as close to just a month behind Germany
  5. ICT might gamble that league reconstruction to save Hearts would drag them along with Dundee Utd. but Dundee need the playoffs. Ayr don’t want promotion anyway as they have no ambition beyond the Championship as they’ve shown in the past
  6. Not true Aberdeen and Hibs aren’t doing it for their own good , think they’ve looking at the big big picture and I’m sure Anne Budge etc are meaning they will take it as far as they can legally whether that’s FIFA etc or the Court of Sporting Arbitration and you would be suing the governing bodies who run the Associations
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  8. I never said it wasn't I was just stating something factually accurate which has been happening, ie Dortmund have been using their stadium (since last Friday) as a testing centre https://www.bvb.de/News/Uebersicht/SIGNAL-IDUNA-PARK-wird-Corona-Behandlungszentrum Everything doesn't need to be an adversarial pissing competition
  9. Dundee voting against according to the courier
  10. Are we assuming that if the season is ended, that that applies to the cups as well as the leagues? Are ICT and Raith voting to end the league season but expect to play a cup final?
  11. https://talksport.com/football/692995/bayern-munich-borussia-dortmund-bundesliga-return-may-coronavirus/
  12. Agreed.....We could start a month later in June play Saturday and Wednesday and complete the leagues that month
  13. Football stadiums have been used as testing centres (well at least I know Dortmund has)
  14. At least Germany seems to have a far better handle on this contagion than our motley crew.
  15. Bundesliga announced they plan to restart matches in May - no fans - and finish season by end of June
  16. If I was a fan of say Ayr, Airdrie, Inverness etc and my club voted in favour of this, I would be fuming. These clubs are in with a chance of going up and to be blackmailed into losing that would be awful as a fan.
  17. This is nonsense - you cant take legal action in Football - you have to go through the Appeals Procedure - SFA - EUFA - Sporting Arbitration Court As we are a member Club of the SPFL - we would be suing ourselves - I wish that we could stop the Spin Nonsense We are in this position because we are at prime candidates for relegation - if we weren't - we would vote in interests of the Club - same as everyone else is doing Im assuming the Board will be personally funding any legal action or 3BC Funding it
  18. I think Legal action is only worthwhile if we are joining a group of teams looking to take action (Hearts, Falkirk, Stranraer & Sevco). To go it alone what be wasting money and if anyone remembers our last legal challenge we were painted as the baddie denying poor little Inverness their promotion even though their stadium didn't comply and ground sharing wasn't allowed. It would be worst PR given what is actually happening across the world. I also hope we are being proactive. Its fine saying we dont accept this but Hopefully we have been reaching out to other clubs and coming up with alternative solutions. I do believe I can see a number of teams voting against this especially those in a playoff position. I know money is the big issue but surely something could be reached in paying all clubs in each respective division an equal sum of money. This then could be taken into account in next seasons prize money and giving teams only the prize money minus any additional money paid out in the previous based on the respective league positions once the season is finished. Big question still remains when the season could be restarted, If at all but i think if you are giving one league the chance to finish then you have to give all leagues a chance to finish even if these games have to be played behind closed doors. I think a more practical solution is to compress the season, there are only 8(9) games left. This could be played within 5 weeks and reduce each playoff game to 1 leg. So assuming a mid August start season could be over be end of September. Cancel League and Challenge cups and front and end load games leaving the winter fixture schedule similar to normal. Only other option is the league reconstruction. Even in a simple form of no relegation and all league winners promoted, including that of Lowland and Highland Leagues. Then producing an end result of a 12-12 10-10 league set up. Not the major reconstruction everyone apart from the elite want but would help resolve the situation.
  19. Apparently Dumbarton are voting no. Always had a soft spot for the sons of the rock
  20. Tbh, I think legal action will just cost us money and be ultimately fruitless. We have a better chance if we influence the vote and create an alternative outcome.
  21. they've still got wages to pay unfortunately Matt
  22. Are you going to finance the legal challenge? If so great, if not then you're all hot air!
  23. I've never been in favour of summer football. There's less postponements these days plus I would suggest most fans buy season tickets in the hope that they'll get their money's worth. Also I'd much rather see the season end in the usually more benign weather conditions of late Spring. However all that reasoning comes a far second to us (Scottish Football) getting out of this largely in tact. If needs be and all that. I don't want to see any club go out of business due to a totally unforeseen cash flow difficulty. I'm far from clear tho' how summer football will help in that respect.
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