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  2. It certainly sounds like, and looks like (from performances) that KN has sorted out any attitude/application problems he might have had while with us. Hope he does well. Some regrets about us releasing him "too soon."
  3. I think being released by Archibald was the kick up the arse he needed.
  4. Think Kevin Nisbet let himself down a bit in his 2 loan spells at Dumbarton and Ayr , actually think McCall sent him back to us before his loan was completed . Think everyone at Firhill saw his potential but think his attitude has changed now. Good luck to him at Hibs .
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  6. I was disappointed that we let him go at the time. We have just been relegated and thought he had a decent reputation when out on loan so he could have done a job as a back up to Doolan. However i suppose sometimes these things happen and maybe if he stay at thistle for the last two years he would be playing Junior football now.
  7. Hibs sign Kevin Nisbet. As I understand it (though would not be first time I’m wrong)we would have been due 10 per cent of that as a development fee if we had offered Nisbet a contract. But as we did not we are not entitled to anything?
  8. Bill Clark breaks the world "pot calling the kettle black" record. Well done.
  9. The 2.1.defeat up there in January has got to be one of the worst performance by a Jags team..
  10. This was the case last season. Don't know if it will continue followiing his illness.
  11. The above article together with the club statement covers the ground well. The Falkirk statement adds moral support and shows we still have a few friends in Scottish Football. It seems ICT have not been approached for a donation - Bill Clark (Raith Rovers) stating "they have their own view of the world"! Clark whom I think had a Senior/Executive role in Education clearly has political skills! He made public statements in April (pre-vote) about helping Hearts, Partick and Stranraer via reconstruction. He made another statement last month related to 14/10/10/10 about helping Falkirk into the Championship. Turns out Raith Rovers (and Dundee Utd) have not supported any of the reconstruction proposals. Such behaviour is very consistent with the comments about these clubs in the 4th Official article! Adding Dundee's behaviour it can be said that in professional football hypocracy must be part of the DNA in Dundee!
  12. The thread title mentions season 20-21, but ....... no information.
  13. Not if Hearts are in it. Wasting their money unless we win the arbitration and are reinstated.
  14. According to the Pars Wiki page, Jackie McNamara is in their employ as a Technical Consultant.
  15. £250K fee from sale of Nisbet probably helps
  16. There really is an irony in Dundee United wanting other teams to pay for their legal fees: Ayr United - they took 2 of Ayrs best players last summer for free that helped them win the league and now they are asking Ayr to contribute legal fees for them Queens Park - used to regularly plunder them for Robertson, Connolly and Spittal and were one of the few clubs that wriggled out of giving them compo because they were amateur status. Any club could have but most had a set of morals that meant they would give Queens Park some kind of compo, or loan them a couple of players etc. Dundee United now want Queens Park to pay towards their legal teams. On another point I see Dunfermline let ago of around 17 players a couple of months ago and are now assembling a pretty decent squad - McManus, Whittaker etc, now after Alston off Falkirk. They were fully within their rights to release the 17 players but does raise a few eyebrows that they only did it while allegedly skint and now putting a lot of decent players together. Seemingly they have outbid a number of clubs with regards to McManus wages. Doesnt likely affect us but I can see them being dark horses possibly next season in the race for the championship
  17. Doings by Arbroath. Let that sink in for a wee bit. Just how utterly garbage could we get?
  18. Good statement but probably won't change the narrative.
  19. Bit of a cheek to include a snider against Dick Campbell considering how his Arbroath gave us some doings in the season ...
  20. It’s worth pointing out that the so called ‘goodwill’ we might lose by proceeding is in fact currently lost on many levels in the spfl.....
  21. Good comment, but the more you hear coming out of Tannadice & to a lesser extent, Starks, the more you start to feel less sympathy for them. United were hemorrhaging money to win the league, now asking for other clubs, their competitors, to pay their legal fees? It's a funny old game right enough...
  22. Good statement, clarifies well.
  23. Club Chaplain - Scott Chaplain
  24. Good Statement in my opinion. Like how they stated that our case is with the SPFL and not them. Also how to ask other clubs to pay for their legal costs only potentially causes greater division within Scottish football.
  25. https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/joint-club-statement-3/
  26. Previous reports put the conclusion of his estate at 2 years. And a huge concern is that the ground deeds do not lie with Partick Thistle FC.
  27. I presume that Mr Weir ( RIP) did have a final will, and in all probability an executor lined up, but Grant of Probate currently takes in excess of three months. It can take a couple of years thereafter to wind up an estate. (Sale of houses, etc). I don't expect any movement anytime soon.
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