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  2. That's a brilliant picture of the north terracing.
  3. Fox would struggle to get a regular game in the juniors.
  4. Lots of permutations and ifs and buts on here. But the reality is that we are the worst team in the league, and there can be no doubt about that. To be charitable I'll say that the conditions at Arbroath might have played a big part in yet another defeat to a part-time team, but if we don't beat Ayr on Friday then I might even put money on us getting relegated. Oh, and people often talk about goalkeepers inspiring their defence. Scott Fox.... maybe he should considering further his international career with another team.... maybe in the juniors?
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  6. Brownlie and Lyons in this week according to below contact. https://twitter.com/EuanBRobertson/status/1221537030154399744?s=09
  7. Why does he end up stuck behind no.15 at both goals? He ends up at a disadvantage both times. Surely our centre backs should stop that happening?
  8. In standing half way there already, it saves him some energy in walking to pick the ball out the net
  9. Donnie McKinnon and Alex Ferguson? Is the referee Mullen? I seem to remember he wore that sort of refs attire
  10. Was watching the Arbroath “Go-Pro” highlights of the goals. Why does Fox stand behind the goal line? Seeing a thread on Twitter this seems incredibly common in the goals he’s lost this season.
  11. The next home game is on Friday evening at 7.05pm which might not suit everyone so if you can't make the game but want to be included in the draw PM me by Thursday evening so we can get that arranged.
  12. I put my hands up for a 3-0 win stating it would be our first clean sheet. Well. There you go!
  13. For the masochists some GoPro footage of the first 2 goals.
  14. I thought MacKinnon looked OK against Celtic, at least in the 1st half. But I'm not hearing many positives from yesterday,
  15. Would have been fine when he was younger but now is 35 , played in the Accies reserves for the last 3 months . Where we’re at just now , we should have been a bit more savvy and signed someone younger who was going to hit the ground running.
  16. Well, we can't get any lower...until May!
  17. Worrying. He was the boy that was going to stop up the holes in our defensive set-up. An enforcer: sounds like he needs to enforce a diet.
  18. Gerry Britton, those on the current board, and the management team would do bloody well to remember that no team in this division is too big to go down. We have been here before, as have Falkirk. So I hope they plan for the best, and prepare for the worst.
  19. Depressingly familiar. Just wonder when we will find the bottom of the trough this time.
  20. I bloody hope we’ve put them in the contract otherwise we could end up paying Championship wages to a 1st division team, but were so professional at contracts that would never happen at Firhill
  21. Woke up hungover and remembering how abysmal that performance was, particularly that first half. Was stood behind the goal first half and saw nothing at that end! Thought the fans were pretty good, that's about it. Worrying times.
  22. Long time till May if your theory is right , forecast is snow this week!
  23. I would hope so. He looks the worst out of the 3 we have. If Brownlie is left sided hopefully yesterday is McGinty's last appearance. I think we look better play a back 4 but its a bit much to ask 2 right sided defenders to do that for 14 games. You sure? Just checked a couple of QOS games and he played rightside in both. I wouldn't recommend watching his effor for Alloa's first goal yesterday if you think Elliot v Dunfermline except much worse you're not far away.
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