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    Does anyone else the now miss the golden Halcyon days of folk on here arguing about whether Archie should be sacked or not? Compared to the complete shit show and financial toilet paper dumpster fire this place is now? Its as if we are all in an endless circle of hell with posts from the same people arguing over the same things in a rotating cycle of crap with no new information. Wish i could just bug out and not look at this site anymore but unfortunately my love of our club means every time there is a new post, I will always have a look hoping that some sort of info on what is happening has been shared. I post this to send my love to my fellow lurkers who are stuck in this hellish loop with me.
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    I think that you are conflating fan ownership (as shareholders) with an inexperienced committee of fans running the club (as directors). The executive function should always be performed by people with the relevant skills and experience. These are the people who will have the day to day responsibility for running the club. It is not essential that they support the club, provided they can discharge their executive function in a manner which promotes the success of the club. All that fan ownership will do is to give supporters the ultimate say in the big strategic decisions - for example a sale / appointment of the board etc. The board would still be responsible for, eg managerial appointments, but the shareholders periodically have the opportunity to hold the board to account. Have a look at company law for a better understanding of shareholder rights. If you were to construct a logical argument against fan ownership, it would probably be around the turning off of the philanthropic tap of wealthy individuals who don’t really have an affinity with the club, but view it as a vanity project - for example Mike Ashley at Newcastle. You might view that as a good thing, or you might think that it’s something which might limit the club’s ability to push ahead, but it does result in greater responsibility for the success of the club being placed with the supporters. If funds need to be raised, it would be down to us, but if we own it, then that’s only fair. I do think that you’re doing the concept a disservice, however, if you just take the view that fans can’t agree on the simplest things on an Internet forum, so can’t possibly run a football club. The concept doesn’t call for them to run the football club in the first place.
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    Had to laugh yesterday during the game. Caldwell was playing down the right wing for a spell when I overheard a Jags fan yell out "Christ, Gary, you're even playing yourself out of position!!!"
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    "We are not a huge club who are going through a short off-form spell. We are a mid-table Championship club who had a brief period at a higher level but couldn't sustain it." Sorry, don't agree. Maybe it's an age thing, but in my opinion Thistle are a mid-table PREMIERSHIP club who have struggled often in the wilderness since the original introduction of the Premier League. Once upon a time (sorry, children) we had the same capacity of fan base as Motherwell, St. Johnstone, Kilmarnock and the Dundee clubs. (To be fair, so did Falkirk, Dunfermline, even Clyde.) What's made the past two seasons such a kick in the guts is that we, briefly, looked like we could restore our position in Scottish football. Instead, we're toiling in the second top league. Again. I don't see anything that St. Johnstone or Motherwell or Kilmarnock are doing that's beyond Thistle. We should be aiming to be a top league team who can get to cup finals and win Old Firm games on a good day. I genuinely don't see that as an unreasonable aspiration and I don't think we need rich benefactor to do it. After all, we got into the top six without Colin Weir financing the club. And if a consortium coming in to buy us is a fantasy, we're all due a Bobby Ewing moment when we step out of the shower tomorrow and realise that the past six weeks didn't happen. Wouldn't that be nice?!
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    The 'context' of singing '**** the Pope' or '**** the Queen' in Glasgow isn't that you gain the moral high ground over the old firm, it's that you're brought right down into the filth with them. Gonnae no' dae that?
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    @ Sandy @ Mat - Know both of you personally - you are both Good Guys and both have the Club at Heart - the last 18 Months have been the most divisive Ive ever seen the support - we are going to disagree - we will have differing ways of expressing frustration - but both of you are Good Jags Fans of the highest standing - so can I ask you both wipe the slate clean start again - its not a good time to be supporting the Jags - but as two people I like- a personal request for you both to bury the hatchet Jim Alexander
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    I've really tried hard to stay out of this. But can you just **** off?
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    It's a wonder to me why so much weight is put on eye-witness accounts in the courts. I was convinced yesterday that Bannigan's challenge was clumsy, accidental, not worth more than a booking. Having reviewed the CCTV footage, m'lud, he's guilty as charged! Looking at the video, the only reasonable response is, WTF?! Bannigan isn't the player he was, but he's being asked to carry far too much weight in that midfield. Judging by the rumours circulating on Twitter, he'll be off soon anyway. It's all a bit of a shambles, isn't it? Having calmed down since yesterday and trying to take an objective view as possible - Thistle should not be in their current position; the responsibility for that must rest with the management team; only winning games is the measure by which their continued employment should be judged. The only key players now are David Beattie and Gerry Brittain. Brittain has to advise the board as to whether Caldwell should be given more game time to turn things around or be removed immediately; Beattie has to decide whether the cost of bringing in a new manager, and compensating the departing one, can sit comfortably within the ongoing takeover negotiations. I suspect that human nature being what it is, the decision will be delayed in the hope that things will work out in the next few games. Whatever happens, I believe that Gary Caldwell is a dead man walking - his time at Thistle is almost up. He's failed to do what he was brought in for, and what he himself said we're his aims. I suspect his time in football management is almost up too. What club would want him now? I wish I could identify a replacement who I'd be confident could turn the club around, but I can't. Feeling calmer this morning, but not any more optimistic.
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    Zanatta, having played very little football this season, was clearly blowing out his arse and was rightly taken off.
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    I don't think I'll be alone shedding a wee tear watching and listening to this https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/av/scotland/49531554
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    Despite the lack of goals, I consider Ade a success. He played in every game up to the split in our best season in decades and ran defences ragged, creating opportunities for our better finishers. And we made a small profit on him. Not that it made up for his absence- while a lot is said correctly about how we missed Lindsay- I also suspect having Ade would have given us just enough to stay up. Our entire game seemed to slow down when he left.
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    It shoes how far we've sunk when someone can write 'A tough run of 3 games coming up … Ayr, Montrose and Arbroath' on here without the merest hint of irony.
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    No you made a statement describing how this Years Budget could stack up - you used an income figure from last Year that included £850K income via Parachute and EURO Money which we dont have this Year So what we have No Debt - what relevance is that if we dont have a Budget that keeps the Lights on - and we still dont have an answer as to where the £300K Investment was coming from David Kelly - a Chartered Accountant who oversaw the longest period of Financial Stability at the Club for decades stating we have a Budget Shortfall that the Transfer Money from Fitz and Liam is filling - now I suggest you go challenge that statement - tell him how he cant count - as Im certainly not about to He is a Chartered Accountant - we are in the midst of a takeover - do you really think he is going to risk his Professional Reputation ?
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    If I was our manager I'd be pretty concerned that i've hardly been outside the bottom 3 in almost 10 months in charge. But then I'd have an ego disproportionate to my ability and would never look at the league table unti 36 games are completed. And I wouldn't accept that defeat at the hands of the Bunnet in two weeks time is any way detrimental to my managerial greatness.
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    Is your number one loyalty to Partick Thistle rather than Gary Caldwell? If yes, Gary wants you out and will (typically) replace you with someone whose priority is themselves. He is ripping apart the soul of this club.
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    Going to defend Banzo a bit , Caldwell has put him in a defensive midfield role , put 2 midfielders round about him Palmer and Gordon who haven’t even played 20 first team games between them so I can see how he’s been struggling. Got to agree he has been poor but there is slightly mitigating circumstances
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    I would take Kenny Miller in a flash. People have pointed to Caldwell (in my view at times) analytical ability and relative (this is footballers we are talking about) articulacy, which I've always said would suit him for a job in the media. Has problem is that he deosnt seem be able to translate this understanding and analysis into action, hence 'at times' - as some of his substitutions (yesterday was one of the most damning examples) prove, also his preference for unfit, not sharp Hall over either Saunders or O'Ware. What he clearly lacks is any sort of undesrtanding of players' psychology, as exemplified by some of his pathetic stunts: dugoutgate, SASgate, and envelopegate ( a variation on the equally pathetic mind game that Rogers tried on a Liverpool), every one of these stunts has backfired abysmally. Footballers may not be geniuses, but they're not daft either and can be quite streetwise, they can see through these mind games for what they are. Caldwell is clearly simply not cut out for management; the sooner he leaves the better for all.
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    It was FTQ and FTP getting sung at Morton. Why the **** are we singing it at Morton anyway?
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    Looking forward to the SPFL Match Delegate’s Report after the match on Sunday when the party songs have been aired in full as they are at every game in the SPFL when UEFA aren't looking and the Scottish football authorities say and do nothing.
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    The reason there was no Hearts and Hibs is because Archibald's Thistle finished above them. Yes, Hearts had a points deduction, but that's because they ultimately cheated. Edited to add that, when we finished 6th, all but Hibs were back anyway. I don't see the point of denigrating a number of successful seasons because of later failures.
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    Just saw that big Sean has been named in the SPFL team of the week. Congratulations Sean well deserved Hardly put a foot wrong at the weekend and I don't recall missing many headers either. Big Sean is now massive for us and his never say die attitude is just what we need. Well done big man keep it up.
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    He's spent millions of pounds supporting the club but if he was a true fan he'd keep spending millions, regardless of the direction of the club and the doubts surrounding it's ownership? In his position, from what we know, I'd have walked away in a heartbeat. I think you have a high bar for what makes someone a true fan.
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    I agree with your first statement that the pool of fans with cash has gone. However I do not agree that non-fans with no investment wont work. There is no reason for it not to. As for the benefactor, we will never agree that it is a bad thing. I'd hate to think where we would be ("find our level") had Colin Weir not being involved. Yes the benefactor can pull his funding at short notice, but providing the board, however it is made up, don't piss him/her off, and you do not rely on him for day-to-day running costs then any additional funding has to be a good thing. I will never ever forgive Beattie for whatever happened between him and Colin Weir
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    Cowan, Hogan, Hainey. They played 3 times together at Easter Road. Hogan played twice at full-back but this time he looks as if he's up with the forwards so going for a Scottish cup-tie 20/2/1965. Hibs won 5-1. Hogan was at No 9. Gray, Campbell, Muir, Davis, Harvey, Cunningham, Cowan, Hainey, Hogan, Ewing, McPARLAND. McParland scored first then the roof fell in. Big No 5 looks like Jackie McNamara's dad. Could be Harry Davis in the far distance.