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    The problem on this thread is that the people who want rid of Caldwell are painting those who don't as accepting of mediocrity, or naive hero worshippers, when in fact most people who want Caldwell to stay are able to see the faults, are not 100% convinced, are disappointed with the season overall, but are realistic enough to know that he took over a team with problems and just think he has done enough to be given a chance. Very different. There has to be more room for a bit of nuance, rather than this angry 'with us or against us' attitude, which dominates on most social media these days but I'd have thought we could get beyond on a Thistle fans' forum.
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    Honestly some people on this forum need to get a grip. We slated the club for not making difficult decisions in the past and for me this makes total sense. Also did anyone think that it might be Doolan himself who made this decision. finance will be tight and it’s time this squad has a complete overhaul. We have zero room for sentiment.
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    That's beyond horrendous. Emphasising more to life than football. Thoughts with her at what will be a horrifically difficult time.
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    It was our own board that appointed Caldwell, not the SFA.
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    My point is some on this forum want to make out he is a better manager than he seems to be so far. They will make out he saved us from relegation, whereas he was brought in with 26 games to play to get us promotion.If you don't get it fine.
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    Some Jags fans seriously need to calm down and look at the decision rationally. The guy was going to turn 34 this season, and clearly wasn't going to be getting regular first team football. I'd be pretty shocked if he wasn't offered a new deal, but Doolan not being content to warm the bench, and being all too aware that he only has one or two years left decided to seek first team football elsewhere. I don't see how that is Caldwell's fault. Doolan is a Jags legend, and always will be. But he is not a medium or long term solution to the current problems, and a fresh start is what is needed. I think this season showed that, despite dropping a division, Doolan's sharpness had declined slightly, and McDonald proved to be a far better option. That coupled with Doolan's high wages would not have made it a prudent move to keep him as second or third fiddle next season, when he could have been off getting first team football. I hope that for his sake that Ayr United fail to get promotion, and he can join back up with Ian McCall next season who will be looking for at least two new strikers. That would seem a fitting and almost poetic conclusion to one of the greatest players to grace the Firhill turf. But from the fans point of view, all this "f..k Caldwell" "I'm not renewing my season ticket..." blah blah blah nonsense has to stop. As I said, for all we know, Doolan was offered a new deal and maybe even an Academy coaching role, but wanted to seek first team games before the end of his career (Mark Roberts anyone?). The last two years collectively have been an absolute nightmare. So sentimentality needs to be discarded, and a fresh start needed. I'm really saddened to hear Doolan is gone, but since he, McDonald, and Storey have also left, we will be rebuilding a brand new attacking line next year. And who knows, maybe Caldwell will pull a masterstroke and unearth another gem who in a decades time we will be having the exact same conversation about as we are now. So pull it together. Doolan will get a fitting testimonial, and has been enshrined as a Thistle legend for as long as the club will exist. But football isn't stagnant, and change is needed.
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    There really is some bitchfest going on over this, but I for one will be going to Dumfries on Saturday to watch Partick Thistle play a game of football. Now I will be hoping we get a result that keeps us from entering the playoffs, and if this means needing Ayr to do us a favour I'll take it. I don't care who comes out that tunnel wearing a Thistle strip, I'll be right behind them the whole game. Even if their heads go down mine won't, because at the end of all this some of them can just walk away, join another club and kiss another badge. But I will still support Partick Thistle. I can't do the walking away part, cos this is my team and I think all of us should just think about it a little before posting some of this crap. Get to Palmerston and support the team . That's what being a fan is about, not fighting between ourselves. Difference of opinion is one thing but some of the posts on here are poison.
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    Despite all the calls for his immediate execution, the jury's still out on Caldwell. He was an ambitious appointment - much more so than McCall or Goodwin would have been. This is a guy who wants to manage in the English Premier, absolutely no doubt about that. Whether he's got the ability is very much still open to question. He's made the kind of mistakes most young managers make - he's got some things wrong, but he's got some right as well. If he's sacked tomorrow night, I won't shed any tears for his departure: if he's still manager for next season, I'll wait with interest to see who he brings in and how we progress. But what really rips my knitting are the posters on here who blame every negative thing relating to Thistle on his appointment. It's a witch hunt, plain and simple - let's throw him in the canal, if he drowns, he was a bad manager, if he swims to the bank, we'll stone him to death for being a bad manager. And as for claiming Alan Archibald as some wronged idol we should all regret having left us, does no one remember the team he put out on the opening game of the season when we couldn't even fill the subs bench? He said he would rebuild the team after relegation and he totally, TOTALLY, failed to do that. There's an unpleasant wee vindictive bubble on this forum relating to Caldwell: not everyone shares the view.
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    Do we honestly need to go through this for eternity???
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    On a positive note, hospitality appears to be on the up. I have no direct knowledge to support that but would suggest a good time was had by many yesterday. They were so out of it they named McGinty Man of the Match!
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    Noticed this picture in Aitken Suite, you can see young Robert and myself in the background.
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    Funnily enough, the idea of the club going in a new direction was exactly the thought that came to me at six o'clock this morning after having spent most of the night processing yesterday's developments. (I know, ridiculous, but what can you do.) Caldwell's not here to settle into the 'Thistle family': he's here to make a name for himself and move on. His own family is still in Manchester and there's no doubt he wants to manage down there. The only way he can do that is by achieving success with Thistle. He needs to get us promotion this season. Minimum. A publicity-generating run in a cup is probably necessary as well. (You know the kind of thing - "Gary Caldwell comes back to haunt his old club with Thistle holding Celtic to a no-scoring draw at Parkhead" before they hump us in the replay at Firhill.) So, no more cuddly toy. We're into ruthless mode, apparently. If he's successful, I suspect most of the fans will think it was worth it. If he isn't, he's toast - what other club is going to touch him? This new direction is Caldwell's. No one forced it on him. There were other directions he could have gone . (Offering Doolan a 12 month contract being the most obvious.) He's chosen to put all of this pressure on himself. Thistle have to be in the top four clubs in this league for the entirety of the season and at the end of the season we have to be promoted. That's it. Nothing else will do.
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    This might not be a popular response, but the guy is going to turn 34 this season, is clearly slowing down, and is in no way a dependable long term player for the team. He has been a terrific servant for the club, and I really think that he should have been given some time on the pitch at QoS. However, we need to look to the future, and a post-Doolan world was always inevitable. I am sure the club would have wanted to keep a hold of him, but Doolan is not a player content to sit on the bench, and at his age he will have wanted to at least get some game time bearing in mind he has only a year or two left. I don't think Caldwell forced him out the door. A tough decision to make for all concerned, but looking backwards will get us nowhere. The club needs to look to the future, and get some fresh faces in. No point on dwelling in the past. It is time for Caldwell and his adorable little WhatsApp group to bash their heads together and unearth the next Doolan or Buchanan. All the best Dools, you are a legend.
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    The failure to so much as give him a cameo at Palmerston shows that Caldwell has zero class. Even if you leave aside the merits or complications of whether he should have been offered an extension to his contract (and you better believe he should) you've got to treat the good guys right. In the long run, that matters far far far more than whether you won 3-0 or 3-1 on a random afternoon in May.
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    O Thou that in the heav’ns dost dwell, Wha’ as it pleases best thysel’, Visits us wi th’cuif Cauldwell, For thy ain glory; An’ Ally Roy and young Mansell, An’ Miles Storey. There’s nane o’ them can bulge the net, Nor strike a pass, nor dribble yet; Aye, sooth, oor ‘strikers’ mak’ us fret; But Skip and Cardle; Nae wunner we curse wi’ epithet, On sic a fardel. By Holy pow’r the dugouts moved, Thy faith in us, nae doot, tae prove; The Jaggites effort tae improve, Thou’s sent us Saunders; But a’ thy might canst not remove, A’ Cauldwell’s blunders. O Lord an' God, oor great white hunter, To mitigate oor grave mishanter, Please send us Goodwin, soon, or Bunter For a’ oor glory; Replace oor chairman, who’s a munter, Forbye a Tory. We bless the day thou gav’st us hopes, Wi 'relegation we could cope; But ne’er wi’ Caldwell’s media tropes; An afwu’ vanities; His white and shining envelopes, Fu’ o’ inanities. His shyte wad fill th’Encyclopedia His ranting capers in the media, Recorded noo in Wikipedia, Mak’s Gyppos chortle; An’ has them lauching in hysteria, On Pie n Bovril. But dafter yet than Caldo’s ploys, Thae slaverin’ glib-tongued fan bois, The righteous Jag their chat annoys, An’ gies offence; Their rantin’, canting shyte destroys A’ common sense. Lord pledge tae us a guid formation, Fire up oor imagination, An save us frae bleak relegation; Frae grim League Ane; And heed us in our dire oration, Amen, Amen.
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    So the season is over. I’ve tended to avoid the Caldwell debate, largely because I’m not sure what to think. This remains the case. Back at around Christmas, I posted that Caldwell should be punted forthwith. I also said, assuming this won’t happen, he should only be given another season if his team shows sustained promotion challenging form; simply staying up by the skin of our teeth on the final day is not enough, So where are we now? We’ve gone into the final day in danger of relegation. On the face of it, that’s not good enough. However we’ve also shown sustained promotion challenging form. A form table of the past 15 games- close to half a season- shows us third, two points off United in second. Based on this, along with our survival and 6th place finish, I think he has, objectively feeling, done enough, to be fair. I somehow can’t warm to him, however. If he wins promotion next season though...
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    Myself and Eunice with Scott MacDonald at POTY.
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    For a club our size, with our fan base and our resources the biggest asset a manager at Thistle can get is time. To get that he needs to engage, he needs to be honest, humble when needed and understand the Thistle mentality. Plus livebreath and contribute to the club. This also goes for the board. We have a manager who doesn’t engage, doesn’t hang about for sponsor nights or POTY, is arrogant, and has no idea of the basic ethics that makes this club different from the corporations of the OF. Doesn’t even live in the flat provided for him but commutes to Manchester, that’s not a commitment or sacrifice. We have a board who fail to communicate but when they do it’s spin, personal message people on FB, Twitter or Whattsap to cuddle up and try to break any discontent with BS (I’ve seen the messages), break promises, have put less financially into the club than any ST holder or regular fan, and basically treat the fans as a number a pay check that’ll keep paying. Beattie May have had his faults but he ran the club in profit whilst also paying (along with every other board member) an annual fee, our board has us running at a loss, earning a wage and paying in zero in shares or annual fees. This is the greatest distance of disconnect I have seen between board and fans since Ken Bates was here.
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    Of course it wasn't a money issue. The guy took a 50% wage cut to stay last season and knocked back a deal with St Johnstone which would have kept him on the same wage he was on in the premier with us. The guy was as loyal as you could possibly be. He's been treated like absolute shite.
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    Really saddened by today's announcement. A true Thistle legend. Thanks for all the memories Kris! I thought this video I did a couple of years ago might be appropriate:
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    a small story about Stevie Chalmers , who's time at Thistle was at the end of his career and he was suffering from knee complaints and wasn't the best time for him . i met him along with Bobby Lennox , who's Celtic supporting club in Texas USA asks Bobby Lennox and a prominent Celtic player usually a Lisbon player to visit on a yearly basis to the club in the early 2000's , This was the only Scottish football viewing i could get access to , so i was the token Thistle supporter who was subjected to the usual questions , what team do you really support ? None the less I got invited to the Christmas dinner dances and the golf tournaments . It's at the golf tournament that Stevie Chalmers showed how good he was as a golfer . The smile when the three men teams were drawn , it left me laughing with me being named the middle player in the Lisbon lions forward line , Lennox, Me , Chalmers . As a golfer his negotiation skill where very good when it came to his handicap . To most there it was Stevie Chalmers the Lisbon goal scorer , the Scotland goal scorer against Brasil , very few knew or cared about his time at Thistle , but next to no one knew , maybe Lennox did , that he was a +1 handicap golfer , he was at one point good enough to be professional , basically he was a bandit even with bad knees . bad hips he was a still class above . He was a very quiet man with a level of humility, this is the profile that comes across in the documentary done by the BBC around his backstory with TB and is and was the impression he left with me. So I have a golf trophy from a CSC that the team reads Lennox , Chalmers and me. i felt then and reflect on now, that he was the quiet and humble man of that Celtic team ( which made every European cup quarter finals except one , 2 finals and 4 semi finals in a 9 year stretch and we still took 4 off them in a single half at Hampden). my blareny and trivia to my Celtic supporting friends is I played in the Lisbon forward line . a Thistle supporter . Stevie Chalmers left an impression as a true gentlemen and a quiet but fierce competitor . Condolences to his family
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    The first prize today was £490 and the winning numbers were: 1st - 91454 2nd - 91163 I would like to thank all our sellers (Ian, Donna & Marc), Ross in the office and, of course, you guys who buy the tickets. Your support is very much appreciated. This season we have had the same number of games as we did last season at Firhill across all competitions and we raised £9,747 for youth development at our club which is an increase of £604 on last season. Thanks again and will see you next season - keep the faith!