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    I like Bannigan, l think he opens play and has a good range of passing which reminds me of the job Danny Lennon used to do for us. But the sending offs are getting too much. From the same area of the pitch, he got sent off today, against Ayr and, last season, Falkirk. It's a real pity because l would love to have seen him celebrate a win with the rest of the team at the end. But getting sent off in a fairly safe area of the pitch is really damaging. I hope McCall manages to get it sorted because, across 90 minutes, you'll struggle to find a player less likely to hide or go missing than Stuart Bannigan. Fact check and apology - Sorry, got mixed up with Bannigan and Harkins re: Falkirk sending off. It was only a yellow he got that day - sorry Stuart!
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    Sad but true. I used to get asked'who do you really support, Rangers or Celtic'. My reply i am a Partick Thistle supporter and dislike them both in equal measures.
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    I know we're bottom of the table and I know our squad is pretty crap, but I do believe that the tag of the great unpredictables is warrented again. I don't know what is going to happen every time I go see them. Happy days. I will always support them whether it's top of the table or bottom.
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    Agree 100%. Was my favourite player in the promotion team which relied on him greatly to be able to play as it did. Real Thistle guy. But he has struggled in a bad team, and his mistimed tackles and completely unnecessary cards are a real problem.
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    Agree that Tam was good today, as were Penrice and Cole, but going to give my MOTM award to Kakay. Covered a lot of ground and showed pace, skill and heart. His run won the corner which led to the passage of play from which Gordon scored his second.
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    A new contract? He should be chased out of the club.
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    AJ. I am not going to answer your question, but instead ask a new one of my own. Do you take sugar? And if so, do you provide your own or is it supplied by a daddy? If the latter, is this sustainable in the long term?
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    Are you trying to milk this discussion or just water it down ptd.
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    They are taking a gamble, I understand he got roughly 200k signing on fee with high wages , they’ll get their money back easily as I don’t think he’ll be there in 3 years time and go for a decent transfer fee and their aim of getting promotion will probably have happened. How much money has our Club wasted the last 2 years , paying off players and managers , we had roughly £1 million floating around between parachute payments and UEFA payments , I’ve got to disagree a little bit , at least investing in a player like Shankland there should be value there at some point, instead we’ve went down the road of paying Kenny Miller decent wages with no chance of getting any real value back because of his age .
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    I guess we've just gotta hope Jordanhill Jag and javeajag make their tea the same way.
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    My fault for not understanding. Tho' technically it was the pub's fault for serving me too much drink.
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    allyo isn't old enough to have clear memories of Rough as a player.
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    There is nothing inherently good about 'Business'. The fact that people set up organisations to make money for their own self-interest doesn't make them competent or trustworthy. The assumption that the role of any football club, and their fans, is to simply hand over their resources and money to such organisations because they 'know what they're doing' is risible. 'Business models' have created huge amounts of human misery and led to the downfall of not a few football clubs along the way. There is an inherent snobbishness about many of the comments on here about the money invested in the club by Colin Weir - he only won it, he didn't get it by running a successful business ( in other words, making profits from other people), so it's not the kind of money we want. It's a 'comfort blanket', it's only a subsidy, it'll run out. Colin Weir's millions are just as relevant as the guy Conway. More so, in my opinion, as he didn't gain them through venture capitalism. Conway and his ilk are parasites. I don't want them anywhere near Thistle.
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    Watching Liverpool v Man City yesterday Bernardo Silva drilled a finish into the bottom corner just inside the post and my dad said, when was the last time you saw a Thistle player just drive one inside the post like that? And I said, yesterday.
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    Agree. And I think Shaw's goals at Parkhead are legendary. But he is a character on the legendary tale, rather than the legend. In my opinion. PS - This is all very subjective. I won't be arguing about it.
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    Little relevance but I noticed a PTFC tweet re Stenny. Got me thinking how important such a little word as "for" can be. Take it away from this tweet and it applies to many a Jags fan far too often of late. Scot Rail tho' might be an exception to the rule.
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    My memory of that red card is that the ball was heading over the sideline at the stand side at ayr for our shy. Chic stuck up a hand to catch the ball, presumably to take a quick throw, but he was still on the park and was deemed to have handled deliberately. Pretty harsh I thought.
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    Quote in paper this morning ONE of the consortium trying to buy Partick Thistle has blasted the SFA for blocking the takeover. Paul Conway says Hampden red tape will force New City Capital to look elsewhere. Of their current ownership of Barnsley, he said: “We consider Barnsley the best-run club in English football.” He forgets to mention the Tykes are second-bottom of the Championship and heading for relegation.
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    interesting article in this months When Saturday Comes on the shambles that is Barnsley ..... "The fans fury has been turned on our silent owners, whose naive and inflexible transfer policies lie at the heart of this season's failure...Barnsley's buy cheap, nurture and sell policy has left them with their weakest squad over the past three years, just when they needed to compete in the Championship" Beaten 4-2 by Stoke yesterday to go bottom of the championship and their fans desperate for Conway and Co to sell up .....it’s hard to believe anyone would want these clowns at our club ( cue some comment on tfe.....)
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    Despite going down to 10 men in the second half we still managed to get a very good 3points against Morton. I hope that this result is a moral booster for the team and we take the same attitude on to our next game against Stenhousemuir.
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    Gordon's goals and contributions have been responsible for at least five of our last six points. Yet those slating his performances aren't exactly off the mark. I'd like to think it's easier to get a goalscoring midfielder to start being busier on the pitch than get a busy midfielder to start scoring goals. Perhaps significant that in those last two winning games Gordon has come off the bench to change things. At worse the lad can be summed up as an impact sub. Think tho' the he is young enough to become a more complete midfielder. Don't believe Gordon should be (or will be) one of the players that McCall will sacrifice in January. That said a lot of work to be done to make him anything like a key player.
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    Not one of mine this time, that was PTTV, with the amazing commentary from Campell Hughes!
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    Wow! Didn't realise you've been posting your videos for so long!! That is some hit from Jamie.
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    Checked the official history book and Dolan scored against Ayr on the 8th September 2001 at Firhill in a 2-1 win which is obviously what I was thinking of!
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    Banzo May have previously been a class above but sadly this season nowhere near that. While your entitled to your comment about Gordon I’d say he offers far more than banzo think your slightly harsh on hall given this was his first league game since Ayr at Firhill - he didn’t really do much wrong
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    Not at all, I was being flippant LJ. I always include Clyde as one of the five, even although by a number of metrics they could be seen as dubious. That said, if Pollok/Petershill/Maryhill Juniours did an Auchinleck and eliminated a top level team then we may have to include them perforce.
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    Ha ha, bet you didn't think I would have anything to video when Banzo got his marching orders Bloody fantastic result under the circumstances
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    Yep, Hall's been overlooked among the post-match praise.
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    Just like the media, Sevco and Celtic fans don't realise there are other teams in Scotland.
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    They are on the way and I was nowhere near a pub..........however i am having a wee refreshment as I am working on the vids
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    big tam my motm by a mile team captain surely penrice first half excellent pushing forward, got a bad one later on but never gave up cole and hall did well, certainly an improvement kakay got stuck right in over the ninety minutes gordon when he came on scores with first touch an exciting open game, great 3 points onwards and upwards
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    Good shout Matt
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    Well done - would have accepted that before the game, but to have done so when a man down is an achievement and at the same time great for morale. Banzo - manager's office first thing on Tuesday please. First Amstel has just come out of the fridge - enjoy your Saturday evening fellow Jags!!
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    Ya beauty. What a result. Well done boys. Showing true grit. Makes my weekend. Celebrating with a brandy.
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    It isnt lack of composure. We are just dreadfully shite.
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    FFS - Red card. We've had more of those at Firhill than points this season.
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    They can’t really afford him. Their wages are 130% of income and had or are about to have a loss of about £3M.
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    Somebody on P&B described it as likely to be the football equivalent of two drunks slugging it out in the chippy after closing time. I'm not expecting it to be as exciting as that frankly, though I thought it was a great analogy.
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    Loyal Orange Lodge?
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    I doubt anybody would argue with that. I'd put Campbell up there with Roughie and McParland as my all-time three favourite legends.
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    My favourite Jag of all time Jackie Campbell. Now there is a club legend.
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    Yes 442 is a good idea with Miller and Zanatta up front
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    You seem to supporting the wrong club.
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    No matter how warranted a dropping I don't think we'll see the left sided McGinty replaced by the 22 year old right sided Hall. Regardless, I think it's almost impossible to select a starting eleven based on our last two Saturday defeats. Even with someone like Gordon, who's been poor, you could argue the team played no better after he was replaced at Ayr. I sense most of the starting eleven will be chosen above all by attitude and fitness. Tho' he's not been great, starting Zanatta ahead of Mansell to play alongside Miller might be the better option. I say that only based on Dario's previous goalscoring record. If Cardle starts I'd play him left side midfield even if not on a wide role. But as I say it'll be based more on attitude and fitness.
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    Rather than the Weir money stops should we not more worry about consortium money since they don’t invest any and secondly if so it’s only done by saddling clubs with huge loans that are only beneficial to the consortium, while only selling players that make money directly to the consortium. no idea how long weirs money lasts I guess it’s how long is a piece of string but in meantime it’s money for free and without having to pay any huge loan. Any money from selling a player goes back to the club and not direct to that vulture Paul Conways pocket
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    ...in other news??!!! Isn't that what these 215 pages have been about?
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    My predictions . Jags 0 Morton 0 Jags 1 Alloa 1 Stenhousemuir 1 Jags 2 Jags 1 Penicuik 1