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    Some more stuff recovered and digitised from the 8 mm silent movies I took in the early 70s can be viewed here It carries the usual caveat about quality (or lack thereof) but shows clips from: · A pre-season friendly @ Preston North-End (and the player I omitted to list, coming off between Ronnie Glavin and Denis McQuade, was Bobby Gray the Younger) · The raising of the Second Division Championship flag (and this is seriously lousy footage) · Matches at Rugby Park, Fir Park, Somerset Park, Tynecastle & Muirton Park. Anyone interested enough to share, please go ahead and do so, and if anyone has an update/correction of any info I’ve included, please get in touch and I’ll re-edit. CCJag
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    Anyone who uses the term "snowflake" to describe other people is a complete and utter tosser.
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    It's curious (and rather tiring) how often Archie's mistakes get used to justify GC's decisions. AA got us promoted and into the top 6 - the best times I have had as Jag fan out with the Lambie years. There's no way on earth our current manager will achieve anything near this, I just don't see it. Ask for signing Kenny Miller, I don't know any Thistle fan who would have willingly replaced Doolan for Kenny Miller. I've read all the views of those supportive of GC and their justifications for him binning Doolan, but no, not for me thanks. I believe a lot of ill feeling still resonates amongst fans about this. When the next manager arrives it would be a master stroke for them to resign Doolan, especially if he does well at Ayr this season.
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    As regards the present incumbents running the Club and I include the manager in this as well ,the big thing for me is the lack of vision and where they see Partick Thistle just now or where we are going to be in 10 yrs time . They all say the right things about the Academy and the new Training Ground, the reality is somewhat different, no Training Ground in the near future and only playing at being an Academy with no real plan how we provide a platform or pathway to get young players to first team level . Gary Caldwell I believe has been given no remit as to what direction we should be going in and we were told at the Meet the Manager night , the manager is in charge of first team decisions , no explanation in what direction we’re trying to go in , whether we’re trying to build a sustainable model like Hamilton or Motherwell do with the emphasis on coaching or promoting youth . We seem to be going down the short term route ,hoping to get lucky with the signings of Cardle , Harkins and Kenny Miller to try and get us promoted, I’m not so sure as a strategy that is going to work even if we did manage to get promoted, hence we become a yo-yo Club flirting between the top 2 divisions . Criticism is getting levelled at Jacqui Lowe and Gerry Britton not really because of the finances of the Club which we knew was going to happen after relegation, more to do with their lack of vision or what they see our future to be and that’s when we need a strong Chairwoman.
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    Dundee reached a Scottish Cup final when they peaked at 150+% wages to turnover. Dunfermline around the same time reached finals were forking out just short of 130% wages to turnover . Months later Dundee would've gone out of business if Dens Pk was of any real value. They only escaped as HMRC reluctantly accepted some convoluted 40 year pay back plan. Dunfermline were Gavin Masterson's plaything. When the cash ran out, well we can all see what happened. Livingston, who in my mind are nothing but a dodgy franchise, like Dundee are serial **** ups. Even now I guess many of us have a fair idea how they're financed. I'm not for a moment saying there isn't a case for speculating to accumulate but within reason. I'd say that reason would dictate you don't pay out more on player wages than your turnover and you don't risk almost certain ensuing administration or worse in the process. Winning a cup would be to me a most hollow achievement if months later we're watching on as good people (players, staff & management) are being made redundant.
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    It is Thistle. All inclusive, everybody welcome, no agendas.
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    Only with bigoted gammons.
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    As in the holiday advert, I shouldn’t really be here and nor should this posting, but what the Hell… Most people who know me are aware of my earlier allegiance, but hopefully few would question my commitment to The Jags for over fifty years. Amidst the footage of the Jags in Sweden and early 70's domestic games, I found the short clip I took on a visit my Father and I made to Cathkin. It was less than five years after the Club died and a painful sight to see. Younger Jags fans might be surprised at the size of the ground, older ones at the very familiar shape of the Cathkin Shed! Anyway, it might be of interest to some who like meandering through the history of the game. If so, click here to view - it only lasts a couple of minutes. CCJag
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    Over 800 posts and 30,000 views on this thread and all we really know is that we don't know anything. Is the consortium that's supposed to be buying the club this week still interested? Have they turned their attentions elsewhere? (They've already approached, and been knocked back by, Hibs, allegedly, and Falkirk have, apparently, been approached by 'American investors'.) 'I think we should be told' is usually a facetious punchline in these situations, but I think we SHOULD be told, even if it's only, "The club has been approached by a group interested in investing in Thistle and we are in discussions. No further comment will be made at this time." The chair has made a great deal about openness, transparency and good communication. Surely this is the time.
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    We are currently an independent club. We are largely responsible for raising funds through whichever means. We celebrate the development of a young player who makes a valued contribution to the team, and we appreciate it if they move on to bigger things and we can cash in. It funds the further development of players, or the next signing, or a new pitch, whatever. Our fans buy season tickets, even though they aren't great value, becuase they want to contribute. Some of them buy these but can't even go to games. We run and enter competitions and lotteries to help contribute to the club, because we know it needs it, and because we believe that in a small way it will make a difference. And when we're are successful we all feel part of it, because we know that without the fans it couldn't happen. Boards can come and go, and sometimes we might think they are rubbish, but the fans are consistent, and even if we own nothing on a balance sheet, we still know that it's our club. We know that Partick Thistle exists primarily for the people who turn up on a Saturday. The good scenario here, that people are getting excited about (assuming that it's not a property deal), is that we are going to become minor part of a stable of clubs which are managed by a financial consortium, to make financial returns. This will be done through sporting means, by developing players and facilities to increase the financial value of the club, or make short term profit on player sales (though from Scottish football that seems a lot of work for a very small potential return). If they are successful then we may develop good players, we may get promoted, but that will not be the primary aim. The primary aim will be to make money. Why do I think this? Becuase I find it hard to believe that a consortium of very rich business people from America or China will be excited by Partick Thistle's achievements in Scottish football. Hunch. So, assuming the good scenario, it's subjective. I can understand why people might quite like it, because it could work out okay. And there's a bit of frustration in the current set-up. But it makes us something very different. Would you put your hand in your pocket to financially benefit an organisation that is owned by billionaires? Or would you only pay when it's worth it, when you are getting your financial value? I totally get that there is a debate here, for good reason. But when I think about the best case scenario, to be honest, I still don't really fancy it.
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    I don't want to see my Club bracketed with Dundee, Livingston, Hearts, Gretna, Old Rangers etc. If we're not winning cups or qualifying for Europe sobeit. Call it the moral high ground for all I care but fans of above mentioned don't get to gloat about their "successes" leading up administration or receivership in my company. And I'm certainly not alone.
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    This forum is a complete joke. People getting there knickers in a twist and accusing people of being racists for comments which could barely be described as offensive. I wouldn't like to be in a lot of your companies as you take things far too serious. The world is ****** and its down in small part to this over sensitiveness over comments which are scrutinised to death. I come on here to see about signings etc. and have to read through 3 pages of absolute shite.
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    Sport should be for everybody. Your gender, race, religion or sexuality has nothing to do with it. Even your ability or disability should not stop you, Young Robert played wheelchair football, which is not for the faint hearted. It wasn't unusual for wheelchairs to go flying as 2 players went in for crunching tackles and I mean crunching. The teams were mixed with males and females. I notice that Muirfield golf club has finally lifted their ban of not allowing female members. Of course being told they would not be allowed to host any British open tournaments as long as the no female rule was in place might have helped change their minds, against a rule that was in place for more than 270 years. Like everything on the TV if you don't like it, change the channel or switch it of.
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    Thirty five pages based on absolutely nothing but half a rumour. Pie & Bovril has a dedicated subthread for Old Firm fans to goad each other. This forum would benefit greatly from a similar dedicated place for the handful of posters who turn every single thread into tedious game of playing with themselves.
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    I was one of the fans who didn't think McDonald would do a job for us. Because he hadn't played since the end of the 17/18 season and I also thought his media work would also make it harder for him to do a good job for us. He proved me wrong and I was very happy to say so on the forum, although I don't think I came on sheepishly to do it. I also found out when I presented him with the Robert Watson player of the year trophy that he is a very nice guy and he was more than happy to chat with my wife and I about Robert. We also got some great photo's with us, Scott and the trophy. I hope Kenny does a very good job for us because he is playing for Thistle and no matter what team/teams a player has played for in the past as soon as they start playing for us I want them to do well.
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    Have been reading quite a bit of the thread and the one word that pops up a lot is "Negativity". It seems to be the buzz word to bash those over the head who have a genuine concern about the direction this "new owners"story is taking. There is no doubt at all that a reason for this possible buy out needs to be clarified to the supporters. If we were the old firm then an investigative news paper journalist may have already got to the bottom of this. We need someone to go on these radio shows and challenge the likes of Hugh Keevans to give us an answer as to why a billionaire business consortium would have any modicum of interest in buying a football club that barely breaks even. Its like a king pin drug dealer deciding he needs to muscle in on the guy selling the macaroon bars. So until someone or these new prospective owners can give that reason I have to think the clubs long term future is in danger to short term capitalistic opportunism. Sorry for the negativity!
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    You think billionaire Chinese investors are seeking to buy a football club so they can develop a relatively small parcel of land in north Glasgow?
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    It seems like quite a few people on here seem desperate for this takeover not to happen, and I can't figure that one out. There are very few facts available at the current time, but we've got folk instantly dismissing them because they won't have Partick Thistle's interests at heart, or they're foreigners and therefore they must be dodgy because Vladimir Romanov and some crooks who owned Dundee a while ago were. To me, looking at the portfolio of Chien Lee and Paul Conway, I don't think this looks like a case of some Romanov-esque dodgy dealings. These are very wealthy men who run bigger clubs than Partick Thistle, and whilst I could be wrong and they could be taking over our club to asset-strip - that doesn't seem like it would make much business sense given the current make-up of our club. Far more logical would be the suggestion of them trying to build up a network of clubs, with us somewhere nearer the bottom of the pile, where young talent can come to Firhill to learn, and any prospects that we develop ourselves have a quicker route up the ladder. But even if that is the structure they'd have planned, it doesn't mean we can't be successful as a football club at our own level. I think any suggestions that we're dying as a club are wide of the mark, but we're certainly not flourishing either, and imo any positive change should be welcomed. The current board plod from one mistake to another, don't seem to understand or appreciate how to keep an entire fan-base on-side (hint: texting a select few supporters and expecting them to spread word of how great a job you're doing doesn't work and just creates divisions within the fans), and I have no faith in them to improve on our current predicament.
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    Avie - Man , before you start slaughtering our fans , you probably need to find our more about the people involved in the perceived take over and what their plans are for the Club , not every takeover is a good idea the Lithuanians buying Hearts almost put them out of business and only Anne Budge’s business acumen and her affiliation to Hearts saved them from going out of the game altogether. Same could be said of Rangers and Dundee after they were taken over and almost went out of business as well . A club at our level needs to have an identity, with people and players within the Club that we can relate to through the good times and the bad , think it kind of mirrors life in general. I don’t want to support the Old Firm and what they stand for , spreading their bigoted stain across Scottish Football, of course I want our Club to be successful, coach our own young players, establish our Club in the top flight and maybe the odd cup win as well but plenty of provincial clubs have done that and still retained their identity. People with no affiliation to our Club have obviously got an agenda, either as a investment for the future in whatever way ( ground ? ) or a vehicle to trade players ( feeder club ) I’m keeping an open mind until I found out more about it and the people involved.
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    A billionaire consortium wants to buy a Scottish club and make it successful by having the right people in the boardroom and the dugout and on the pitch. What’s not to like? Personally I’d love to see us back in the Premiership, being competitive instead of lying down to the big teams. But if some prefer limping along playing the likes of Alloa and Ayr then that’s their look out. I want a club with ambition, not one that celebrates mediocrity.
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    I'm sure it's alright. Auld Jag will have ticked the box that says it's OK to accept cookies on this site.
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    Rainbow top. I love Thistle. Sorry, I know some people don't go for this stuff and just want us to be a normal football club like all the others, but for me, regardless of whether we a good or shite, this is the stuff that defines us.
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    This is getting silly - who am I kidding, its been silly for ages - but now we have calls for legal action against directors for blocking a takeover that no-one actually knows is happening and is predicated on some bloke on a facebook page saying "he heard that" and not very much else. None of the people who would be involved in such a share transfer have spoken out to confirm that anything at all is happening. In the meantime we have a board of directors in charge of the club whose positions have not been challenged by any of the club's shareholders. Until they are, or until an actual takeover is announced, we have to assume that these shareholders are happy with the way in which the club is being run, or at least not so unhappy that they are prepared to do anything about it.
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    I don't know what to make of this. In principle I hate the idea. I don't want us to be part of someone's portfolio. I want us to be Partick Thistle. One and only. Our achievements are our own. For all the faults of previous boards I've always felt (perhaps Bates aside) that they are only the caretakers, and that Thistle was still about the fans. Our success would depend largely on who turned up. I've always said I'd hate to be a Man City fan, and would struggle now you support them. So where would this leave me? To be honest I'm not sure. I suppose I wait and see. Maybe it's the way of the world. Similar has happened at my work, and I don't much like that either. It's not all about results for me. Identity is important. We'll see.