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    We should never lose sight that one of the daily stats are deaths and no matter how small, it still means somebody has lost their life and a family is mourning a loved one, or in some cases more than 1 family member.
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    I pass by the old ground most days on one my constitutionals and took this picture of a truly resplendent Firhill basking in the glorious sunshine...a big thanks to the ground staff for keeping it tip top .
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    Update from Scott lifted from Facebook. Contrary to popular belief I do have a brain. My scan pic from the specialist this morning showing the stroke. My blood pressure topped out at 226/156.. MRI scan horrific. "Thank you all for the lovely messages you had me in tears the other night, I cant reply to them it's taken me all my time to write this. Prognosis is looking good although i need to make some changes. Voice and balance still all over the place. Shattered, and away for rest."
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    You've really cheered me up. I might not have a job at the moment but at least I'm not working for you.
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    Big Thank You 72 hours since launch and your orders have raised over £400 for the club. Desperate times for Partick Thistle and your response has been phenomenal. Thank you! Keep the orders coming. Do your bit and I promise to keep the sun shining. I've added a Fundraising page to the site where I will post updates on the fundraising and log the donations to the club. redyellow.org Lots of nice feedback and suggestions. I'm here for you so please do get in touch. [email protected] Red and Yellow smiles to you all.
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    Not sure why Gordon Strachan wasn’t as vocal when John Nelms decided to do his U turn . If Nelms had kept to his original vote , the resolution would have been defeated and there would have had to have been different resolutions on the table which could have been a catalyst for real change in Scottish Football. Instead of trying to be the guru of Scottish Football, maybe he should look closer to home and ask why John Nelms reneged on his original decision.
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    Common sense would extend the championship to include Thistle and Falkirk and anyone else who could play, Scottish Football however would tell us to go bankrupt and die while laughing at us
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    Nice piece.... http://www.scottishsupporters.net/why-ill-be-supporting-partick-thistle-next-season/
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    If we're honest, we know that reconstruction was never going to happen, so it looks like we'll be playing in League 1 next season - whenever it starts. It'll be into 2021 before football returns to anything approaching normality, and in the meantime, some clubs will undoubtedly go to the wall as they are deprived of the gate revenue. IMO we have to use our resources to make sure that Partick Thistle is still standing as we come out of the virus. Much as I love going to away games, for me that means not attending away games next season, (when we're allowed to) and donating the money saved to our own club to make sure we're not one of the casualties of the carnage facing Scottish football. If some of the clubs who voted to stitch us up are among the casualties, I won't shed any tears.
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    I've long accepted now we are down no matter what hearts next move is to try and drag it out and cling on. It's not great and like the rest of us I'm pissed off we get shafted again. But for so long now it's been an effort dragging myself to firhill on a saturday. Hopefully we get this next season up and running soon and we can look forward. It's all been doom and gloom for so long I want to look ahead and with the team we have and the couple coming in I'm hopefull of a good season this time. We have a good forward line especially at this level if we keep as it sounds like we will Graham and rudden. The boy lyons knows the way to goal at this level sena looked decent at this level. That's just a few so I think we could end up winning a lot of games have a good season and end up with a winning mentality again. Even end up looking forward to the football on a Saturday again. It could end up being a good thing in the long run to just start over get a new mentality and that enjoyable feeling going to the football again. No had that for a while. I know theres still a lot of shit to get sorted before hand. I just wanted a positive post it's all been negative at firhill for so long now. So hopefully sooner rather than later get it back on and I'm looking forward to winning games in lge 1 and trying to win a title again.
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    I loved that team and the guys in it, but these guys are all 8 years older, and slower to boot. Doolan - 33, Erskine - 33, Paton - 33. We need to be looking forward and bring young guys in that are hungry and can improve over time to hopefully not see one season and a push for promotion, but the following seasons too
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    This forum turned into InfoWars so subtly I hardly noticed.
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    It's been a long and often frustrating road but finally the initiative has been launched. It is exactly ten weeks since the idea of a fundraising t shirt was first discussed on the forum. Most of that time I have spent waiting, forlornly, for the postman. But we're here now. Please do comment, PM or email any suggestions or queries. For adult clothing the club will get 40-50% of the purchase price. For kids clothing it will be around 40%. For transparency, I will add a page to the site showing money received and paid to the club. Have instigated discussion with them about the best way to do this. Finally, thanks to elevenone and jagfox for feedback and support.
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    Maybe he could just resign, that would be community minded of him.
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    I agree with this …. it is short term greed versus long term satisfaction. I personally don't think the clubs will vote to change the status quo anytime soon, but at some point in the future when RFC and CFC win the league year after year, and all the available cup tournaments year after year, there will be a tipping point where fans will simply lose interest. Once the fans lose interest, the advertising revenue drops, and soon after the cable / satellite TV people will scurry off to find another sport to manipulate to their own objectives and ambitions. The real problem with getting rid of the sisters [and their fans] is their toxicity. One is a supporter of the IRA and has an inbred hatred for the UK, the other supports the UDA, is more English than the English and dreams of the annihilation of the Irish state! ……………………… That sort of a background is not easy to sell to the English Football League [or even an Atlantic League?] You simply cannot polish these two turds.
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    If we would have been relegated after 36 games or via play off, fair enough. This is the cost of an unjust expulsion. For those fans who say we would have went down anyway , in the last 10 games before the cancellation of the league QOS got 3 points, Thistle 8 points. So no it was not a forgone conclusion that we would go down.
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    Hopefully (and its maybe wishful thinking) that the continued sponsorship by Just employment has provided an extra cash injection and may mean some of the key players eg Graham, Brownlie etc can be retained and the hardworking office staff are not let go
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    Bet he's got all the kit, read all the books and thinks he can garden using his own ideas, but the place is currently an absolute mess!! Grass on the shed roof and plants growing in the trees but it'll all come right soon, he's still aiming for gold at this year's Chelsea garden show.
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    As you say we were in the relegation area for most of last season. But we didn't go down. Why? Because we played the full amount of games, so nobody can say if we would have got out of it or not. What we do know is, the SPFL had a vote and we got relegated, not because we were bottom after 36 games, but because we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. We did not get relegated on the pitch, we got relegated through a vote. A vote that most now concede at best could have been done better, at worst a complete farce.
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    Apologies for selective quoting. Watched the Rabb briefing today. Lost count of the number of times he said that they will be doing x or y in the coming weeks. Also casting doubt on the efficacy of measures that have been taken by countries who have successfully dealt with this virus. It is deeply frustrating. The reaction of this Government to this virus is shocking. When Johnson won the election he thought he would spend four years jingoistically dog whistling to Little Englanders while his smug cohorts dismantled the country and lined their pockets. Now that they have to actually protect the citizens, their actions have been woefully inadequate. Criminally so, I would suggest.
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    I was a ball boy when big John Freebairn made his debut for the Jags. He commanded the penalty area really well. He could jump so high catching the ball in his chest but with a leg high out in front him. This intimidated opposition attackers. At first when he kicked the ball up the park it went high and well into the opposition half - not common at that time. I remember the crowd always giving his kick out clearances a big roar. He became a regular in the team which seemed to be the same every week - Freebairn, Hogan, Baird, Wright Harvey, Donlevy, etc. As ball boys we got free tickets for the Glasgow cup final and John had a great game that day in our 2-0 win over Celtic. It was common during my time there for ball boys to take in autograph books to the dressing room. The first time I dit it, I forgot a pen. John kindly gave me his good fountain pen for all the players to sign. Great memories for a wee ten year old at that time. Condolences to big John's family.
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    Can admin ban this c**t, please?
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    I know that there had been some people who had not been able to sign up for the Centenary Fund as they could not set up a Standing Order but in now looks like you can sign up for a monthly payment in the same way Jagzone works: https://ptfc.co.uk/product-category/centenary-fund/ Hope this helps for those that have been looking to sign up. Also, well done to the most recent winner for the Car Draw: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/centenary-fund-car-winner-3/
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    And a great fundraiser for PTFC.
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    When all the data is analysed I think there will be direct causality between our catastrophic death rate and:- the delay in stopping flights into major hub airports [London and Manchester], allowing mass gatherings like the Cheltenham festival, Rangers V some team from Germany [a country that was already suffering badly in the virus spread], Liverpool V some team from Spain [another country that was already suffering badly in the virus spread] ….. and then the punting of old folk from hospitals into care homes without checking to see if they were infected with C-19, all to ensure there would be no capacity issues within the NHS. All of them avoidable if we had had the right sort of politicians in Westminster. As they say, hindsight is easy, but all of these issues regarding mass gatherings / virus spread R numbers etc were known by the UK scientific community. The UK governments inaction / misguided policy of herd immunity and 'keep the fingers crossed' that the mortality rate was going to be low, were our undoing. We have a government that are good at creating 'buzz word' slogans, but are not so good at governance ...….. and we have these people for another 5 years!!
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    The club confirmed on 27 March that it hoped to use the furlough scheme and make up the difference so that "no member of staff across the club will be left worse off by the current situation". The statement referred to "certain groups", but I assumed that applied to players.
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    Lambie was not a twatwaffle like that clown Robertson, to compare them like for like is an insult to Lambie
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    Gordon MacIntyre of the wonderful Ballboy has been releasing weekly lockdown recordings on his Bandcamp page, and the latest one has a new song called Partick Thistle! Fast forward to about 17:45 at the following link for an intro and the song: Ballboy Lockdown Release 8
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    No social distancing in restaurant
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    ADMIN I know these are dreadful times and nothing is more important than people living or dying but first and foremost I come on here to read about all things Thistle - even if there is nothing happening on the park at the moment. Any chance this thread could now be made virus free and returned to the original topic?
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    She didn’t announce a four day working week for the simple reason she can’t ffs she urged companies to consider adopting a four day week to ease the pressure on public transport probably noting the large number of people who already work compressed four day weeks When France introduced a reduction in working hours there was an outcry yet it’s productivity still vastly outstrips the U.K.....we are obsessed here with confusing hours worked with good outputs which is one of the reasons we are a low wage low productivity economy a four day week is coming down the road
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    Definitely bigger first prize for the virtual draw. When the games stopped our average first prize was £372 which was down on the previous season but remember we did finish with several midweek or Friday evening games. Also the virtual draw has several days of selling compared to 2 hours on a matchday. I would be very happy to see tickets being able to be bought online as well as physical tickets on matchday. There would be issues I imagine as the current way it is being done uses the seat buying site which would, I assume, be needed when fans are allowed back to games. Also there would need to be a way for all the tickets to be in the same place for the draw. I don't think any of these issues are without solution though. The key thing at the moment is to ensure we maximise the amount raised: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/50-50-half-time-virtual-draw-sat-23rd-may/
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    only if they are the best candidates for the job. What I don't want to see is more jobs for the boys.
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    Just a shame he only ever won one league game before a January transfer window in his entire tenure at Thistle, losing 10 and drawing 3. Point per game required this season to avoid relegation: >1 Points per game required this season to avoid play-offs: >1.1 Points per game acquired by Gary Caldwell 2019-20: 0.4 Points per game acquired by Ian McCall for Thistle in 2019-20: 1.14 Points per game acquired by Gary Caldwell in his entire Thistle tenure: 1.125 The best thing Gary Caldwell can say about himself in management is that he's mates with Scott McDonald.
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    I'd start with some of the current board and then move from there. Place needs gutted from top to bottom. Windows open to let the stench of failure drift away.
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    Disagree. In the short term yes. But after a bit of time whichever of the Clubs that disappeared would be forgotten about; kids would support other teams; an enlightened sponser would come on Board. A lot of Scottish people love football and would continue to seek an outlet to follow the game. In my view the demise of one or other, buy preferably both. of the Ugly sisters would in the long term be good for the game of football and Scottish society in general. This belief that we need them and the game would extinguish without them, is what gives them the unfair influence they weild over the whole game in Scotland ( most notably over the Authorities which are supposed to administer the game for the benefit of all Clubs),
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    £35,000 reached - well done to all involved https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-the-jags
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    And wait 2 hours to leave. 7 hours at Firhill in freezing rain to see us lose 1-0 to Montrose conceding a goal in last minute from a corner. Where do I sign up
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    At last we now know why he didn't see the 'goal'. He tripped over his guide dog.
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    We have been over this before but his record at a number of teams was above average eg Clydebank, Airdrie, Falkirk etc his record at Thistle has been average, this season been poor which I hope will change
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    Another thing, the worst team in the SPFL are not being punished. Brechin whose chairman just happens to be on the SPFL board are not being put forward for the play off because the season has to be completed before that happens. Handy for Brechin eh.
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    Well it’s now time for us all to focus on supporting our club, embracing the changes ahead and relishing every minute that we get to spend together as fans cheering on our team next season.
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    It's far from over. The virus is indiscriminate. Governments and scientists are learning all the time. Learning from what has happened before. In the case of the UK that means learning from WHO, China, South Korea, Taiwan, Italy. There can be no clearer indication of how our Govt. was prepared than Johnson boasting about going to a hospital and shaking hands with coronavirus patients. A reckless decision that nearly cost his life. To use one of their mantras, was that 'guided by the science'? And here's another much used message; 'right thing at the right time'. What about the failure to join EU procurement schemes? Was this the 'right thing at the right time'? It was driven by their ideology and hatred for the EU and put frontline NHS staff in great danger. Late to lockdown. Moving patients out of hospitals and into care homes without testing. Counting envelopes sent out as tests completed. It's f***ing nuts.
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    Scott ‘Trigger’ McLean recovering from a stroke in Glasgow Royal. Thoughts and best wishes to him and his family for a full recovery.
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    The club acknowledges that some people may need the money in these hard times so made the offer. People shouldn’t be slated for doing what is right for them and their family.
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    Oh here we go. I'm betting now that this will exceed 200 pages
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    We have been able to watch a Thistle game every Saturday for about 6 weeks - and the best thing is we win every time !