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    Player Captain Cup Winning Manager Most importantly a gentleman and a true Partick Thistle legend. Rest in peace Mr Mcparland.
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    Although Davie McParland played in all the games my father took me to at Firhill back in the 60's, I was too young then to appreciate how good a player he was, I do remember how highly he was thought off both for his ability but also the manner he conducted himself and not only by Thistle fans. 587 Games and 110 Goals speaks for itself. I has just started to go to games regularly on my own when he took over as Manager in 1970 - he transformed a team which had just been relegated into an exciting side of home-grown youngsters which surged to promotion...and then the best time ever to be a Thistle fan within the space of a few months in 1971 the John Gibson inspired win against Rangers, the astonishing 8-3 game against Motherwell, the dramatic 5-1 Quarter-final victory against St Johnstone and of course that glorious day at Hampden , winning a trophy in the most sensational game in Scottish Football History. I don't really get greatly affected by the death of people I have never met but I was genuinely sad to read of Davie McParland's passing. He gave me my best ever memories as a Thistle Supporter. He is the Partick Thistle Legend...but sadly I always had the feeling that he was never fully recognised by the Club. Let's hope that the new Training Ground is a fitting legacy for him.
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    This reads like one long personal grievance and has absolutely no place on a public forum. What an absolute disgrace to single out an individual employee in this way. As an aside, my observation is that the club’s commercial activity is the best it’s ever been. Hospitality has been sold out repeatedly, we have clearly increased the number of sponsorship deals we have, and from my experience of dealing with the Commercial Manager he has been an absolute credit to the club. Again, this post and you are a disgrace. Not getting a discount for a hospitality table for you and your pals is no reason to slate a club employee in public.
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    Thanks TL. But most of all thanks to everybody who has helped to make this happen.Robert would be so surprised at what has been done and said in his memory.He did a lot for others but never expected anything in return.He was a very modest young man.
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    We have now got the following sponsorships in place.Shea Gordon standard home top,Kris Doolan boots,We have asked for these in memory of Robert Watson 15/7/85 - 24/3/17. Blair Spittal and Jack Storer both away standard top.We have asked for wearethistle forum against these. We shall be offering Blair's or Jack's away top to the winner of Bowen Boys world cup competition.The remaining tops and Dools worn out (hopefully) boots will be up for grabs in free to enter competitions during the new season.
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    Think he's fallen foul to that wrist and finger sickness epidemic that Archie has failed to address properly.
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    Hope this Storer boy is a complete lunatic and total scumbag as well. Been a while since we’ve had a player who’s mere existence was enough to noise up opposition fans. If he’s any good at football, that’d be nice too.
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    I would like to know what fans on the forum thought of this idea.My wife and I were up at Roberts grave on Friday as we do every Friday.My wife asked if we would be able to keep Doolans boots at the end of the season and put them at Roberts grave.If this was ok with everybody it would not affect the tops as I have already said I will hold competitions for the 2 tops that are remaining after we give 1 to the winner of the world cup competition which coincidently is decided on the 15th July which would have been Roberts 33rd birthday.
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    You predicted our demise every season I can remember!
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    Excellent news and a great name for it: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/three-black-cats-secures-land-for-mcparland-park-thistles-new-training-ground/
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    47 years of hurt... It's coming home
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    Thanks Colin. Your investments are greatly appreciated by us terracing types.
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    It’s interesting to note that for all the criticism of nothing happening we have now signed 7 players with more on the way, launched a great new kit, got another £600k for the academy etc etc and th3 transfer window closes in 8 weeks.....
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    Thought these words showed a creditable attitude on Blair Spittal's part: “I think that the idea of leaving didn’t really sit right with me. Ultimately I was part of the team that got relegated and I feel I owe it to the club and the fans to stick by Thistle and give my all to get us back up"
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    Will not answer for Sandy but would answer for myself. I would never wish for the club to be relegated, partly because we all know through bitter experience that hammering a piton into a slippery slope can be difficult, and a downward slide can rapidly gain momentum. Yet as Thistle fans we need to have a self-righting mechanism. Once you are in a given situation, there is no point in looking back and wishing that certain events of the past could be undone. You have to embrace the present situation (whether you wanted it to happen or not), identify the positive aspects of the new reality, discern the rays of hope and press forward cheerfully. So measuring the present level of happiness against the degree of happiness that may or not have applied in an alternative universe that does not exist is an impossible exercise. As a Jags fan, I am happily looking forward to all the good things and the different challenges season 2018-19 in the Championship will bring, and the bad things I will deal with as and when they come along.
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    Well at least Jacqui and I have one thing in common. On a chance encounter outside Morrisons in Stirling I once specially advised Michael Forsyth to **** off.
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    Good to see Danny Devine in a shirt that isn't Thistle's !
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    See someone has updated OpenStreetMap
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    Many thanks Bowen Boys for organising another great competition so well. It is much appreciated and I hope you have a great holiday - it is well deserved.
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    So I gather from that you wouldn't be in favour of Archie taking the lads into caves for a bonding session?
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    Glad to hear this. Ironic to a point as Kris is in a way returning to his first job he had in Ayrshire. Big difference of course being the experience he now has accumulated. Dools is I think one of the most articulate footballers I've ever heard. Up there with Danny Blanchflower (for us old yins). I know folk think he could well become a future manager and I don't see why not. Do tho' think that failed managers are too often lost to the game so a grounding in youth development will be an excellent failsafe should he decide to go into club management at a later date. Wish Dools all the best. Top guy, top role model.
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    I had hoped after 1966 that they would never win the world cup again.Lets hope that Sweden can do the business and that will be the end of ECH for a year or two anyway.
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    Whereas when you look at Danny Devine it has Sydney Devine as a superior player.
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    I will be taking some sponsorship deals in Robert's memory with the £600 left over that was collected for the memorial plaque.I contacted Firhill a few weeks ago and was told the player sponsorships were not out and once they were they would get in contact with me.I was also waiting to see who else we signed.Will keep everybody on the forum up to date.One of the tops will be going to the winner of Bowen Boys world cup pop up.
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    Jeez - not sure where to start on this one but...I totally disagree with the original post. Ross is a real asset to the club. I maybe have a different perspective on account of not having a season ticket. I think we should all realise that there are different types of fans at thistle. In my case - I am a regular attendee for many many years, but I’ve never had a season ticket. Anyway - in my case...me and my old school chums try go to hospitality at least once a season. We’ve done this for about the last 7 or so years. Many of my pals can’t go to football as often as me, but this is our way of having a special day together. It also gets more money into the club. Despite the football being duff last year, the hospitality was better than ever; I went 3 times. A large part of the credit for this must go to Ross. I think he only took over at the start of last season, so folks that are criticising it from earlier should give it another go. Hopspitality won’t be for everyone. In the same way that season tickets are not. Both are important revenue stream for the club, but they might not overlap to everybody’s satisfaction. All I can say is that I think it is better than ever, with great folk behind the scenes with a real passion for the club. Give it a go.
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    No idea, but we've Goat him now...
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    Welcome to Firhill, Sean. Wishing you a happy and successful 2 years. I do like an interview with an articulate, no bullsh1t footballer. Quite cheered me up. So, things are moving in the right direction; new player, black shorts. Let's all calm down, trust in Archie #2 and get right behind Tunisia.
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    I am sure that we do have more "targetted" signings, but I am also sure that we are not the only club that have targetted them, and equally sure that Thistle was not their dream job. It is highly likely that there are players mulling over an offer from us and looking to see if they get a better offer, or waiting till they come back from holiday before making a decision, and who can blame them. I agree that in a perfect world, we would have more players signed already, but there are over 2 months of the transfer window still open, so lets give Archie a break, and judge his squad building at the end of September, rather than stressing now.
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    He told me before leaving that he would be un-contactable whilst away however any mention of Brechin City in thread I was to ignore all protocol and contact the Chinese Embassy as a matter of urgency.
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    Possible outcomes today:- If France win the World Cup then thistle4celtic1 will be our champion as they will finish on 52 points plus bonus point accrued giving final total of 53. The closest rival assuming a France win would be jags on tour who would finish on 50 points plus bonus earned giving 51 final total (although they could earn extra bonus point with France ending WC top scorers which would involve France hitting 6 today but even if that happens it would not be enough to catch thistle4celtic1. However it gets interesting should Croatia win WC. Peaty FC would finish on 48 points thus pipping thistle4celtic1 by a point. Peaty FC has no bonus points and cannot earn one today. jaggy who picked Croatia would finish on 47points but has earned a bonus point to date giving them 48points also to tie with Peaty FC however jaggy has a chance of an additional bonus point to earn today and basically for that to happen would involve Croatia to win in extra time as jaggy has put 10 of the last 16 games to finish in 90mins which to date is correct, this of course jump to 11 should game be settled in normal time thus denying jaggy that possible vital winning point. So in a nutshell:- France win (normal time,et or pens) then thistle4celtic1 is our winner. Croatia win (in normal time) Peaty FC and jaggy will tie. Croatia win (in extra time or pens) then jaggy would earn vital extra point thus pipping Peaty FC. My head hurts now so will work out later going by BowenBoys rules how we would decide should it end a tie between Peaty FC and jaggy. Will post final standings as soon as free time at work allows. Good luck all. ps elevenone earns 1,000 bonus points should commentator mention England during match.
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    Very sad to hear this news. Davie is a true club legend at least three three times over. As a player he turned in consistently high performances in a ridiculously varied number of positions. As a captain he was inspirational, demanding, a exemplary character both on and off the park. As a manager & coach , well we all know his greatest achievement but don't forget his man-management of a handful of youngsters leading up to that famous event. So highly regarded none other than Jock Stein was quick to appoint Davie as his assistant manager. With above in mind simply calling Davie McParland a legend is hardly sufficient. I just don't know the word to use that reflects his standing in the history of PTFC
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    Surely it doesn’t flood given that it is called Dryfield.
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    Bit harsh. First goal was a spawny cross that went in, second one was a screamer that no-one could stop and third one was a typical Thistle defensive balls up in that we had 3 chances to clear the ball and failed.
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    ....and made a pledge to join us? Anyway I predict Radek will make that No 32 Jags shirt his own.
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    This would be most disappointing. I want Paul McGowan level mental, without the potential jail time.
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    The winner will be asked to choose between Blair Spittal or Jack Storer away top for the 2018/19 season. Good luck everybody.
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    Don't really expect anything else than this from the likes of you. No respect and ignorance are your watchwords on this forum. In the one post you belittle a true legend then call for signings yet pontificate that they will be poor. In many ways I hope you care and hurt how badly you feel this club is run, if you do you deserve it.
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    Haha. Rumour is that Roughie got on the Board only because John Arrol was injured.
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    I genuinely have no idea why certain posters on here support the Jags. We were awful and certain of relegation for 5 years, and now before a ball is kicked or even a squad finalised we have no chance of top four let alone winning the league. Its tough enough being a genuine fan how hard, sorry depressing must it be being one of them?
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    Its refreshing to note that while other teams are strengthening and building their teams Archie is performing like he's done in the past, wait till only the dross remain then wait for the agents to unload their bingers. Season tickets are already purchased for the coming season but it feels more like throwing money into the charity box. Watch out Stirling we're coming for you.
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    In fairness to Hoddle I don't thing English is his first language.
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    While I agree that Balatoni was never the answer, its funny that he was playing in the same team as our new addition. Im sure conrad was getting pelters on another thread for relegating said team, yet this guy, who nobody has yet seen is being lauded as the next Maldini because he signed for us. Just an interesting observation. For the time being im on the Maldini bandwagon. Lets hope we now have the long term foundation built at the back and now concentrate on bringing in some flair and goals to this team
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    Thomas O’Ware saying he turned down a few premiership clubs to sign for us. Encouraging to hear. http://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/16298793.Thomas_O__39_Ware_reveals_he_knocked_back_Premiership_clubs_to_sign_for_Partick_Thistle/
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    I’m going to say something potentially contentious now. Dropping into the Championship takes the monkey of leaving the SPL off our back. I think this season will be more fun as a fan, like it was when we got promoted. Archie & Shaggy can recruit without the fear of having to buy players that might stifle the opposition. They can, in theory, play free-flowing football. Bring 2018/19 on. I’m behind the Jags!
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    You should be happy to pay more given the quality of person you get to sit with
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    Careful Charlie - not sure that's ever been allowed around these parts.
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    The season just finished was a difficult one for every Thistle supporter, as the outcome was not one we would have wanted or at the beginning of the season one we would have expected.For myself it was the first time in more than 20 years I attended every game on my own.Even if Robert was going to respite he would always try and make sure he did not miss a Thistle game,although over the years he did miss a few.So it was a really difficult season for me from a personal point of view.I would like to say that having the memorial plaque at Firhill does help because although Robert is not there in body it does seem as if he is with me(and Thistle) in spirit. I would also like to thank Bowen Boys and Partick the dog who I met at a number of the games.Also thanks to Elevenone and Sinistar who also came over to say hello.I hope to meet more fans in the coming seasons as I will be standing in my usual spot in the John Lambie stand.I will also be looking to sponsor some players in the coming season/s and will run a competition for the tops .As I have said before we have £600 remaining from the money raised for the plaque and this is what we will use to pay for the sponsorship.Once we have more details on this I will post again.