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    Some people on here, on both sides of the argument, make this forum absolutely tedious reading. How about you all leave personal digs and fight out of it and actually discuss the issue like adults for a change?
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    Everyone's feeling crap particularly after the nature of this defeat, but let's not take it out on each other folks. Keep in mind that we all support the Jags...................
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    Caldwell most definitely isn’t the solution, his apparent arrogance and inability to see when he gets it wrong or the acceptance of the magnitude of the situation we find ourself in. Whilst for him or any manager to come in and completely reverse 18 months of decline on the park overnight would have been a near impossible task, he should have been able to steady the ship and reduce the bleeding till the transfer window, but he never. For that he should have walked. Whilst his transfers and performances since new year till 3:45 on Saturday was an improvement, the teams we beat included Alloa, Stranraer and East Fife, hardly world class. The collapse in last 2 games show we still have massive issues. Caldwell though is only a symptom of a far bigger problem at the club, one that comes from the top. They left the previous manager in too long , doing massive harm to the club and in fairness to Archibald They brought in a replacement who had failed massively at his last 2 clubs They appear not to have interviewed anyone else but been blown away with his presentation (PowerPoint or not) Throughout all of this they keep harping on about promotion They announced the training complex would be ready by June and only when pressed by fans in January did they mention a problem but still pushing it will be ready in time (12 weeks from now) They have known for months now about ticketsite issues yet even for our next game fans can’t buy tickets on line. They place spin on all communications They have potentially left us exposed massively over Coulibally, even signing a guy who currently couldn’t play nor had played in a year was farcical for a club our size with limited squad size They way things are going relegation could kill us as a club, yet the board don’t seem to get this, but it’s not their investment, their not died in the wool fans, they’ll move on to the next gig. Unfortunately we can’t
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    This is the competition for Shea Gordon's home top that was sponsored in Robert's memory.The competition is free to enter and everybody is welcome to join in. The rules are simple. Everybody starts with 3 life's and you predict the score on Thistle games. If you get the score correct you get an extra life. If you get the outcome correct your life's stay the same. If you get the outcome wrong or miss a prediction you lose a life. The winner is the last competitor who has at least one life left when all the others have none.The first game you need to predict on is the game against Dundee Utd 9/3/19. All predictions must be posted on this thread at least 5 minutes before kick off. Good luck to everybody.
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    I think for a change we should look at the positives from that game. We are sitting bottom of the championship and were playing a team who for a large part of the season were riding high in the league above. I don't think anyone can deny we were extremely poor in the first half. We sat off them and allowed them to dictate the play. However, I thought we were very good in the second half. We showed a lot more desire and battled away with some strong challenges being thrown about. Mansell had absolutely nothing to work with but ran his socks off all night. To say he isn't good enough on what was his first start is a bit harsh. He tired badly and Caldwell should have changed it but he never gave up. The defence were excellent in the face of a strong Hearts attack. Hard to believe that it was the same team who conceded 7 goals in the last 2 games. I may be in the minority but I don't think Harkins was that bad. He's never had pace, not sure why that is just being picked up on now! I thought he helped the defence and stood up to the physical nature of Hearts play. We live to fight another day, hopefully the players will take some confidence from that second half performance.
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    The root of the problem is Jacqui Low. She is the Weirs' placewoman, and is in complete control of the Club in the absence of any direct involvement by the Weirs. It is almost certainly Low that is behind the spin in every Club statement that increasingly are completely detached from reality. She alone is responsible for hiring Caldwell and for his continued presence at the Club. She is controlling the main fans trust through Club appointed trustees, when the two fans' trusts (who together own 26% of the shares) should be having a meaningful say in Club decisions at this critical time. Caldwell has duped Low, whose knowledge about football is less than the square root of bugger all. The fact that Low appointed Caldwell despite others' opposition almost certainly means that she will be reluctant to admit her mistake, and that means Caldwell might be here longer than is healthy for the Club. If the worst happens and we are relegated, then it is hard to see how the training ground could be justified given more pressing calls on any support the Weirs' will hopefully continue to provide. The panic hiring of elderly players by Caldwell in January also puts a question mark on the relevance of the Academy. Who will benefit from these young players if short termism continues to determine recruitment and team selection at the Club? A failure to be promoted back into the Championship in 2020 would leave the Club with the huge albatross of a 10,000 seat stadium round its neck, with no one to fill it and no funds to pay for it. There is however the tantalising option of selling it and moving to a new small stadium somewhere north of Glasgow.. On the 20th January, I emailed Pauline Graham who is chair of the main fans trust and asked how many shares each of the PTFC directors held, and what were the impediments to a fans' trust representative getting a seat on the Board. I have yet to receive a reply.
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    I think we have to be realistic. Survival has been the only goal since November. Caldwell should have done better with the players he was left with. Many argued that he should be judged only when he brought in his own players. I never went along with that. There were weaknesses in personnel (particularly defence), but we should have been doing better with what we had. I think most people believed that his defensive sigings were good, and obviously they coincided with better results. I wouldn't criticise him for the signings in what was a desperate window with limited opportunity. But regardless of the signings, good or bad, the old failings are back. Because he can't seem to organise a football team. And at this level, where there is probably little between the players in terms of quality, that is absolutely essential.
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    I had put my 'Caldwell must go' banner back in the cupboard when it looked like we'd turned the corner. The game against QotS was markedly different, in most respects, from the appalling encounter v Morton a few weeks earlier. I saw light. It was pleasing on the eye and the prospect of relegation seemed like only a momentary scare we'd encountered on the way to better things. The machine was looking well oiled and was functioning accordingly. Not so now. I can't for the life of me fathom how we can ship 7 goals in two second halves against opposition who are anything but spectacular (albeit RC are top of a mediocre division) and believe, Mr Micawber-style, that something will turn up. Again, I would salivate at the prospect of being wrong once more. But, let's face it, as things stand we're well and truly fcuked. Our best hope of survival is that we edge past either Alloa or Falkirk and secure 9th spot, and see off whichever part time outfit miss out on automatic promotion from the third tier. Watching the second half scores updates on Saturday (from afar), and the respective league positions changing so mercurially illustrated to me just how hazardous and precipitous our present status is. I can't begin to contemplate life in the obscurity of the 3rd tier; we survived it once before, but only by the most slender of bawhairs. We simply should not be in this situation but we are. The Caldwell appointment, which I initially welcomed, cautiously, has backfired. That is now beyond reasonable argument. What next? I don't know the answer, but safety must be pursued as an uncompromised priority at all and any reasonable cost. I'll repeat my tedious mantra - we should sack GC now and do whatever it takes to get Ian McCall back. It CAN be done - this I know. If there are better, more constructive, more plausible solutions out there, I'll give them my backing. Let's hear them, please. Forever and ever.
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    This seems to be one of the revenue streams the Club have improved on. Still believe it's a slap in ST holders' faces charging them extra but can comprehend from an entirely commercial point of view why it's done. Not too clever from a PR point of view.
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    Certainly not a personal go at you TL, but there's something in the above that needs to be questioned. This use of budgets and resources as a justification for rolling over and dying is an illusion. This season alone we've seen Auchinleck beat Ayr, Newport beat Leicester City and ...hey... Thistle draw with Hearts. Results that should not happen if the game was purely decided on resources. I'm young enough to remember the Saturday afternoon in 1967 when Berwick Rangers beat Sevco's predecessors in life, and that was a result that was even more seismic in its time than a certain result I witnessed in October 1971. Even our own manager was on the bench when Wigan beat Man City in an FA Cup Final that was a nailed on foregone conclusion. In football, you never, ever say never. Especially in this season's Scottish Cup.
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    1. When Archie was finally binned, we were in 8th, 5 pts ahead of 9th and 6 pts ahead of 10th, and just 2 pts off of 4th. Can anyone raise their hand and honestly say that they envisaged us to be, approaching 5 months later in March, sitting in 10th? - and 11 pts off 4th, and more points behind the league leaders than we have amassed in total? 2. Especially after our chairman stated her pick to replace AA was the outstanding choice and that she was "blown away by Gary's interview preparation" and that "he had done an analysis of each player, identified a training schedule to deal with the fitness levels and pulled together a vision of how to get Thistle playing well enough to secure promotion," On these 2 points alone it is clear to everyone that the appointment of GC has been an abject and unmitigated disaster and failure, and both the chair and manager should be nowhere near Firhill by 1st June, no matter what position we finish in come 4.50pm on 4th May.
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    Are the board really that new? Low has been on the board for a number of years now, and as far as I’m aware only Alan Rough (who I imagine is a relatively inactive member anyway) has joined in the last 12 months. Meaning the current board have been involved in presiding over one relegation and are about to preside over a second. They should absolutely be criticised and called out for the complete and utter mess that they’ve made.
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    Caldwell was hired to get the Club promoted...it was clear by the end of November that he had failed. He had a nucleus of good standard Championship players and has probably the third highest budget in the League...he failed to get the best out of some decent players and shipped them out...he has brought in older players who have hardly had any game-time this season and have been found out. I was unconvinced that victories against part-time teams was evidence that Caldwell had what it takes...Morton and Dunfermline were very poor sides when I saw them at Firhill but they are within reach of a play-off spot so any vaguely competent manager should have achieved this for Thistle. I had already lost interest for this season but it now looks like the unthinkable of successive relegations is a real possibility. Even if we scramble clear, with players out of contract and loan players leaving, we will have the shell of a squad for next season...and a washed-up Gary Harkins.
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    He should never have been appointed in the first place. He’s a serial loser.
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    I'll have a wee guess later, meantime... 15.07.2004 Royal Highland Fusiliers [a] W9-0 (Friendly) 15.07.2006 Lancaster City [a] W2-1 (Friendly) 15.07.2008 Stirling Albion [a] W2-0 (Friendly) 15.07.2016 Airdrieonians [a] W1-0 (League Cup Group E - game 1) 100% win rate for the Jags in Rab's birthday lifetime, sum boi
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    Just take yourself back to the start of the season, the pundits from BBC / STV and the Daily Ranger are asked who will go up, who will go down, in the championship. The consensus was that PTFC would place about 4th, they would not 'bounce back up' to the premiership as they had lost some quality players (I would guess they were referring to Adam Barton, Ryan Edwards and Steve Lawless). It's my opinion that GC saw the squad he inherited as one that he could turn around, and that has turned out be some kind of false optimism. For sure the team has played better since the turn of the year, but surely Saturdays game was an indication that to play a 4-2-3-1 formation, you need to have players that can play a game that has 90 minutes of high physical exertion? I know 20 - 20 hindsight is easy, but Harkins should have been substituted at half time and a fresher midfielder played for the second 45. Cardle would have been ideal, but I have to admit when I watched GH trundle around the park, I wished we still had Chris Erskine as a PTFC player.
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    What would the ‘right’ distance be - 5 miles? 10 miles? So, say a ‘fan’ (we’ll come to that bit in a minute) living in Clydebank who didn’t turn up at matches would be out of line, whereas one living Old Kilpatrick would be ok. Or Dumbarton. Or should it be travelling time instead of mileage, or even a more complex ‘real’ fan matrix combining distance, time, driving effort, and fuel consumption. Please tell us. On further consideration the idea has some mileage. Based on the above, and presided over by Third Lanark and similarly enlightened and elect Fan-führers, a strict apartheid system of fan classification could be introduced. We could have ‘Über-fansch’ and ‘Ünter-fansch’. Über-fans would, obviously, have the right to express any opinion at any time (providing it was loyal to the club and contained not even the smallest whiff of criticism of the existing board or manager), but would have to be subject to strict genetic scrutiny. One the genetically purest could become Über-fans. For instance, if your grandfather or great-grandfather had been an Ünter-fan, or there was any taint (tinge is probably a better word) of Ünter-fannery in your genetic make up, you would be excluded. Ünter-fans, a lesser breed, would have their avatars clearly marked with a gold star, and would not be allowed to express any opinion on the forum until after 2200 on a Saturday night, once the debate was largely over. Ünter-fans would also not be permitted to the wear any combination, or shades, of red, yellow and black in case they were mistaken for Über-fans. Any uttered or written reference to football as ‘an entertainment industry’ would render even an Über-fan liable to be stripped of his status for four generations.
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    Why has Callum Wilson been sent on loan to Elgin when we don't have any midfield cover at all at the minute? As soon as County got their first, only one team was going to win it. We absolutey chucked it. Spittal has been brilliant recently but he was either injured or just not up for it in the second half. Countless times he ambled back down the left as the County right back took off. Steven Anderson has had plenty of plaudits but he was very poor from the off yesterday. If Harkins can't get himself fit enough to last the game then we've got to think about benching him. He was a man down in the second half, the decision for Doolan to go off before him was wrong. I actually thought Doolan was having a decent game, holding the ball up well and making things difficult for the RC defence. I've yet to see what Hazard brings to the team to justify getting a game ahead of Sneddon. He's glued to his line, offers no confidence to his backline. I thought Slater was the only midfielder to get pass marks, kept plugging away as the rest folded beside him. A big reality check for the team, we're far from out of trouble and if the attitude displayed in the second half is a sign of things to come then League 1 football won't be far away. Huge game on Tuesday night.
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    Yes, it wasn't that Stewart was particularly wrong in identifying our shortcomings in the first half - we were undeniably pish - it was that he dwelt on every minute error unremittingly whilst reminding viewers of Hearts' complete domination of every area of the park. Aye, it hadn't gone entirely unnoticed. As you say, McLeod was on hand to offer his unstinting echo chamber support to Stewart whilst reminding us on what seemed like 85-90 occasions that Thistle face the prospect of "back-to-back relegations, and you can see why". Christ, I've had more pleasure being told I'm being made redundant. Hearing them both completely dumbfounded and trying to deal with the event of our equaliser was nearly as pleasing as the natural joy of the moment itself. I would absolutely love to have heard the camera squad calling for urgent medical assistance for the pair if we'd snatched a winner.
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    In the 1st half. 2nd half was much more even. Although, our goal came from nowhere, from then to the end we were the more likely to score again.
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    One of the worst and most gutless performances in a season of terrible and gutless performances. We had no pace, no width, no discernible game plan and no heart or desire. Harkins looked every inch the faded 34 year old lower league journeyman shirker that he is, while McDonald looked every inch the 35 year old recently un-retired pal of the gaffer’s that he is. There can be no excuses anymore - this is Caldwell’s team. On tonight’s performance we are absolutely going down. Caldwell needs to pull something out the bag and pronto, or else the recent good run (which, let’s be honest, looks a lot better than it was thanks to the two routine cup wins against lower league opposition) will be a mere blip in a reign of abject failure.
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    Feel its a must not lose game. If we were to lose this after our collapse in Saturdays game, I would fear another horrendous run, that will end up with another relegation. As usual it depends how the game goes. Before yesterdays game I would've settled for a draw. At half time nothing less than 3 points. 2-3 down would've been happy with a point. The roller coaster ride of supporting Thistle summed up in about 96 minutes of football.
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    Get a grip. He is only giving his opinion. He is rightly concerned. We will be in a relegation battle until the end.
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    Hope a big Thistle support turns up today. Lets get right behind the manager and the team. C'mon the Jags.
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    If we win, I'll be happy.