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    We have been pathetic but I don't agree with the deadwood argument. Most of our players would get a game for most teams in this league. In my view they are hopelessly underperforming and have to sort it out. Calling them deadwood is giving them an excuse. Look at Stevie Lawless, as rubbish as the rest of them last season, but currently performing well in a team at the top end of the premiership. He'd have been many peoples deadwood, but the fact is he has the capability. I'd say the same for many still in our team. Caldwell can't afford to wait for a transfer window, he needs to get this team playing as soon as possible.
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    I really do blame the fans. Low self esteem as ****. Defended Archie until the bitter end. Even after Livi it was " but who else could do the job?". Congratulating the club all over social media for sticking with Archie. Ridiculed fans who wanted a change. No other clubs fans of a similar stature would have put up with this shit for so long. We get what we deserve.
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    Shankland has had a good season in the 3rd tier of Scottish football and a very good start to this season.But to say he is better than Doolan who has done it in the 2nd tier and top tier for nearly a decade is imo wrong.
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    That was a total disgrace Alan Archibald has left this club in a horrendous state, that squad is his. My fear is Caldwell is not good enough to be able to do anything with it till January when he brings in his own players, by which time we’ll be looking to bring guys in to avoid relegation rather than chase a play-off place.
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    Storey & Spittal need dropping, Storey actually needs releasing. Id replace them with Fitzpatrick & Coulibaly
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    Same old same old. Starting line up just an Archie team playing Archie tactics. A tad worrying, this is supposed to be a manager who has analysed the team and given his analysis of how they could be bettered and yet what did he change? Nothing! I was hoping at least for a different post match discussion as well, perhaps even an admission that he’d picked the wrong starting lineup, but no, nothing. Just the same old managerial speak, sound and fury meaning nothing. Not a good start, 3/10...and that’s just for the introduction of Coulibaly.
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    A lot of blame is still being put upon Alan Archibald, regarding the state of the current playing squad. Archie's gone, but it's well worth remembering that he got 3 league wins out of this squad, before his departure. Also worth remembering that Archie was thrown in at the deep end as a current player, who as a rookie manager, picked up the pieces and led us with some style to become champions. He then kept us up for 4 years on a limited budget and with no director of football holding his hand. At the end of last season it was very obvious that Archie and Shaggy were totally burnt out. They had given everything they had to give. And at the end of the day that's all you can ask of anyone. Isn't it? I don't trust the judgement of the people who are running our club. I don't believe the owners, the chairperson or the chief executive are up to the task. They seem to be playing at running a football club. The problem is at the top. It all comes from the top. The good ship Thistle is presently rudderless, taking in water, has a mutinous crew and is fast approaching the rocks. Our club deserves better than this. Much better.
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    I was going to take along my pet sardine, but she complained about the crush.
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    I liked Quitongo's spirit in his JagZone interview, Without losing the head a la Storer, the team has to be more passionate and fired up. There was a period round about the hour mark last Saturday when the players seemed to raise the intensity levels. That was our best spell in the match and also got the fans engaged. This should be a general rule, not a 5 minute exception. Quitongo will no doubt take a fair amount of stick from the home support and if he can get stuck in and influence the game, others may follow.
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    A big problem is the amount of stickers left over from previous seasons. It's difficult to say which seats are taken for this season.
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    I know. I forget to mention that he is also a tax cheating wee scumbag.
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    Call me sentimental, but the idea that we should be writing off a player of that age and that quality just as he's returning from such a serious injury seems callous and crazy at the same time. He's shown some really good quality since he came back. I think we have to give him a chance.
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    We've not exactly got a Dino Zoff between the sticks either.
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    Doolan didn’t play yesterday and Erskine came on as a sub , in the last two games how many chances have we created for our forwards to score , Doolan is still making the same runs he did when Lawless or Erskine would feed him in , there is no one in the team who has got the ability to create chances ( maybe Erskine apart ) , no midfielder pushing forward to create a 3 v 2 situation. Any Centre forward in our team would struggle to score goals such is the balance of our team .
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    Comparing the team Caldwell has been left by Archie with the team Archie was left by MacNamarra and it’s night and day. We had a fast young, hungry team that could play, we now have a slow, older, team going through the motions. We had 2 fast attacking wing backs who could go past players, cross but also defend. We had 2 center backs who played as a unit, contributed goals and could also pass. A midfield that was fluid over lapped out moved the opposition and scored regularly A front line that not only was supported but bagged goals. Today we have none of that
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    Stevie Lawless was our best player by a country mile last season.
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    Why, to get it in to the big tall chaps in the middle who have been banging them away by the dozen for us for the last two seasons! I had actually hoped that one of the minor positive things that might have come out of last week’s abject defeat would have been a sense of realism. How anyone could believe we would take 3 off Ayr today is frightening, probably driven by the delusion that all GC had to do was a bit of tinkering, deliver a good pep talk, and we would be up and away. I’ve never believed this for a minute: on the contrary I think GC has to make a radical clear out of the dross (or the once good stuff that has become dross) and start to completely rebuild the squad. For this he has to be given time: this is one of the most competitive leagues in British football. Given how many points we are adrift at this stage, the idea that we would be ‘up challenging’ by then end of the season is a fantasy. My target for GC would be ‘avoid relegation’ and at least as importantly avoid short termism. If the score remains the same at full time today that would be a step towards showing that GC was beginning to get a grip. The real danger with the super-optimism of the ‘take 3 off Ayr - sorry make that 4 - and be challenging at the end of the season’ type is that when the (unjustifiable) expectations are not reached, people start calling for the manager’s head. I think we have a long, long way to go.
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    Referring to Dastardly's first law of Thistle prediction, which states that the performance in any game is indirectly proportional to the expectation of the support, then we have a good chance, as most of the comments on here are predicting a defeat. However we have the corollary to this law which states that the performance of the great unpredictables just can't be predicted. Basically, I don't have a scoobie
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    its difficult to see what Caldwell can change in defence. We have so few options that the back four and goalkeeper pick themselves unless you either go 3 at the back as per Dunfermline away or sign someone between now and saturday. Its pretty much the same in midfield. Bannigan and Slater pick themselves. So if you go 4-3-3 arguably you have to play McCarthy or Ntambwe to provide defensive cover. if its 4-4-2 then its 2 from Spittal, Erskine and Fitzpatrick. Up front is where he does have choice. If its 4-4-2 then I would like to see Quitongo and Coulibally start. However my preference at home would be to go 4-3-3 and start the following Bell Elliot-Keown-McGinty-Penrice McCarthy-Slater-Bannigan Mutombo-Quitongo-Coulibally We would be fairly open but we know we can't defend so we really need to find a formation that scores at least 2 goals per game
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    Drama queens. It was a typo, grow up.
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    It crosses the River Styx.
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    Let's see if he means that, Aiden probably wouldn't even be in the squad never mind starting if others were fit. Andy has been available for most games yet gets flung on as a right back. Both deserve better and I don't think this charlatan will live up to his post match bluster.
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    There's no doubt that Caldwell has been left a poor squad in defence however why he felt that he needed to put all chips on red at the start of the second half today is baffling to me. I personally think McGinty is one of the poorest defenders to put on the red and yellow for many a year but to replace him with Elliot is an incredible decision when you have no options but when one is on the bench is unbelievable. The board need to realise they have made a mistake and get rid of this clown before we are playing to less than a 1000 and a laughing stock.
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    Lets hope we can say this later in the season but for the moment a huge well done to our ladies team who have clinched promotion with victory in their final league game
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    Beaten by part time Alloa. That Thistle team needs to have a long hard look at itself. well done to the fans that travelled. That must have been torture and you all deserved better.