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    Today was my boy’s first ever Jags match and my first for far too long. i thought that the team and support were superb. We were 4 or 5 goals better than that shocking Morton team - no football from them at all. Pretty much everyone played well, and the old school daftness in the shed (mainly but not all handbags) brought back some amusing memories of very similar. My wee boy whose only other game was Brighton / Leicester said it was his best day ever, he was buzzing from the atmosphere, the goals, and how nuts people were going compared to the more ‘reserved’ south east. was it just me, or was that penalty decision literally the worst ever?!? Who cares really given the result. so happy tonight.
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    A serious discussion will need to happen. But i think to respect Colin Weir's memory just now is not the time.
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    Very sad news. Time to all pull together and make a success of his generous legacy.
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    Think you told us lots of times , that you trusted David Beattie’s integrity to do the right thing for the Club, surely you’re not doubting David Beattie now ?
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    I made a shitey joke and already explained it. Don't look too deeply.
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    Sad, Showed a commitment that others just talk about. condolences to the family, God Bless.
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    Arrrgh ! I don't want to be pedantic BUT .... The decade doesn't end until the end of 2020. There never was a year 0. This is one of my pet hates.
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    There will be a minute's applause to commemorate the sad passing of Colin Weir at the Morton game today. Thistle players will also wear black arm bands.
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    What do you mean by "cant even get a game at Ayr"? At the halfway stage Ayr are 10 points above us and have scored significantly more goals. Kris might just have seen more game time at Somerset Pk if he had been in competition with a 40 year old striker with deep lying midfield tendencies, an overweight converted midfielder, a one-footed wannabe and a lad who missed five sitters against a Clyde kiddies XI. Anyway, and more I believe to the point, if Doolan returns I'm sure it'll also involve him renewing his coaching role. Most probably (but not necessarily entirely) coaching younger players. In my view such a scenario is a complete no brainer. Veering slightly here but then again in my view I believe Gary Caldwell acted in the best short term interests of Gary Caldwell as opposed to the best long term interests of PTFC when he oversaw the departures of Erskine, Doolan and Elliott. No way am I advocating he should've built a team around those three but take last Saturday. Who would've made a bigger impact even just coming off the bench? Harkins playing upfront v Doolan? Robson v Elliott? And if Erskine's good enough to come off the bench against top tier clubs, he could surely have replaced Cardle anytime on Saturday?
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    Setting aside the sentiment, I still wonder about Doolan. He's not old, he's always seemed to keep himself fit, and he has a game that relies as much on speed of thought as speed of movement. He's always been a confidence player to some extent, based on the fact that his goals tended to come in bursts, rather than regularly throughout the season. I just think that given a run in a team there's a good chance that there's still a player in there who could score a lot of goals at this level. Whether he'd get that chance with us, I don't know.
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    Yes, but the difference being that we didn’t have a complete diddy manager sitting in the dugout who had done nothing before the year end. Fills me full of optimism for the second half of the season.
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    Interesting to look at the league form guide over last 8 games. We are second best behind dundee untited. So some momentum. If we keep that going all to play for.
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    Do us all a favour and drop the subject at this moment in time, out of respect for the clubs owner!
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    Work rate all round superb. Bannigan imperious.
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    Was *hiting it today as the wife is out buying a new dress for upcoming Burns Supper...however , after that result knock yersel oot Hen !!
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    That's because Caldwell was a [email protected]
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    Much as I detested his slow distribution, Cerny should surely be in goals?
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    A lovely story with our own Kenny Arthur at the heart of it... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-50856749
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    Sadly this could all be history but a thing that's impressed me since Bannigan's return from suspension is the balance in midfield due to his partnership with Cole. All the more impressive as due to no dedicated defensive midfielder they've had to share the ball winning duties, something which neither are particularly suited. We're now about to go into the transfer window where the whole object is to strengthen the squad. Not really wanting to sound negative but the loss of Cole and to a lesser extent, Kakay, has further weakened what is already a fragile squad. Hopefully those two can be re-signed otherwise even if/when we offload two or three passengers and replace them with more competent players, the squad as a whole won't necessarily be stronger.
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    Great atmosphere in the standing area. All grounds should have this as I’m sure more fans would turn up. I’m fed up sitting in funereal silence especially at home.
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    Watching thistle under Rooney was horrible. Whilst the previous 2 season under Peter Cormack hadn't provided the return to the premier league we had hoped for we were still winning more than we were losing and going to frihill meant watching some decent players such as Mo Johnston, Kenny McDowall, Buckley, Jardine and Watson. Rooney came in and all of a sudden we were a club struggling to stay in the league and the playing squad just got worse and worse. My first thistle game was in 1981 so this was the first time in my thistle supporting experience that going to firhill became a chore. In 1985 I was a mascot for a thistle v Hamilton game. The thistle players (Alan Mackin in particular) went out their way to make the day special, the manager of Hamilton (J Lambie esquire) went out of his way to say hello, the referee (Brian McGinlay) chatted away and gave me the 10p he flipped at the start of the game. Rooney shouted over to one of his backroom staff to get me the f*** off the pitch as my Dad and I were too close to his dugout. I don't remember a single positive thing from Rooney's time in charge. By the time he left the squad was sporting a standard of player that surpassed the worst of Dick Campbell and Tommy Bryce's signings . Thankfully Bertie Auld came back, pulled of a miracle and kept us in the league. Relegation at that point could have been terminal for the club and at best lead to us becoming like Clyde. At the end of season 85/86 with Auld in charge it looked like a dark cloud had been lifted from firhill and 86/87 might the season we started to turn things around. Unfortunately the temporary spurt of optomism was washed away as Ken Bates bought the club and installed Derek Johnstone as manager.
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    I certainly noticed two excellent forward balls played on his right foot. Can't deny we are a bit deliberate on the break but then again the likes of Cardle and Miller are hardly creating any space for a break in any case.
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    Dare I whisper it, 2 points off play off ..
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    Quality fitba player
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    4-2-3-1 formation Tuffey O’Donnell Lindsay Archibald Taylor Sinclair Rowson Bannigan Higginbotham Erskine Lawless Doolan Bench Fox Dumbuya Elliott Balatoni Osman Barton Taylor
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    Why is it you call everyone obsessed or obsessive when legitimate points are made, while simultaneously posting several hundred times on the same subject? Its ironically obsessive....
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    Fully agree with your first point but strongly disagree with the second. Williamson is fairly poor defensively, while Christie was a good premier level right back
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    I am a strong advocate for getting Doolin back as a player for another couple of years and thereafter as an assistant coach with specific responsibly for strikers. He has a great first touc, excellent awareness and an attribute which is priceless in tight situations - composure! As far as Christie Elliot is concerned I was very sad to see him leave. However as much as I liked him I have to admit that for a wing back his crossing of the ball was poor. Williamson is an improvement when it comes to crossing the ball and as a defender is on a par with Christy. IMO had we got more of the ball to Williamson v Dundee we might have got a point as he had the beating of the Dundee full back as a couple of dangerous second half crosses demonstrated.
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    I really like that McCall stuck with the same team as last week, despite defeat. It suggests that he knows his squad and has a plan, and is in contrast to Caldwell's constant chopping and changing.
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    Totally deserved win. Should have been more decisive. Bannigan was absolutely superb today. O'Ware and Saunders rock solid. Penrice had his best game ages. And finally Jones is starting to look a player. No one disappointed really. How much did O'Ware enjoy that?
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    I think Jonny Tuffey fits into this decade (correct me if I am wrong) and he would be in my team. Made some fantastic saves, quick and accurate distribution (apart from the odd occasion where the ball did not get up in the air!). Loved the way he would drive the team forward. Real commitment and urgency.
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    Very sad news, a man who was a benefactor for all things Scottish.
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    Totally agree. A very sad way to end the year. A man that did what any true supporter would do, given the magnitude of his wealth, yet still, unbelievably, had to bear the brunt of criticism from certain posters and so called supporters. RIP Colin
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    Really sad. He has done much for Thistle which we should be grateful for. But, importantly, I remember stories about the Weirs generosity even before his Thistle involvement which reflect what a decent human being he must have been. Thoughts are with his family.
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    Imagine where we would be without his involvement. A saviour in the long term future of this club. The bile against him on this very forum one of the reasons why I have turned my back on it. Rip Colin.
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    Cappielow width is 71 yards / 65 meters.
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    I'm sure Ayr fans are only commenting on what they see now, not what we saw previously. He did very little in a Thistle Jersey for previous 2 seasons. I think that misty sentiment over Doolan and Erskine is clouding a lot of people's judgement here. We can surely make better use of the money available to improve the squad rather than waste it on 2 has beens.
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    I think Jo Swinson does have quite a lot in common with Thistle. I wanted her to be better but I just found myself getting angry and disappointed every time I watched her.
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    Doolan can still score goals at this level. He is still fit enough. I think he is capable of proving some people wrong.
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    When McGinty goes up for a header it certainly looks like his feet are nailed down.
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    We could be doing with a Lada to held climb the league.
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    As we seem to have a few coaches these days I don't see where they would fit in. IMO it would be a waste of money.
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    Agree. Just a pity he was ever our manager in the first place.
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    Well said. All the best to the forum contributors for the festive period and let's hope 2020 is a good year for us.
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    I think I am correct in saying that the last update from ptfc trust suggested there would shortly be supporter trustee elections. That was in August. as we stand on the cusp of a New Democratic fan ownership vehicle, it does not look convincing if we cannot make the existing one operate with great transparency and democracy. It seems that Alan Caldwell and Andrew Byron believe they can remain supporter trustees of the trust whilst also transitionary board members. as Norge says, they swung behind this without consulting those who they represent It is in my view essential the independence, governance and democracy of the trust is fireproof for the credibility of what comes after. it ought to have people who can make decisions on whether the shares of that entity be amalgamated with the new packet of shares. there are arguments both ways for that, including strong ones against doing so and I am concerned (having enquired of both the trust and the working group privately on this) that we are going to be presented with a fait accompli. easy to dissuade me of that - do the right thing
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    Great story and a top bloke is Kenny. Btw I see another top bloke, Kris Doolan, has donated £500 to the PT Charitable Trust. earmarked for kids Xmas presents.
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    ‘there not supporters of our club , only clowns would criticise a person who went out there way to fund our club , RIP Colin
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    I had a bet you would post something inappropriate in this thread - because any post at this time is - given Colin weirs passing .....leave it till 2020
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    This could possibly see the fan ownership in serious doubt.