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    He was a very talented and a modest young man. He would have been surprised at the amount of people who turned up at his funeral and the amount of tributes that was done in his memory after he died. He never let his disability stand in his way of enjoying life. He did a lot to help others and he received campaigner of the year award 2014. There is a 12 page thread on this forum about him and if you google Robert Watson dmd pathfinders a tribute video and article from a local paper about him come up. There is a memorial plague in the JL stand and we have sponsored some players in his memory this season. The money for this was raised by Bowen Boy, who ran a last jag standing competition and there was also a collection at the Ross County game 1/4/17 by Digger. My wife and I are very proud of him and we miss him every day.
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    A good post but one I would challenge on a few fronts. Firstly, you’re correct that the managerial choice is the main decision that is coming under scrutiny. Many people did welcome the appointment, but many others were very concerned that Caldwell has a record that didn’t stand up to a great deal of scrutiny. Promotion achieved with Wigan? Yes, but with a large budget. He then went on to fail with them and fail with Chesterfield. I’d argue that he absolutely was one of the usual suspects, given he had been punting himself for every job going since getting sacked by Chesterfield. It isn’t just his record, though, but also how he appears to approach management. He is on record (both prior to his appointment and since) as saying that he had a fixed idea on how the game should be played and will not deviate from that. That’s fantastic if you’re manager of Manchester City or Barcelona, but it doesn’t really cut it if you’re managing Partick Thistle and have Sean McGinty on your books. The failure to change or adapt system was one of Archie’s failings, and Caldwell clearly displayed and continues to display the same failing. Appointing him shows that lessons were not learned. Secondly, the PR stuff. To me this stuff is actually really important. What we put out there in terms of club statements etc. say everything about who we are as a club, but also say a lot about what the board think of the supporters. Telling us we are making great progress and that promotion is still the aim does nothing but show us that the board think we are idiots. This then feeds into the general apathy that seems to shroud us at the moment, and has a direct impact on the park. The Chesterfield bit in the club statement announcing Caldwell’s appointment showed us a few things. Firstly that whoever was responsible for the statement (I presume the chairman) does not understand football or understand the total disrespect the statement showed to another club. And secondly that whoever was responsible for the statement thinks we are idiots and can’t simply look at his record/a Chesterfield forum to see whether what was said is correct. These things might seem minor but they exemplify a wider issue of the complete disconnect that exists between those of us facing up to the reality of the situation we are in (the supporters) and those who are not (the manager and chairman/board). Added to this is the whole issue of the fans trust, whereby it is the largest shareholder but has no place on the board. What is it for? What does it do? Where is the trust now that there is clearly growing concerns about the direction that we are heading? This is not a criticism of those involved. It was established by the club and therefore has to operate within these constraints. But it’s yet more evidence of the disconnect between the rhetoric (greater communications, empowerment of fans etc) and the reality (a pat on the head from the club with no actual power to do or change anything). There’s no room for vitriol and we need to avoid personal attacks (I hope my post has managed to do that but apologies if not), but the glaring issues with our club at the moment go way beyond just the managerial appointment.
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    It appears we interviewed only 1 guy for the job after trying to get Neilson after he’d agreed terms with United, several others applied but never got near. That is the boards fault. We have no scouting network and haven’t for years. This is incompetent from the board. We spent too long with a manager who had peeked and was on the decline, nearly 18 months of poor results a relegation yet still they pondered. Again blame rests with board. We signed players right at last minute, had no right back at start of season even though the board publically stated they would back Archie, contradiction between public statements and private actions. A weak board. We can blame Archie, we can blame Caldwell, but ultimately the shambles we are in rests with the board, they are halfway through their first season in charge and we’re a calamity off the park.
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    According to GC, it was a relief when Wigan were relegated - "We tried everything to stay up, but the reality was that it was going to be extremely difficult. It was almost a relief when we did get relegated, because then we could really start to think about the next season. " (interview here ) GC commenting on his time at Chesterfield - " Very early on at Chesterfield, it felt like I was caught in a negative cycle that I couldn’t get out of ." --- Comments from the Chesterfield fans forum, summarised here, tell us everything we need to know. Some examples - " Feel sorry for the (Jags) fans, an awful, awful excuse of a manager. " "Partick thistle are third bottom. Lump on them being relegated." "One of the worst managers Town have had with some shocking player recruitment. Good luck to Partick Thistle, they'll need it." "Gary Caldwell terrible Manager. Actually should never work in a Football again." "As for Caldwell, what a chancer. Ten years ago I watched the Jags for the only time and the crowd turned on their manager in style with 'Campbell, Get Tae F**k' chanted over and over. It might not be long before Caldwell gets the same." "Spent some time with an ex Town player in the week who said how bad Caldwell was cold with players and disconnected with the people around the club completely. Was very very disliked at Wigan by his fellow team mates." "Maybe we can have a pre season double header against them next season, playing for the 'Victims of Caldwell' Trophy." "... he's now talking about the January window. Stand by for a bunch of kids and wasters on their way down." --- Chesterfield Director Ashley Carson - "Gary has worked very hard during his time at the club, but we find ourselves in a lowly position after providing him with substantial backing in the transfer market. After making a very poor start to the season, we feel that now is the time to appoint a new manager to bring about a change in fortunes." (from here) --- "Insisting the Firhill board were 'blown away' by Caldwell during the interview process, Thistle chair Jacqui Low is convinced the club have landed the man to take them back to the top flight. 'The appointment of Gary comes at the end of a rigorous selection process, which we believe has resulted in the best candidate for the job being named as our new manager,' Low said. 'Gary is a driven individual with a clear vision and plan to succeed - a new face our rivals may not expect and will not be prepared for. The board also wanted to bring in someone the players would respect for his achievements. With his track record both as a player and as a manager, we believe Gary is that man. 'We were blown away by Gary's interview preparation and, in the space of a week, he had done an analysis of each player, identified a training schedule to deal with the fitness levels and pulled together a vision of how to get Thistle playing well enough to secure promotion. 'Put simply, he plans to build a strong defence that allows us to then push forward and play attacking football. Gary's proposals were detailed and realistic. The high degree of clarity and organisation with which Gary shared his views was a significant factor in him being chosen as the preferred candidate.' (from here) --- We are sleepwalking into back to back relegations leaving this charlatan in charge. I will never forget the day of our last 2 in a row relegation it was horrific. The blame for our current horror show imo lies firmly with J-Lo - everything points to her falling for his smooth talking guffery and now she is backing her blue eyed boy (with the clubs cash) to the bitter end purely to save face and because she still believes. Well I don't Jacqui and neither does anyone else. Everything about Caldwell is wrong and the evidence against him is stacking up. How many warnings do we need? The latest rumour about Erkskine leaving (if it comes true) will be the final straw for me. Caldwell needs to go and if J-Lo doesn't have the insight to see this and get rid now, then she needs to go too.
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    We should have been comfortably challenging for the league with the resources Archie blew. That is exactly why the Weir's shouldnt and dont throw money at the first team. To even raise this is quite frankly a disgrace. The Weir's are trying to ensure the long term future of the club, not drag incompetent managers out the shite.
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    Fair points, Jim. And that's one of the attractions of Ian McCall, in my opinion. From a particularly reliable source, though, he's said clearly that he would come back to us now if he's asked. Previously, a few months ago, he wouldn't take what was Archie's job through loyalty to his mate. In my opinion, we're in a crisis situation which requires urgent action: without trying to dramatise things, we're in freefall, football-wise. I'm terrified we're going the way Campbell took us. Suitable management alternatives aren't exactly jumping out at us, but in McCall we've got a manager with a proven record of stopping the decline, and popular with the fans. Our number one priority has to be still playing Championship football in the second half of 2019, so that we can make a push for a return to the Premier the following year. We're in grave danger of failing in that task, still thinking we can get promoted. That's nuts - we're not going up. We need to bite the bullet now and sack Caldwell, and get on the phone to Ian McCall before things get too desperate. There is no alternative, in my opinion.
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    It’s a vanity project to have a permanent base for training your players and your academy squads? Really? Right now we hire pitches at great expense right across Glasgow and the surrounding area, for both the main squad and the youths. Right now we load buses with equipment and have to unload, set up, and repack at the end of every session. Going forward in the long term we will have a multi pitch site with our own buildings on site. We can set that up to suit our needs re gyms, treatment rooms, lecture rooms etc. We will pay £0 in building costs. We will pay a hire fee of no more than we pay just now and won’t be subject to random and excessive rises at the whim of the owners each and every year. It’s as far from being a vanity project as could be, it’s a meaningful and highly significant step forward to securing the future infrastructure of our club. And it is something that every club of our size would bite your hand off for.
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    Disgraceful awful signing ......whoever he is
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    FFS when will folk get it into their heads that Colin Weir has said all along that he will not directly finance PTFC. He is building a training centre as part of his support for community football and if Thistle don't want to, or can't afford to use it then I'm sure he will be quite happy for it to be used by the Weir Acadamy or even the women's team. I don't get this attutude of football fans that if someone has money they have a duty to finance the club they support.
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    He needs to go.. Its unfortunate that we will have to pay him off but this is nonsense now.. He has no clue despite what his spreadsheets may say.. For the good of the club they need to make a decision.. I wouldn't trust him with my shopping list never mind a transfer window now... The board have to hold up their hands.. admit they made the wrong appointment.. and make a good decision for a change.
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    Found the interview very awkward. It was like a kid who had failed all his exams getting interviewed in front of his mum and being forced to explain how he was going to do better. If we got one shot on target tomorrow for every minute of that interview, that would give me more hope than anything said.
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    Twelve points adrifting Eleven wages stolen Ten crosses missed Nine excuses given Eight great training sessions Seven figure budget Six corners wasted FIVE OF BELL’S CHICKEN WINGS Four daft post match words Three sclaffed pens Two crappy gaffers And a crocked Harkins on a free...
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    Sorry, can't help. I've not got the slightest idea why the 85 year old Bobbie Dinnie left.
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    Just wanted to say how impressed I was with the calendar signing and kids Christmas party that took place last night. It's a real credit to the club to put something like that on free of charge. My 5 year old loved it. He met all the players and management team whilst his calendar was signed and he had a ball at the party afterwards. The majority of the players were really good with the kids although Jack Storer looked like he didn't want to be there. As a born Bristolian who has spent the majority of my life supporting Bristol City I can't remember Bristol City ever doing anything like that. I've only started watching Thistle with my boy since the back end of last season and we've got season tickets this year. I've mostly observed this forum as I've felt I've only been watching the team for a relatively short time and haven't the depth of knowledge as to what's happened in the past. In this case I thought it was worth highlighting that, as far as doing stuff for the kids goes, the club has really impressed me.
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    Not going to be totally defensive on Doolan but last week he spent the majority of time chasing back players to his own penalty box while the headless chicken that is Miles Storey played the Centre forward role . In the last few years Doolan relied on Erskine and Lawless to make his chances, there was a telepathy there in the runs he was making , that’s all gone now ( Erskine doesn’t play and Lawless has gone ) Doolan is only 32 , he never relied on pace to score goals , in a good balanced team he’ll still score goals but he’s probably the same as the rest of them with a lack of confidence.The system we’re playing just now means the forwards are isolated most of the time , no midfielders joining in or even getting beyond the forwards. Ultimately that’s down to how the manager sets up , how many goals have the midfield scored this season ?
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    Robert was a gem, AJ. And the way the Jags fans offered their best wishes and contributed to his memory showed the best of our Club. That for me is Thistle. League positions come and go but what remains is that sense of community.
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    I will be exceedingly underwhelmed and disappointed by whoever we sign next. It is likely that he will have played for someone else in his career and fans of other Clubs might not think that he is very good. Just getting this in early.
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    I wish we could earn 1.66 points per game...
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    The targets mentioned so far are absolutely and entirely brutal. And bear no relation to the considered, planned and quality signings that Caldwell and Low seemed to promise. I, for one, am amazed that their rhetoric isn’t being backed up with fact. How unlike both of them.
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    Sorry cant sign your cat, to many claws in their contract.
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    I was a big defender of Archie, so would probably be among those you're referring to. In retrospect I'd admit it looks like we stuck with him for too long, and I certainly didn't object to his eventual sacking when it did happen. But I don't think there is any conflict in supporting Archie over an extended period while wanting Caldwell to go after such a short time. Archibald had successful seasons under his belt, and had shown an ability to dig us out when things weren't going so well. Under his leadership thistle won some real crunch matches, Morton, Hearts, Ross County, Motherwell, when it really mattered. We were playing at a higher level. My "loyalty" was based purely on what I thought was best for thistle. Caldwell has no such record to fall back on, and in his first two months he has led thistle on a run that is worse than anything Archie suffered in five and a half years. I think he has to go.
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    I was a Morton fan for 30 years. Moved to Glasgow 15 years ago and started taking my son to Firhill 10 years ago. We've both been season ticket holders for 6 years and follow the Jags home and away with pride. I love the club more than I thought was possible for a grown up, especially after identifying with Morton for so long. Welcome to the Thistle family.
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    I worry about some people on here .... 1. The training centre is being built for us by the Weirs it is literally costing the club nothing 2. We then lease the facility for the same amount we currently pay to use the various training arrangements we have 3. The advantages of a dedicated trading centre with training, fitness, medical aspects etc should be fairly obvious It’s the best news we have in the current s### !
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    thanks for that Gary btw just between you and me is there an opt out clause in your contract