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    Disappointing to see a Jags fan gloating about this. But not surprising.
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    Glad they got your e-mail.
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    Just a small point..but wish they would stop calling it the PTH family. I've been going to games for over 30 years...but its a football club so please just call it that
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    Name dropping alert, number 2. In September 2009 Robert junior, Eunice and myself went to see Coldplay at Hampden. Before the concert we got to meet Coldplay and we spent about 15 minutes talking to the band members and getting a number of great photographs with them. My wife and i was never the biggest fans of them, but Robert was and it was one of the many great experiences we had as a family, and my wife and i will always remember how great the band were to give up time before a big concert. This was all arranged by a charity for young adults with life limiting conditions. The charity was started by ex Arsenal and Scotland keeper Bob Wilson, who lost his daughter.
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    Jeez... Lovely guy... Anyway, moving forward... We're all going to have to put the pain of the relegation / court / rules / fairness etc behind us and move on. Winning football matches and promotion is the only cure. To that end I'll be avoiding away games (except Falkirk) and deal with my frustration by sticking my hands deeper into my pockets than ever before to support the manager with funds... CF/half time tickets/merchandising/Jagszone/other ad hoc fund raising schemes.. I well p*ssed off by the entire shambles surrounding our clubs over the last couple of seasons but time to move on..
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    Oh dry up, you tiresome gammon. Thistle showing solidarity with a cause isn't a bad thing. It's the club using its position of visibility and privilege in the public eye to provide support and exposure to people or organisations that need it. Having the rainbow flag on the shirt last season was no different to us giving over shirt space to the Beatson a couple of years back, or having a pink breast cancer ribbon front and centre of the away kit a couple of years before it. We're not the first club to do it, we won't be the last, thankfully. Frankly, I wish we'd do more in this vein. When we have the ugly sisters and their venal tribalism and sniping dominating the city, anything which makes us stand out above that as better members of the community should be applauded. Even on a basic publicity level, do you honestly think we'd have had all the folk at the Women's World Cup plugging our away shirt last summer if it was just plain white? We probably sold a couple hundred more shirts than we would have previously because we had Eilidh Barbour, Hope Solo et al plugging it on their social media accounts. It's 2020. The only mindset that sees a club doing something to support the communities that support it and surround it is one that belongs in the 1970s along with repeats of Mind Your Language and Bernard Manning.
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    Take the Micky all you want still one of the best players in the last 20 years lived and breathed thistle wish we could sign another like dools sadly can’t see it happening but sad when people rubbish an absolute treasure played for the team We have had some good/ great players for Partick thistle over the years but I think it will be a long time before we see another Kris Doolan we wiz lucky we had him for so long take big swipes at him if you want just don’t knock him maybe he is a past his best as some think but every decent jags supporter when asked about the best thistle player will put doolan in their team I hope one day we will see fit to acknowledge everything Kris did for our club and right the f##ckin disgraceful way our club let him go a sad day for a great player who gave his all for us and got shafted by the club sad days maybe that’s why we are slipping away as a club When I see all the knockers on this site I don’t see much hope thank god I have 50 years of memories seen some good players and seen some poor players but when we knock ex players that played and breathed Partick Thistle it saddens me I don’t know what the future is for our club but to disregard great players like Dools is a mistake feel free to tear me to bits over this post but I fear we have lost our way as a club our supporters are leaving in droves as Fraser in dads army would say we’re doomed where did go so wrong can’t all be Doolan and Erskines fault
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    But there was no rule for what happens when the season is finished early. They had to make something up. To do that they held a vote, in which the clubs could have chosen to mitigate the damage, spread it around. And they chose not to. That was their right; they chose to load the pain on to a few clubs rather than distribute it more evenly. You may argue that clubs, as companies, have a duty to protect their own interests. That may be the case. However if this is strictly applied then it follows that those making the decisions which affect Scottish football cannot act in the wider interest of Scottish football. Without making this a polarised debate, surely you can accept that there is something wrong. Not necessarily in the way that things were conducted, but in the very structure which results in decisions being made in this way. I've always said that our only chance in court was if there had been misconduct; if the process was followed then we were always on to a loser. However, I still think there is something very wrong with the system. And I think to say the "rules" have been applied "fairly" is a stretch.
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    I think you might find that nobody actually asked you to spend the amount of time you spent on this matter. You could easily have made all your points in a far less pompous manner and then you may have been spared all the apparent angst. However, if being correct about this is what floats your boat I’m happy to be on another vessel. Humility costs nothing.
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    I won't be going to away fixtures. I wouldn't call it a boycott and I won't be differentiating teams that did or didn't support reconstruction. I simply hate Scottish football. I can see no earthly reason why I should continue to prop up this toxic **** up of a product. There must be a million and one things more deserving my hard earned cash. Season ticket to Firhill will be the extent of my spending on Scottish football. I will miss the days out like hell though. Generally speaking, I'm not in favour of any sort of organised boycott. People should do whatever they want with their free time.
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    ^^ wee bit harsh guys, @pinhead may not be the biggest fan of the varying Jags initiatives when it comes to strips etc, but don’t think that quantifies them as a racist or nazi.
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    As an aside, last nights English Championship proves what can happen when you have patience and don’t cancel the season early. Going into the restart after lockdown none of the clubs in the bottom 5 were relegated last night, just shows you what might have been up here.
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    To begin with javeajag speculated that the spfl would delay until next week before even starting as a tactic. He was wrong. He then speculated they would drag it out to have the same effect. He was wrong. He then speculated the spfl would settle rather than go to arbitration. Guess what? Wrong. His next speculation was that this would take until Friday. And it looks like that was wrong according to his new most trusted source. He does all this whilst chastising anyone else on the forum for speculating. The real world is probably a more informed place to live than twitterland.
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    That would be up to McCall as he's the manger.
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    Many years ago I was in a wee bookshop in Byres Road and he was in front of me in the queue to get Xmas Calendars He had a right go at them for having piles of Old Firm calendars and no Partick Thistle ones We then had a long chat about Thistle out on the pavement. He didn't get to many games but he knew plenty about our results
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    Looks like they are trying to get the lawyer teams working on 2 things at the same time to try and divide and conquer. I say it is now time to abandon the SFA arbitration and slap an injunction in on the start of the season. Time to burn this shithole to the ground and take as many down with us as we can.
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    If my budget was tight and I had to decide between Doolan, who may have the craft and experience to get us goals off the bench, or having Alan Archibald hanging about on the sidelines with his arms folded exuding all the confidence of the Grim Reaper, I know where my money would go.
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    First of all , not sure if Brian Graham and Cardle are coaches and have done their coaching badges and if you’re trying to make a case on goals scored even though he had an ankle injury for most of the season Doolan’s 3 goals eclipse the 1 goal Lewis Mansell scored all season. It’s about the influence Doolan could have around the Club whether that’s creating a team spirit that was lacking last year , getting young players to understand what’s needed to be a success , mentoring guys like Rudden who seem to run in straight lines all the time ,Doolan might not be a starter but to bring him on with 20 mins to go looking for a goal , he’s a better bet to do that than a lot of other players we’ve got .
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    I think we have struggled for goals in the last 2 seasons for a couple of reasons. First, we haven't had genuine wide left and wide right midfielders/wingers since Lawless and Erskine were part of the team. In our first season in the championship we seemed to start with Erskine and Spittal. Spittal never looked comfortable wide and it created and lack of balance. Last season we struggled on the right side so much that we ended up putting a right back (Kakay) on the right side of midfield until New Year. Zannatta and Cardle should have brought more balance but Zannatta's attitude and form was erratic whilst Cardle never looked like he could provide for 90 minutes. Second, we have had managers that never really looked like they new what formation and system was best and recruit for that system. Archie in the championship was still keen to go with his 4-2-3-1 but in Bannigan, Gordon and Slater he didn't really have the Osman type player that made that system succeful to produce a base for the 3+1 to attack. The 4-2-3-1 also relied on the fullbacks to get pretty high up the park and deliver into the box. Penrice struggled to get forward and Elliot's delivery was dreadful. Caldwell wanted to play 3-5-2 with Archie's squad and whilst his January transfer window got enough players to get us out of trouble he never really got the 3-5-2 to work. Last seasons recruitment seemed desperate and relying on guys like Mitch Austin who was signed at the last minute to provide pace and width meant the team lacked structure and balance. McCall's recruitment seems to be much more thought out. In January I think he recognised he wouldn't be able to change to a 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 straight away but he did try to plug the gaps so we could play a more effective 3-5-2. However the creativity still relied heavily on Cardle and Zanatta or the combination play of Rudden and Graham. Rudden's injury meant his partnership with Graham was only just gelling when the league stopped. Playing Zanatta was always a gamble as his defensive work was poor. From what I saw from January forwards I really liked Graham and saw enough in the time he and Rudden had on the park to belive they will score goals. McCall has started recruiting this summer to start getting the team to play more like his Ayr United team. So I would expect us to be playing 4-4-2 regularly. We have in Graham and Rudden a proper front two and in Murray and Cardle wide players who can also do their defensive duties. Hopefully Lyons provides a bit more pace and ensures Cardle and Murray are kept on their toes. I'm much more optomistic that we will score goals this season. I still think we need a little more options in defence. I don't think its desirable to be going all season with O'Ware as our left sided central defender, we really need a left footed player and if Mayo was available on loan I would take him and drop O'Ware. Docherty looks like he will provide more defensive cover than Bannigan but I would like to see an out and out defensive midfielder recruited.
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    It's that time of the month again. Purchases made by you lovely people have taken the total raised and donated to the club to £1766. Over 200 items sold including 150 t shirts. A couple of customers had to wait far too long for their purchases, which was frustrating. The situation is improving. Both printers I'm using are now shipping within 7 working days (snoods usually within 2 days). Last week a t shirt order shipped in 2 days so still time to stock up before your week in Millport. That's about it for July. I'll update the site with the club's cost report in the next day or so. Thanks for shopping. Look after yourselves and those nearby (buy a snood). Oh, before I go, thought I would share this. It won't, unfortunately, make it to the store but I have a sample t shirt and it's an absolute beauty. Pictures don't really show the detail in the Court of Session crest. The eagle-eyed among you will spot that the quote on the back is attributed to Mahatma Gandhi. The smart eagle-eyed will know that this is not true!
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    I think he was (and we were) particularly unlucky with the timing of the season closure. I thought he did a very good job of turning around a bunch of the near complete duds he inherited, to the point that our form picked up considerably approaching the transfer window. Then he took a big gamble in attempting a comprehensive overhaul of the squad mid-season. This was always going to take time to pay off and bed-in the new team (and work out who the duds where, as it was inevitable there will be some in such a rushed mid-season influx). We'll never know if the gamble would've paid off, but I personally saw signs of genuine improvement in the couple of games up to season closure (albeit after our form falling off a cliff over winter). Also, there is something perverse in saying a manager had plenty of time in turning the form around, when he takes over a team almost immediately after the window shuts and he's stuck with a pig's breakfast of a squad for 6 months. That he got as much as he did out of them, I believe, deserves credit.
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    I go tae the fitba to get away fae the family! Gie's a break!
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    I agree. And this bit of the statement "But I ask everyone associated with Thistle to never forget today. To never forget how it feels to be relegated unfairly. To never forget that there are many good decent people and clubs in Scotland who stood with us, publicly and privately – but there are some whose fear and self-interest got in the way of doing the right thing." is better left unsaid. The sooner the club drops the victim mentality and unsettled scores attitude, the better it will be for everyone.
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    Absolutely spot on Allyo. It is utterly cringeworthy to see WJ hold himself out triumphantly as having some unique legal expertise and insight in calling an entirely predictable outcome. I stopped reading his posts after Lord Clark's judgement that the matter should go to arbitration by which time WJ had bored everyone with dozens of tedious posts on why our action would be thrown out immediately by the Court of Session...yet he completely failed even to mention in any of his posts the arbitration issue on which the matter was decided, I don't think anyone actually expected a judgement to overturn our relegation. WJ's obnoxious and repetitive contributions have turned this Forum into a fairly miserable experience - he is a vexatious poster...high on self-regard and low on self-awareness.
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    I was fully expecting this outcome and I commend thistle for the stance they made. But the bad taste this has left me with of Scottish football will be with me for a long time to come and hopefully with fellow jags fans everywhere too. I fully expect a far noisier and hostile firhill when we’re allowed back in. Another thing, Doncaster is a smug pr*ck and I can’t wait for him to be exposed as the corrupt and weak man he is somewhere further down the line.
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    Come on......The guy expressed his opinion. On a football forum. Which is all about expressing opinions. He took loads of stick for it, being in a minority position but stuck to his guns - he was not anti-Thistle, he was anti-legal case, and in fact some might argue that more ought to have taken a pragmatic rather than overly emotional view, because the outcome is worse for us than the alternative may have been. Now its open season on him all over again. Partick Thistle now need to move on. Start winning games. Deliver fan ownership rather than be in this limbo land we find ourselves. To do so, we need to be united. So I am not suggesting anyone will go so far as patting WJ on the back, but perhaps we can at least remove some of the more personal attacks on him? We are all hurting. As a fan of many years standing, I guess WJ is too. There are enough people against us without turning on ourselves.
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    Yes, we get it, you won. Glad you're happy. Classless.
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    When I warned our fans that this was a futile enterprise, I was personally attacked, my qualifications were brought into question and my analysis was dismissed as uninformed opinion. This isn't gloating. This is vindication. Perhaps next time people won't dismiss people who know what they're ******* talking about?
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    Also off the top of my head. The acts i seen in no particular order. 10cc, The Sweet who were supported by Salvation, a Glasgow band who had Midge Ure in it. The Commodores, Four Seasons, Leo Sayer who was supported by John Miles who was better than Sayer, Hall and Oates, Thin Lizzy, Nazareth at least 4 times, Status Quo 3 times and Lynyrd Skynyrd who i seen about a month before they were involved in a plane crash that killed 3 members of the group. There was more but at the moment i forget who they were. Young Robert also liked going to concerts and apart from the Coldplay concert i have already posted about he went to a number of other ones. Amongst them he seen Greenday, Snow patrol, The Killers, Keane and Blink 182. The Hospice he went to respite for was in Kinross, about a mile away from where T in the park was held. Every year the Hospice got some passes for the T in the park weekend , so Robert also went to Tin the park a couple of times. Which he really enjoyed.
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    I have been doing something similar. Sorry,just read your post again. I have been eating Marathons.
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    What can be said for Cardle is his fitness is impeccable. Noticed he's been running marathons and so on during lockdown. More than can be said for players like Leigh Griffiths. His attitude to staying physically fit is unquestionable. I'd give him another 12 months.
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    Oi you (slightly younger) whippersnapper! But yes, that crest and that telephone number as a retro style Jags t-shirt @BowenBoys ?
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    Dirty tictacs having a go at a dyslexic.
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    Dodgy blazers in each others' pockets.
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    Fox has gone. That's already a bonus.
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    I received 4 adult and 2 kids masks today. 3 layers with filters. Far superior to other masks I have in my house. Would def recommend.
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    For me, Dolan and Erskine were part of the problem, not a solution. I’ll not dispute that they have the skill, but neither were able to last 90 mins. Normally they would be subbed after 60 mins, using up 2 of our 3 subs and restricting the managers options to change things around late in a game. (WhetherArchibald, Caldwell or McCall had the nouse to do it is another question, but they didn’t have it as an option. As a result we more often than not fell away late in games, often because we were carrying a player who ideally should have been subbed earlier. Happy to see either coming back in a purely coaching capacity, providing they are any good at it, but playing days, even at League One level is now behind them. As for use as a backup, I’d much rather see our younger players given a chance.
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    Good comment, but the more you hear coming out of Tannadice & to a lesser extent, Starks, the more you start to feel less sympathy for them. United were hemorrhaging money to win the league, now asking for other clubs, their competitors, to pay their legal fees? It's a funny old game right enough...
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    What a sad and cringeworthy reflection on the SFA that the Glasgow City ladies have to be funded by a philanthropist and not the national association ... at least Mr Anderson has shown some true leadership in the absence of any whatsoever from Hampden.
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    Penrice has been part of two relegations with us. Another player with a loser mentality we could do without. Anyone wanting Doolan, Erskine, or Cole to come back have also lost their mind. Need to stop the rot and develop new, young players in L1.
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    Could make the same excuse for Cole as Bannigan. The real disappointment in midfield in the second half of the season was MacKinnon. His no show meant there was no steel in defensive mid and Cole and Bannigan had to cover too much defensively. Just possibly with Bannigan having to mind his Ps & Qs (he only picked up one yellow over the last 13 league games), Cole was too often out of position. Put another way one of Cole's strengths was his willingness to play a forward ball into the box. We saw next to nothing of that latterly and I don't think that was all down to a lack of form or ability. Regardless of differing opinions about Cole, signing MacKinnon was a dreadful bit of business. He was well overweight and can't have have passed any serious fitness test. Nobody goes from Championship quality in January to Drumchapel United level in 6 months. A worse signing than Gary Harkins.
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    I should say this is a fair point and the timing hadn't occurred to me. That was poor and I am sorry.
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    With me I put it down to the washing machine shrinking my tops so opt for bigger size each season.
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    Starting to clear my in-laws house and my wife (yes, wife) found her completed 1978 Panini sticker album: I never managed to complete any of these books in my youth! Apologies - the team image is a bit blurry.
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    Decent signing and young enough to be with us a while. Should add some pace and creativity. Interesting yound forward line developing with Murray, Lyons and Rudden. Have we finally found replacements for Erskine, Lawless and Doolan?
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    While I'm sure a lot of people are bored senseless by my contributions on here I'm also pretty sure they are tired of javeajag's effort to be a shite Jeff Bridges from The Big Lebowski every time I say something he doesn't agree with. For the avoidance of doubt this post expresses an OPINION.
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    Ma heid's buzzled!