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    I think some people (not necessarily on here, but on social media) have been awfully harsh towards Miller, and it is certainly unwarranted. I don't think this contribution was necessarily worth the huge wage bill that he was purported to be on - that's pretty self-evident. But despite being 40, the guy still managed to score more league goals in his first 6-months here than Doolan managed during the whole of the 16-17, and 17-18 season. For anyone, and I mean anyone, to still be playing FT professional football at the age of 40 is a massive achievement, and we currently have players half his age who haven't shown the level of fitness or ability that he has. Ultimately with Rudden and Graham coming in, I think it was the right decision. We need to be looking to the future. But I think it would serve some people well to remember that we could easily be completely cut adrift at the bottom of the table at this moment if it wasn't for a decent spell from him at the start of the season. The fact, it is reported, that he still is seeking out first-team football at his age is a testament to his character and work rate.
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    The insinuation is tired because it is over 30 years old. It is a perfectly good insinuation. But no more than that.
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    4-0 Jags 3 for Rudden, 1 for O'Ware Rout Clean sheet I am presently on painkillers and seeing life in very optimistic way!
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    Miller seemed to try & was fit, just wasn't what we needed. All the best to him & should hopefully free up a few pennies. We need someone else to whine at referees though - he did get us a few decisions this way I think...
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    Can we make it third time lucky versus Dick and his Arbroath side this season? The hosts are on a poor run of form and lost away to Alloa on Tuesday night. Thistle did okay overall versus Celtic and our two new signings showed up pretty well. A couple of additional new players could be in the line-up come Saturday. I’m quite confident we can bring the three points down the road. Arbroath 1 Thistle 2 (Rudden, Bannigan (pen.) MTJ OTIG
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    Was thinking that myself. He definitely has ability. Know where you're coming from re running hot and cold but perhaps if Zanatta was more like Erskine in attitude he'd be more valued.
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    Dont think Miller done anything that wrong to be singled out to be honest. The fact he was on a big wage isnt his fault its Caldwells ! Cant fault him for effort at all.. As for the finger pointing and moaning, Miller has played at a very high level and although a very fit guy for 40 is clearly regressing and i think he's having a hard time dealing with it. He over tries at times and i agree in a positional aspect hes poor. All in all I'd have preferred if he had never signed at all, but i actually think he's a decent guy and certainly wasnt the wage thief he's being made out to be by some folk.
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    Happy days. Harkins next please.
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    This seems to be totally implausible...but read on! The Dumfries and Galloway Standard on 3/11/1945 reported that in a reserve match Kilmarnock v Thistle at Rugby Park on 27/10/1945, White of Kilmarnock had 7 attempts to convert a penalty. The ref decided that the keeper had moved too early 6 times and on the 7th attempt it was saved. Thistle reserves won 2-1. The keeper was Robert Doig Macfarlane. He made 6 first team appearances between November 1944 and January 1946. He was signed from Glasgow Perthshire and also played with Rutherglen Glencairn, Leith Athletic and Kilmarnock. Haven't found any other reference to this. Pity it was a reserve game and got so little coverage. No way to tell if it is a record but it would be hard to beat.
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    Been lurking a while but first post. It's a shame I didn't post before the player my username is based off left the club... I'm tentatively looking forward to this one! Should be a good day out anyway. If they play as well as they did at times in that Celtic game they'll win. Mon eh Jags!
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    I think it’s time Harkins left, he’s surplus to requirements.
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    Is Kenny Miller the first Thistle player to leave in the month when he was on the calendar?
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    Really positive window so far and still a week to go. Happy with every signing
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    To end up 4th would be great. But first and foremost we must get a good points gap between us and 8th. Next season the season for the big promotion push imo. Winning the challenge cup and not being relegated this season.
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    In terms of our new team im absolutely delighted with our signings. If we can bag a CB and a Winger with a bit of pace im quietly confident we can push ourselves up the league and make a late play off push. McCall has reshaped the squad so well i love the way hes going about it.
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    Nobody's proved anything yet. We've made loads of signings on the past that looked good on paper and turned out rubbish. We're in a battle to stay up and we need wins.
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    A club like ours rarely hands out 1 year plus contracts. When we do it's to players we can potentially sell on while under contract for a profit, or at least break even on the deal on expiration. Whatever value Graham has today come 34 year old it will be considerably less. As said elsewhere I've a lot of faith in McCall when it comes to contracts but on face value us giving a 32 year old an extended (for us) is surely worth remarking about.
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    Likewise. That's maybe the price we have to pay in signing the lad? From Graham's point of view he's dropping a division for 1.5 of seasons minimum. He could possibly have picked up 1 to 1.5 seasons in the top division signing elsewhere. One thing I've got faith in is McCall's ability in manufacturing imaginative contracts. So maybe just as Rudden's deal doesn't exactly sound exactly favourable to us maybe giving Graham 2.5 years is not quite as OTT as meets the eye?
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    I don't necessarily disagree with the sentiment here, though I do think there is a basis to question his character and influence on the dressing rooms at the clubs he's been at recently. Mostly here to defend Doolan though. Miller has 5 league goals so far this season. Doolan scored 14 league goals in 16/17 (in the SPL), 4 in 17/18 (SPL) and 7 in 18/19 (Championship - including of course his excellent goal against Morton). For all the general sentiment was it was time for Doolan to move on, his goals to minutes ratio last season (1 every 295 minutes) was better than Miller's this season. Onwards and upwards.
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    I think this is superb signing, not least because of the development of Rudden that this should help with.
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    I’m not sure Miller was worth the big investment. He missed a lot, looked unhappy. Undoubtedly he signed because of the Caldwell connection, but he was never as positive an influence as Scott McDonald. Pleased he has moved on tbh.
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    I don't think it will be that close but we should get a goal. 4:1 Arbroath
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    Based on the optimism in this thread, the only possible outcome is an Arbroath win.
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    What I'm delighted about is there's GOALS in this team now. 3-5-2 definitely the way to go - could be a very solid unit at the back too (probably need another CB). Wing backs whipping in crosses for the 2 strikers - what's not to like? Prediction for Sat? 0-1 Arbroath. Haha!
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    How many wishes you got left? Can I suggest a 4th place finish and beating Hearts in play off final please?
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    My thinking as well. O'Connor is rated at Parkhead. On that alone I believe it's near inconceivable that a Celtic full back won't be able to play up the pitch as well as defend. Would imagine he'll also be comfortable playing right wingback. If his crosses are on par with Williamson's then we're more than just quids in. We've added a defender, something that Williamson just isn't. Weebaw's suggestion of playing Williamson at right midfield has its merits. My concern would be as expressed before most of Williamson's good deliveries follow on the back of a smart overlap, when he's played in by a teammate playing right midfield. Something tho' that could maybe be worked on. As for Miller, I like others am not sorry to see him go. I do tho' value his contribution earlier in the season, which I thought was remarkable for a guy nearing 40. A few months on however and it looked to me, that regardless of his experience, Kenny's inclusion in the team was a case of needs must. I don't think we could seriously be pulling away from the bottom of the league if we were starting Miller every week. Whether ideally it would've been better if he remained a squad player rather than leave is questionable. It just may have made sense from a purely footballing point of view but I'm fairly certain the budgetary concerns will have trumped that.
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    Thanks four you efforts Kenny. Best of luck for whatever you do.
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    I will also be in hospitality. I am being taken by a client who is Arbroath fan - of his 12 guests inevitably I am in a minority of one that will be sporting red and yellow! Hope we both enjoy our days!
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    Miller is our leading scorer and other than Dools I can’t think of another Jag who has made double figures in recent seasons. He was infuriating at times and certainly seemed to be unhappy Since he didn’t get the managers job, but we would have been in a much worse place without him. That said, Graham as a replacement looks on paper to be an upgrade
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    Nice one, it’s meant to be one of the best hospitality days out. Enjoy and hopefully the 90 minutes doesn’t ruin your day...
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    Now saw a lot of Barjonas but when I have he played the playmaking role in midfiled. The way i see it is Slater and Harkins will be moved on and Barjonas is a good and cheap replacement. This frees up funds to use elsewhere. I think O'conner is more likely to be moved into right-midfiled than Williamson, who I doubt has the technique to play in midfield.
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    You've been whooshed on that point Kakay won't be back, certainly not this season. I expect Barjonas will play a similar role to his.
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    I am sure that someone with more design imagination and ability than me could come up with a goalkeeping jersey with Kenny Arthur 1 on it, with the K, A and 1 being highlighted to read KA1.
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    Would like to see Austin playing alongside competent players just to see if he can fit in. He's shown next to nothing over his four outings to date but you can find mitigating circumstances. Maybe deserves another game just in case. My judgment so far tho' is he's like another Miles Storey but lacking Miles's composure.
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    Banzo and MaKinnon are not going to play wide left and right.
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    Thought for minute you had 5 hugging the right touch line, 5 hugging the left touch line and McKinnon holding the fort in the middle
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    758 penalties are known to have been awarded in 1st XI matches since they were introduced. (6,500 matches give or take.). 73-74 is the only season in modern times where there were none awarded. 87-88 is the record season with 15 awarded. 5 so far this season could be on track for a high figure. 17-18 and 13-14 both saw 5 in the full season. In the last 20 seasons only one made it into double figures (10 in 05-06).
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    Look closer. Between the orange grove and the papaya plantation.
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    The two goalies meet, brilliant stuff... https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/news/18171432.kai-evitt-surprises-kenny-arthur-say-thanks-special-gloves/
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    Jim Oliver first
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    It’s kind of like getting a straight answer from a politician. You don’t care if we win the challenge cup because the teams in it aren’t good enough to play in the premiership. Do you care if we don’t win the diddy league that you say we are in ?
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    A bloated, bluenosed, bigoted bar steward.
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    If we sign Geaham before Saturday will the team look like this v. Arbroath. 4-4-2. Fox O'Connor, O'Ware, Saunders, Penrice McKinnon, Cole, Barjonas, Bannigan Graham, Rudden.
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    This hasn't been too bad a window to date.