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    Today was the 3rd anniversary of Robert's death, this is the wreath we took up to his grave. There is a thread talking about Thistle being a family club, anyone reading this thread can see what a great club we are.
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    I’ve probably been a right argumentative d!ck to many of you on here over the years. But I think the events of the last few weeks have put a perspective on there’s really more to life than football. As disappointing as relegation would be if it happened that the season officially ended today and the league placing stood it will be worth putting up with, if as much as one life is saved. most importantly I hope all of the Partick Thistle family keep safe so we are all here to agree/argue with each other for next season. Keep safe everyone
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    Like dogs after a bone. Folk have tried being polite, jokey ways to try to get this to stop. I've had enough. Look up. The whole ******* world is in crisis. People are dying in their thousands. If you're around in a years time then lucky you, resume your point scoring exercise then. But in the mean time just stop. Make yourself useful. Help someone in need. If you can't do that, just shut the **** up.
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    Anyone who is flemish should be self-isolating imo!
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    Thank you to everyone for their very kind thoughts,also for the likes. I hope once it is safe for the football to return, we are all fit and able to get back supporting the jags. Till then take care.
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    Yesterday I reached the ripe old age of 80. At 10am my house received a call from Jacqui Low, unfortunately I was out at the time, but a message was left on the phone. Just after 12o'clock I answered the phone to Jacqui Low who congratulated me on my birthday. We spoke for nearly 20 minutes just talking about the "Jags" Before we closed the call she said she would phone in a couple of weeks just to see how I was getting along in this difficult time, she also said when the footie starts again, she would try and get me up to Firhill for a birthday prezzie. This is why I support Partick Thistle. The Partick Thistle family club. Love you all.
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    As soon as Low is away i will back this but for as long as she has her grubby mitts on our club it is not for me. These charlatans that are going for fan ownership are weak and will keep her as chairman of the club for sure.
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    A couple of questions. What game was that? And, are they climbing in or climbing out?
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    Many happy returns Did she mention anything about the land transfer?
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    .....or keep it at 42 clubs and have three divisions, with two leagues comprising twenty clubs each plus a top league of two clubs.
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    How about 2 leagues of 22 for next season. This would be made up of combining Premier and championship leagues, for league A. League B would be leagues 1 and 2 plus Brora and either Kelty or Bonnyrigg from lowland. Play each other twice, where you finished would decide what league you play in 21/22 season. Sizes of new leagues for 21/22 would be decided before next season starts.To make time for more league games cancel both league and challenge cups for next season.
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    I see Maryhill Fc Juniors have bought 2 tiles to help. Nice neighbourly gesture.
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    I don't want Thistle to get relegated but to stay up off the back of the Coronavirus would be embarrassing. If we get relegated as it stands then it's unfortunate BUT or own fault for being bottom of the league (on points and on average points per game). Ideally we'd get to finish the season but ideally we wouldn't be in the middle of a pandemic and we don't live in an ideal world. We sound like pathetic Sevco Newco Zombie The Rangers 2012 fans greetin about sporting integrity when we're where we are because we've been shite. Bottom line is if we hadn't been honking all season we'd have nothing to worry about.
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    Clubs are desperate for the end of season money, to which they are entitled, in order to survive. They are being told, "you're not getting it unless you vote to relegate Partick Thistle and Stranraer". Abhorrent hardly does it justice.
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    We’ve shafted ourselves by not being good enough to be higher in the league. If we were sitting mid table this wouldn’t be an issue. It’s our fault that we’re staring relegation in the face.
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    It's not just a case of promoting the current top club in each league and relegating the bottom club. Scrapping the play offs will leave other clubs (eg ICT and Airdrie) properly miffed. Maybe Queen of the South and possibly Accies should be relegated as well. Assuming the season is over the fairest way is still temporary reconstruction. Sadly our authorities will be far more interested and occupied with coming up with a solution that'll be acceptable to both arse cheeks. We'll just be viewed as collateral damage.
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    With the current lack of action on the pitch, I wanted to celebrate the action off the pitch with your funniest Red and Yellow army shout outs at a game. This is why I love this club so much. Mine is as follows... A through ball is played for striker Quinton Jacobs (may have been from Albert Craig) but hit too hard and the ball goes out for a goal kick. The guy behind me jumps up and shouts out ‘He’s from Namibia, not f*****g Kenya!’ Brilliant .
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    Adult t shirts/hoodies the club will get over £8 each. Kids clothes £6 each.
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    Not at Firhill and very recently. Blackpool Jag's shout out comment at the Maryhill Juniors v Jags All Stars fundraiser. As usual for games involving retired ex players revolving substitutions were employed. Our then manager Gary Caldwell played in this game. Younger and fitter than most of his teammates, Caldwell was playing down the right wing when BJ yelled out "For Christ's sake, Gary. You're even playing yourself out of position!!!!"
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    I think the season should be null and void. Even if they say the season isnt null and void and we are relegated as it stands we need to move on and end this confusion. Bugger football. The nations health is foremost
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    Ask that question again when the Family Club smokescreen has disappeared.
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    I imagine the problem dates back to the outbreak of WCPH-19 (more commonly known as Whocanpeehigher) that has contaminated a few threads over the past few months. It was thought it had been contained when the "New Owner" thread was shut down but it's inexplicably spread to other non related threads. The Forum's thus had to self isolate itself . The cure as always is to meticulously wash your hands off any of these threads. Twenty seconds should be more than enough time to do so.
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    I'm working on it right now. Have discussed it with the club.
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    I am sure that every Thistle fan will support the club the best they can. Fans on this forum have contributed a lot like sponsoring players, either on their own or via Bowen Boys competitions, also some on the forum buy season tickets knowing they will not use them or only get to a few games in the season. But the next few months or longer are going to be very uncertain for most of us and some sadly could end up in a worst financial position than they currently are and they could suffer health wise as well. Lets hope everybody with connections to Thistle and Thistle as a club come through this.
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    The authorities only care about two scumbag clubs and they'd love us to disappear.
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    That was my first game at Firhill after moving to Glasgow having lived in the north of Scotland and Sweden for a good part of my life. Was in the away end with some Killie supporting friends and became a firm Thistle supporter before half time.
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    FFS Barney, Joe Lynn Turner sang this - at least two singers on from Ronnie James Dio in Blackmore’s revolving door musical employment agency,
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    Can only agree with everything that has already been said. We are all Thistle fans and when we disagree it is because we only want the best for our team. 24th March this year is the 3rd anniversary of young Robert's passing, there are a lot more important things in life than football. All the best to everybody with Thistle connections and i hope we are all back cheering the team on asap.
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    What if some players or club staff test positive? Are the SFA/SPFL going to force them to play games in grounds that are possibly contaminated? At the end of the day, football is only a game and people’s well-being comes first.
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    Looking in from Norway the whole UK and Scottish governments handling of this situation is appalling, that’s before they allow an old firm game to take place in 4 days time with a virus situation that is growing exponentially on a daily basis. Then you have SFA / SPFL who have stated they will not help any of their member clubs that get into difficulties if season is cancelled, postponed or played behind closed doors. I thought our board were amateurs, but the 2 governments and 2 football bodies make the club look ultra professional
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    That’s lovely, AJ. Such a touching photo
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    Yes your right.....too sloppy in my part .....you g children are less likely to get the virus but are not immune
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    We have to accept a democratic vote by the members. If it goes against us, that's hellish, but there is nothing we can practically do. And your ' plan's is not a plan. It is rank irresponsibility.
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    You dont seem to be looking at the bigger picture. No one has a clue when this season can be completed. No one. If we just sit tight and wait for the sun to break through we run the risk of 1) destroying clubs who are on the edge right now, 2) if we do start near the end of the year, then next season is impacted hugely. A shortened season would present even more financial worries. And what of the player and staff contracts etc. It is a logistical nightmare. Either league reconstruction where a minimum of clubs are penalised or a season called off and go where it presently stands. And as for rolling over? I believe its fans looking at it pragmatically and accepting that there are bigger concerns out there.
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    Remember all . it was the last game of the season last year that we hauled ourselves out of relegation...Our last 2 games before the shutdown I saw I big improvement so much that I was feeling very positive for the last games..
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    Our defenders have been social distancing with the opposition for a few seasons now.
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    As we approach the Spring Bank Holiday, a couple of seaside specials. Mods and Rockers editions
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    It is fact, plenty to read here:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Partick_F.C. More about Fergus Suter:- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fergus_Suter
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    Was informed only an hour ago the the British Embassy has arranged an evacuation flight out of Podgorica to Gatwick tomorrow - which is a relief as I'd rather be back home to be in the vicinity of my 91 year old mother. Grateful to the universe for that one. Hope you Emsca and all Jags fans here and everywhere are managing to cope in these unprecedented circumstances, and even more so that we all get out of this at the other end sane and safe..
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    13th August 1994. First game of the season - 2-0 v Kilmarnock (Isaac English and Derek McWilliams). The Gerry Collins hard had on the construction site game. The then 36 year old George McCluskey came on for Killie. Two days later I moved to Brussels for a new job and have never lived full-time in Scotland since (to be updated thanks to Brexit).
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    Not meant as a wild swipe at O'Ware but the panicky revert to type play emanates from the back, and he's the captain.
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