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    Thank you for this information. I appreciate it. I completely agree with you about clubs turning against us. They are already against us. Thistle fans need to recognise that we have few friends in the game and the days when the Jags were everybody's second team are long gone. We have to accept we are generally on our own and in future we need to make decisions in terms of what's best for PTFC. In effect if a change is proposed and there is no direct benefit in the change for us we vote for the status quo! Thereby relegating the greater good to second place. If we want respect and influence the only way to do this is to put a winning team on the park, get back to the SPL and stay there! I hope more Jags fans will come around to my view which is: 1. to attend as many home games as possible (I live in the North East of Scotland so getting to Firhill is a hike), 2. not attend League 1 away games, for example, Forfar and Clyde who have made statements about revenue from our travelling support) 3. Donate gate money saved by not attending away games to PTFC. 4. Review when we return to the Championship (for example, Raith Rovers, Dundee, if still around, and Ayr Utd definitely off my travel plans) If enough fans do this the £75k - £100k that Forfar estimate they will receive from 2 home games each v Falkirk and Jags will be well and truly shafted! At the same time PTFC revenues will be that bit healthier!
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    Agree. We should not just lie back and take it, while thinking what is the best for Scottish football. Our only concern should be the best thing for PTFC.
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    Much as I have not contributed to the threads concerning the forced expulsion to League 1, I have read just about every one of the 170 (and counting) pages of "what if they shut down the season" and the 13 pages of legal advice for the opposition spouted by WJ. It strikes me as odd that the main theme, apart from boycotting certain clubs, which I fully support, is usually focused on what we can't do, shouldn't do or are not allowed to do. I would like to put forward a few ideas that WE CAN do, as a club and as individuals, which would be of our own choosing with no one being able to tell us different. Some of MY thoughts may be rubbish in the eyes of others, some may agree, in part or in full and some hopefully, will add ideas of their own, which can be taken forward. Let's try to push a bit more of the things we can control and deal with what we have no control over as it happens. First off the Club should get onto O'neils and make a few changes to the strip. The away strip should be an all black affair (some redandyellow design collaboration?) this to remind every other club we visit how we feel about recent events, but this time we will not forget (or forgive) in a season or two. The home strip should have a black armband designed into it, with 2004 and 2020 easily visible. Seeing how we should all look up to those big succesful teams and emulate them, how about a couple of stars on our shirts. 2004 and 2020 again spring to mind, but even better if we could get it incorporated into the badge somehow. Every bit of communication, newspapers, websites, club programmes and of course EVERY SPFL communication that shows club badges would advertise our resentment for us. And it's not difficult. Bowen Boys had a new badge knocked up in minutes after it became known we were going down the legal road. It would also serve as a good learning tool for young Jags when they ask what we got our stars for. If we survive, which of course is debatable, I would like to put forward a proposal to get the tv gantry moved across to the Colin Weir stand, so that if we ever get to the giddy heights of televised games, that the cameras are pointed at us, not an empty stand with about three people in it. Since nobody uses the stand the cameras could take over a few seats anywhere they like. Cost £0. Going forward it would be nice if the club would reward it's own fans with a pledge that never again would anyThistle supporter be forced to give up their seat to accomodate support from ANY other club. This is one thing that really annoys me when I cannot go to my usual part of Firhill because somebody else has been given preference, for my seat, over me. Relegation Clauses. On the not too unhappy news that Fox and Zannata had bailed out using the clauses built into their contracts, I began to wonder why these even exist. The very players who dragged the team down to the bottom (again) decide they are too good for the league below and walk away. What should happen is they should be automatically forced to stay unless released and take an automatic 50% pay cut for dropping down a league. Any player who insists on a clause like this if we are playing League 1 football should be ashamed. In fact McCall should name them before showing them the door. (Sorry about the rant, just a real bug bear of mine) As many on the forum have excellently pointed out, it hasn't paid off for us by trying to be a decent club and support. The cuddly toy image has been knocked out the park in recent weeks and a raft of directors are now gunning for us for having the audacity to stand up to them. The very predictable attitude that they want to expel us is classic bullying. They were delighted when we announced we couldn't afford the legal route." Good old Thistle, sorry old chap, but bugger off to League 1". Now they all hate us and we ain't the cuddly toy anymore. The only reference to a cuddly toy would be if we as a club could adapt and adopt Roachford's song "Cuddly Toy" and play it every time we scored against any one at home. I'm sure some of the younger ones could adapt the words. Sorry about the full on rant, but had a lot of things to say and others just popped up as I wrote. I'll probably add to list as time goes on, but please don't take all this with a pinch of salt. There are merits in some of the points and I know others can add good ideas too. We just need the board to read some of it, or some one can PM them and get them to follow up.
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    Agree. Eunice and myself will always be grateful for the time that Chris and Callum Booth visited young Robert when he was in the icu in hospital.2 Great guys and we will never forget the smile on Robert's face when they walked into his bed space. All the best to Chris wherever he ends up.
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    is a fud. Close thread. Thank you.
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    F**k's that got to do with today's vote? Change the record!!!
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    Morning cuppa, sun sparkling on the Minch and nae midgies! Perfect.
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    entertaining commentary however it does appear that some of you out there are desperately in need of your nat king cole
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    We’re Partick Thistle we’ll sue who we want!
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    Might be a bit late now but can see us having a #blacklivesmatter on the shirt with an lgbt rainbow, a peace sign, a Pudsey bear sash and sponsored by save the snow leopards!
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    Dundee will vote both ways. But in what order?
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    Also makes you invisible it seems.
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    In terms of public order, I would have thought it would be better to get the game done sooner. It's more likely to cause problems when a reduced crowd are allowed in and a fewer people are allowed into pubs to watch it. Therefore I think it's about Sky and lining the Old Firm coffers. Blatant and shameless. I'm not surprised. Given what we're going through with the SPFL, I don't feel anger about this. Yes, you should give a toss. We should all give a toss. The whole of Scottish football should give a toss. Unfortunately we have a situation where each member club of the SPFL wants only what it deems to be best for itself. There is no unity, no common purpose, no 'for the good of the game'. It's busted. I can barely raise a shrug.
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    I'm worried about this request for it to be screened. We're always shite on telly.
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    I've always wanted to divide opinion in the Thistle support as much as Simon Donnelly. Mission accomplished.
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    I envy WJ's amazing speed of thought and typing. By the time I have typed one sentence, three other people have replied, and my point is no longer relevant, if it ever was.
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    I Its Friday, its 5-2-5 and its CrackerJag!
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    I'm sure that there are people like myself who read threads but don't feel compelled to reply to absolutely every post like certain blithering idiots do; so whilst this thread (like so many) has been dominated by a few mouthy individuals who must heartily enjoy the sound of their own voices, there is a usually silent contingent who read what WJ has written and finds his contribution illuminating.
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    What I've always said from the outset is that people need to distinguish, and to do so dispassionately, the difference between SPFL conduct that is: shambolic or amateur contrary to the interests of Partick Thistle prejudicial or discriminatory against Partick Thistle illegal/a breach of a legal obligation owed (whether collectively to the clubs or specifically to Thistle) All of these things annoy me and some of them even make me angry. I was consistent in my criticism of the SPFL for failing to explain why they didn't at least try to include reconstruction in the original proposal, for example. But only three of the above types of conduct are anything we have any (moral) right to complain about except over a pint in the Woody (the first, the third and the fourth). Some things are a combination of types of conduct 1 and 2, and some even a combination of 1, 2 and/or 3. They annoy me just as much as they annoy lots of people on this forum. But when people are talking about legal action, it also annoys me that people jump towards the most "pro-Thistle" conclusion and towards the most "anti-SPFL" conclusion, when they are ultimately engaging in red-and-yellow-tinted speculation. I can appreciate, despite my anger at how Thistle have been treated, that the SPFL is actually an organisation comprised of at least somewhat competent individuals with experience of corporate governance. Even if they got some things wrong, there are a lot of examples of people looking for smoking guns where it's at best a big stretch to show one exists. A legal education teaches you to encourage people to prepare for the worst outcome, and to be pessimistic. That better prepares you for what then comes your way. I don't want Thistle fans to think, mistakenly, that everything is a smoking gun, when there are reasonable explanations (whether legally or more widely) for the conduct of the SPFL at various stages. What experience I do have of working with lawyers (limited in private practice; rather more so in the public sector) also teaches me not to assume that clients follow the oral or written advice of their legal advisers. It also teaches me that legal advice, wherever it is concerned with litigation especially, is scarcely if ever unequivocal. It is framed in terms of risk, and does not usually advocate taking particular courses of action. It is ultimately the client that takes decisions; the advisers only advise. When I say things in direct terms on here, it is because I'm pointing out the absence of evidence for the claims people are making. I am (in admittedly direct terms) saying that, in my considered opinion, a court is unlikely to change its view on anything based on your hunch. No more than that.
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    The interview was on Sportsound on Saturday. He said that from previous discussions the 14- 10-10-10 had been a popular option but the reason many of the Clubs now gave for voting against Reconstruction was "Cash is King" - presumably they think Thistle & Falkirk in League 1 will be bring larger travelling supports. He said that one club who had put forward 14-10-10-10 in the initial Reconstruction Talks had actually now voted against it. He mentioned an angry conversation with another Chairman who was apparently raging at the Court Action. He pointed out that this was the only card Hearts & Thistle had been left to play and that the way to avoid that would have been to agree to reconstruction. He also had declined to put himself forward for the SPFL Board because the structure made it impossible to achieve meaningful change. It's astonishing that some Thistle fans are worried that Court Action will turn other Clubs against us. They have already thrown us under the bus so what else can they do...maybe find another bogus reason to relegate us?
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    Frankly, if I offered a grant to clubs to help them through a difficult period and some of them said thanks and passed the money on to charity, then I would 1) think extremely seriously about whether to ever repeat anything like that gesture, and 2) think again especially about offering any gesture in the future to those clubs that publicly showed that they neither want nor need my grant.
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    Let’s wait & see how we get on. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Couldn’t care less what Dundee United think. Let’s just wait & see - but I do have to admit I’m enjoying the fact we didn’t just roll over for once. Which is exactly what was expected of us by everyone else. Bravo to Thistle.
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    Seems we are now causing some seethe amongst other clubs who, according to the Daily Record, want to expel us from senior football! So protecting your interests after what is seen as an injustice is worthy of expulsion but run up debts of nearly £100m cheat the taxpayer, the face painter, the flower arranger and be liquidated and we will bend over backwards to get you in to as high a league as possible! Anyway delighted this is causing angst amongst some other clubs. I’d like to wish David Thompson all the very best - a highly respected friend of the Jags. If this does nothing other than bring about the downfall of Neil Doncaster, a man who should have led his organisation through this crisis rather than fumbled his way through it, then all good and well. if his board had decided at a very early stage to say no club will be worse off and led the clubs to a solution that suited all as there was one, then he would have got a lot more sympathy from all clubs and I’m certain it would have carried - that lack of leadership and understanding is why we are where we are.
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    I never went on p and b until this web site went down last year for a week or so. Since then i have went on p and b on a regular basis, although i have never opened an account to post. Anybody who thinks we will lose out on away fans because of our latest action should visit this web site. Most fans from other clubs think we should take our medicine and get doon( as they put it), from the very start of this complete farce. Strange as i thought that medicine should help you and not potentially kill you off. I will not lose a wink of sleep worrying about what effect this action has on what other clubs fans think of us. It is time to think about only one club and that is Partick Thistle FC.
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    FFS, what an absolute pile of shite this is, pity we have clowns like you as a so called supporter. Go watch someone else and do us all a favour and post your shite on their forums.
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    I was reluctant to criticise the other clubs too heavily before, not because I ever thought they'd do the right thing, but just because I felt they hadn't been given the opportinity to prove that one way or the other. But as I've said, if they can't support this then they can shove their "for the good of Scottish football" shite
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    Ross ******* County. One club I would happily see disappear off the face of the earth. Their chairman has been obstructive at every stage of this process. A thoroughly dislikable man.
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    What a sad and cringeworthy reflection on the SFA that the Glasgow City ladies have to be funded by a philanthropist and not the national association ... at least Mr Anderson has shown some true leadership in the absence of any whatsoever from Hampden.
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    All 3 said 'No'. The brass neck from RRFC is particularly astonishing. Won a watch when 1 point ahead then pulled the ladder up.
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    This is how it should have been proposed in the first place. 1. Vote to 'call' the season (and distribute prize money) 2. No relegation 3. Meaningful talks on reconstruction to reward teams at the top of their respective division with promotion. This 'to reward' emphasis would have resulted in a more positive approach/debatd and IMO 14-10-10-10 would have been accepted have been accepted
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    Filling a void as we wait for news from Edinburgh, I have received a Transaction Report from the club for June 2020. Up on site now. Thanks, once again, to you all.
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    I thought it was Norgethistle's contributions that were proviking.
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    This is what's totally daft, requiring 75% in favour. So if 14 of the 20 clubs are in favour that's not enough. It's not as if in this case there's even a status quo. It's then fair to assume that those 14 clubs will want to start at the next opportunity and thus six clubs can in effect dictate when the season starts. Btw I still think 27 games is nonsense when we could have been talking about 26 games in a 14 team league.
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    Commercial department in the past few years has pulled off some fabulous deals from companies that clearly just want to support the Jags as there must be very little return on the investment for many of them. How many in the Jackie Husband or John Lambie have scratching their heads during lockdown wondering where they can find an international Life Science validation and compliance specialist? I wonder how many billions were redirected from Jags fans vaults to Kingsley Capital Funds in an attempt to "protect and enhance their wealth through access to contemporary and global multi-asset investment solutions"? We owe a great deal of thanks to these companies and congratulations to the visionaries that introduced them to the One Team In Glasgow
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    It's a waste of time asking for an August start when lower league teams aren't yet allowed to train together. By all means we can register our preference for the earliest possible start but we know that won't be what is agreed to. We should be voting in favour of an October start and a 27 match season. That will give the SPFL Board a clear steer on whether it can identify enough clubs able and willing to operate on essentially the same basis as the Championship. Failing that, we should be in favour of the next soonest restart, whenever it is, and we should vote in all circumstances against mothballing. This will make it as clear as possible to the SPFL that we are ready to play, whatever the other Clubs may say. If, say, only 4-6 teams vote for October, this strengthens our case that the Championship should exceptionally be expanded to accommodate us. If, say, 7-14 teams vote for October across the two leagues, this ensures we will be a part of that third-tier division and playing football as soon as viable.
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    Nice one. Hope their prison sentence is coming to an end soon
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    Not so sure. I personally think, at least initially, we would have acted out of self-interest. It's the default position in Scotland. I would hope and expect that if presented with the last reconstruction vote we would have acted with some decency, particularly as it would have had almost no detrimental effect. Clearly there were a handful of clubs that acted in such a manner, but so few that it highlights very starkly what a sickening shower of shite we have making up Scotland's top flight. It almost doesn't matter what happens now, the lack of any morality in Scottish football has ground me down after over 50 years of supporting a frankly shite product. I'll probably still go to Firhill out of blind loyalty but the rest of the game can go **** itself. Contrast us with Germany where real football teams show us how to act in a crisis.
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    If this does drag on through the courts, we might be able to maintain the 50 year record 1921 - Scottish Cup 1971 - League Cup 2021 - Court case
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    Some fans of likes of Dundee, Ayr and St. Johnstone in meltdown on P and B on the Thistle thread. Delicious.
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    My final post for at least.... Oh an hour! I have never understood the intense dislike for our Chair, Jacqui Low! Admittedly she (and the Board) have made mistakes. However other Chairs in other Clubs have made similar mistakes without attracting the personal vilification to which Jacqui Low has been subjected! I wonder if the leadership she is now showing and her passion for PTFC which is clear in her recent letter (to the SPFL) and recent strongly worded statements is making her critics respect her a little more or at least encourage them to give her another chance! Just wondering!
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    Or are we getting our own back on some of these clubs? No I see it as more we are fighting for our own survival. They were the ones who effectively stabbed us in the back not the other way about, it could conceivably be us who are understandably looking to get our own back on them - but its not, its about ensuring our beloved club is still here. When you say other clubs anyway - you mean the likes of Dunfermline who voted against us in 2004 and voted twice against us now and whose Chairman apparently according to their fans has always disliked Partick Thistle, or do you mean the likes of Ross County who have told us and Hearts just take our medicine because we deserve to go down while he is not interested in reconstruction and solely with county getting as much money as possible and to hell with other clubs, perhaps you mean Hamiltons who told Partick Thistle not to be too upset he couldnt vote with his heart and it was purely a business decision, similarlily clubs like St Mirren and Killie doing the same. Maybe you mean the likes of motherwell and Killie who similar to Dunfermine have now voted against us twice this summer and did so in 2004 too. Maybe you mean Dundee whose two faced Chairman told us he was going to vote no, then deliberately delayed it and voted yes very likely after some interesting phone calls. Or maybe you are meaning the likes of Clyde and Forfar whose chairman came out with them wanting us down solely their clubs could benefit from the size of our away support, then after voting us down would like to see league one actually mothballed because they cant afford it therefore putting us in a situation where we have to lose hardworking office staff and players during a pandemic. Or maybe Albion Rovers whose Chairmen said he voted no because he could not bebotehred travelling further distances to teams like Kelty coming up etc. I could quite honestly go through the whole 26 clubs that have treated us appallingly. Dont kid yourself every one of these clubs who have twice voted against reconstruction could not have cared less what happened to Partick Thistle and would quite happily see our very existence be in question. They will get their own back, I dont quite understand what they can do that can be worse than them nearly snuffing out our existence. We do not owe a single one of these clubs that have pushed us into such a terrible situation a thing. I would think if we get compensation then we will refund the 16 teams such as Falkirk, Stranraer etc and i believe we can have a far closer relationships with these teams - there are already for instance Hearts fans who when crowds can return who want friendlies to played against us and Stranraer who can sell out our grounds or have the games at Tynecastle and give us half the gate. Perhaps if we are looking to loan out promising youngsters we do so not to teams like Forfar or Clyde but to Stranraer for instance
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    Thank you who ever you are for funding our legal challenge..
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    A great article in the Guardian today about the situation: https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/jun/16/partick-thistle-the-biggest-victims-of-scottish-footballs-vote-farce
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    I attempt to answer your points below: Type of player: players who show energy, belef, enthusiasm and commitment; who are willing to fight and run all day, have a positive and winning attitude and who make things happen! We also need a reasonable level of footballing skill and especially pace throughout the squad. All the above qualities we haven't seen in the past 3 years. As we progress through the Divisions to the SPL we will need to increase the skill and football brain elements. Squad good enough for promotion: nearly but not yet! Board support for McCall: Yes Can McCall get us promoted: Yes. Longer term I see him in a Director of Football type role. In general we really need the whole club but especially the playing side, to be more positive and filled with people, especially players, who look as if they really want to play for thr Jags! As for us fans we need to be more positive and less critical of individual players, more enthusiastic and loud particularly when a game is going against us! We need to focus more on supporting and lifting the team and less on off-field Board room matters. The best way to shaft the SPFL and its members is to win games. When clubs we know who are against us (votes or comments) come to Firhill we should give them hell everytime their players touch the ball. We should also display big Anti-SPFL banners all around the ground. Another tee shirt BB? While appreciating our friends (16 clubs who supported reconstruction), we should make sure for the other 26 clubs Firhill is 90 minutes of hell including their Directors and Officials who watch the game from the JHS! Anti-Club (specific) banners would be good. No more Mr Nice Guy for certain clubs.
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    The media have been pretty much supportive of Thistle (at least BBC sportsound has been, and to be honest that's all I bother with). I just hope they are prepared to call this now for the self serving farce that it us. Obviously I don't yet know who voted for or against. But when these genial nice guy chairmen and chief executives come on to talk about how they have to look after the game as a whole and it's time to move on, they should be challenged on why an option which inflicted all the pain all on a few clubs rather than spreading it out was the right thing to do for the greater good. It very clearly wasn't, and they should be called as the hypocrites that they are. The SPFL board have messed this up and clearly the season should not have been called while relegation was on the table. However in the end (probably despite themselves) they finally brought forward a version of what I think was the only reasonable option. Minimum reconstruction to eliminate relegation. The blame for this failing now lies with the clubs; they had the option and they refused. Scottish football is now diminished as a result. It probably won't make much difference to most as everyone wears their blinkers, but it truly is a farce and an embarrassment.
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    Hey don't forget North Uist we travel down to games twice a month , well at least we do when there are any games to go to . I know there are quite a few supporters on Skye , haven't met any others in Uist so far .
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    One of the particularly depressing aspects that has emerged in the last few weeks, has been the realisation that the Thistle support appears to have a certain number of quorn-eating surrender monkeys, who not only are accepting of our scandalous expulsion to the third tier of Scottish football, but are unbelievably embracing and looking forward to the prospect. This league may not even play any games till next year for Christ’s sake. If we go, we go - but it would be catastrophic and seriously damage the club , possibly for years. Nothing to celebrate. Our board has been noteably quiet for over a month now, and I trust , unless they have taken leave of their senses, that they are doing everything in their power to protect the club, like Hearts are doing. Right is on our side.
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    No - that would be a typical PTFC reaction/ attitude. Let them shaft us , just accept it and get on with it. We should definately continue to fight the injustice of being demoted from a League which was not finished, until there are no options left.