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    A lovely story with our own Kenny Arthur at the heart of it... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-50856749
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    So you have total confidence in Mr Goodwin do you? Because he didn’t come across at all well the other night and other clubs he’s been involved with don’t give him a good reference. What is it you see in him?
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    Colin Weir doesnt own the Club he is Majority Shareholder Colin Weir was sold the Concept by TFE supported by the Thistle Trust - there was no discussion on practicalities or reality beyond that No one can answer how the Budget Deficit will be addressed - that is reality - everything else is just talking The Working Groups are decided by TFE - No alternative Plans are being considered beyond the one put forward by TFE and fronted by Paul Goodwin - Good Luck with that ...........
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    I’d like to think we’re still being talked about in 2 weeks time
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    Over the piece I thought the difference in the teams was the front lines. Basically they have one and we don't. Jones can't do the job he is asked to do and to my mind would only work as a second striker running onto layoffs from an old fashioned centre forward but since we don't play that system we're stuck. Miller may do a job in midfield but until we can sign a proper centre forward he should be the main front man. Without that attacks break down too easily which is why Fox was much busier than their goalie.
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    Final home game of 2019 and we finished with an excellent first prize of £523. Thanks to everyone who has purchased a ticket as your support is greatly appreciated and thanks to our great team of sellers. Have a great Chritmas and New Year and we will see you again in 2020. Winning numbers from today: 1st - 114462 2nd - 114210 Thanks for your support!
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    So you don’t trust him then? And just because he’s the only show in town at the moment doesn’t make it the right thing for the club.
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    Have you read the New Owner and Fan Ownership Working Group threads ?
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    Good news: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/just-employment-law-extends-support-for-partick-thistle-with-renewal-of-principal-sponsorship-for-a-fourth-season/
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    If we could sign this guy too, we'd have quite a tasty partnership.
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    Well this thread seems to be heading down the same way as previous ones. Petty point scoring, my business pals are better than yours and I know things that you don't so I'm better than you. As has been said, both here and at the meeting last night, there are no rich benefactrors lining up with infinitly deep pockets to take over the running of our club. To say that the only people who are capable of running a football club are businessmen is laughable. The only businessmen who would take it on are either deluded or have other ideas apart from keeping a football club sustained. I honestly believe that if we want our club to survive then we need to look at different models away from the business one which is failing. Which business these days can keep going without growing and diversifying? Car dealerships survive by being credit brokers, supermarkets by holding land banks and banks by mortgaging small businesses out of existance and selling off their assets. The be all and end all of a "well-run" business is no more or less than to make profit. That will not happen in football these days. We should be looking towards set-ups like social enterprises, co-operatives, housing associations, community, land buy-outs and the like. People working together for the common good of their communities, which in our case is Jags fans. We have the opportunity to (quickly, I will admit) look at options and pick the one, or combination of ones, which will suit us best. So why not stop the point scoring and willy waving and try to pull together to take our club forward. Granted it may fail and end in disaster but please god don't let that happen because we didn't try.
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    Agree about the end result being the same. To my mind in the second half Cole had Williamson and Kakay available but chose to hang onto the ball giving more time for the Dundee defence to organise. He also seemed to drop deeper and want to play passes from just inside the Dundee half rather than get closer to the Dundee box so wasn't around the box to shoot as well as he did in the first half. First half he was moving the ball quicker and we created a lot more because of it, he was also about 5/10 yards further forward so was able to get a good couple of shots on target. I agree that the way to get round packed defences is quick hopefully one touch passes. Both Bannigan and Cole wanted to look for the defence splitting pass second half rather than just playing the quick pass to first available player. Bannigan got caught in possession at least once trying to look for the perfect option rather than taking the pass that was immediately available. As much as Jones was getting well marked he was doing a reasonable job of running the channels but when he ran out of steam we needed to move Miller up front with Harkins. Instead Miller was everywhere but in the box. To my mind Cardle has't been great for while now, I thought he should have been subbed instead of Kakay. Also yesterday perhaps suggests tha McGinty is on the way out. Playing O'Ware in his position tells a story but if he's the only central defender on the bench and the manager wants to go with a left back rather than McGinty when Saunders gets injured its not looking good for him.
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    He is all over the place, but very rarely in the penalty area when he should be there. One point yesterday he was in the left back position wanting Fox to give him the ball.
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    Rowbotham? you’re too far away from Scotland, he retired years ago. It was Bobby Madden
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    I heard the Craig Moore deal fell down as we are after a centre forward from Ross County. Would seem to be Graham. A bit more physical presence upfront wouldn’t go amiss.
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    Joint worst defence in the league. A clear-out is definitely needed.
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    The sad fact is, it is hard to make a case for many of them to stay. We get a good game or 2 out of some of them, but they are far to inconsistent as our results and league position show.
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    I’ll be really disappointed if half this squad is still here come 1st Feb. But who in their right mind is going to take them?
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    Feel sorry for Craig Slater - similar type of player to Bannigan and Cole, doesn't have the range of passing but maybe slightly more mobile and less ponderous on the ball. I was hoping he'd get some game time - I suppose the enforced change in defence meant it wasn't an option.
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    Listened to the game on the Jagzone (as I’m in hospital again!): from what I gleaned from the commentary it seemed like a typical game in this Division. Fairly even and decided by the only player capable of injecting a touch of quality to the game. Today’s touch of class being provided by Paul McGowan. Difficult for me to make any other comment apart obviously from lamenting the fact that we’re back in the bottom two again.
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    Bumping into him in st Enoch car park, short chat and he told me we were signing Gordon Dalzell. I thought it would be a great signing.... unfortunately it wasn’t ..
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    Is it? It has to be OK'd by 3BC??
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    The more we look into this the more this looks like a clique who think they know what's best. The working group are to report back to 3BC and then gain their approval for the set up? Controlling the agenda? If Mr Weir is serious about fan ownership then he should let TFE, Jags Trust etc to invite people to make a case, run for election and then abide by the results. As for Paul Goodwin? All I have read is nothing but negative. He seems to be a self important self promoting figure, who seems to be in need of people rubbing his ego.
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    Some non-entity of a politician mentions a Scottish football team in a tweet and this is news? What a load of crap the ET has become. Filling up pages with dross. Better spending spare time on wearethistle.
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    Glove came down at Christmas. Brilliant from Kenny to recognise the need, to take the time and to make the effort. Would be great to see Kai and his gloves at Firhill one day.
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    take care of mcgowan tomorrow and we can/will win this big game for us , so let's get behind the jags from the off onwards and upwards fellow jags the day will be ours
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    No. We don't know what state the finances will be in when they get handed over to fan ownership. I strongly suspect that the fans will be given a clean slate and from there it will be the job of the fan directors to run a break even budget. However that does not suit some peoples agenda. Besides, deficits (as has frequently been pointed out by JJ) is the role for the directors. The working group (which this thread is about) is to decide on the model after takeover. It has already been stated that the working group and the directors are separate entities to avoid any conflict of interest. Any deficit is therefore TOTALLY IRRELEVANT to this thread (but feel free to start one on interim directors)
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    Those with the right attitude will be spurred on to prove the manager wrong and win his faith, or at very least make sure they have other suitors at a similar or higher level. And then there’s professional pride and wanting to win every game you play. Those with a different attitude can f*ck off
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    I can imagine you returning from a successful pillage of the Aald Fjorm to the banqueting suite at Firhalla, taking off your horned helmet and downing a foaming tankard of SKLVED.
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    I don't read that as him ruling out loans for Rangers players. What it suggests to me is he's eyeing up three loanees in January, in addition to extensions to Cole and Kakay's loans.
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    Given the transitional nature of Club ownership this is indeed good news. In fact I'd suggest it's surprisingly good news.
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    Any crispy type thing with a not over nippy dip does it for me.
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    Me and the missus usually have our date night on Thursdays, so I hope there will be some sandwiches and sausage rolls available. #Iknowhowtotreatalady
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    Both recently bailed out of East Dunbartonshire.
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    Why ? - They have decided that we are getting Fan Ownership under the Motherwell Model - even if it has next to No Support within the Fan Base - they appointed there Supporters in TFE and the Thistle Trust onto the Board along with former Directors - its very obvious the route this is going down Anyone who understands how to Run a Football Club would have given a Two Year process and kept the previous Board for at least 12 Months
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    That would be my thoughts on the matter. The transfer of shares to 3BC may deter former board members at this time. As for Mr Beattie he has been a great servant to the club. I might not have agreed with every decision but he was focussed and has attempted at each attempt to put the club in a better place than when he took the reigns. The previous full-time board left more questiond than answers and i can see why folk on here remain to be convinced about the next stage in the history of Partick Thistle. I'm more middling, sceptical at lot of things but hopeful things can work out. I'm glad questions are being asked as I don't see that as a negative. In fact it's a good indicator when people with different views decide to come on board. The bottom line is the trust will need as many pledges on the table as possible to make the difference going forward.
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    I confess I have no plan. But I'm fairly positive that there are some very good professional people out there with importantly, the club at heart who will do their utmost to make it work. Who knows they may even be better than what went before. I'll also confess that I dont have the skillset or time to devote to assisting ( huge sigh of relief from forum lol ). Whatever plan does evolve I'll support it the best I can. Final thought.....just imagine right now if we didn't have access to Mr Weirs funding for the last few years.....yep far worse off than we are now.
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    Last home game of the year on Saturday so give yourself a chance to finish 2019 with a nice prize by getting your ticket from one of our sellers around the stadium. Thanks for your support!
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    Yes, well suppose having different opinions is what supporting the same football team is all about. I agree with your comment about cover for full-back positions - missed that one! I agree we have a lot of midfielders but not necessarily good or available midfielders. For example: Harkins could be valuable but can't be anything more than short-term Gordon looks promising but has yet to develop and being injured is out for some months Slater impressed initially but usual performance from him includes long periods of anonymity Palmer on loan so not a permanent signing Bannigan not the same since his injury though there are signs he is getting back to his old self. IMO he is a better player playing further forward and probing the opposition's defence. Never saw him as a good holding/defensive Midfielder as he can't tackle. Therefore still think we need someone like Osman (see her ladyships post) In summary we appear to be in the market for: Fullback (s) Holding/Defensive Midfielder (if money stretches also a creative Midfielder as well) Strikers - possibly 2? Anything I've missed?
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    Last night's game was played at a competitive pace more down to Celtic Colts than us. I'm maybe a bit blinkered as I enjoy these games more when our senior players are subbed. Last years reserves were a joke. We were playing very young players (I don't think we made a habit of recalling loan players) and should've been in the lower division for competitiveness. I still preferred the U20s as they played hard to win. It was only the overage players that often played under a different agenda. I'd like to see a return to U20s or an U21s perhaps. Allow for a max of 2-3 overagers. Maybe a couple more on a reciprocal game to game basis. By that if the opposition want to play one or two more overagers we would have to agree and could match them if we wished.
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    I will be in attendance. First non Testimonial home game since Doctor Required In Inflator Room tried to kill our Club. Get right into them. Super Ian McCall.
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    I would love to know what those who have nothing to offer but constant negativity propose what happens next. Tell Colin Weir's lawyers that the fans refuse to take ownership of the club? If there was a budget shortfall in the past then that was down to financial mismanagement, by the previous board or the one before it, or the one before that. It doesn't really matter because we're starting with a clean slate now - that is unless Colin Weir has decided not to pay any outstanding bills and will gift the fans a club saddled with debt. I don't know the man but if anyone thinks that is what's going to happen then let us all know. From the moment the club becomes fan owned then it will break even. It simply has to because, as was mentioned last night, banks don't usually extend credit to community owned football clubs. Unless there's other multi-millionaires out there who fancy giving their money away we have to rely on the money the football club can generate. I think some people bumping their gums about where they think the club "should be" will have to have a reality check. We get less than two thousand fans through the gate at home games now, and we're no longer in a league where there are large away supports visiting Firhill. We'll have to determine what that means for a club - what our goals are, what level of player we can afford - that has to live within its means. We have to decide what the money - whatever the amount is - generated by pledges goes towards. Give it to the manager to bring in players? Spend it on youth teams in the hope of bringing some of them up to the first team and sell them for a profit? Upgrade the stadium experience to try and encourage more people to pay at the gate? We'll have to figure it out. We'll have to figure out how to get young fans interested for a start, because almost everyone in attendance last night looked to be in their forties or older. If you're not happy with what you heard last night and have ideas on how to fix what you perceive to be wrong with the proposed model, then get involved. If you think Paul Goodwin is an idiot and a charlatan then don't just sit behind a computer screen complaining or mumble darkly under your breath, crossed-armed. Get involved. If you feel you have experience or knowledge that will help, then get involved. If I had experience of running something other than a bath I would volunteer but I don't feel there's anything I can contribute other than a pledge. Sure, it's a tight timescale but as it was mentioned last night the deadline for handing over the shares was set by Three Black Cats because they didn't want to give the impression that they were taking over and remaining in control of the club any longer than was absolutely necessary. And my god, the absolute outrage that would occur here if there was the suggestion that TBC and Jacqui Low would be in charge any longer than March. There seemed to be some who didn't think there were any fans that could run Partick Thistle. "Amateurs running a professional club." It's pretty depressing to live in a country where people think we can't govern ourselves and can't run our own businesses. For those who don't think anyone involved with the working group are suitable but don't want to get involved themselves, and those who don't want TBC (and the big bad scary Jacqui Low) to continue to hold the shares then state what you think should happen. We're all ears. It's our club and we have to figure it out now. You can't just sit and shake your head any more.
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    Judging by Dools’ goals this season the same could be said about him aswell. 1 league goal against us funilly enough! Imagine Kenny Miller had only scored 1 for us, folk would be dying to have him punted(alot of folk want him punted already), yet they are creaming their frillys over Doolan coming back, who has been keich for the last 3 seasons.
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    This is a photo i took of young Robert at half time of that game.
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    I like the attitude of Chris Wilde from Sheffield. Simply put you have a chance if you attack when you can ( no matter the opposition ). Sitting back for 90 minutes means you get beat. Never say never....
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    TFE was the group which got the ball rollimg and things have moved on with a working group set up to shape the organisation which will be there to receive the club into fan ownership. That's likely to be called something else so the pledges will not be made to TFE. With that proviso I will vote but on the principle and not the detail of the poll.
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