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    Sad but true. I used to get asked'who do you really support, Rangers or Celtic'. My reply i am a Partick Thistle supporter and dislike them both in equal measures.
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    AJ. I am not going to answer your question, but instead ask a new one of my own. Do you take sugar? And if so, do you provide your own or is it supplied by a daddy? If the latter, is this sustainable in the long term?
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    Are you trying to milk this discussion or just water it down ptd.
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    I guess we've just gotta hope Jordanhill Jag and javeajag make their tea the same way.
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    allyo isn't old enough to have clear memories of Rough as a player.
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    Rather than the Weir money stops should we not more worry about consortium money since they don’t invest any and secondly if so it’s only done by saddling clubs with huge loans that are only beneficial to the consortium, while only selling players that make money directly to the consortium. no idea how long weirs money lasts I guess it’s how long is a piece of string but in meantime it’s money for free and without having to pay any huge loan. Any money from selling a player goes back to the club and not direct to that vulture Paul Conways pocket
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    Dubious or not, to not give a response in 4 months is negligent
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    It's not all been in vain. I've absorbed a copious amount of of details about Barnsley Football Club.
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    Confirmed if you pop in to the New Owner thread.
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    At least Roughie sold the jerseys after he retired, unlike too many so called Jags players in recent seasons.
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    Agree. And I think Shaw's goals at Parkhead are legendary. But he is a character on the legendary tale, rather than the legend. In my opinion. PS - This is all very subjective. I won't be arguing about it.
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    Despite going down to 10 men in the second half we still managed to get a very good 3points against Morton. I hope that this result is a moral booster for the team and we take the same attitude on to our next game against Stenhousemuir.
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    Not one of mine this time, that was PTTV, with the amazing commentary from Campell Hughes!
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    Yep, Hall's been overlooked among the post-match praise.
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    big tam my motm by a mile team captain surely penrice first half excellent pushing forward, got a bad one later on but never gave up cole and hall did well, certainly an improvement kakay got stuck right in over the ninety minutes gordon when he came on scores with first touch an exciting open game, great 3 points onwards and upwards
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    Well done - would have accepted that before the game, but to have done so when a man down is an achievement and at the same time great for morale. Banzo - manager's office first thing on Tuesday please. First Amstel has just come out of the fridge - enjoy your Saturday evening fellow Jags!!
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    It isnt lack of composure. We are just dreadfully shite.
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    Spot on. The only person to blame for Kevin Nisbet being released was Kevin Nisbet.
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    He replaced Rough so that would be 81 or 82? Probably 2 or 3 years before sponsored jerseys
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    Just to avoid any rumours, although I recently won first prize in the Centenary Fund I am not intending to put a bid in!
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    The problem with puns is as soon as someone does one then another poster follows suit - I believe they call it the Dominos effect
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    Agree with this and particularly the bit in bold. Fox may have his faults but he has been proven to be a very good championship keeper and a reasonable SPL keeper. I can only really think of the goal at Morton as a real gaffe. He has at times pulled off some wonder saves. Whats in front of Fox is the bigger problem. We do need the team to be more aggresive and physical. The saying used to be 'you earn the right to play' and in championship football thats by winning the physical battle.
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    My predictions . Jags 0 Morton 0 Jags 1 Alloa 1 Stenhousemuir 1 Jags 2 Jags 1 Penicuik 1
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    Could we put Dario Zanatta in a more central role , pretty ineffective just now with teams doubling up on him .
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    Are you up for doing the pre match team talk.
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    Is ATS not currently injured? Otherwise agree if there are funds please get him signed along with Keillor Dunn
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    On that we 100% agree
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    You cannot deny that Osman Kakay is OK.
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    Agreed - and a number of these guys need to realise that if they get released from a team bottom of the Championship, their full time football career is as good as over and they will need to go and work in the real world.
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    Just watched the highlights and can scarcely believe how bad it looked. Bannigan misplacing a 5 yard pass for the 4th and a defender falling into the net as the ball heads in. Totally and utterly clueless. I took in Cowdenbeath v cove rangers yesterday and we’d struggle to beat either of them. Fox is useless. The whole defence is a bombscare. I honestly wouldn’t keep any of them. McCall must be wondering what he’s done. It must feel like he’s walked out the head chefs position at the savoy to take a gig frying chips at McDonald’s. Everything about the club is an utter shambles. Fair play to anyone who can turn up to watch that. I know I couldn’t
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    It's not often I post here, but I had to after watching that. Today was dire. I have watched some dross recently, but Ayr could have scored for fun. They ripped us apart with ease and had Williamson sussed in five minutes. Then they went to work on making him look 100% clueless. The way we were cut open with either slick, rapid passing or a route one ball over our back line was embarrasing to watch. It was obvious they were going to work on exposing our lack of pace and a Moffat of two or three years back would have had them one up in the first few minutes. I don't profess to be a mind full of football knowledge, but from where I was standing I could see our number two was lost. He should have been subbed before half time. No doubts. I just deleted my last paragraph coz I can't be bothered getting into a ruck, but I can surely find a more pleasurable way of blowing my money than paying to watch this. Gonna skip a couple of games to let my blood cool down to boiling.
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    I think it’s the worst, both in balance physicality and movement. I think when we’re winning we as a squad have totally upped their game, today though shows the normal level
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    Sorry Sandy, you are wrong, he left us with a top 4 squad.
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    F*cking shite result, the true legacy of Caldwell who took our team apart and left it unbalanced. Yeah thanks Gary, cheers ya dobber.
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    We need to win our next 2 league games. Both at home, against Morton and Alloa.
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    For me it proves that this team wasn't underachieving under Caldwell. He just signed a really bad team.
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    Not financially and it’s too much of a risk .... the goal is clearly to stay in the division ... it will all depend on what scope McCall has to shake things up in January
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    Both Dundee clubs were far too expensive with their pricing. Almost £50 for two second tier matches is excessive. That’s before taking into account travel and anything bought at the pie stall. Good to have a decent price today, the cup game and some home games coming up.
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    McCoy is the doctor.
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    I'd be quite happy if this thread was closed. Not because of worries about the debate as differences of opinion are good (otherwise why hold elections). But frankly the thread is boring, of little relevance and despite visiting from time to time on what could be one of the most important Jag issues for years I always leave none the wiser or even entertained. Maybe a closure would let someone open up a thread in the future that has something we can debate once more is known. In the meantime, I'll pay more attention to the election as the spectacle of drying paint will probably be far more interesting and at least I know there'll be an end point.
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    Now you're even talking to Star Trek characters as though they were real people.
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    I saw it as a justified and lawful prorogation. Regarding investments, it's okay to be more idealistic about you football club than your pension fund. (Though you should do your best with your pension fund too)
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    Agreed. Two players that were hugely instrumental in the way we played. A joy to watch.
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    I think I haven’t made myself clear on the different types of people involved in the world of finance there are plenty of decent pension managers who will manage your portfolio on the basis you chose eg green, ethical etc .......they are not the same kind of people involved structured finance or derivatives for example but the consortium are are different category simply out to make a buck and don’t really care how they do it or who they damage in the process .....no moral compass and driven by pure greed ....they would kill the club
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    9 April 1966. 2-2 draw at Annfield. Niven, Campbell, Muir, Cunningham, McKinnon, Gibb, McLindon, McParland, Roxburgh, Ewing, DUNCAN (2). Duncan squeezed a scramble over the line (2) and shot home a Ewing cut-back (43). In time-honoured fashion Thistle threw it away. Albion scored just on h-t and had a strong claim for a penalty as Thistle held on but they scored again (79). Thistle remained 15th, a point behind Albion. Looks like the forehead and toe of Tommy Ewing nearest the goal.
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    I think we're looking at patching up the squad in January to try and secure safety then trying to rebuild over the next 2 seasons to get a run at promotion. I think we have the right manager for that job. In January I think we need a left sided central defender, another winger and at least one other striker. Next summer we could be looking at a total clearout.
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    Just back on been trying all weekend, so glad it is back on, you never know what you missed untill it has gone
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    It was even worse than the 5-1 mauling by Morton last year. Ayr could easily have scored 7 against us. Perhaps the worst Jags performance I've seen (though I'm a relative newbie, I only go back to 1979) Watching Thistle is akin to self-harming these days.
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    Immediately loses all credibility as truth or fact.