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    Not from me. I hoped to see a good performance from Thistle and no trouble in the ground or outside. Thankfully that is what it was for me.
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    That's kinda agreeing, blakey. I don't think a full back/wingback should be so one footed that they can't tackle confidently with their weaker foot. I mean thru necessity and for as far as I remember right footed full backs often find themselves played at left back. More to the point tho' I do agree it was the lack of options that forced McCall into playing Robson down the right. And I also agree that as Williamson is so weak defensively it made little difference. Robson at least tries to tackle. Not sure if Williamson would fit in as a wide midfielder (his crosses usually come after an overlap) but his final ball is usually very decent.
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    Maybe it's an age thing, but I don't get the angst about selling tickets to away fans. One of my fondest memories is of us giving Rangers a doing at Firhill - 3-2 in the first league game of '71 season with Johnny Gibson running riot - with me and my pals positioning ourselves in front of two burly cops while surrounded by thousands of Rangers fans. There was no segregation and no tickets either. In fact, the only game I remember having to buy a ticket for back then was the Scotland/England game. Thought I'd take in the Old Firm Scottish Cup final replay the same year - rocked up to Hampden, paid at the gate and joined 102,000 other folk to watch the game. Admittedly, segregation was self imposed for games like that. Limiting access for away fans because we don't like them seems daft to me. I get that it's not much fun sitting next to folk who are celebrating Thistle getting a hammering (it's a long time since we could hope to see a Thistle side giving either side of the Old Firm a doing), but that's the territory currently. To be honest, I'd have no problem being surrounded by Rangers or Celtic fans at Firhill if I could see us beating them. It would, actually, enhance the experience...
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    The tale will be handed down from parent to child, generation to generation, the legend of That One Time We Beat Celtic
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    Possibly knowing it was unlikely we would get back into it hes thought keepi ng the right players fit for arbroath was more important? The difference in the team since our last game against celric was huge. Organised, disciplined and looked as if their was an actual plan in place
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    To be honest all 4 of those players I would happily see leave as they have barely contributed
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    Presumably the manager sees them every day and is best placed to make those decisions? Bottom line is most of us were fearful of a hounding. Yes it's a defeat but bit by bit the team is getting better.
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    Can you actually tell me how much Millers on? And how much Forrest, Harvie and Mccart paid ? My point was against other teams in our division i can see Rudden and Miller forming a decent partnership just from the move leading up to Miller hitting the post. Rudden knew where to put the ball for Millers run. Just saying.
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    Very encouraging performance.. No failures in the team today imo. Alot of people dying to punt Miller but i actually think there could be something in playing Miller and Rudden up front until the end of the season just from the chance Miller hit the post. Fantastic ball across from Rudden and actually a great run from Miller.. Miller getting alot of greif for missing but he got himself in the right place. Thought Banzo and O'ware were excellent and Robson actually suprised me second half i thought he done really well being out of position. McKinnon could be very useful for us when fully fit.. spots danger wins the ball and passes it Simple but we really have missed someone like that. Also agree with everyone praising slater. He was a breath of fresh air when he came on and Could play a big part this second half of the season, he looked sharp. I actually think that performance could be the perfect platform for us to kick on and start a run.
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    Thought O’Ware had an excellent game tonight. Won a lot of ball in the air and on the ground and really led the team. Bannigan, Cole, McKinnon and Penrice all stood up to the task and did not show too much respect to Celtic. Penrice unlucky with first goal as ball broke to Griffiths after Penrice tried to retrieve Robson’s error. Robson had a dreadful first half but showed a fair bit of character to give a much improved performance in the second half.
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    While I agree thos is all a disgrace,are we that surprised. Thistle have always dropped their frillies for the two scumbags and always will.
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    Christie would improve the side considerably. We are clearly weak in this position and don't have anybody that can fill in effectively. I think everyone would prefer a young quick right-back in but if that is not possible then Elliott is a good option.