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    For me, Dolan and Erskine were part of the problem, not a solution. I’ll not dispute that they have the skill, but neither were able to last 90 mins. Normally they would be subbed after 60 mins, using up 2 of our 3 subs and restricting the managers options to change things around late in a game. (WhetherArchibald, Caldwell or McCall had the nouse to do it is another question, but they didn’t have it as an option. As a result we more often than not fell away late in games, often because we were carrying a player who ideally should have been subbed earlier. Happy to see either coming back in a purely coaching capacity, providing they are any good at it, but playing days, even at League One level is now behind them. As for use as a backup, I’d much rather see our younger players given a chance.
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    Chris Erskine would be a great asset to our Club if he came back on and off the park , latterly in their last season at Firhill the genius that is Gary Caldwell deemed Doolan and Erskine surplus to requirements, partly because he thought he was getting undermined due to senior pros having an opinion in the dressing room . Chris Erskine is only a year older than Brian Graham , played in the top league last year and fitness isn’t an issue. IMO he could easily play at Division 1 level , as far as I know he would be happy to come back on a part time contract. It’s a no brainer from me , good player to help us get back up , wouldn’t cost a lot in Wages and importantly he cares about our Club .
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    As I said before I'd rather see Erskine at Firhill than Cardle. That tho' is not me saying we should necessarily sign Erskine. First and foremost we need 90 minute players with pace throughout the team/squad. Our best chance of coming back up will be thru full timers trumping a league that's predominately made up of part time clubs. You do that largely thru pace and stamina. If we have a squad over reliant on players, no matter how good, whose best days are behind them we'll struggle. That's not saying we won't need a few old heids, we will, but it's not a priority. Where I'm with Pinhead 100% is that these old heids have to be players with the right character and attitude, role models if you like.
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    Powerpoint Executive Officer - Gary Caldwell
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    Good comment, but the more you hear coming out of Tannadice & to a lesser extent, Starks, the more you start to feel less sympathy for them. United were hemorrhaging money to win the league, now asking for other clubs, their competitors, to pay their legal fees? It's a funny old game right enough...
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    Tam Friel - it was a memorable trip
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    Well at least one person is going to look rather foolish if we do win our case.