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    Also makes you invisible it seems.
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    In terms of public order, I would have thought it would be better to get the game done sooner. It's more likely to cause problems when a reduced crowd are allowed in and a fewer people are allowed into pubs to watch it. Therefore I think it's about Sky and lining the Old Firm coffers. Blatant and shameless. I'm not surprised. Given what we're going through with the SPFL, I don't feel anger about this. Yes, you should give a toss. We should all give a toss. The whole of Scottish football should give a toss. Unfortunately we have a situation where each member club of the SPFL wants only what it deems to be best for itself. There is no unity, no common purpose, no 'for the good of the game'. It's busted. I can barely raise a shrug.
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    For me, Dolan and Erskine were part of the problem, not a solution. I’ll not dispute that they have the skill, but neither were able to last 90 mins. Normally they would be subbed after 60 mins, using up 2 of our 3 subs and restricting the managers options to change things around late in a game. (WhetherArchibald, Caldwell or McCall had the nouse to do it is another question, but they didn’t have it as an option. As a result we more often than not fell away late in games, often because we were carrying a player who ideally should have been subbed earlier. Happy to see either coming back in a purely coaching capacity, providing they are any good at it, but playing days, even at League One level is now behind them. As for use as a backup, I’d much rather see our younger players given a chance.
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    Good comment, but the more you hear coming out of Tannadice & to a lesser extent, Starks, the more you start to feel less sympathy for them. United were hemorrhaging money to win the league, now asking for other clubs, their competitors, to pay their legal fees? It's a funny old game right enough...
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    What a sad and cringeworthy reflection on the SFA that the Glasgow City ladies have to be funded by a philanthropist and not the national association ... at least Mr Anderson has shown some true leadership in the absence of any whatsoever from Hampden.
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    Penrice has been part of two relegations with us. Another player with a loser mentality we could do without. Anyone wanting Doolan, Erskine, or Cole to come back have also lost their mind. Need to stop the rot and develop new, young players in L1.
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    Could make the same excuse for Cole as Bannigan. The real disappointment in midfield in the second half of the season was MacKinnon. His no show meant there was no steel in defensive mid and Cole and Bannigan had to cover too much defensively. Just possibly with Bannigan having to mind his Ps & Qs (he only picked up one yellow over the last 13 league games), Cole was too often out of position. Put another way one of Cole's strengths was his willingness to play a forward ball into the box. We saw next to nothing of that latterly and I don't think that was all down to a lack of form or ability. Regardless of differing opinions about Cole, signing MacKinnon was a dreadful bit of business. He was well overweight and can't have have passed any serious fitness test. Nobody goes from Championship quality in January to Drumchapel United level in 6 months. A worse signing than Gary Harkins.
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    I should say this is a fair point and the timing hadn't occurred to me. That was poor and I am sorry.
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    All 3 said 'No'. The brass neck from RRFC is particularly astonishing. Won a watch when 1 point ahead then pulled the ladder up.
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    I find that a bit strange also. I'd assumed, as many on here had as well, that SFA arbitration would be an internal whitewash. It's now clear that their procedure is robust, and most importantly completely independent. It might not give us the outcome we're looking for but it will be a fair review of the facts by highly qualified professionals. Begs the question why we didn't go down this route in the first place.
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    If we can get doolan and erskine on the cheap as backup then i would take them back in a heartbeat. They will serve as more than players and would be role models for the younger ones. I wouldn't however move them into the team for rudden, lyons, senna unless their form took a major dip.
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    Nesbit seemed to be a real prospect but his loan spells at both Ayr & Dumbarton were underwhelming and he himself apparently accepts that his attitude at Thistle was not good so I suppose there can be little criticism of the decision to release him at that time. I didn't have an opinion of his ability because apart from a few minutes as an occasional substitute, I didn't ever see him play for Thistle. I do think it is a legitimate criticism of the Weir Academy and Scottish Football in general that young players with potential are not given a real chance in the first team. Instead, we gave regular starts to Ryan Stevenson (talented but with poor application and not a striker), Pogba ( lumbering, lazy & useless), Azeez (fast, strong, hopeless finisher) and Myles Storey( got into great positions then messed up) plus a few other random almost forgotten guys like Nathan Eccleston. I don't think that lot scored much more than 10 goals amongst them. I would much rather have seen a young Kevin Nesbit given the chance to see what he could do.
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    Let's hope some of the Dundee players pull the "I sent the e-mail, did you not get it" trick with Mr Nelms: https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5797968/dundee-warn-players-wage-cuts-midnight/?utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1594400743
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    As much as I dislike Morton, surely we dont wish him on them?
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    I suppose we could always crowd fund to raise the £5.
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    I’ll sponsor them to get lost in Fife.
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    It was the majority of clubs that set the rules.. everyman for himself, greed and self interest so we're just playing by their rules. There were opportunities for alternatives such as 14-10-10-10 that would have had a relatively insignificant impact on clubs, but they were totally dismissed from what i can see whithout any credible explanation. Think Thistle in particular are a genuinely decent club but we're totally in the right to fight this injustice.
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    I find these comments utterly repellent While I don't always agree 100% with them, you usually mange to get your arguments across eloquently and with some factual background. However, comparing the boardrooms of Thistle and Hearts to suicide bombers is unbecoming of you and such comments should have no place on this forum.
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    What a ridiculous statement and quite offensive .....the spfl and other clubs have brought this on themselves .....actions have consequences and inaction also has consequences......they could have.... 1. not closed the season 2. voted for reconstruction 3. offered compensation 4. offered arbitration but no we were the sacrificial lambs to give everybody else what they wanted .....no thanks
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    The SPFL seem to have rather cunningly played Dundee United, Raith Rovers and Cove Rangers, and used them as a shield. They pushed them to the front and hunkered down behind them. It may not help their legal case, but it does help the public sympathy angle to have the focus on three "deserving" clubs being "denied promotion" rather than the light been shone on the SPFL's own incompetence and dubious manouvrings.
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    Hell mend Dundee Utd, Cove and Raith if they end up with a big bill, they should never have had separate representation from the SPFL. No way would we have gotten arbitration in this timescale without the court action, or access to all the documents the SPFL wanted hidden. Just because the documents aren't going to be made public doesn't mean they won't strengthen our case.
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    That's why it's densely populated.
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    That’s as maybe, but going on past seasons we are unlikely to start playing football until the new year
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    I’m pleased to see the penny has dropped for at least some of the support that when it comes to courts and legal action, not all methods of sticking two fingers up at the SPFL and Scottish football are necessarily clever, worth it or in your interests. Even and perhaps even especially if someone else is paying.
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    Keep up sir: Our second prize winner, will be invited to an exclusive lunch with Thistle gaffer, Ian McCall and his management team. This invitation will be extended to all second prize winners of every virtual 50/50 half time draw with the lunch hosted when lockdown restrictions are eased and it is safe to host the event.
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    You're talking crap now. I think you've made a lot of good and well informed points but when you start claiming to know what I'm thinking better than I do myself I know you're havering, and your arguments lose a lot of credibility.
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    You need to get out more
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    As I said before I'd rather see Erskine at Firhill than Cardle. That tho' is not me saying we should necessarily sign Erskine. First and foremost we need 90 minute players with pace throughout the team/squad. Our best chance of coming back up will be thru full timers trumping a league that's predominately made up of part time clubs. You do that largely thru pace and stamina. If we have a squad over reliant on players, no matter how good, whose best days are behind them we'll struggle. That's not saying we won't need a few old heids, we will, but it's not a priority. Where I'm with Pinhead 100% is that these old heids have to be players with the right character and attitude, role models if you like.
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    Tam Friel - it was a memorable trip
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    They will sink like a stone and be in League 1/2 come 2025
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    https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/18562648.glasgow-city-blown-away-james-anderson-generosity-champions-league-gesture/ This is how you accept a donation..with gratitude..the men's game could learn a lot
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    If they are furloughed, they can't do any work for Partick Thistle, not even promotional. That is why Ross Docherty did all the modeling of the new kit as he is the only fully paid player.
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    100 % this im sick of hearing bring back Dools bring back Erskine bring back Cole they were the past and both were failing when they left and have done zero since they left. Cole was rank rotten after he extended his stay i also hate the phrase “they will walk league one” how many players did we say that about when we headed for the championship the team needs gutted and fresh Young hungry Players with a point to prove is what we need sneddon, brownlie, docherty, Lyons, Graham and Rudden is really all I would keep. Could be persuaded on Brannigan but that’s it Priority should be two new Attack minded full backs
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    The winnings donated back to Thistle by Caroline.
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    No there wasn’t .....the group headed by Ann Budge met for the first time on April 20 and the plans were shelved on May 8 ....the fact is reconstruction was never on the table .....the appearance was so that we would go quietly into the night
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    In some ways I suppose we are as we've been forced to accept SPFL voting against reconstruction. The way I look at things is that if we were successful and weren't relegated (demoted) then those who voted for NO reconstruction would be the clubs to blame for United & Raith staying put. The irony of course being that both Dundee Utd and Raith Rovers voted for the status quo and thus would be contributory to their own misfortune.
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    I can see McCall trying to bring him back. Both are of the same ilk. Fur coat and nae knickers
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    Rumour is that he could soon have a new team mate in Fernando Torres. Can you hear the Drums, Fernando?
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    I care about what's right and wrong and know nothing about the Law. Never mind being in our favour, everything that happened after 16.48 on that Friday, should be wiped clean and any costs relating to it, paid by the people responsible. Take it all back to the point where all votes were in and it was a firm and fair NO. Whoever did what they did after this point, should be dealt with accordingly. All matters after 16.48 were based on lies, corruption and deceit. The SPFL and a number of member clubs in it, are a disgrace to Scotland.
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    I was also expecting a much higher goal return from Tam, based on his exploits with Morton. Our most successful seasons in reasonably recent memory have involved regularly scoring centre backs, Conrad Balatoni winning promotion and Liam Lindsay in gaining Top 6. It was so great to have that feeling of excited anticipation every time we were awarded a corner!
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    Be interesting re Dundee’s vote , was getting dismissed at the time ( firewall etc ) , now there is an admission that it actually was received. Surely that’s got to be in our favour
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    A "see you in court" attitude?
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    Reading this thread reminds me that we're still a football club.
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    Sorry. They had a lawyer on. Hopefully i can represent it correctly, but the gist of his main point was that this week's decision wasn't really the big issue. That arbitration is every bit as serious a legal process as court is, and that everything is still to play for. He also noted that the finding suggested that there was a case for the SPFL to answer. Daryl Broadfoot also fairly knowledgeable on it and spoke extensively. No one suggested that this is done and dusted. It definitely went against the BBC version that we'd "failed" to get relegation overturned. That to me seems a misrepresentation of the outcome.
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    They've been played by the SPFL who didn't contest the dismissing the case option - they were happy to have member clubs dip their toe in that scenario - it's the price they pay for their twisted view of sporting integrity - no sympathy for them at all
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    I only made it along to about 8 matches last season but from what I saw the problem with Cardle for me wasn’t that he went into hiding, it was that he tried too hard to do it all himself. Not sure he has it in him anymore, even at League One level.
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    If anyone thinks the threat to throw Hearts, one of largest-supported clubs in Scotland and one half of the second-largest derby in the country, out of the system is anything other than hot air, they're soft in the head. Thistle on the other hand, I'm sure they couldn't give a toss about, so it's lucky we're riding on the Jambo's coat-tails and cash.
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    Filling a void as we wait for news from Edinburgh, I have received a Transaction Report from the club for June 2020. Up on site now. Thanks, once again, to you all.