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    As soon as Low is away i will back this but for as long as she has her grubby mitts on our club it is not for me. These charlatans that are going for fan ownership are weak and will keep her as chairman of the club for sure.
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    A couple of questions. What game was that? And, are they climbing in or climbing out?
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    Clubs are desperate for the end of season money, to which they are entitled, in order to survive. They are being told, "you're not getting it unless you vote to relegate Partick Thistle and Stranraer". Abhorrent hardly does it justice.
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    We’ve shafted ourselves by not being good enough to be higher in the league. If we were sitting mid table this wouldn’t be an issue. It’s our fault that we’re staring relegation in the face.
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    It's not just a case of promoting the current top club in each league and relegating the bottom club. Scrapping the play offs will leave other clubs (eg ICT and Airdrie) properly miffed. Maybe Queen of the South and possibly Accies should be relegated as well. Assuming the season is over the fairest way is still temporary reconstruction. Sadly our authorities will be far more interested and occupied with coming up with a solution that'll be acceptable to both arse cheeks. We'll just be viewed as collateral damage.
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    Season ticket sales may well suffer because of the wider picture here. It shouldn't be forgotten that there may be a fair number of current season ticket holders who won't be able to afford to renew because of the economic impact of the pandemic on their jobs and incomes.
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    There is a situation where resignation would be an option If we lose, we resign. If Doncaster loses he resigns. That should swing a few votes our way !
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    Yes your right.....too sloppy in my part .....you g children are less likely to get the virus but are not immune
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    We have to accept a democratic vote by the members. If it goes against us, that's hellish, but there is nothing we can practically do. And your ' plan's is not a plan. It is rank irresponsibility.
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    You are an utterly clueless cretin
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    I'll be buying one regardless. With everything going on I really don't care if relegated or not. We have been terrible for a long time. More importantly we will be in lockdown for another 4 weeks at least and then over months restrictions will come and go. Firhill will be a godsend to go to. To get out the house and with the ability to perform social distancing due to crowd v stadium. I've been lucky as I have not been severely impacted by the pandemic but it makes you look at things differently. Don't get me wrong when this ends I'll go back like everyone else to living my own self obsessed life worrying about things that are not that important. However at this time I have realised how important the club is to me and I cannot wait to get back to Firhill. I don't care what league. I just want to get back. McCall will get us back up and then we look to push on.
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    So last season, with one game to go we should have been in the playoff ? It doesn’t matter where you are after 1, 10, 27 or 35 games - it’s where you are after 36 that counts.
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    I don’t necessarily think season ticket sales will plummet, the chip on our soldier mentality might actually galvanise the support. A lot will depend on how the club handle this so nice to see a statement today.
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    The club must oppose these pernicious proposals by all means available to them. Having played less games than those above us, and being only two points behind QOS, then relegation would fly in the face of any principle of “sporting integrity”. We all know from our disgraceful relegation in 2004 that the Scottish football authorities will lie and cheat when required , and are not to be trusted. The present board will be judged in the coming weeks and months by their actions in defence of the club.
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    You dont seem to be looking at the bigger picture. No one has a clue when this season can be completed. No one. If we just sit tight and wait for the sun to break through we run the risk of 1) destroying clubs who are on the edge right now, 2) if we do start near the end of the year, then next season is impacted hugely. A shortened season would present even more financial worries. And what of the player and staff contracts etc. It is a logistical nightmare. Either league reconstruction where a minimum of clubs are penalised or a season called off and go where it presently stands. And as for rolling over? I believe its fans looking at it pragmatically and accepting that there are bigger concerns out there.
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    After lapsing last season due to scunneration, I'll be renewing very soon, even though in reality (i.e., round trip of 18,436 km) I'll probably not get to see a single game "in the flesh."
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    I have never been a season ticket holder. Earlier in my life it was a question of being able to afford one and later a question of time and living away from Glasgow. I have also not been a regular contributer to any of the club's revenue streams. The exception is the purchase of club merchandise for my grandsons and myself and a financial contribution years ago when we were in danger of going out of business. So basically I was just a fan who went to games. This national crisis is extreme and is not only a challenge for us all but also a time for reflection. As a result I have decided to follow the example of fans on this thread and make a bigger financial commitment to the club I love and have followed all my life. I am of course fortunate that I can do this but compared to others my commitment hasn't over the years been enough. In additional to joining the Centenary Club (still to be finalised) I have decided to buy a season ticket. All the uncertainties mentioned by Big Col and others are of course valid but for me AlgarveJag has got it right - it's about supporting our club. It's also about doing our bit to make sure, at the end of this crisis, there is a club still to support! Thank you all for helping me make up my mind about this. I can look forward to a 12 hour round trip for every home game + lots Jags wins!
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    Remember all . it was the last game of the season last year that we hauled ourselves out of relegation...Our last 2 games before the shutdown I saw I big improvement so much that I was feeling very positive for the last games..
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    This is a football Forum. If Sevco went into Administration I would find it very very funny. That does not mean I find the Covid situation funny in the slightest. The two things are vastly different.
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    Making any decision ahead of the general removal of isolation and the reopening of the economy - including sporting fixtures - is premature. The sporting powers that be should have the common sense (ahem) to say that until they know when any kind of normal service can be resumed they cannot make a decision on how to proceed with the leagues. It really is that simple a statement to make in these circumstances.
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    Off topic I know ...cycled by the ground today and it looked glorious in the sunshine with the pitch looking tip top..hopefully a portent of better times round the corner.Also a pair of swans nesting in the basin..fair cheered me up .
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    I couldn't find the most appropriate existing thread, but thought this was worth highlighting. In association with Partick Thistle Charitable Trust: https://www.glasgowtimes.co.uk/sport/18353767.partick-thistle-charitable-trust-providing-100-meals-day/
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    BBC & ITV should be doing the same - classic full game reruns from their vaults. I'd happily settle for the 1970/74/78 World Finals in full to get me through a cabin fever morning or afternoon OR the night we beat Morton a few years ago at a packed Firhill - hardly a classic but it would beat having to talk to the missus! As for SKY, they should open every channel up for free until this is all over.
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    And that would have been a disaster Dougie Somner. What joy he gave us all!
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    Very clear that, by declaring that there'll be no football before June, SPFL have strong-armed clubs into supporting the proposal, to get the prize money they need to help them survive. Absolutely shameful behaviour by Doncaster, SPFL et al, but no surprise there. We'll go down, and need to concentrate on getting back up asap. Alongside that, we need to remember the member clubs who sold out 'sporting integrity' in favour of the money. I understand why they have voted out of self interest, but, having thrown PTFC under the bus, they shouldn't be surprised that people like me will never set foot in their grounds in the future. Hopefully other Jags fans will do the same.
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    I started a Summer football topic a few years ago. I am still recovering from the bruises and the kicking I got
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    With all due respect, Sandy, that's way off the mark. Been plenty of decent football played at Firhill. Just not by us.
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    Because they are ********** **** ******
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    Any chance you could change your name? One of my favourite players was Bobby Houston whereas you are my least favourite poster. You're kinda tarnishing his name....unless you really are Bobby?
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    Interesting read https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52227551
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    I'll no doubt still buy a season ticket regardless of what league we're in. One thing miffs me tho' is I think the concession pricing is still at the same level we were getting charged when we were in the top league.
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    Any decision should be based any situation where a full season cannot be completed for whatever reason.This is something which should have already have been put in place. The decision should apply if 25% ,50%,or 75% or whatever remains to be played. Would you promote / relegate a team if 75% or 50% still had to be played? Of course not. What happens when a game is abandoned, which is effectively what has happened to this season. Do we award the points based on the score at abandonment? Of course not. If the season cannot be extended to complete the games then the season is NULL AND VOID. Nobody wins and nobody loses. Money can be shared out based on points accumulated.In my opinion more clubs would vote for that than against
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    Hopefully Budge follows through with her threat to sue as thats the only thing the SPFL will understand. Can't see our club having the means or desire to take the SPFL to task so our best hope is Hearts do and we get a way out due to their action
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    This is a decision made far too early in the course of this epidemic to warrant serious consideration by the Scottish football authorities. They appear to think that they are setting the agenda for the rest of the 'current' football season, and the start up of the next football season in Scotland. They have no clue whatsoever what will happen to Scotland, the UK and Europe in general with regards this virus, because the virus sets the agenda. Why they [the Scottish football authorities] think getting their ducks in a row regarding the 2019 / 2020 season and the start of the 2020 / 2021 season has any merit is beyond me. There is every chance there will be no football [or any type of mass participation gathering of any description] until there has been a vaccine developed, and tested, that can truly control this infection. It could be the progress towards controlling the infection will be 12 months, possibly more.
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    What about Hearts they are four points behind with no games in hand should they also not be relegated. what about Motherwell who has played 36 games saved by the10,000 seats rule that was forgotten about the following season at our expense and look at them now tge Authorities are deliberately hanging us out to dry because they think they can get away with it. That they are not doing it to hearts tells it’s own story
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    Any rational analysis will tell you the top division is the least complicated. But in the completely ****** up world of the Scottish Football authorities there are only two teams that matter, this is what makes it complicated for them. Getting royally shafted once again.
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    ...they have. We have been rank rotten for going on four years. Calamity in the boardroom. An ousted chairman returns. Board members who contribute nothing. Club legends treated like utter dirt. Rumours of financial mismanagement from official sources at the club. And the response from the fans? ...Crickets. A wee mumble and grumble. But unlike other sides, was there protests outside the stadium? No. Protests inside the stadium? No. Coordinated action from the fans? Erm, no. So lets not kid ourselves that either the fans or the board will mount some caviller effort to overturn any decision made by the SPFL and its associated clubs. Sorry. Might sound harsh. But that's the simple fact of the matter.
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    We would completely deserve to be relegated. Rank-rotten all year, and if it wasn't automatically it would be in the play-offs. Be done with it.
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    We wouldn't win. Courts don't like to get involved in sporting disputes and if 75% of clubs support this as the right thing to do then we don't have much ground for complaint. Although unfair, the average points can be justified as allowing for different number of games played
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    I'm with GRE on this. Reconstruction, even for one season, is clearly the most appropriate way forward, but unless the TV broadcasters are guaranteed 4 ugly sisters games, that option will be dead in the water. We do have to look at the bigger picture. What matters at the end of the day is the survival of football clubs across the country, and SPFL need to have that as the primary aim of whatever plan they propose. If we end up in League 1, it won't be because we've been fitted up by the SPFL, or because we were denied a penalty against QOS, but because, with few exceptions, we have under-performed since the first game of the season against Alloa.
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    Against the east side erse cheek, sometime in the 60s, but I don't know the precise game. I like to think they were leaving, after somebody started a story that there was soap in the toilets.
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    surely if it was doolan he would have brought him back in january?
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    I read somewhere that Raith Rovers fans had already raised more than 40 Grand. Well done to them!
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    Ah. Right. Makes sense.
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    From a fan giving loads of abuse to Billy Dodds while warming up for the opposition - "Don't kid on ye cannae hear me - no wi' ears that size!"
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    .....or keep it at 42 clubs and have three divisions, with two leagues comprising twenty clubs each plus a top league of two clubs.