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    All this rubbish about us having relegation form is absolute mince. This is the current form so if it stays consistent we will be well clear of the bottom two teams come May. Can we stop the knee jerk reactions to losing a match please?
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    I don't get the clamour for binning Austin. The guy is just getting back to playing football. Give him a chance FFS! A lot of the squad are out of contract in the summer. No point moving them on unless we have a replacement in place.
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    "It is a matter of regret...to see the "in and out" form displayed by the cub with such tiresome regularity each succeeding Saturday. I would like to ask why it is that men who are totally unfit to acquit themselves with anything like credit are, Saturday after Saturday, included in the team. I will give...my idea of what would be...a strong and balanced team and bring back much, if not all, of its former football greatness. Well, here it is........................................" Letter to the Glasgow Evening Post 9 February 1889.
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    I have been away for a week, so catching up and I'm reminded why I love this forum. There is a sort of mass manic depression about it. When I left, we had just had a couple of decent games and it was all about just a couple of tweaks to the squad and we could be pushing for the play-offs. After a bad game against United, it is get rid of the lot and we might just avoid automatic relegation. Got to love the wild swings !
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    I f*cking long for the recent days in the SPL when we would go into this kind of fixture thinking we have a chance of an upset rather than a cricket score against us. How far we have fallen. C’mon McCall, get the team balance sorted and the players up for it.
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    The one consolation is that McCall is in charge. He has managed to wring results out of this mob. If Caldwell was still in charge we would be gone by now.
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    MacKinnon signing should allow Bannigan to do his fowling further up the park.
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    That would be a marina, I suppose?
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    Rudden signs on 2 year deal from Rangers. Small fee but add on if transferred. Just waiting for clearance which should be on Monday. per Ian McColl on radio.
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    Oh. I should've said. That's Celtic's under 15s.
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    Yesterday showed up all the weaknesses in the current Thistle team. They can dominate a game for spells, but can't score. They give the ball away in midfield carelessly and don't have the players to win it back. The defence leaks like a sieve with defenders prone to making mistakes. There's no point in looking for consolation in the thought that the game would have been different if only we'd scored in the first half hour. Of course it would, but experience of previous games indicates that's the problem right there. Too often we don't score when on top and the opposition realise they've little to fear. The only way forward, I think, is with different players which, thankfully, the manager is working on. I'm fearful, though, that we'll have to suffer more embarrassment next week before any new players can have an impact.
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    Watched United's goalie dominate his box all afternoon. What a stark contrast with Fox, shit scared to leave his line. Ultimately it didn't cost us against Inverness but by christ it did today. He has many good qualities as a goalie but if he is incapable of clearing out a corner 1 yard from his line he needs replacing.
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    That ink's taking a long time to dry!
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    Very interesting topic & don't think there's an easy answer. However, I do think the size of the leagues has to be a factor - there's simply no 'hiding place' for a poor season (be it injuries, manager leaving, poor run of form) - and that leads to constant upheaval & uncertaintly. Can't help but feel we've missed the reconstruction boat now Rangers are challenging again, but for the good of the game in Scotland, it should never be far from the table. More clubs would be secure in their league position, likely to mean less chopping & changing of managers, more variety for the fans (not the same 9 teams all season), more youngsters being given an opportunity...) - what's not to like? Oh yeah, less OF games for Sky.
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    You've not met him. It was from his son !
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    Hopefully by adding some grit in the midfield Bannigan won't feel compelled to make as many daft tackles. Frustrating as anything as the whole stadium knows what's coming... Daft tackle, usually in the opposition half or as the ball is rolling out of play. Get him running the game, someone else breaking it up.
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    St Johnstone are interesting in offering McCart a PCA. Ross County are interested in signing Oli Shaw on a temporary transfer. This should progress our move for Brian Graham. Livingston are looking to sign Forrest in a deal similar to the one they struck with QoS for Dykes last season. Small fee to secure him in January but immediately loaned back to the selling team until the end of the season. Obviously this is immaterial if Forrest wishes to stay at Ayr then go to his choice of club in the close season. Rudden deal should be confirmed this week.
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    For the past forty years Thistle have been a lower leagues team with the occasional burst of overachievement. A more apt question is what do we have that Morton, Falkirk, Dunfermline, Airdrie, etc., don't?
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    Some great thoughts and thanks to all. I think Laukat hit the nail in terms of us doing better when we’ve had strong board leadership and if we’d avoided sentimentality over managers. I know money is very important and while Colin Weirs money didn’t go on the first team it did leave more budget for it with not having to divert from first team funds to fund youth. So for a short while we may have had an advantage over the likes of Motherwell. Then again United, Hibs and Hearts have all squandered fortunes and been down here. So I think there’s a lot of truth in the point made about teams expectations as that can force poor decision making, whether over budgets, hasty signings or sackings and appointments. I think the choice over managers has been key for some clubs. Motherwell rarely makes mistakes. Even when Butcher was there he’s had a good spell. Who’d even heard of Steve Robinson? St Johnstone are desperately poor to watch but Tommy Wright works wonders. Killie haven’t had a great season this year but Clarke last year. Of course whoever you appoint is always a gamble as we’ve sadly learned the hard way. I really felt that in our last spell and while under Beattie I’d never felt the club to be more stable and having a better chance to establish ourselves for the long term. I almost think the top 6 achievement was bad as there was only one way to go and we were ahead of plan. Just seemed to turn to crap so quickly. Anyway that’s history now and no point dwelling just love us to find the right long term solutions. McCall in the dug out is a good start. Lets hope we can start to get the rest right across this season.
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    Leaves Hamilton Accies https://www.hamiltonacciesfc.co.uk/darian-mackinnon/
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    Pretty much agree with that. I would be tempted to see what Gordon is like post injury and with decent players around him. His scoring record from midfield merits a chance.
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    So close, but the Marina was a Morris. The Austin Atlantic is probably the closed to a boat pun. Sorry m’lady
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    Reckon getting McKinnon in will really benefit Bannigan and let him play a bit furthet forward. O'ware is the best of a poor bunch at centre half but the defence should also benefit from someone like mckinnon in front of them. I'm hoping getting a better goalkeeper in the summer is something we are looking at, Fox does my head in. I'd punt Saunders, Mcginty, Harkins, Miller, Robson, Slater, I dont know about Williamson tbh. But we will need a back up RB so we could do alot worse than having him as that. Mansell is still young but with Rudden coming in I'd imagine he will no longer be needed, hes not very good but he seems a hard working young lad and feel quite bad for him that his ability doesnt match his work rate. Not seen enough of Jones or Austin to give a opinion tbh. I like Cardle but i dont know if we should keep him for next season, maybe as a squad player. Gordon i would definitely keep, really hoping he can be improved because he has that knack of getting into the box and making runs at the right time. But he really needs to be more productive on the ball and get involved more.
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    Yes. Office open until 5, i think.
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    56! Hope you're wrong for our sake
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    don't need 3 reasons only 1 reason and that 1 is being a faithful fan through thick or thin
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    Money and a benefactor should help but Dundee, Motherwell, Dundee United, Kilmarnock,Livingston (first spell in the top flight) and Hearts have had spells in recent years where money was lavished onto them but they didn't really improve their fortunes for anything more than a couple of seasons. St Johnstone have had a benefactor and some financial luck but have had success over a number of years. So there's something more than money at play in Perth. Hamilton and Livingston appear to have massively over archieved without a benefactor. Arguably both clubs should be yo-yo teams between the championship and league 1 not clubs that are premier league mainstays. So why do Hamilton, Livingston and St Johnstone survive in the top flight and St Mirren and Thistle yo-yo? I suspect part of the answer is that Hamilton and livingston with the plastic pitch have an income that reduces the earning gap between us but that doesn't explain St Johnstone. I suspect a big part of the reason Hamilton and St Johnstone have stayed much longer than us in the SPL is to do with expectations. After 4/5 season in the SPL Thistle start to think about top 6, Europe or a cup and forget that survival should be the only thing on their mind. Hamilton and Livingston have one mission every season and thats to finish 10th. 9th is probably acceptable to both those clubs but for Thistle or St Mirren 9th is a failure, 8th after 2 seasons in the SPL isn't good enough. St Johnstone have finished top 6 and won a cup but I don't think they set out to do that or expect it, they make sure they avoid 9th and the rest happens if you stay there long enough. Hamilton and Livinston don't rely on their crowds so if the play isn't nice to watch they'll cope better than at Thistle were we want to win and be entertained. Also if you look at our last 3 longest spells in the top flight under Auld, Lambie and Archie there is another lesson . Lambie left after a few seasons for Falkirk to my mind because he got bored doing the same thing at Thistle season after season. Equally Archie got stale and made a lot of mistakes towards the end of our last spell in the SPL. Auld left for a better offer. We seem to be too loyal to managers and woefully unprepared if we lose a good one. St Johnstone and Hamilton have a much better track record of mangerial appointments and a more ruthless approach if required because they have confidence that can identify a replacement. We've had almost as many owners as managers over the last 30 years and unable to keep continuity of focus in the same way that St Johnstone have under the Brown family or Hamiton have had with Ronnie MacDonald. We've been most successful when we had our best chairmen (Jim Oliver, David Beattie) but as soon as they go or lose interest we falter. Our recent Chief exec appointments have arguably valued sentimentality and loyalty over proven experience. So I think we are a yoyo club because the clubs ethos is to prioritise entertainment and loyaltly over a ruthless focus on league position and winning football games.
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    We defintely have defensive problems mainly because of the personell available. Our rightback is more a wingback so relies on having a defensive midfielder in front of him. That worked ok until we lost Kakay. We currently rely on Bannigan and Cole playing deeper to protect the defence as we have no proper defensive midfield. We also don't have a left sided central defender so distribution on the left side is heavily dependent on Cole. On the plus side the rumoured signings are in areas that would address most of our problems by the end of the window and the potential system McCall wants to play looks like its been continued into the players we're looking at on PCA's. Hopefully by the end of the window we'll have a team that looks like the following Fox Houston(rangers loanee)-O'Ware-Mayo (rangers loanee)-Penrice Cole-MacKinnon-Bannigan Cardle Rudden-Graham Next Season might look like the follwoing if we stay in the championship: Fox New Signing-Brownlie-McCart (ICT)-Penrice Cole-Docherty-Bannigan Zanatta - Rudden- New signing
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    Good points been made by jagfox & exiledjag. Motherwell would've been a yo-yo but for lucky circumstances. If I remember the "Motherwell Rule" has been enforced three times otherwise I believe they would've spent a fair amount of time in the 2nd tier. St Johnstone thru a combination of luck and good club management have enjoyed a steady time of it. Luck in as much re how they found themselves at McDiarmid in the first place. And secondly finding themselves close by to Perth Crematorium.
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    One of the major differences I think, as jagfox points out, is money. Also in the case of most of the clubs mentioned a wealthy benefactor (s) who was willing to put money into the player budget to fund signing the club couldn't otherwise afford. For example, Kilmarnock (Johnston and now Boyle), St Johnstone (Brown), Motherwell (the Amerkcam/Canadian businessman prior to fan ownership), Ross County (McGregor), Dundee (various businessmen over the years) and St Mirren (Sale of Love St - £16 Millions). I know the above isn't the only reason as some of our managerial appointments and signings has been very poor. However could Kilmarnock have appointed Mackie as their manager or signed players like SOD on the level of revenue generated from attendences of around 5000 and related merchandising. I doubt it. Also their accounts for last year showed a small profit with a footnote that the club owed a Director (assumed to be Boyle) £800000! I acknowledge we have/had Colin Weir but as far as I was aware his support was focused on the Academy and more recently the proposed training centre that has evolved into club ownership and eventual transfer to fan ownership. I am not aware he funded any football related appointments or signings. This is not a criticism of how Colin Weir supported our club. If the rules of Financial Fair Play (not sure this is correct designation) were applied consistently to clubs in the SPL, Kilmarnock, Hearts, Dundee, Ross County, St Johnstone, Motherwell and others would all have been punished years ago for living beyond their means.
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    Budget mostly, when in the top flight we've almost always been near the bottom of the top 10/12 since the Premier League era came into effect. We've nearly always been a middling team and were okay when it was a top flight of 18 or over. Outside the top flight our support quickly drops off or we've been saddled with too much dead weight in players on too high wages. I'm not sure what our overall league placing would be but I'd guess it would level out somewhere between 12th-18th, certainly since the reconstruction of 1975.
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    Two goals lost from Thistle throw-ins and another because our goalkeeper is glued to his line, but, you know, Kenny Miller.
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    The gate receipts we’ll receive from 6,000 peasants is most welcome, but in football terms it’s the last thing we need. Take the giro money and move on. Arbroath the following week is of far more importance to us.
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    Go on , you know you want to. I take it unlike Dundee Utd fans yesterday, there will be no pyrotechnics used by our fans on Saturday.
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    Yes agree - wasn't particularly singling him out. Like the rest he can go any time.
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    We may have had more chances than any team to torpedo the Quadruple Quintuple or whatever it is called. Given that Celtic have been so far ahead in the League each season, there has never been one league game where another team by winning it could have stopped the QQ. Therefore it comes down to the Cups, and I count at least 4 occasions (2 in the League Cup and 2 in the Scottish Cup, if we include next week). The only team I think might come near to matching that have been Aberdeen, who have lost a few cup finals in that time. What a great opportunity to make history!
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    We had footballers then
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    It doesn't matter who Lennon picks or what their mood is. It's about us - and whoever takes the field for us. Those of you old enough to have been around on 23rd October 1971 will know what that means.
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    Slater's time must be up, surely? McCall assessed at half time, correctly in my view, that we needed to bolster the midfield and he turned to Penrice, leaving Slater on the bench. It was a reasonable decision, I think, although it just showed, yet again, that Penrice isn't a midfielder. Pity we couldn't swop Slater for Docherty and get the new look team underway.
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    If we are not already in the must win zone we are close. All the teams near us apart from Dunfermline have at least 1 game in hand. Our next league game is Arbroath away and so far our record against the 2 part time teams is poor. Played 5, drawn 4 and lost 1. Imo we need a win at Arbroath to hopefully get some confidence going. It is only another 4/5 league games and we are away to yesterdays opponents. The only league table that counts is the current league table and we are second bottom.
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    We also did this last year. Had a really good run at the start of 2019 - something like 7 or 8 games unbeaten but still needed a win on the last game to avoid relegation/play off.
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    Agree with you more or less. However the one worry in my mind is the inconsistency throughout the league (well with nine teams to be more accurate). Thus no one club around us ever appears to go on a prolonged losing spell and regularly pick up points against the teams currently 2nd, 3rd & 4th in the league. Put another way none of our rival clubs are in free fall, which makes climbing the table that much harder. That kinda explains how we can have had a decent enough last six games return and not really moved out the relegation/play off area.
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    Couldn't beat the bottom team twice, above Morton after beating them, then blowing that advantage now behind them with them having a game in hand, playing well against United then crumble after we go behind. This team have no mental strength. We are deep in a relegation battle, even with McCall in charge it's going to be a dark struggle to stay up. Yes, we can accept a defeat to the team running away with it, but the manner in which they capitulated is alarming.
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    Because we had an awful start so we had to catch up and close the gap. I’m not defending the team or the defence, simply saying all the knee jerk reactions to a defeat are tedious - and claims that we currently have relegation form are wholly incorrect.
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    Can we please please please get rid of Kenny Miller? He’s absolutely done and his attitude is stinking. Others played worse but he is atrocious.
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    What Colin Weir did for our Club can never be underestimated, debt free , Academy started , ownership of the whole ground again. That is Colin Weirs legacy, I hope he gets a fantastic send off.
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    Yet we are in the relegation play offs with teams above us with games in hand?? We have the worst defence in the league.
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    Jags 0 Celtic 8.
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    Well. He is a Celtic fan.