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    There is nothing inherently good about 'Business'. The fact that people set up organisations to make money for their own self-interest doesn't make them competent or trustworthy. The assumption that the role of any football club, and their fans, is to simply hand over their resources and money to such organisations because they 'know what they're doing' is risible. 'Business models' have created huge amounts of human misery and led to the downfall of not a few football clubs along the way. There is an inherent snobbishness about many of the comments on here about the money invested in the club by Colin Weir - he only won it, he didn't get it by running a successful business ( in other words, making profits from other people), so it's not the kind of money we want. It's a 'comfort blanket', it's only a subsidy, it'll run out. Colin Weir's millions are just as relevant as the guy Conway. More so, in my opinion, as he didn't gain them through venture capitalism. Conway and his ilk are parasites. I don't want them anywhere near Thistle.
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    Naming a stand that required no name for the previous 90 years of its existence after said Daddy was and remains an embarrassment.
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    Congratulations to the under 18s who beat Motherwell 2-0 last evening to reach the next round.
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    We have the 3rd highest wage bill in the league (as was mentioned on Radio Scotland) yet our squad is unbalanced, threadbare, and probably the worst in the league in terms of total ability, speed and depth. Questions need to be asked who sanctioned the sign off on paying this dross so much. If rumors are true our 2 oldest players collect nearly £5k a week between them and are the two highest paid in the squad (That’s basic wage before bonuses). Caldwell (and those signing off on his horrendous signings) must have been an agents dream. That and signing a guy who was recovering from a near career ending injury who then failed an initial medical, shows how out of control our budget was. The bigger issue is we will struggle to offload most of this squad in January due to their wages. Having to pay Caldwell off is money well spent, and if the board hadn’t changed when it did he had aspirations of signing 4 more on very high wages, leaving us more in a mess.