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    My sister managed to get all 3 goals on camera somehow. 5787CB82-8FD3-4DC8-B467-FB567C23A8A9.MP4 1FFA33D2-B973-488D-B192-B52282D72E07.MP4 AB970605-B5E6-4D93-B9C7-8613B568B095.MP4
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    I’ve decided to give posting in this thread a break for now. Mainly because I see the arguments going round in circles and getting more personal as time goes ever so slowly by. I am getting more convinced by the day that the sale to the consortium is already a done deal. I am a staunch advocate for social ownership. Not just for football clubs but in many areas of society. Land ownership, housing, community centres, leisure facilities and power generation just to name a few. I do believe ordinary people can run social enterprises for the benefit of the community they are a part of. We do not always need external experts or professional business people to run our lives for us. If we take the opportunity we can shape our own society to the way that suits us best. So, to me Thistle fans owning their own club is a no-brainer and I believe it may be the only way for us to have a Partick Thistle we can continue to support and be proud of. We will be able to support our team to succeed on the pitch for footballing reasons and not because it brings a profit to shareholders whose only interest in PTFC is to make money. We want teams who do well and win because they are OUR teams and not because we can squeeze a bit more cash from the club. Football would be the biggest factor in our interest. Not just looking for a financial return by getting higher in the league. . We would be building and preserving the club for our children and grandchildren. Much of the objections on this thread have become personality driven. The people behind the move towards fan ownership are disliked by some posters. Others have a dislike to other personalities and nothing they do will ever be right with them. Some have a mistrust running so deep they wouldn’t believe the time of day from any of the other side. Then on the other hand there’s people who staunchly back the consortium purely because they trust the current chair and because he says it’s a good idea. They back his plans no matter how vague and indeterminate they are. Well as I said I am all for fan ownership and as of yet there is no hard and fast template for how that would go with Thistle. But the fact is it is fans who will shape the future of the organisation which will run the club if they decide to go down that road. The more fans who become involved the wider the knowledge base to draw on. The more ideas there will be to choose from. So if the TFE ideas do move on to a further stage I will be ready to step up to do what I can. But until then I will watch things unfold and I only hope that by the time things do become a bit clearer that it’s not too late.
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    I'm not going to quote the nonsense that's appearing on here in support of the consortium bid - plenty of other folk have rightly picked it apart as the drivel it is. Let's be clear, if we sell the club to a group of venture capitalists because they're 'business people' then we deserve all we get. And what we WON'T get is a successful football club. At best, it'll be an incubation pod for young footballers who we'll get to watch for precisely as long as it takes to transfer them out for as much money as possible. Money which will then go to the owners, not the club. To dismiss every concern about New City Finance as just fans being fickle is ridiculous. There's no evidence that these people have benefited either of the clubs they've been involved with! Why should we welcome them to Firhill? Because they're 'business people'?! They're here to make money, not to benefit Partick Thistle. And anyone who thinks the two inevitably go hand in hand are mistaking a financially successful company with a successful sporting organisation - they're not necessarily the same. I'm sick to the back teeth of reading about people who 'aren't against fan ownership', but have done everything in their power to belittle and sneer at any attempt to put it in place at Thistle. Much as I disagree with fellow Thistle fans about, well, almost everything, I'd rather have Thistle fans owning the club than a bunch of money vampires.
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    There is nothing inherently good about 'Business'. The fact that people set up organisations to make money for their own self-interest doesn't make them competent or trustworthy. The assumption that the role of any football club, and their fans, is to simply hand over their resources and money to such organisations because they 'know what they're doing' is risible. 'Business models' have created huge amounts of human misery and led to the downfall of not a few football clubs along the way. There is an inherent snobbishness about many of the comments on here about the money invested in the club by Colin Weir - he only won it, he didn't get it by running a successful business ( in other words, making profits from other people), so it's not the kind of money we want. It's a 'comfort blanket', it's only a subsidy, it'll run out. Colin Weir's millions are just as relevant as the guy Conway. More so, in my opinion, as he didn't gain them through venture capitalism. Conway and his ilk are parasites. I don't want them anywhere near Thistle.
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    I've been reading Thistle forums for, I think, 20 years going back to the first days of Over Land and Sea. This is, without a doubt, the worst thread I've ever read on any of the various sites over the years. Anyway, carry on.
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    Apologies for selective quoting, I could have picked any number of posts, but these three recent ones encapsulate a question I'd like to raise. I keep reading on here that these foreign venture capitalists will have the wherewithall and deep enough pockets to invest in PTFC. However, and I admit I haven't been researching 24/7 on it, but can anyone point me to cold hard factual evidence of what they invested into Nice and Barnsley, and more pertinently at what specific risk to them (the venture capitalists)? From what I have read (and I may be wrong, hence asking the question), they bought both Nice and Barnsley and whatever money they "put into" these clubs, was simply added to the clubs balance sheet as debt to be paid back to them, while they also reaped sizeable fees for their involvement. As far as I can see, they didn't fund the likes of player signings from their own pockets, it was raised against the clubs, the purchase of the clubs was covered by mortgaging the clubs assets - and while they sold Nice for a tidy profit, that appears to be off the back of a good couple of seasons by the teams performance, and with Barnsley they also seem to have sold their best players in the summer. PTFC, as much as I'd like them to be, is no Nice, nor is it even a Barnsley, in terms of what they can generate from TV deals, attendances, sponsorship, prize money etc either. As far as I can see from all the speculation and (the limited amount of) whats been said in the media (as we have heard nothing official in terms of a press release or a public engagement with the fans), they plan to use PTFC as a feeder club, and their ownership of PTFC would follow the same model as Barnsley and Nice. So, it appears, if the venture capitalists "bought" PTFC and "invested" in it, all these financial transactions would be put onto the club, so PTFC basically "pays for the privilege" of them being owners, and the club goes into debt, while they also take a sizeable chunk from the club for their time. So, in essence it currently appears to me, the venture capitalists cannot lose out financially - best case scenario they improve us and sell us in a few year for a tidy profit (and would the new new owners then do the same, and put their investment/purchase on to the club, so even greater debt?) - worst case scenario, they don't lose any money, and still make a tidy sum for their time owning us by taking money out the club for their fees, and get their original purchase amount, and any money they "put into the club", back in full, as it's been put onto the club as debt in order to pay them back their purchase outlay. So no risk of financial loss to them either way - but if it doesn't work where PTFC end up being "worth more" than before they came in, they can walk away and leave the club saddled with whatever debt that may be. Am I wrong? As I said at outset, if anyone can disprove how things look to how they bought and invested in Barnsley and Nice, and the above scenario I foresee for PTFC if the venture capitalists do end up owning the club (or company if anyone wants to be pedantic), and point me to hard evidence that this is not their model and way of doing things, I would be much obliged.
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    Posts like this justify ignoring any point of view you advocate. Can you not just say you disagree with a viewpoint, rather than make petty slights? For the record I'm undecided on the TFE case as I agree more information still required. Until such times as the consortium ( if it still exists ) provides a modicum of information, very few will back it. Yes I accept the fans have little to no power, but transparent communications surely must play a part. My apologies in advance for having a balanced view.
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    I've not commented on this thread to date. Its bemusing to me that the potential fans buy out seems to be viewed as negative, yet the shadowy consortium bid appears to be a better option because David Beattie is backing it. I really don't know what the best option is but those who say silent should be treated with caution.
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    Can I just make one point which is not specific to either bid. Lets us not go down the road of people having agendas or smearing others. Jordanhill Jag is a long standing fan. Paul Goodwin is a fan. The other guys involved with TfE are fans. We are on here because we are fans. Let us debate (robustly probably) both bids and the merits/negatives of these. Play the ball not the man!
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    Colin Weir funding it eh? Could that mean the return of Jackie Low to the boardroom? We’ve just taken a huge step forward with the new management team. We don’t want to go backwards in the boardroom.
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    7.31 In which book doth the scribe Jacob of Possilonia relateth of waiting of the Jaggites for the New Messiah of the Second Coming. 7.32 It cameth to pass that towards the end of the annnus horrbilis of the false prophet of the Cauld Well, the Jaggites were smitten most abominably the Pictish maroonite hordes of the Bunnet. Yet more Jaggites hadst gone out and taken their scarves of vermilion and primrose and hanged themselves on the willows of the Nolly bank, saying ‘Our dishonor tortureth us, our shame overwhelmeth us’. Some didst continue to prayeth by the banks of the sacred Nolly where doth grow the Criocus Benedictus, or Blessed Thistle, for a sign of the New Messiah of the Second Coming. 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    Were the consortium going to invest 10m into PTFC? I'm assuming most unlikely. That being the case it's obvious we take Mr Weirs generous offer. Whether he is supported by TFE or another group.....so what. Remind me if I'm ever lucky enough to have substantial capital never ever give it to PTFC, as apparently it's only "old money" that's welcome. The inate snobbery that is evident on this is all to clear. I dont know if fan ownership will work, but I'm willing to bet that will skilled fans on board there is no reason why not. As I said earlier and I note that no one answered.....if the shareholders dont like the deal.....dont sell your shares.
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    I find it all very confusing. As a club we are, apparently, in a reasonably sound position (apart from our league standing obviously). We have what, to most fans, appears a pretty horrific proposal to take us over. There is nothing I know of, in the evidence of this consortium's record, or in the history of big money foreign ownership in Scottish football at our level, or the logic in my head, to suggest that this model is good for the long term future of the club. Yet there is a core of intelligent and committed (and apparently well connected) Thistle fans on this forum who continue to defend the proposals. Not so much by demonstrating its benefits, but by deriding any alternatives, pledging total faith in our current board, and at times ridiculing those who disagree. I can understand the trust in those who they know personally. That is fair enough. But is that all it is, or is there more? Because for me, from the outside looking in, it isn't enough. I'm really worried.
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    Could be a reply to all the posts on pages 1 - 184
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    Will the site moderator please do us all a favour and close this thread, and close all future threads started on this subject until he or she believes that there are some salient facts on any takeover that we could sensibly and meaningfully discuss here. 180 pages of drivel.
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    Colin Weir's support for Thistle has been phenomenal. For no personal gain. He justifiably took the huff when the new guys came on the scene with promises that nobody really knows and he was kept in the dark about it. Now, as a Jags fan, he is worried about the club's futures and is offering to fund a takeover for ownership by THISTLE FANS. It's that, or some vague promise of milk and honey by people who are completely alien to Thistle and who have stated explicitly that we would become a feeder club, playing colts of a team from another country. I know who I will be supporting in this battle.
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    Struggling a bit to envisage Jack the Ripper actually had a good side. However, I suppose...... 1/ He didn't hand the citizens of Whitechapel an envelope each and ask them to pick their victims. 2/ He didn't get special forces to first torture them before littering remote parts of Argyllshire with their bodies. 3/ Neither did he abduct his unfortunate prey and bore them into submission with a lengthy detailed presentation of just how good a murderer he was. 4/ Sheer conjecture here as not much is really known about the Ripper, but there's no evidence whatsoever to suggest that given the opportunity he would've played Christie Elliott at ******* centre back at Cappielow.
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    With the MoneyBall Connection I thought they would replace Caldwell with Brad Pitt - so slightly disappointed we ended up with Colly But beyond that - delighted that both him and Archie are back - each of them have a point to prove - each of them have unfinished business at Thistle which is a great motivator - each of them are Thistle Men and understand the Club and the Fans However Im gutted that No One was able to Post that famous spot " just saw Brad Pitt on Firhill Road " And a Special Mention to David Beattie and the New (ish) Board - taken a whole load of personal crap from a whole load of people - said nothing - let his actions do the talking - the mark of a Good Chairman - No PR Spin - No Self Promotion - simply got on with Business Welcome Home Colly and Archie
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    Naming a stand that required no name for the previous 90 years of its existence after said Daddy was and remains an embarrassment.
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    Congratulations to the under 18s who beat Motherwell 2-0 last evening to reach the next round.
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    That should be good for another 30 pages minimum.
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    Erm .. I think possibly somebody must have hacked into my account and wrote this. Then disappeared. Clearly nonsense.
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    Sorry, I've only had two ordinary beers today. Why am I having a lysergic experience on two cans of Amstel???
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    I watched Thistle against Connas Quay and thought, yes I can see what we're trying to do here. It was a feeling that I haven't had for a long time. Now okay, I'm not an expert. But still, there could be something in that.
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    Get Beattie and Weir locked in the boardroom to discuss their differences. We potentially have a committed board and a wealthy investor both wanting the best for Thistle which would negate the need for an outside takeover and a reactionary punt at fan ownership. Both parties have acted impulsively on the face of things but surely these differences could be laid to rest for the good of the club?
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    Am I the only person who thought the pantomime booing and hissing at big Abdul was a bit OTT?
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    To be honest, I've seen a lot worse. Both teams at least tried to play football and the game could have gone either way. I think once the decks have been shuffled a bit in January we will start to move forward. Delighted to have Ian McCall and Archie back, think they will compliment each other and will be a greater force than the sum of their parts. I also hope that Colin Weir buys the club. We didn't become a bad team overnight and we won't become a good one overnight either.
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    Agreed.....but it’s got polarized for example I have always been a bit suspicious of the consortium simply no info or business case ....so TFE turn up and I post some info from them often without comment which is translated as all in all the way ?! the vitriol against TFE also needs to be examined as I actually dont understand it but to simply say trust David Beattie he will do the right thing is just not good enough......who sold to Vladimir Romanov or Craig Whyte or Mike Ashley ? Businessmen one and all
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    Call me a doubting Thomas, but not many of us would call our team 'Partick'.
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    Yesssssssss. Ian McCall's Red'n'Yella Army.
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    Sorry, there's nothing mythical about the money Colin Weir has given Partick Thistle. It's made a significant difference to the club and to say that we 'cannot afford' to accept such funding is the most convoluted logic imaginable. The guy doesn't want to run a football club; he doesn't even seem to want to OWN a football club; he just wants to see the team he supports doing well. Having a go at him for that seems perverse.
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    Why are actual, real life Thistle fans being held to a far higher standard of expected communication, governance and vision than some bunch of secretive, shambolic venture capitalists? Seems weird to me but maybe some supporters have their nose out of joint that they weren't ballsy enough to devote the time and energy to this that TFE have already demonstrated their capacity for. I've pledged my ongoing support to them from across land and sea. Another voice for fan ownership JJ. A few more and you won't be able to say there isn't a groundswell.
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    I'm off to bed to dream about a fan owned Partick Thistle while Boris Johnson is locked in the Tower of London and Donald Trump impeached. Dont wake me.
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    I don't want fan ownership
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    Podcast can be downloaded here https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p02nrsc7/episodes/downloads
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    An absolute requirement would be to interview him in a field where he has no access to a 13 amp socket.
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    Enter Coco the Clown Weir and his trapeze act TFL.
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    Definitely. Would have been interesting to see what would have happened if they had turned professional in the 1890s when everyone else did. Would think Celtic and Rangers would not have won as many trophies as they have done since
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    ...in other news??!!! Isn't that what these 215 pages have been about?
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    Unlike yourself I am not a nomad, I am only about 8 miles from Firhill. But like yourself, I know next to nothing about the takeover. I am not on Twitter, Facebook or other social media. I depend on getting all my Thistle information from this forum.Reading the posts on this thread you have to be all for one, either the consortium or TFE and totally against the other. As far as I know and I am happy to be corrected if I am wrong, nobody on this forum is truly in the know with regard to this takeover. So we have 200 pages and counting of argument and counter argument. With no real substance to back any of it up.
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    Was at the Saturday game and the replay. The inevitability of getting put out of the cup by the tarts was almost just as clear back then as it is now. I remember dogging school to go to see Thistle playing at Stranraer during the 70-71 season. Who should I encounter not far from the turnstile but my French teacher from school..... Robert Reid. He made it clear that for both of us it never happened.
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    I'm going but haven't bought a ticket and it never even occurred to me to do so. Indeed, why buy a ticket in advance anyway?
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    As I understand Colin weir is proposing to provide the funding for a fans trust to buy a majority shareholding in the club. I’m nit aware he will be involved after that. of course there are questions over fan ownership .. for example I would like to see some financial guidelines put in place to restrict borrowing or overspending so we live within our means But if we engage we can make it as good as it can be. the so called consortium has nothing to commend it
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    Agree entirely with the above. Few other observations I had were: - DeVita has always been a decent player and a good pro, but he sadly looks every bit the ageing player coming back from a long injury layoff. - McCall clearly doesn’t fancy Mansell and it’s hard to disagree but we are very light up top (and he is on a two year deal so he won’t be easy to shift - Cheers Gary). - a shame we never managed to hold onto Fitzy as he and Zanatta would have given us incredible width. We look very lopsided and rely on Zanatta to take the game to teams alone. - somebody needs to have a word with Zanatta about his embarrassing attempts to win penalties. - another ex-player scores an important goal against us, we must be heading to some sort of record! We need to give McCall as much time as he needs as he has a real job on his hands. Agree with the point that this is long term rather than the next match being must win etc.
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    Agree it's about opinions. In eljaggo's opinion the thread should be closed. Me, I just like hearing the "ping" sound on my pc when someone posts. Bit too much like the sound from my microwave but somewhat reassuring all the same. Nurse!!!
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    Firstly is it a true fans buy out? How many are actually interested in continually paying in? From our fan base is it actually viable to grow the club From history (Both Trusts) could it actually be run effectively From other clubs in UK show me one where true fan ownership has worked. Yes I have concerns with the consortium too, but these (like Beattie, Allan etc), are proven successful businessmen
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    On a more positive note, just worked out that last night was the 100th consecutive competitive Partick Thistle match I have attended (if you can call 5-0 competitive!). My last "break" was to attend a memorial service for a friend which coincided with St Johnstone away in the League on 19th August 2017. Previous to that I had clocked up another century plus, in which by some strange coincidence, the 100th fixture was also away at Celtic Park, though rather more cheerful as Ade Azeez made my night by scoring the equaliser!