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    Today was the 3rd anniversary of Robert's death, this is the wreath we took up to his grave. There is a thread talking about Thistle being a family club, anyone reading this thread can see what a great club we are.
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    My sister managed to get all 3 goals on camera somehow. 5787CB82-8FD3-4DC8-B467-FB567C23A8A9.MP4 1FFA33D2-B973-488D-B192-B52282D72E07.MP4 AB970605-B5E6-4D93-B9C7-8613B568B095.MP4
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    Today was my boy’s first ever Jags match and my first for far too long. i thought that the team and support were superb. We were 4 or 5 goals better than that shocking Morton team - no football from them at all. Pretty much everyone played well, and the old school daftness in the shed (mainly but not all handbags) brought back some amusing memories of very similar. My wee boy whose only other game was Brighton / Leicester said it was his best day ever, he was buzzing from the atmosphere, the goals, and how nuts people were going compared to the more ‘reserved’ south east. was it just me, or was that penalty decision literally the worst ever?!? Who cares really given the result. so happy tonight.
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    A serious discussion will need to happen. But i think to respect Colin Weir's memory just now is not the time.
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    Does anyone else the now miss the golden Halcyon days of folk on here arguing about whether Archie should be sacked or not? Compared to the complete shit show and financial toilet paper dumpster fire this place is now? Its as if we are all in an endless circle of hell with posts from the same people arguing over the same things in a rotating cycle of crap with no new information. Wish i could just bug out and not look at this site anymore but unfortunately my love of our club means every time there is a new post, I will always have a look hoping that some sort of info on what is happening has been shared. I post this to send my love to my fellow lurkers who are stuck in this hellish loop with me.
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    Seriously fed up with constant immature and frankly pathetic bickering on here. This isn't twitter, where any random person can turn up and badmouth any random person, and while there's not a lot can be done about it it's easily avoided. This forum is a relatively small community of Thistle fans who want to discuss Thistle. It might be online, but anyone coming on here and slagging other people and just basically looking for trouble is acting like the ar*ehole in the pub, attention seeking, dominating discussions and ruining it for everyone else. It's on virtually every thread and therefore difficult to avoid. The rest of us just have to scroll through it to find the decent conversation which is regularly drowned out. I'd ask people to stop, but I know that won't help. Anyway.
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    May be of interest to the forum. I have sent the following email to the Club ([email protected] and [email protected]). I will let you know if/when I receive a reply
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    I like Stuart Bannigan and am delighted he's signed. To be honest l'd rather he went to Aberdeen and didn't suffer that terrible injury because he was one who, at that point in his career, could really have kicked on and done well. I think it's a big pity he never got that chance. But given how things played out, l personally think we done the right thing sticking by him during the injury - it was the decent thing to do and was to Archie's credit that we treated Stuart as a person and not a commodity. If he had never kicked another ball for Thistle, l would have been content that we stuck with him. Recently when he hasn't at his best, l don't remember thinking that Stuart Bannigan has hidden during games. Or not tried. Nor given the impression he couldn't care less. That can't be easy, especially when you know you're not playing well in a poor team. If l was in the current Thistle team (a middle aged man can dream!) and was asked to pick the players l wanted to start an end of season do-or-die match with me, the first name l would put is Stuart Bannigan. For me he defines an attitude that you want beside you on the pitch. We have seen, signed and persevered with players a lot worse than Stuart Bannigan. If he performs like he has recently, l can't think of many l would have before and rather than Stuart Bannigan.
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    I’ve decided to give posting in this thread a break for now. Mainly because I see the arguments going round in circles and getting more personal as time goes ever so slowly by. I am getting more convinced by the day that the sale to the consortium is already a done deal. I am a staunch advocate for social ownership. Not just for football clubs but in many areas of society. Land ownership, housing, community centres, leisure facilities and power generation just to name a few. I do believe ordinary people can run social enterprises for the benefit of the community they are a part of. We do not always need external experts or professional business people to run our lives for us. If we take the opportunity we can shape our own society to the way that suits us best. So, to me Thistle fans owning their own club is a no-brainer and I believe it may be the only way for us to have a Partick Thistle we can continue to support and be proud of. We will be able to support our team to succeed on the pitch for footballing reasons and not because it brings a profit to shareholders whose only interest in PTFC is to make money. We want teams who do well and win because they are OUR teams and not because we can squeeze a bit more cash from the club. Football would be the biggest factor in our interest. Not just looking for a financial return by getting higher in the league. . We would be building and preserving the club for our children and grandchildren. Much of the objections on this thread have become personality driven. The people behind the move towards fan ownership are disliked by some posters. Others have a dislike to other personalities and nothing they do will ever be right with them. Some have a mistrust running so deep they wouldn’t believe the time of day from any of the other side. Then on the other hand there’s people who staunchly back the consortium purely because they trust the current chair and because he says it’s a good idea. They back his plans no matter how vague and indeterminate they are. Well as I said I am all for fan ownership and as of yet there is no hard and fast template for how that would go with Thistle. But the fact is it is fans who will shape the future of the organisation which will run the club if they decide to go down that road. The more fans who become involved the wider the knowledge base to draw on. The more ideas there will be to choose from. So if the TFE ideas do move on to a further stage I will be ready to step up to do what I can. But until then I will watch things unfold and I only hope that by the time things do become a bit clearer that it’s not too late.
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    I think this deserves a thread of it's own https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/wearethistle-fundraising/ Well done Phil and well done us.
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    I’ve probably been a right argumentative d!ck to many of you on here over the years. But I think the events of the last few weeks have put a perspective on there’s really more to life than football. As disappointing as relegation would be if it happened that the season officially ended today and the league placing stood it will be worth putting up with, if as much as one life is saved. most importantly I hope all of the Partick Thistle family keep safe so we are all here to agree/argue with each other for next season. Keep safe everyone
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    This is a photo i took of young Robert at half time of that game.
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    Only with bigoted gammons.
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    So. You love your job. You love the organisation, to the extent that you go out your way to be a champion and a role model for it. It's been your home, so to speak, for the last decade and you don't see yourself working anywhere else. In fact, you are even due to be rewarded for your service and loyalty and to top it off, your customers love you. Your boss, who's not been in the job for very long, asks to see you and tells you that you're no longer required as he wants to move the organisation "in a different direction". I'd be more than devastated. It quite honestly is an abhorrent way to treat someone who has been an outstanding example to all who work with or support Partick Thistle. Yes, Kris hasn't had a great couple of seasons, but neither has the rest of the team. Without the midfield creating the chances efforts on goal were few and far between. Lets face it, we could have had Lionel Messi playing for us and he would've struggled to score goals. There is no doubting Kris's ability or his commitment by anyone other than Gary Caldwell (his commitment to the club might actually have been the problem for Caldwell, he saw Doolan as a threat). Keeping him at the club for his experience and knowledge, plus his development as a coach, and dare I suggest a potential future manage, was surely a no brainer. It's these kind of professionals that other clubs would kill to have. With the right recruitment I'm sure he would be back scoring plenty. Releasing the guy is bonkers, and the manner in which this has been handled almost seems malicious. Caldwell has made a rod for his own back now with this. There are signs that he's turned it round, but if it goes wrong at the start of the season for him it seems likely many fans will give him short shrift. I really thought that as a club PTFC was better than this.
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    Like dogs after a bone. Folk have tried being polite, jokey ways to try to get this to stop. I've had enough. Look up. The whole ******* world is in crisis. People are dying in their thousands. If you're around in a years time then lucky you, resume your point scoring exercise then. But in the mean time just stop. Make yourself useful. Help someone in need. If you can't do that, just shut the **** up.
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    Well done to both of our U18s who started today for Scottish Schools U18 against Northern Ireland with Gospel scoring our goal in a 1-1 draw. Whilst there are areas that definitely need to improve at our club there are still positives out there
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    It's Harkins' Nutritionist, Ronald McDonald.
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    Disappointed about this on a number of fronts. I thought this was a major step forward for Thistle as a club, not only by providing better training for the senior players and making us more attractive to sign with, but also making us more attractive to the parents of youngsters when considering offers to sign, not to mention how much more attractive we'd be for clubs looking to put players out on loan. On another level, I think it's really disappointing that Davie McParland and his family were told that the proposed training ground would bare his name and that this is no longer going to happen. It feels like we've let them down. I hope that in the fulness of time something will be done about rectifying this.
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    I'm not going to quote the nonsense that's appearing on here in support of the consortium bid - plenty of other folk have rightly picked it apart as the drivel it is. Let's be clear, if we sell the club to a group of venture capitalists because they're 'business people' then we deserve all we get. And what we WON'T get is a successful football club. At best, it'll be an incubation pod for young footballers who we'll get to watch for precisely as long as it takes to transfer them out for as much money as possible. Money which will then go to the owners, not the club. To dismiss every concern about New City Finance as just fans being fickle is ridiculous. There's no evidence that these people have benefited either of the clubs they've been involved with! Why should we welcome them to Firhill? Because they're 'business people'?! They're here to make money, not to benefit Partick Thistle. And anyone who thinks the two inevitably go hand in hand are mistaking a financially successful company with a successful sporting organisation - they're not necessarily the same. I'm sick to the back teeth of reading about people who 'aren't against fan ownership', but have done everything in their power to belittle and sneer at any attempt to put it in place at Thistle. Much as I disagree with fellow Thistle fans about, well, almost everything, I'd rather have Thistle fans owning the club than a bunch of money vampires.
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    I became an Uncle at around 8am this morning, by 12 o'clock the wee man is a PTFC season ticket holder! Youngest ever??
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    For me Friday night is not about being pro/anti the old Board, pro/anti the new Board or pro/anti a takeover it is just about being PRO PARTICK THISTLE. The eleven guys on the pitch might not be the eleven best players to have played for our club but on Friday night we need to get right behind them and do whatever we can to help them get the result we all want. C'mon the Jags!
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    Our U16/17 team are currently in Northern Ireland taking part in the Foyle Cup. They won their group with 3 wins out of 3 and have now won 2 more games to reach tomorrow's final. Our U15s are in Iceland taking part in the Rey Cup. They won 2 and lost 1 of their group games and are in the semi final to be played tomorrow. With Evan Galasso and Callum Wilson having had game time in the first team as we topped our League Cup group and a graduate of the youth academy, Aidan Fitzpatrick, having moved to an English Premiership side for several hundred thousand pounds there is a lot to be positive about. Good luck to both of our youth teams over the weekend and to the first team over the season! C'mon the Jags!
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    Thanks everybody. Eunice and I went to TGI Friday in Braehead , as that was always Roberts choice for his birthday meal.
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    Just as well it wasn't planned for tomorrow. There would be mass panic amongst the Airdrie fans at the sight of sheriff officers.
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    I wish to God we'd sign someone so we could stop posting about this and instead come on here to discuss how shite they are...
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    I expect Brownlie to be a big upgrade on McGinty (though that's not exactly difficult). Rudden looks a decent signing. Miller stopped scoring after a decent start (and his goals per minutes on the pitch ratio this season is behind Doolan's last season). More importantly, it feels that there is a plan behind the signings, which I simply didn't get with Caldwell. Graham is a very different type of striker to Miller, and has been signed to be a target man (which we've not had in a while). Rudden is different again and should complement Graham (hopefully). And as you say, the squad now has better balance. There's always a limit to what you can realistically achieve in a January window, particularly when you're at the bottom of the Championship. In that regard, this window has (or at least feels) been better than expected. I know that doesn't mean it won't all go tits up, though- only time will tell.
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    Over the years this forum has done a number of good things. Raising money for Thistle by sponsoring players, Doolan 100 goals presentation and on a personal note the tributes for young Robert after he passed away are something myself and Eunice will always be very grateful for. But recently some posters do not accept that there can be more than one opinion on a subject. We are all Thistle supporters and just because somebody has a different opinion from you, doesn't make their point any less relevant, or them any less of a Thistle fan than you.
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    There is nothing inherently good about 'Business'. The fact that people set up organisations to make money for their own self-interest doesn't make them competent or trustworthy. The assumption that the role of any football club, and their fans, is to simply hand over their resources and money to such organisations because they 'know what they're doing' is risible. 'Business models' have created huge amounts of human misery and led to the downfall of not a few football clubs along the way. There is an inherent snobbishness about many of the comments on here about the money invested in the club by Colin Weir - he only won it, he didn't get it by running a successful business ( in other words, making profits from other people), so it's not the kind of money we want. It's a 'comfort blanket', it's only a subsidy, it'll run out. Colin Weir's millions are just as relevant as the guy Conway. More so, in my opinion, as he didn't gain them through venture capitalism. Conway and his ilk are parasites. I don't want them anywhere near Thistle.
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    I've been reading Thistle forums for, I think, 20 years going back to the first days of Over Land and Sea. This is, without a doubt, the worst thread I've ever read on any of the various sites over the years. Anyway, carry on.
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    Ah, so that was what Caldwell was getting at when he said he was looking to the Jags away support to give the team a lift.
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    That was a good watch. Articulate. Young and modern. Explained why and how. Hats off to the club and to Gary for doing this. Some background to me. I love Archie. Wanted him to stay and was gutted he left. In hindsight he should have left after relegation. Still can't work out how we were relegated 12 months on and the relegation was a perfect storm with Maxwell and Beattie leaving. Caldwell has been an improvement. I love Erskine. I'll bore my kids about this guy. I genuinely get excited seeing him and I'm 41. Was raging he left. In hindsight if pushed I'd say it was the right decision. I worship Doolan. It's embarassing. On and off field he is a role model for me let alone younger people. Caldwell made the choice. That's his job. I'm still not happy about it. It's made me give a lot more to his testimonial! But like the end of a relationship you need to let go or it eats you up inside. Partick Thistle is my club. It is our club. Forever and ever. It's genuinely helped me in tough times by just being there, losing yourself in the crowd and forgetting your worries by becoming consumed by working out our formation, frustrated at the full back leaving space and demanding a substitution. As I said after last season. We start again.
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    Evening started with Gerry introducing Gary Caldwell. Some jokes about PowerPoint. We then heard a 40ish minute presentation on Gary's football philosophy, how we played when he arrived, the changes he made, how we played after he arrived (pre and post Christmas) and his reflections on how we move forward along with how we prepare for games. Some stats and film accompanied each of the areas. Some of the points made through these areas that l remember were - players psychology is really important and needs to be managed with real delicacy. On his arrival this was a real problem area. - we didn't press other teams enough when we lost the ball. This is important to his philosophy and improved as he managed to shape the team more - he wanted a strong spine for the team and that influenced his transfer window purchases ( two central defenders, defensive midfielder and forward). - Questioned some of the teams dedication to the cause. Important they play for team not their own satisfaction. Spoke about you do what's needed for the team. - Acknowledged McDonald's influence - wanted to sign him earlier but McDonald took his time. Also said he was fitter than he had ever seen him. - Wasn't able to implement individual training plans to address individual weakness (spoke about Storey and crossing) given our situation ie fighting relegation, but will do this going forward. - will start pre-season early and have us ready to peak at the beginning of the season. That's what l remember of the Gary outline of where we were, where we are and what is gonna happen from here. Hope this is of some help to those not there and not too distorted for those who were!
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    I've always found the forum a good place to keep in touch with Thistle things during the summer when there's no matches. This closed season though it's beginning to look like it will be a good place to avoid as I can't see any topic not turning into an excuse to have a go at the manager, board and chief exec.
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    The problem on this thread is that the people who want rid of Caldwell are painting those who don't as accepting of mediocrity, or naive hero worshippers, when in fact most people who want Caldwell to stay are able to see the faults, are not 100% convinced, are disappointed with the season overall, but are realistic enough to know that he took over a team with problems and just think he has done enough to be given a chance. Very different. There has to be more room for a bit of nuance, rather than this angry 'with us or against us' attitude, which dominates on most social media these days but I'd have thought we could get beyond on a Thistle fans' forum.
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    Anyone who is flemish should be self-isolating imo!
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    Because a group of existing investors decided to sell their shareholding to a man who'd underlined his support for fan ownership. It's really that simple. I don't know what you and others expect to gain from going over old ground again and again and again and again... This is the reality of the situation.
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    Can we please please please get rid of Kenny Miller? He’s absolutely done and his attitude is stinking. Others played worse but he is atrocious.
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    What Colin Weir did for our Club can never be underestimated, debt free , Academy started , ownership of the whole ground again. That is Colin Weirs legacy, I hope he gets a fantastic send off.
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    Mr Angry does question time.... how would I know ? Do i care....not sure I do until I know what you mean im giving Colin weir my support until I have reason not too....so far he’s 1. saved the club from the Barnsley buffoons 2. bought out propco and given the club the whole stadium back 3. pledged to put the club into fan/ community ownership by April 4. funded the academy till the end of 2021 5, given the women’s teams additional support 6. pledged to support the manager in the January window 7. looking at getting us a training facility how about supporting him rather than sniping from the sidelines
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    I've said it elsewhere, so I'll say it here, too...the last year has been f*cking mental, so let's hope this is the first step towards stability. I backed Caldwell's appointment and willed him to turn things around, but it was becoming more and more reminiscent of the Dick Campbell era. Friday's game was the straw that broke the camel's back. Add to that the takeover saga and infighting (guilty as charged) and it's no surprise that some of us were a little...distracted. I'm looking forward to regaining and maintaining my focus on supporting the team.
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    'Partick Thistle are a special club.' Alan Archibald said it, David Beattie said it, we all believe it to be true, but what does it mean? For a lot of folk, Thistle's 'specialness' began at Cappielow when we scored and the players ran to the new interim manager to celebrate. Then it was 'we've got this' and Doolan and Erskine and Lawless and winning promotion and getting into the top six and kids in free and Kingsley and us just being, well, special. But there's a lot of chapters in the Thistle story and that was just one of them. There was the phoenix-like rise from the Second Division to beat Rangers on the opening day and then put four past Celtic in one half to win the League Cup: what a chapter that was. Then there was Bertie Auld and losing training games to traffic cones and then Chic Charnley and samurai swords and John Lambie and then John Lambie and John Lambie again. Lots of chapters, every one of them special, even the one with Dick Campbell in charge and an equaliser scored with 10 seconds to play, in off a defender's arse. All of them special. And all of them ran their course and we moved on. Archibald isn't coming back, Doolan isn't coming back, Erskine isn't coming back, neither are Lambie or Charnley or McParland. I understand why people talk about 'the soul being ripped out of the club', I really do, but I don't agree. Thistle isn't about Kris Doolan or Alan Archibald or anyone who was involved in that chapter of the club's story - it's bigger than that. So what's the next chapter going to be? Gary Caldwell's Red'n'Yella army and promotion and a cup win? New manager [insert name here] rescues Jag's season? International consortium make Thistle Scotland's third force? Fans buy-out ensures future of a special club? Whatever. What's past is past. Time to look to the future.
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    I think that you are conflating fan ownership (as shareholders) with an inexperienced committee of fans running the club (as directors). The executive function should always be performed by people with the relevant skills and experience. These are the people who will have the day to day responsibility for running the club. It is not essential that they support the club, provided they can discharge their executive function in a manner which promotes the success of the club. All that fan ownership will do is to give supporters the ultimate say in the big strategic decisions - for example a sale / appointment of the board etc. The board would still be responsible for, eg managerial appointments, but the shareholders periodically have the opportunity to hold the board to account. Have a look at company law for a better understanding of shareholder rights. If you were to construct a logical argument against fan ownership, it would probably be around the turning off of the philanthropic tap of wealthy individuals who don’t really have an affinity with the club, but view it as a vanity project - for example Mike Ashley at Newcastle. You might view that as a good thing, or you might think that it’s something which might limit the club’s ability to push ahead, but it does result in greater responsibility for the success of the club being placed with the supporters. If funds need to be raised, it would be down to us, but if we own it, then that’s only fair. I do think that you’re doing the concept a disservice, however, if you just take the view that fans can’t agree on the simplest things on an Internet forum, so can’t possibly run a football club. The concept doesn’t call for them to run the football club in the first place.
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    We've now got back to the point in the circle where the experts in finance, business and football matters are putting forward their diametrically opposed points on the merits/demerits of the consortium. But no-one, so far has actually put forward any thoughts on how the consortium could take forward our club to make it viable for the future. It's one thing saying they did it with Barnsley and Nice. Barnsley is a club in a league awash with money and Nice, I take it, are in a similar position. We are a club struggling to retain our place in the second tier of a league where the vast majority of cash is directed towards two clubs. Both of whom reside in the same city as us and no matter how much we dream we will never overtake either of them in terms of supporter numbers, on-field success or financial strength. Any investors coming in to this club will need to invest millions to artificially take us to a position where we win the league and a cup or two, get in to Europe for an extended run and then get out quick because we know what will happen after that. Either that or they have to be willing to commit for many years without the hope of any large return. What I have not read much of on this thread, is sensible and practical ideas on where our club should go. In our pre-promotion year there were plans put into place to make the Firhill experience much more fan friendly. Fans were asked for ideas, volunteers were used to enhance the enjoyment of a day at Firhill and efforts were made to try to encourage a family friendly atmosphere around Thistle. I may be remembering wrongly but all that seemed to go when we were promoted, as though we were too "professional" for all that. We were in the "big" league and had to play the game their way. Instead of consolidating on our success, we let ourselves go backwards and inevitably maybe got to today's position. Maybe if Colin Weir's idea of giving the fans some involvement in the form of shares was the way to go if the board had not stifled any chance of some fan influence. I am worried that at the end of all this we will either not have a club to support or if there is a PTFC it will be nothing like the club we follow and love. There has to be a third way. One where fans are involved in the club and the club is interested in the fans. Surely all the brains on here could get together and work for our club and not just to get petty points over on the other side. We should all be on the same side. So instead of using your knowlege of what's going on behind the scenes to try to appear more ITK than anyone else, why not explain how this consortium will be good for the long term future of Partick Thistle. Give us somthing more than blind acceptance that you are right. And those opposed, what is your plan to take us out of the mire we have found ourselves in?
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    Some more stuff recovered and digitised from the 8 mm silent movies I took in the early 70s can be viewed here It carries the usual caveat about quality (or lack thereof) but shows clips from: · A pre-season friendly @ Preston North-End (and the player I omitted to list, coming off between Ronnie Glavin and Denis McQuade, was Bobby Gray the Younger) · The raising of the Second Division Championship flag (and this is seriously lousy footage) · Matches at Rugby Park, Fir Park, Somerset Park, Tynecastle & Muirton Park. Anyone interested enough to share, please go ahead and do so, and if anyone has an update/correction of any info I’ve included, please get in touch and I’ll re-edit. CCJag
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    Anyone who uses the term "snowflake" to describe other people is a complete and utter tosser.
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    Thank you DD. The fundraising has been been a great success over the last four years. Curated not just by myself but also by @elevenone In that time you, the forum members, have contributed over £19,700 to the club. That's something we can all be proud of. Personally I am most proud of knowing that wherever he goes Kris Doolan, a living legend, will carry with him a trophy bearing our name. It's time to look forward. I will not be doing the fundraising next season. I hope somebody will take it on. I set the bar quite low last season so a good target to aim for . I am happy to offer any advice or help and, of course, will contribute. If anyone wants to talk about it, please PM me.
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    Honestly some people on this forum need to get a grip. We slated the club for not making difficult decisions in the past and for me this makes total sense. Also did anyone think that it might be Doolan himself who made this decision. finance will be tight and it’s time this squad has a complete overhaul. We have zero room for sentiment.
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    It was our own board that appointed Caldwell, not the SFA.