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  1. Rugby Park about 40 years ago so the references might be "of their time" and have not aged well but, warm late April day a nothing to play for game, Killie already relegated and we were safe, tiny crowd -about 1,300 everyone sitting on the terracing steps. Finished 1-0 with George Clark scoring our winner but crowd had to make its own entertainment as it was a dreary game. First Thistle fan "Here, that ambulance man looks like a spy" His pal retorts quick as a flash "Aye, Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Ambulance man" Later on the ball bounced onto the terracing and rolled down to the track where a policeman picked it up and dutifully returned it to the field of play accompanied by the comment from a reclining Jags fan " I'm convinced this is a major step forward in road safety" - older supporters might get that reference I suppose! I guess you had to be there but the comments have stayed with me all this time as they were by far the most entertaining part of the day.
  2. Results like tonight's merely delay the inevitable conclusion to an appalling season. Relegation will I fear be automatic rather than the additional torture of a play-off, and sadly it will be deserved rather than through ill fortune or missed penalties which will be justsa minor contributory factor when the season is considered. Onward but downward sadly
  3. 3 -0 Shankland (3) Then again it might not be.
  4. In my view, and setting aside all the legal, contractual and land issues, the timing of the announcement, particularly as regards the potentially divisive nature of it, isn't exactly ideal given the current dire predicament the club and team finds itself in. Of course it had to be done but given the level of debate it has provoked in such a short time I fear another 200 page circularly argued abomination might be on the cards and heaven only knows what carnage will result if we add relegation into the mix!!!
  5. If they score we will not win, and a draw isn't good enough.
  6. Weather might have a say as regards any protest, support or game actually happening in any case.
  7. As others have posted above perhaps postponement due to deluge might not be the worst outcome for this weekend.
  8. Painful to watch and, as per above, Raith full of confidence - if this is the standard of opposition we will be facing next season then further decline cannot be dismissed!
  9. A very youthful Arthur Duncan - great player great strip and great cover on north terrace - pre great storm.
  10. If we concede-and we always do- then we will not win.
  11. For me there is an air of gloom about the club and the team - evidenced by a better performance but an inability to get a positive result. From what I saw tonight the prospects for survival don't look great - play-off at very best (on the obvious assumption that there is a poorer side than us) and the delights that will probably bring. Penalty was, in my view, a penalty - soft but we would have been screaming for it if it had been at the other end - new signings look adequate but at times it felt like new wine in old bottles - or old wine in new bottles. Weekend not totally ruined..........................................................
  12. Given recent results I imagine Ayr will be looking forward to Friday evening more than ourselves.
  13. Where we deserve to be probably. With 14 games left we possibly need a minimum of 19 points to avoid automatic relegation and possibly 21 or 22 to avoid the play-off berth. Can't really see who is going to provide the ammunition and fire-power nor the defensive cover to get anywhere near those totals, but perhaps we live in hope?