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  1. Painful to watch and, as per above, Raith full of confidence - if this is the standard of opposition we will be facing next season then further decline cannot be dismissed!
  2. A very youthful Arthur Duncan - great player great strip and great cover on north terrace - pre great storm.
  3. If we concede-and we always do- then we will not win.
  4. For me there is an air of gloom about the club and the team - evidenced by a better performance but an inability to get a positive result. From what I saw tonight the prospects for survival don't look great - play-off at very best (on the obvious assumption that there is a poorer side than us) and the delights that will probably bring. Penalty was, in my view, a penalty - soft but we would have been screaming for it if it had been at the other end - new signings look adequate but at times it felt like new wine in old bottles - or old wine in new bottles. Weekend not totally ruined..........................................................
  5. Given recent results I imagine Ayr will be looking forward to Friday evening more than ourselves.
  6. Where we deserve to be probably. With 14 games left we possibly need a minimum of 19 points to avoid automatic relegation and possibly 21 or 22 to avoid the play-off berth. Can't really see who is going to provide the ammunition and fire-power nor the defensive cover to get anywhere near those totals, but perhaps we live in hope?
  7. I am of a more cautionary persuasion as regards this signing - indeed it might be appropriate in this particular week to mis-quote another Brian's mother and suggest that "He isn't the Messiah, he is a journeyman player who might prove to useful in our fight to avoid relegation"
  8. Still reckon we will be 8th, 9th or 10th regardless of all the new loans\signings and Alloa winning tonight reinforces that personal view. Saturday might be a watershed but if the 1-3 ar Firhill isn't warning enough then the remainder of the season might be a bit of an eye opener for the new arrivals.
  9. Shankland will score They will win It will be wet, very wet, wet but not as wet as the Clydebank game.
  10. I seem to recall a couple of bizarre 3-3 draws during his tenure I think against East Fife and Clyde when we fought back from being 3 -0 and 3-1 down with only minutes left. The reason these results were memorable was purely down to the fact that any fight in a Johnstone team was utterly absent for the entire season and indifference was rampant - - if that isn't oxymoron.
  11. JeanieD

    V Alloa

    Would gladly take a point but perhaps the team that scores first will not lose a turgid affair?
  12. As far as a result goes anything will be better than being 2 up and losing 3-2 I suppose, but with the chrrent team , who know? 1-0 to them.
  13. If both penalty incidents had happened at the other end I imagine we would quite happily have accepted the decisions and contented ourselves as regards the sending off as well. In the modern era of falling down in the box at the slightest suggestion of contact then both were blatant.
  14. For me the New Owner thread has poisoned this forum. The know alls passing off opinion as fact in order to create an illusion of authority on matters upon which they were utterly ignorant has been a turning point for me at least but that is the nature of social media discussion I suppose.