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  1. Passed the ground on the train today, sadly the engine shed has been demolished at the back of the away end.
  2. JeanieD

    New Owner

    This thread reminds me of the David Niven quote in "Bring on the Empty Horses " Michael Curtiz in a fury when being ridiculed has an outburst along the lines of "You think I know f*** nothing but I know f*** all" Some oft made contributions on this fiasco seem to demonstrate a similar understanding of what seemingly actually hasn't been going on at all.
  3. He's not the Messiah but he called it pretty well when he said that today's game had much more significance than the mis-match on Wednesday. Next game is important but the game against the Welsh side isn't. Decent start, something to build on anyway.
  4. Draw would be a start - even a narrow defeat might be an indication of some hope
  5. JeanieD

    New Owner

    It seems thst those in the know weren't? What a surprise !
  6. Feel sorry for Ayr, as TL has said above, not that the appointment might prove to be a failure but the " returning manager" hasnt always been the hoped for success in many footballing cases. We shall see.
  7. Clyde are to be applauded for looking after the best interests of both the club and their manager.
  8. We all fear the usual script that is unfolding here!!
  9. Let's Stick Together/Let's Work Together - both written by Wilbert Harrison long before Canned Heat and Bryan Ferry got their hands on them (they are essentially the same song with different words ( another example of such "writing" from that time being "Young Girl" and "Lady Willpower" by Gary Puckett and the Union Gap). Naturally the original(s) is/are the best but Canned Heat and the Ferry vsersion are suitably updated for their time.
  10. After 2 games the league looks pretty much how it might finish - I thought I was being a bit pessimistic with 6th but only 2 out :-(
  11. JeanieD

    New Owner

    Finlaggan, Hebridean Isles or are you flying? Heb Isles would be a bit classier!
  12. JeanieD

    New Owner

    Reckon the team could get the 1738 Gourock train down to Cartsdyke on Friday week and still have plenty time before 1905 k.o.
  13. 1 Dundee U 2 ICT 3 Dundee 4 Dunfermline 5 Morton 6 PTFC 7 Ayr 8 QoS 9Alloa 10 Arbroath
  14. I had the hoops whute shorts and socks from c.1968. I was 7 or 8, however only socks that were available were adult ones so my dad bought them! Still have them to this day, wear them sometimes when out walking and they're indestructible.
  15. This afternoon's game is ripe for a W. Germany -Austria carve up. Just saying