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  1. gee


    Great news to wake up to, heard the rumors yesterday and hoped it would happen but was doubtful, glad I was wrong. Favorite goal? This....always this
  2. Cheers but yeah I had a look, TAG only.
  3. Can't find highlights of this anywhere
  4. If it's the Iona pub group then yeah.
  5. going to see if i can get away from work early and will get back to you as soon as I can.
  6. Great idea Colin support you fully. email sent as Ian, i hope you are well. I am supporting Colin in his idea outlined below "You'll be well aware of the current refugee crisis. You'll probably also have read the statements from Bayern and Celtic this afternoon. Football clubs have the power to shape opinions, but they also have the ability to motivate people to help. Thistle are a community club and you and the board and the fans have done good work in this space. Glasgow has a long and rich history of immigration and also sheltering and assisting those who come here at a time of need. The current first team are represented by players from various countries , some of which had their own terrible tragedies down through the years. I wonder if the club would be willing to support and publicize an official fundraiser at the Dundee game a week on Saturday. Perhaps invite Save the Children to collect before the game since they have a specific campaign, and the club and fans can publicise it ? By allowing a regulated charity to collect, it avoids all the issues that might spring up from a fan -run adhoc collection. It'll carry much more weight if the club are behind it. What do you think? Is it feasible? Regards Colin" I fully endorse this as an Idea the club should be behind. Kind Regards Graeme
  7. well at least it wasn't for Dundee Utd or a team that finished below us in the league.
  8. off to get drunk hell it's a point , could literally have been worse