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  1. I was at that game and I've managed to convince myself it was at Firhill and Chic got all he deserved. That last game against Ayr has to be an all time low.We conceded a goal that perfectly summed up that season. How my work colleagues laughed.
  2. Can't believe I humped over for that. Cardle may well have scored and run about a lot but I thought he was poor. With Williamson behind him our right side was wide open. Not that it was much different from our left or centre. Fair play to those who sit through that every week.
  3. My grandson and myself. First game this season and I don't care who we're playing. Over the past few seasons I've made him sit through so much rubbish he deserves a chance to see us win. Hope this doesn't come back and bite me on the arse.
  4. Good first half. Utterly utterly pathetic second half
  5. Just done a bet this morning. Thistle 9/2 (win championship) Crusaders 11/4 (win Irish premiership). Score double. Spending it already.
  6. Mine arrived yesterday(posted on wrong thread) thanks BB. Great job
  7. Mine arrived today. These players are slightly built nowadays. At least compared to me. Great job BB. Hope you enjoyed your Chinese.
  8. The worst conceded goal I've ever witnessed live.
  9. That was worth the journey. In the first half I couldn't believe my eyes. Mcginty striding forward like Beckenbaur. He played well the whole match.Two great half time subs changed the game. Well done Gary C. I've always rated Harkins and was delighted with his performance, although 45 is probably all he has in him. I know he's an icon, but I wouldn't be playing Doolan from the start. Get rid of Elliot? I wouldn't. But I have stated before , what do I know. Get into Ayr. Wish I was there.
  10. It's been a good while since I made two home games in a row. That's a sign of how important this game is. I feel this is almost s*** or bust. There aren't enough games left to play for draws and hope other results go our way. We hold our fate in our own hands, and I hope we just go for it from the start. I've no idea whether Gary C is a good manager tactically or not, but he needs to get the team wound up for tomorrow. Right, I'm away to pack my bag. I've a boat to catch.
  11. This is a bit late. Better performance than the last game I seen, but our defence look easily rattled. Great second half. I know some folk here have praised him, but I thought Mcginty wasn't great. Penrice sees plenty of the ball, but I thought he doesn't use it that well. But then I think Harkins is the best footballer we have, so what do I know. I'm trying to sneak over for the Alloa game. My workmates think I'm a lunatic.
  12. I'm making it to the game this weekend. Hoping for a similar scoreline to the last time I seen Dunfirmline. 5 or 6-1. It might have been the game that won us the league, or at least in my mind. A lot of water under the bridge since then.
  13. Good man Sandy, I'll support you.
  14. There's not too much to dance about at the moment, but thanks for the sentiment Sandy. Thanks for the work BB.
  15. Couldn't be worse for me.I should have paid more attention to the cup dates. I'd already booked the boat to take my grandson to Somerset for the Ayr game. His first game on the terracing. Over on Friday, home on Sunday. Then we progressed and drew Hearts and I thought, that's OK I'll take him to Firhill. Still I went to the last semi, and I could take him to this one. In all the games I've taken him to, he's sat through some rubbish. I'm surprised he still wants to go. In twenty years will he curse me?
  16. I seem to remember him getting sent of at Firhill for a hand ball of all things. It was during one of our deep s**t periods and I may well have been drunk.
  17. The current calendar should have had supporters photos instead of players. They tend to hang around longer. Bowen Boy could be December poster boy in a santa suit.
  18. First time I've seen some of those players, and not one stood out. Bannigan covered some ground, but hit a few shocking passes to Penrice in the first half. Defence looks very fragile. Ayr looked dangerous in nearly every attack, and we looked dangerous once. Mcginty looks well out of his depth, and Bell looks like the least impressive keeper I've seen here in some time. Of course all this based on only 90 live minutes, and some highlights. The atmosphere in the JH stand was dire.