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  1. Rofl, yes I AM a straight white man, and its actually sad that ANYONE, regardless of sexual orientation, colour, race or religion should try to force their views onto me. The only thing I am guilty of is thinking this decision, by the club, through to ALL possible negative outcomes. I wonder two things ............ did the club pay any money to this group? and secondly, given what Peter Tatchell said this morning, would he think Thistle were jumping on the moneymaking bandwagon? Lastly, apparently my opinions are not important ......... that would be because they dare to differ from yours perhaps? Yet another who tries to use free speech to destroy free speech ......... nice.
  2. What else can one expect from someone who resides in Kelvinside? So I am saying "I`m not a bigot but ......."? What a crock of shit, but like I said in a previous post, why not use free speech to halt free speech, you try to do it so well. Just because someone dares to have a different thought from you, you deem it acceptable to brand me a bigot???? What are you? ..................... 12?
  3. Lol, Not bad. Its not my fault I was born with an analytical mind. Things are not always as straightforward as one would assume at first glance.
  4. Whilst I agree in principal, we are nowadays to quick to label anyone who disagrees with us .............. very quick example. A Moslem throws a gay Moslem off a building ,,,,,,,, who do we really condemn? The Koran says gays are to be executed, so the murderer was only following the teachings of his religion. The gay guy was born that way, so he was only trying to live a decent life. So do we interfere with someones religion, which makes US the facist? There are some things in life where the right answer makes us wrong in the eyes of someone else.
  5. BTW, just watched Peter Tatchell on the TV and even HE thinks the pride movement is a money making enterprise now!! Its become so commercialised that he has become worried about everyone jumping on the money making bandwagon.
  6. Thistle have ALWAYS been an inclusive club, welcoming anyone and everyone, so its sad that we get involved in what has become a political movement. But whats even sadder is that you do not deny the possibility that kids could get bullied, your idea is "wear it with pride" ............ IF ANYTHING HAPPENS TO ANY FAN IT WILL BE PRIDE`S FAULT!!!!!! oh the irony. As a club we should offend NO ONE. I don`t really care if the person standing next to me at a match is gay or straight, black or white, what their religion is or even if they dislike men or women, (yes, there are men haters out there), each to their own, just as long as they do not try to push their views on me. The world is made up of people who are going to dislike others for any number of valid and totally stupid reasons, dislike turns to hatred, hatred turns to violence so why make our fans and the kids of our fans targets for that violence? I particularly object to the veiled assumption that because I don't agree with something I am homophobic .......... a strange assumption given that in my original post I made clear my daughter is a member of the LGB movement (so I missed the rest of the alphabet ....... sue me). Life is simple, PEOPLE make it complicated. The war cry of a moron ........ say ANYTHING against gay movements and you are a homophobe, say anything against a religion and you are Islamophobic/anti semetic/anti any of the Christian religions etc etc. Strange how all these groups try to use free speech to STOP free speech.
  7. So its OK with you if, no matter how inadvertently, the club is indirectly responsible for kids getting bullied or adult fans being beaten up?????
  8. Ta ........ thought that's what it was, but I genuinely wasn`t 100% certain .................
  9. Sorry if I appear a bit thick, but I only speak one language ............. I take it the letters being coloured in over and over again mean lgbtq?
  10. If you mean that I am against "gender reassignment" on the NHS, then a resounding YES!! If they want to pay for it themselves then fine. There are a large number of people who go through these "transformations" only to have them reversed, while people with GENUINE illnesses cannot get the drugs they need to keep them alive for a little longer. Is THAT right?? There is a finite amount of money that can be spent on the NHS, so YOU make the choice:- Do we go after foreign nationals who owe the NHS MILLIONS (Great Ormond St for example are owed 50 MILLION from non UK patients) ...... not PC, stop the gender operations ....... again, not PC, or do we give people the medicines they NEED? How DARE you attack me over something as trivial as omitting a "T", when there are people with REAL medical needs in the UK. Especially when you miss out half of the sentence I typed ..............
  11. Ok, I realise this might make me unpopular although who cares. Personally I think Frank M actually has a valid point, well lets face it, there`s a first time for everything!! There is a distinct possibility that kids in particular WILL get bullied. It could also make some fans on their way home from games targets for homophobes. It also makes a "political" statement, and as a club we should stay away from politics IMHO. Next, some of the groups that are included under the lgb umbrella were reported to have been considering legal action against each other!!! As a club do we want to possibly be dragged into this or other lgb disputes, even if its only a reporter phoning for an opinion? My own daughter recently left the lgb movement over some of the "loony groups" (her words)(eg wtf is a "demi-boy??) now demanding recognition. She has agreed to reconsider over the holidays (she`s still at school and was recently the schools junior representative or something ),(I do pay attention to her, HONEST I DO). I`m of the age group who was fine with it being the LGB and them having the right to marry, (why shouldn`t they be as miserable as us straight folks?), but now its the LGB and the rest of the f***ing alphabet, oh and a plus sign and sometimes even a lower case i. Its getting ridiculous, even to some of its own members! Its only MY opinion, but I am not convinced enough thought went into this decision.
  12. Actually the big Mistral was a great car and I was always going to sort it up and re mot it ........ just not got the time just now. Great in the snow with the 4 wheel drive and not bad for a 2.7TD. As for bidding ........ well part of my profession!!!!! lmao
  13. Lol, sadly I HAVE to start looking for Chrsitmassy stuff at this time of year!!!! I`m trying to make the break from mainly second hand stuff (although I will still sell SOME "quality pre-owned goods", or "junk" as the other half calls it) to new stuff. Problem is, to get a decent price, I have to buy stuff by the pallet load, usually a minimum of 6 pallets at a time!!!
  14. The guy who went to hospital was on my team, don`t know his name though Hope hes alright.
  15. Three great saves, and one dive that looked good ........ NONE of them there ..... Mind you, at least the ones I SHOULD have gotten to aren`t there either!!!!! . Good pics Tommy.