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  1. Juan Kerr

    Alloa away

    It didn't help at Methil. This sounds almost as portentious as "more was lost at Mohacs". let's hope it doesn't become a Jags saying for 500 years.
  2. Juan Kerr

    Home v Morton

    Former chairman Beattie said we were going back to playing 'the Partick Thistle way'. I think he may have been more serious than any of us thought. Here's how I think we're lining up tomorrow. Goal Keeper: Bell Centre Back: McGinty Centre Back: Keown Centre Half: Ntambwe Left Half: Melbourne Right Half: Elliot Left Wing: Erskine Right Wing: Quitongo Inside Left: Mbuyi-Mutombo Inside Right: Storey Striker: Doolan It's a classic 2-3-5 formation with lots of ability to interchange amongst the front 5. Whichever Forward scores the most goals starts as Striker next week.
  3. Juan Kerr

    Ross County 4/5/18

    Oh well, in addition to watching a different game from you, I've written a different post to the one you read. Good chat.
  4. Juan Kerr

    Ross County 4/5/18

    This bit is abject nonsense I'm afraid. Edwards was on a tightrope & lucky not to pick up his 2nd yellow for a blatant body check just before he went off*. County dominated midfield for the majority of the 2nd half when they went to a flat 4 to combat our narrow diamond. It was only when Spittal & Storey (who I admit was poor) came on to give us the midfield 5 that we regained a measure of control. That's why we put them under more pressure in that final 10 minutes than we had for the previous 35. Could it have been earlier? Perhaps. Should it have been Sammon rather than Doolan? Again, perhaps. But to suggest that Spittal coming on handed the midfield to County is the exact opposite of what happened. Edwards lost the plot after being wiped out on the touchline, can't remember who by. No booking for the County player naturally. He then decided to take the law into his own hands & was lucky not to get sent off.
  5. Juan Kerr

    2018 Calendar

    Apparently we can't afford Abdul's image rights fee.
  6. Couldn't make the game today, working last night & tonight. From what I saw though, I thought McInnes paid us a huge complement by doing to us exactly what we've been doing to other teams for the past 4 or 5 weeks. 5 across the middle of the park, difficult to break down & looking to feed off what you can going forward. They did it better than us on the day. They're the 2nd best team in the league & I reckon there are only 2 of our current squad that would get in to that Aberdeen side & improve it (Cerny & Osman). That's just the harsh reality of Football.
  7. Juan Kerr

    P A W S - Son Of P A Y E

    Finally got round to reading this thread. Another splendid series of fund-raising ideas. I'm in for the £1 a goal with a side-order of Ryan Edwards please. I think (hope) he's going to become very important for us. Doolan 100 is another magnificent idea. Stick me down for that too.
  8. Juan Kerr

    P A Y E Pitch Fundraising

    I've just noticed this thread - well, TMJ brought it to my attention. Put me down for £3 per point too thanks BowenBoys.
  9. Juan Kerr

    Best Option For Pitch

    Fair enough, I don't get to enough away games to notice. However, with winters getting wetter, and by all accounts summers too (ask your local cricket club how many fixtures they've had waterlogged over the past few years), I think it's inevitable that synthetic surfaces are going to become the norm rather than the exception.
  10. Juan Kerr

    Best Option For Pitch

    Genuinely curious LIB, in what way is the spectacle impaired? Didn't we play some of our best football this season down at Rugby Park?
  11. Juan Kerr

    What Would You Choose...

    Top 6 for definite. There'll be another 2 cup competitions next year. I'd rather it wasn't 3 with the Petrofac Training Cup thankyouverymuch.
  12. Juan Kerr

    Any Juicy Rumours? Who Are We Hoping To Bring In?

    Dundee United in classless act shocker: said no-one ever
  13. Juan Kerr

    Dundee United Yesterday And Upcoming

    United treated yesterday as the biggest game ever. Cup Final nonsense was dragged out, must win, vital etc. That's all very well for a one off game but there's no way they can maintain that level of intensity for 15 more games. Normal service next week please.
  14. Juan Kerr

    First Foot Friday

    Mixed zones will be absolutely fine. Both Buddies & Jags fans are too busy fighting among themselves to worry about other team's fans.
  15. Juan Kerr

    Oh Dear! Bring On Jimmy Calderwood

    St Mirren. Danny Lennon Be careful what you wish for.